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Stone of Hypnosis

Stone of Hypnosis

This suggestion comes from Zero Fullbuster who requested a story where Toothless finds a stone with hypnosis powers and uses said powers on his male friends into gay sex.

The idea of that seems interesting, however since the subject of hypnosis being linked to rape is somewhat touchy, I am going to say that those getting hypnotized are giving their consent for said hypnosis which I feel makes it ok.

Also, as for one of said male friends, Zero did mention to me at one point about an OC white Night Fury (Light Fury basically) named Silver and since another one of his requests did involve a male Light Fury, I think this will be a perfect way to marry the two.

That is all, Enjoy!

Toothless slowly made his way through the Temple of Dreams, a temple in The Hidden World which is said to hold a unique item that can grant the holder unique powers. What those powers are, he was unsure of, but he had to admit that he was quite intrigued.

The temple was lined with all sorts of booby traps such as swinging axes, a narrow, rusty bridge that sat over a pool of electric eels, and a large pit. Why that existed in a temple in a world full of flying dragons, he was unsure, but he did manage to avoid all traps until he came across a large room.

The room itself was fairly small, could barely fit two Night Furies, but in the center was a strange looking, glowing purple rock. Toothless could feel the power coming off of it, it gave him a bit of a tingle down his spine.

He scans the room for any more traps before reaching out and grabbing the rock in his paw before running off as quickly as he can to escape the temple. Once out, he observes the rock a bit closer to see that the rock seemed to have an image of a spiral on it.

He wasn't sure what it meant so he decided to call up the three wisest dragons he knew. Cloudjumper, Skullcrusher and Silver, his Light Fury friend who he met after moving to The Hidden World and has proven to be a wise dragon.

The four dragons gathered in Cloudjumper's cave and Cloudjumper looks the rock over before saying with a smile, "Well, this is a unique find, indeed."

"So, what is it?" Toothless asks.

Cloudjumper explains, "This here, is a hypnosis rock. It grants the holder the power of hypnotizing any dragon to do whatever their will desires."

Silver gasps upon hearing this. "Oh, I've heard of this. It's said that the rock only lasts about an hour though and once used it has to charge for exactly 24 hours. However, anyone who looks into it as the effects are taking place will be affected."

Skullcrusher raises a brow at this. "But, how can we prove that it works, or even that it's real?"

Cloudjumper thinks for a moment before saying, "I guess there's only one way to do that. Toothless, you found the rock so I think it would be fitting for you to use it."

Toothless didn't know what to say. These guys were his friends and he really didn't want to see use them this way, but he had to admit that he was quite interested to see if the rock really did work. He looks to Silver and asks, "Would you want to be hypnotized?"

Silver thinks for a moment. He had never been hypnotized himself, but it did seem neat so he says, "Yes, I would. And thank you for asking me before."

Toothless nods before looking to Skullcrusher and asking, "Skully?"

Skullcrusher nods back. "Yes, please. I've actually always wanted to be hypnotized."

Toothless nods again. Cloudjumper was the one who suggested he tried out the rock's power, so he figured he was on board with this. Still, it didn't hurt to ask. "Cloud-"

"Just do it already." Cloudjumper interrupts.

Toothless looks down at the rock and takes a deep breath before saying, "Ok, I'll do it. Uh, how does this thing work?"

Silver replies, "Just hold the spiral symbol towards us and say, 'Mentis Imperium' and we will be yours."

Toothless takes another deep breath before saying, "Ok, here we go." He holds the rock in front of him with the symbol facing towards his friends before saying, "Mentis Imperium."

The symbol on the rock shines white while the rest of the rock glows purple as the effects start to take place. Soon enough, Cloudjumper, Skullcrusher and Silver's pupils went to thin slits as their minds escaped them.

After 30 seconds, the rock stops glowing and a circle appears on top of it, indicating how much time is left before the hypnosis wears off.

Toothless puts the rock down and asks, "Guys?" All three dragons stare at Toothless with mindless expressions on their faces. Toothless decides to test this out by saying, "Ok, Silver, put your left wing on Cloudjumper's." Silver walks next to Cloudjumper and does just that, putting his wing on the Stormcutter's lower right wing.

Satisfied that this worked, Toothless then says "Ok, now Skullcrusher, wrap your tail around Silver's" Skullcrusher turns around and snakes his tail around Silver's

Toothless had to admit that he was enjoying this, but then he wanted to try something fun, something he knows they will all enjoy. Cloudjumper has mentioned before that he is gay, Skullcrusher said he was bisexual and Silver told him he was bi-curious, so he thinks this could be good for all of them.

He says to the three dragons, "Ok, now we're going to have some fun. Silver, Skullcrusher, I want you guys to start licking Cloudjumper's balls and genital slit. Once he is hard, I want you to start sucking each of his dicks."

With that, Cloudjumper sits down with his legs spread while Skullcrusher started licking his genital slit and Silver took to his watermelon sized balls. Toothless watched as Cloudjumper moaned with pleasure as his dicks started to pull out of his slit, and he also noticed that Skullcrusher and Silver were getting hard too.

Once Cloudjumper's two foot long, barbed dicks were half out, Skullcrusher took to his right dick while Silver took his left and they both started sucking.

Toothless had to admit that he was enjoying seeing them like this, until he says, "Ok, all of you face me. I want to see what I'm working with here."

Cloudjumper sits back up while Skullcrusher and Silver turn around so Toothless could see all of their dicks. Cloudjumper has what was previously mentioned while Skullcrusher carried a tapered 20 inch cock with internal balls and Silver supported a foot long knotted cock with tennis ball sized balls.

Toothless on the other hand had a proud 16 inch knotted cock, one larger than average Furies, and coconut sized balls. To him, having a larger dick did make sense since he is an Alpha and all and an Alpha deserves a member to be proud of, Luna can certainly back him up on this.

Toothless knew he only had about 50 minutes left before the hypnosis wears off at this point so he needed to make this quick. "Ok, let's get right to it. Cloudjumper, I want you to lie on your back with your legs spread wide, Silver, you're first going to lick his anus and get it nice and slick, Skullcrusher, you're going to put his mouth to work on your dick. Got it? Great! Then get to it."

Silver and Skullcrusher move to the side while Cloudjumper lies on his back and spreads his wings. His large balls hung just above his anus from this position so Silver needed to push them up a bit to get at it with his tongue while Skullcrusher climbs onto Cloudjumper's head and slips his cock into his mouth.

Skullcrusher groans as Cloudjumper starts to suck his cock, it had been a good while since he last had sex so this felt really good. Even though he was doing this while hypnotized, it still felt really good.

Silver licked Cloudjumper's anus for a solid minute before Toothless came over and told him to stop so he can look at his work. "Yeah, looks slick to me. Alright Silver, go ahead and mount him then fuck him however you'd like, but do start slow."

Sliver mindlessly nods as he climbs onto Cloudjumper's hips and lets his cock sink into his ass. Silver starts to thrust his hips, making his cock sink deeper and deeper into Cloudjumper's ass while also going slow like Toothless said.

As things were starting to heat up, Toothless found himself stroking his own dick with his tail, loving the sight of his friends, both old and new, performing such acts in front of him. Toothless did have some other plans involving Cloudjumper's ass, but he wanted Silver to get the Stormcutter nice and lose.

Cloudjumper's dicks were now almost poking Skullcrusher in the face so Toothless says to Skullcrusher, "Say, why don't you go ahead and slip those cocks into your mouth?" Skullcrusher leans in and slips the tips of the large dicks into his mouth. From where he was standing, Skullcrusher could only get about 6 inches of the two foot cock down his throat, but it was still quite impressive.

Toothless down at the rock and saw that it was down to a half circle, indicating that 30 minutes have already passed, so again he needed to move things along. "Ok, everyone stop for a second." They do just that. "Alright, we're going to change things up now. Skullcrusher, I want you to come over next to Silver and slip your dick into Cloudjumper's ass next to Silver's. Once that's in, I want you to keep fucking away as you were. Oh and maybe you two could help the big guy out by taking one of his dicks."

Skullcrusher dismounts Cloudjumper's head and walks over so that he is to the left of Silver who moves over to allow the Rumblehorn to mount Cloudjumper and slip his own dick in his ass next to Silver's. Skullcrusher and Silver then start pounding away at Cloudjumper's ass, getting mindless moans from all three.

While that was going on, Silver and Skullcrusher pick up each of Cloudjumper's dicks and slip them into their mouths where they start bobbing their heads to the pace of their thrusting.

Toothless couldn't be enjoying this anymore. Ever since he became Alpha, dragons from all over have been giving him much more respect and admiration than before when he was already looked up to for being the only Night Fury in the human world, now to see some of the dragons that look up to him mindlessly fuck in front of him, it gave him an added sense of power than he ever felt before.

Of course one thing that occurred in his mind was whether he should even be doing this, hypnotizing his friends and making them fuck each other did seem a little sketchy in his mind, but then he realized that these guys likely would've done the same thing so in his mind it was ok.

He then realized that his dick was throbbing and the rock told him he only had 20 minutes left before the hypnosis wears off. He wanted so badly to join them but then he realized that if he fucked them without them knowing it's happening, then that somewhat counts as rape which he was not a fan of so he decided to stick with jerking himself off with his tail. Perhaps next time he'll ask if he can join them before hypnotizing them, because he is certain there will be a next time.

Silver and Skullcrusher keep fucking away at Cloudjumper's ass, as one pulled out the other thrusts in and vice versa, while they continued to suck his cocks. Toothless says to them through grunts from his own strokes, "Silver, Skullcrusher, you can go as fast as you can now, and don't stop until you cum. When you do cum, you will pull out, lie down and go to sleep. When you wake up, you won't remember anything that happened."

Silver and Skullcrusher didn't need to respond with words, nor could they, they just held onto Cloudjumper's thighs tight as they really ram their cocks into his ass, spreading his anus wider than ever. Silver's foot longer and Skullcrusher's 20 incher combined proved to be the perfect tight fit for the Stormcutter's anus.

Finally, Silver pushes his tennis ball sized knot inside Cloudjumper's ass and Skullcrusher hilts his cock as they both cum inside his ass, painting his anal walls with the white substance while Cloudjumper's cocks erupt with cum as well down their throats. Toothless came with them, he reached his head down to catch his load in his own mouth, which proved to be futile as about half of it ended up spilling onto the ground.

Once Silver and Skullcrusher were done, they pull out of Cloudjumper like they said and go to lie down on Cloudjumper's guest beds and fall asleep while Cloudjumper's legs were too tired to allow him to stand so he just fell asleep right then and there.

Toothless settled from his orgasm as well and looked down at the rock to see that the circle was now just a thin line before disappearing, indicating that the time for the hypnosis is up. He looks up and sees Cloudjumper, Skullcrusher and Silver waking up, all eyes returning to normal width.

Cloudjumper looks down at himself and sees that his dicks are retreating back into his slit while he could feel warm semen in his ass. Skullcrusher and Silver noticed the same thing with their dicks and detected the taste of semen in their mouths. Silver was quick to put two and two together and asks Toothless, "Did you make us mate while we were hypnotized?"

Toothless looked to all three dragons then down to the puddle of semen he created and realized there was no way he could hide it so he simply says, "…yes."

All three dragons blink before Silver smiles and says, "That's…great! I've actually always wanted to mate with you guys."

Skullcrusher nods. "Me too. Guess this was just a good excuse to do it."

Cloudjumper nods and says to Toothless, "We are definitely doing that again. Why don't you swing by tomorrow and maybe we can invite a few others to join. Oh and I assumed you didn't do anything for fear of it counting as rape so I am going to tell you this now, next time you can do whatever you want to us." Silver and Skullcrusher nod in agreement.

Toothless shrugs and says, "Well, alright then. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it and yes we will do this again and invite others. I'm sure I can get Hookfang and/or Luna to agree to it."

With that, the four dragons say their goodbyes and fly off back to their respective homes, all couldn't sleep that night with excitement of what was to come the next day.

And there you have it. Zero, I hope you enjoyed this story, I'm sure you'll let me know about it, and if you're not Zero then I hope you enjoyed it as well.

Leave any more suggestions for Fanpicks down below, and I will see you soon!

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