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Toothless and Potions

Toothless and Potions Mix...Quite Well Actually

This story was created for Wodenfang who requested to me three stories actually. One that involved CTF (Cock Transformation), one that involved some type of goo dragon and one that involved growth and absorption.

Now, the story itself was actually not created by me but by my friend Puffin777 who is a fantastic writer and decided to put those three ideas together. I know, I said I would make these stories but I just got so many of them that I decided to get some help.

Oh, and by the way Woden, Puffin did have this to say. "whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you do this, woden. Couldn't you just stick to things like Cloudjumper fucks Stormfly, for instance?" While I do somewhat agree with him, I do also understand that we all have weird fetishes and we both do respect that fact.

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy!

Hiccup and Toothless, to make sure they were the fighting-fit warriors of Berk, had to come in to a monthly check up period with Gothi.

Hiccup swung his legs back and forth as he waited; just simply bored while waiting for Gothi to get Stormfly checked out.

Toothless, as his faithful companion, was similarly bored, looking around inside of her shack's waiting room for something interesting to do.

It was then that Toothless noticed something interesting; an errant potion lying on the rafters, seemingly forgotten by Gothi but, at the same time, why would she have put one up there, out of sight and difficult to reach?

Shrugging, Toothless nonchantly grabbed it in his jaws; thinking he could have a look later on at what it would contain.

Finally, the patient list moved on and this time it was Toothless' turn; his checkup went fine until a reflexes test made him accidentally bite down on the potion; breaking the glass and letting the liquid inside drip.

Since this was his last test, Gothi went away to pack up her equipment, but Toothless had other things on his mind.

Eyes wide in shock and surprise, he is relieved when, for some reason, the glass shards somehow don't tear his mouth to shreds. In fact, as he swishes his tongue around, he found a few glass shards, but on the second check he found none.

Shocked, he braced for some extra pain to follow, perhaps since the glass managed to go down his throat, but nothing of the sort happened. Eventually he felt relieved, but confused; wondering what had happened to those fragments. It was only then that he felt shudders travel through his body and a few spurts of growth ensued.

'That…. that was strange.' He thought to himself. Just to prove it to himself, he placed a rock in his mouth, even if he disliked the taste, and found it disappeared just as readily and again, after a short delay, he felt a small surge of growth flow through him. 'Interesting. But what happens if it's living.' He wondered.

Considering it wouldn't be nice to test this on Gothi, since people would probably miss her, he went outside and spotted a sheep.

Quickly pouncing and snatching it up, before shoving it down his throat, he was surprised to see that something different happened. Instead of the sheep disappearing and adding to his growth, the sheep instead travelled through his body, eventually settling in a particular spot not normally accessible via the digestive tract.

Toothless moaned and squirmed, not suspecting for a second that the sheep would travel to his balls! Interestingly, it still contributed to his growth, even though it wasn't broken down. 'Well, that's convenient, guess I don't have to worry about accidentally removing Hiccup from the world with a simple lick.' Toothless thought, happy for the continued safety of Hiccup.

As for the removal of such a… victim, Toothless was interested that his lust had just skyrocketed. 'No fucking way… is that seriously how I do that?' Toothless thought, getting more and more excited by whatever must have been in that potion.

His mind went into overdrive, thinking about the possibilities of his ability. However, they would have to wait, since Hiccup found him and lead him to bed; not noticing Toothless' sheep-sized balls or his massive 2.5 foot barbed, knotted member sticking out, hard, or even that he was 2 foot taller than usual; something that Toothless was glad of, thinking about how difficult it would be to explain this.

However, once Hiccup went to sleep, Toothless finally had his opportunity to explore this new ability in more detail. He snuck outside and, making sure he was out of sight and out of earshot of anyone, gently wrapped his paw against his still-hard cock.

Shuddering at the pleasure that went through him, he continued wanking himself; getting more and more aroused until finally, overcome, he climaxes; the sheep is forcibly ejected out of his cock; covered in cum but otherwise no worse for wear.

Toothless can't help himself, his post-orgasm high aiding him as he laughed at the hilarious sight of the shaken sheep.

Strangely enough, his balls stay sheep-sized and even fill up with the seed to match, making Toothless rub the egregious genitals with pride and awe, feeling jolts of pleasure travel up his spine. 'Oh yes, this'll do nicely.' He thought to himself. 'Still, I'm a bit large now, perhaps there's a way to reverse that so that Hiccup won't notice.' He wondered, concentrating on getting small.

To is massive relief, his body reduces in size almost immediately, soon putting him right back to normal, apart from his balls which were still massive relative to his size. 'Eh, I can deal with that.' he shrugged, but also checked that he could fix that as well, glad to see that he could as they reduced to baseball size.

Then he checked the other way, finding that he was able to grow just as easily as he could shrink, apart from beyond his maximum height from last time. Afterwards, he just gave a quick check of doing shrinking and growth to specific parts of his body; finding that to also be possible.

Even though he was impressed at just how capable this was, he still went back to curl beside Hiccup and go to sleep.

That morning, he was even more hyper than usual; which Hiccup noticed, now that he wasn't just about to go to bed. "Toothless, what's gotten into you bud?" He asked, smiling at his dragon's behaviour.

Toothless just licked his face happily, which Hiccup wiped off soon afterwards. "Aww Toothless! Well, I guess I should've known better not to ask questions which you can't answer." Hiccup shrugged.

"Exactly." Toothless agreed, although Hiccup only heard as a set of growls. However, the use of speech made Toothless aware of another resource he wasn't using inside his mind, which he'd have to explore as well later on.

For now, though, he just followed Hiccup as normal; keeping his excitement at bay in favour of patience. Hiccup lead him to the rest of the dragon riders, who were busy with preparing for a patrol. While they did that, Snotlout had to make a beeline for the toilet, which proved to be an ideal moment for Toothless to test out his ability on a human; since he'd never particularly liked Snotlout anyway.

He walked over to the stalls as though it was just part of his wandering. He was also happy to see that Snotlout's equally arrogant and prideful dragon, Hookfang, came along as well.

He waited patiently for Snotlout to finish, waiting for his chance. Finally, Snotlout came out, doing up his belt in readiness for getting onto Hookfang to get back to where the other dragon riders were preparing.

What he didn't expect was for Toothless to come up behind him, mouth watering, and pounce; surrounding his head with his maw.

Snotlout panicked, confused at why he was suddenly in Toothless's mouth, but his shouts couldn't be heard from inside Toothless' jaws.

Content that his prey wouldn't give him any extra trouble, Toothless shifted his efforts to making Snotlout go down his neck; picking him up in his maw by his shoulders and lifting him upwards, until gravity forced him down Toothless' throat.

Soon whatever strange absorption thing was going on kicked in; his flesh parting as though made of goo to allow Snotlout to travel down his body and deposit him into his balls.

Since no one was watching, and Toothless wanted to humiliate the boy a bit further, he pressed his backside to the ground; rubbing his balls, along with Snotlout, against the floor to press his undignified prison's walls closer to him. The addition of Snotlout also seemed to have pushed up his height by about 3 feet, although he quickly reduced that to avoid suspicion.

Chuckling, he went around the corner to his next target.

Hookfang turned around, just seeing Toothless. He sighed in disappointment, like he would've done if Snotlout went around the corner. It was obvious to Toothless that the Monstrous Nightmare didn't give him any respect.

'Well, your loss.' Toothless thought bemusedly; finding it nice to think that he could get rid of him in a few quick swallows.

With Toothless heading directly towards him, the Monstrous Nightmare cocked a brow; not used to Toothless being so direct with him. However, he snorted in pride as he made his neck arch higher; looking down at the Night Fury with a sneer.

Toothless looked up at his power-pose with bemusement, before growing to his height by injecting all the potential he'd picked up from the sheep and Snotlout; Hookfang was surprised by the height gain and was even more so as Toothless climbed slightly higher than his own height.

Shocked and confused, Hookfang wasn't ready as Toothless' mouth went from smirking to bared open as he lunged; catching his head, like he had done with Snotlout.

Hookfang put up less of a fight than Snotlout had; finding his crocodile-like snout held fast by Toothless' had.

His horns, when Toothless engulfed him that far, did jab into Toothless' mouth, but the damage caused sealed up instantly afterwards and Toothless didn't feel any pain at all, just Hookfang's interesting taste.

It was obvious, as Hookfang's throat entered Toothless' mouth, that he wasn't going to be able to get Hookfang hidden inside of his balls without it being noticed.

Instead, his body rearranged the entering Monstrous Nightmare into Toothless' shape so that, when Hookfang had been fully vored by Toothless, Hookfang's body became a folded imitation inside Toothless; much easier to hide than having Hookfang in his balls.

Strangely enough, even when Hookfang took up most of his internal area, Toothless felt fine; his body morphed around the Monstrous Nightmare, like goo, again to ensure no problems were caused.

In fact, it lead to another revelation on Toothless' part; his body wasn't like goo, it was goo! It was extremely imperceptible, since he didn't drip, melt or do anything weird from an outside perspective, but the flexibility of his insides made it certain that there was something at play there, something that allowed him to shape his body as his mind desired.

With Hookfang safely stored, Toothless shrank down once again and went back to blending in on the lookout for more prey.

The opportunity came when the twins, always somehow staying close to Snotlout, apparently decided to come to the toilet as well. They were a bit concerned as to where Snotlout and Hookfang had gone, as were Barf & Belch. Still, they resolved it as nothing serious, Snotlout was known to be unreliable; he was probably trying to seduce a woman in the village, so they thought.

Again, they went in and did their business and this time, discontent to wait for them to finish, Toothless turned to Barf and Belch with a smug grin. Barf & Belch returned the gesture, assuming that Toothless had plans of pranking Ruffnut & Tuffnut which, in a sense, he had; but the first thing on his mind was to take Barf and Belch along for the ride.

Still grinning, he grew to his full size, realising that Hookfang had added an incredible 10 feet to his previous tallest size. That was enough to tower over the Zippleback pair, who's faces dropped in sheer shock.

Toothless went for their necks first; garrotting them so they could breath, but couldn't shout for help, before considering what to do with them.

Of course, Barf & Belch tried to scream, but they found themselves to be unable to form words with their breath. So, instead, they tried to attack him; the sparking head giving off his sparks, but unable to light anything as the other head found it impossible to release his gas.

"Now, I don't have any quarrel with you, so let me do something for you before you disappear down my throat." Toothless said, confusing them with his positive-negative mixed messages. "Would you mind me giving you a blowjob?"

Confused, they agreed, up for a bit of pleasure before they died, still wondering why Toothless would do that while… eating them.

While they were thinking that, Toothless rolled them on their back; intending to do something fun while he waited. To start off with, he started with the tails instead of the heads, drawing them in until he reached their ass. Here, he changed his actions; going from sucking them down his throat to sucking them in a different manner.

Barf & Belch's eyes opened wide as Toothless began to suck on their shafts; drawing out their split cocks from the sheath. With confused moans, Barf and Belch appreciated having Toothless treat their shafts in such a manner; feeling his soft mouth squeeze around their members.

Once he'd kept going for more than 30 seconds, the Zippleback pair gave up their resistance, making Toothless release their throats, just deciding it would be far more pleasurable to go along with it. They both encouraged him, with Toothless relieved that they consented to him treating them in such a manner.

He continued for a while, hearing them quietly moan in satisfaction as he licked up and down their hardened shafts; drawing them closer to climax. Finally they inhaled to give a roar, which Tooth had to quickly mute with the garrotte again; which didn't make him feel better, but helped keep him inconspicuous to the other Vikings within earshot.

"Sorry, couldn't let you give my position away." Toothless apologises, somehow able to speak even though his throat was blocked, before his throat is filled with their cum; a taste he enjoyed and savoured for a while as they laid down in their post-orgasmic haze.

Toothless enjoyed it too, as the first time he'd engaged intimately with another dragon, enjoying how amazing it felt. However, his calm was shattered by the sound of the toilets flushing simultaneously.

He gave a quick thanks that Hiccup invented such a loud warning, before hurriedly tipping up his head to shove the rest of the Zippleback's body down his throat with guilt, feeling them adjust into his body.

He once again shrank back down to his normal size, although it was a bit harder to fit two dragons within him at the same time so he couldn't do this for much longer. To his relief, Ruff and Tuff rounded the corner and didn't seem to suspect him, even as they suspected where Barf and Belch had gone.

"Now where, dear sister, would our dragons have gone?" Tuff said, stroking his chin.

Ruff was about to reply when Toothless just got tired and vored her quickly; adding her into his balls without Tuff even noticing; such was the efficiency of Toothless' attack now. Tuff kept on stroking his chin, before noticing that Ruff wasn't replying.

He turns to wonder what she was doing, but all he sees is Toothless' open maw and then darkness as he is swiftly swallowed and stored in his balls alongside Ruffnut and Snotlout.

With that done, Toothless lies on his back for a while, content with himself; rubbing the balls which housed his devoured humans. He was about to exit such an area to go exploring again when he spotted something that would make them happier.

Crouching down, and looking into the domestic animal's eyes, Toothless nevertheless apologised. "Sorry little guy, but you'll be fine, I promise." He said. The chicken in front of him didn't understand; giving him a side-stare while clucking, so Toothless shrugged and lunged forward once again; grabbing the chicken and stuffing it down his neck.

A pleased shout from within his testicles proved his plan had been successful, and he gives them another proud rub before standing up and walking through the village.

Inside Toothless' balls, Snotlout was trying his best to cover up; having discovered that Toothless' body, while it may not dissolve living beings, dissolved clothes and armour with readiness; leaving them all naked.

Ruff and Tuff were less perturbed; laughing at Snotlout's shame while Tuffnut took care of his pet chicken.

On his travels, while being unfortunately unable to find anyone not in a group, he is fortunate enough to come across some returning fisherman who, after a few shared looks, happily give up one of their barrels of fish for his use.

Since they were such a large group, he left them alone for now, focusing instead on grabbing the barrel by its rim when they were out of sight, intending to eat just the fish inside, until he remembered he could absorb the barrel.

With that out of the way, he shoved the barrel inside his mouth, encouraged as it slowly dissolved away until nothing was left in his mouth at all. Feeling quite satisfied, he burped and wondered what he could do with excess matter that he could feel being stored.

Smiling, he settled on turning it into cum; flooding most of his balls with his essence and soaking his passengers in his seed, to his humour.

Thinking about genitals, he also wonders if he could use the bodies inside of him for a different purpose.

"Hey, Hookfang, want to be a cock?" He asked his insides. Understandably, the initial response was shock, but he offered an incentive. "You'd be able to move a bit." He commented. Hookfang, somewhat stifled by his lack of movement; stuck to Toothless' movements, eventually agreed.

Pleased with the result, Toothless moved him down into his cock; expanding it with Hookfang's mass until it poked a foot past Toothless' front legs with the girth of his stomach at the base of its tapered, barbed, knotted length.

He also was able to communicate with Hookfang, which surprised then amused him. "How are you liking that, Hookfang?"

The loud moans of pleasure were all he needed to hear, patting his shaft a few more times with satisfaction.

Pleased with the results, rubbing the head which Hookfang responded to by bobbing and letting out a spurt of precum (his mind in absolute euphoria from the raw feedback of the touch), Toothless decided to experiment with Barf & Belch.

"Do you want to join him, Barf and Belch?" They took a while to decide between themselves, but eventually agreed; also feeling pretty stiff, but also curious about what it would feel like.

Toothless obliged their wishes, putting them in two other shafts that flanked his main one, then gave them rubs so that they gave the same moans that Hookfang had given.

'Well, two dragons in my crotch. Honestly feels much better than I would've thought.' He thinks to himself, getting interrupted as his middle shaft throbs, literally angrily. "Okay, okay, here you go." He says to him, rubbing his shaft up and down; immediately calming Hookfang's protests while also making him feel aroused as well.

"Looks like I won't be able to disguise this anymore. I think it's time to break cover." He says, with excitement. He had some extra size from them all he wanted to play with as well.

Hiccup had started to wonder where Toothless is. His searching eventually lead him to Hiccup. "There you are bud. I was wondering where you were." He says, before noticing his jutting triple-erection. "Oh, oh sorry. I didn't know." He apologises, turning his face away.

Toothless didn't care, following his face and licking it regardless. Then he reached inside of himself to draw out the new talent he'd gained. "I've got a surprise for you." He said, in fluent norse.

Hiccup was surprised at that on its own. "Bigger than the fact I can understand what you're saying?"

Hiccup asked.

Toothless nodded. "Yes, much, much bigger" he says, emphasizing the last word. They are joined by Astrid and Stormfly; who recoil at the sight of his bared, throbbing genitals "Gods, Hiccup, tell your dragon this isn't the time to get horny."

This was the final straw. Turning to Hiccup, he gave some words. "Hiccup, with what happens now, just remember I love you above all else." He whispered.

Hiccup just froze, dumbstruck by the confession, as Toothless grew to 20 feet; enough to deal easily with the tasks in front of him.

Astrid stepped back, astounded by his new size, but was barely given any time to react before Toothless's maw closed around her and she was vored.

Stormfly was similarly affected, and she was also offered space to think before she was swallowed up like a piece of fish.

At this, Hiccup was somewhat angry. "Toothless, you just ate Astrid and Stormfly!" He protested, hoping that he'd do something like vomit them up.

"Don't worry, my twig, they're fine." Toothless said, bringing his balls close to Hiccup so he could hear Astrid as she splashed into his cum. "Uh, okay, but what about Stormfly?" Hiccup said, unsure yet somewhat curious.

"She's coming now." He says, turning around and squatting to show him a vagina that formed under his asshole. Somewhat blushing, Hiccup was still able to ask about just what was happening in relation to that. "You're turning her into a vagina?"

At the same time, Stormfly asked him the same thing. He responded to her with 'I thought you'd enjoy it.' After a bit of denial, Toothless rubbed his clitoris, and instantly Stormfly was assaulted with pleasure. Because of that, she soon changed her mind. Toothless was, of course, thankful that she enjoyed it, but his real attention was brought to Hiccup, who was still red in the face.

Toothless enjoyed Hiccup blushing at his sight; his love for the small human converting his attention to arousal. "Yes, and she loves it." He states. "Sorry, I would love to explain everything, but I have something on my mind I'd like to do." He says, gathering Hiccup up gently and putting him on his back.

The thing on his mind began to pick up more momentum, giving Toothless a determination as he continued; growing to his full size of around 40 feet and roaring out in challenge before stomping through the village without care; stepping on Villagers while his three cocks and 2 balls swung without guilt on his underside.

The treatment of the villagers concerned Hiccup. "Toothless, watch your step; you've accidentally killed some villagers." Hiccup said, horrified.

Toothless turned around and gave him a smile, which Hiccup wasn't expecting. "Not the case." He said, stopping his walking; only to step on a group of workers who were on lunch break, making Hiccup wince. Then he froze, just saying to Hiccup "Now listen."

He did, and was surprised to hear a series of splashes. "They all travel to your balls?" he asks. Toothless nodded enthusiastically. "But… but why do I hear… fluids? Are you digesting them in there?" Hiccup asked, similarly repulsed by the idea.

This time Toothless gave him an emphatic shake; giving Hiccup relief. "Their fine in there. Don't worry, I wouldn't do this if it hurt them." He reminded.

While he was stopped, he took some time to tend to his arousal; stroking his outer two cocks with his paws while grinding the middle one on the floor and using a house as a dildo for his pussy; satisfying his cravings while Hiccup blushed intensely.

He got that out of the way, getting to orgasm, but straining the fluid so that his passengers couldn't escape. The seed covered houses for hundreds of feet in front of him, as well as his left and right. The one in his vagina also dissolved into him after he was done with it.

Hiccup shook his head, embarrassed at this shameless indulgence of his dragon companion.

With his needs sated, Toothless got moving again; making sure to step on those in his way to add to his growth; now he was around 150 feet tall and growing with every person or thing he absorbed.

His cocks moved themselves so they could grind themselves over the houses and ground, which Toothless had to moan at as his balls refilled with cum around their numerous occupants; hanging of the way down his legs and fully spherical.

As for his vagina, or Stormfly, Toothless made sure she wasn't left out by bringing his tail between his ass cheeks, single fin folded as he thrust it in his cunt.

Eventually he reached his destination: Stoick's home. Now at 200 feet tall, he reached his hand in, breaking the roof and rustling around until he found the man himself. Hiccup was quite surprised, as he'd been for most of this little rampage, but he hid behind Toothless' head to make sure he wasn't spotted in league with the rampaging Light Fury.

Seeing himself in the grip of a giant Night Fury, Stoick shuddered, but appeared ferocious. "Devil." He addressed simply. "Are you going to answer for yourself before I kill you where you stand?" He said.

His threat was obviously fake, and Toothless gave him a weary look. "I would like to make some dem-" he said in a booming voice, cut off by Stoick's shout. "The devil speaks!" He insults, making Toothless resist the urge to squeeze the life out of him. *AHEM* "I would like to make some demands." Toothless said, this time with no patience for interruptions.

"You can't make any, you've got nothing to bargain with since you destroyed the village!" Stoick retorts.

Toothless snorts back, unimpressed. "I have a lot to bargain with, including the residents of Berk and…" He pauses. "… Your dignity." He said, smiling. Stoick raised an eyebrow at this, a poor decision considering what Toothless had in mind.

"Well, it's your choice." He excuses himself of fault, before bringing the chief around to his rear.

Stuck in his hand, Stoick had no choice as he was dragged against Toothless' anus, first, then his vagina (To Stormfly's pleasure), balls and then his dicks (Making Barf, Belch, and Hookfang's moans echo through his head), Toothless moaning the entire time as he got a full tour of his sexual organs. Once that was done, and with Stoick covered with vaginal fluids and precum, Toothless brought him back up to his face.

"Now you know what I meant." Toothless smiled. "So, want to listen to my demands or shall I do that to you again?" He asked. Stoick looked stubborn, but then he sighed; if he was used as this Night Furies sex toy numerous times, he would lose all reputation and, as a chief, reputation was everything. He gave in. "Fine, tell me your demands, reptile." He said, bitterly.

"My demands are as follows: Firstly, you make it more liveable for dragons. I'm fine myself, thanks to your son, but the others have to deal with an awful water supply, poor supply of food, and a lack of shelter to survive the winter." Toothless said.

Hiccup, on Toothless' back, was astonished at his demands, but in a positive light; he'd been trying for so long to get dragons the respect they deserved, but he'd always been refused.

Stoick responds with. "Most of those demands I can't risk without endangering my people; we barely have enough food to sustain us with the short growing season. We don't have enough clean drinking water to go around both us and the dragons. The shelter is the only thing we can do." Stoick responded curtly.

Toothless was unimpressed. "I knew you would respond like that. And I know that your first two answers were lies. Remember, you're dealing with a Night Fury, who isn't a stupid dragon, and your son, who is equally intelligent, did you think we'd miss the springs, which can satisfy the thirst of this entire island three times over, and did you think we turned a blind eye to the rampant sacrifices of food to the gods? Again, you have way more food than we need, but you waste it all to your 'gods'" Toothless snorted.

Hiccup remembered discovering these things as well, and mentioning it to the chief, but now they were demands and most of the village was a captive audience of Toothless' orbs.

"They aren't wasted! We sacrifice to them to prevent disasters from coming to our shores." Stoick protested, being reduced to fighting over the final point.

Toothless laughed, to the confusion of Stoick and Hiccup; the latter being carefully rolled off Toothless' back and placed on the floor. Stoick followed, before Toothless gave his answer. "You worship them too much; the real heroes are here in the mortal plane, not up is Ass guard, or whatever you call it." Toothless started.

Stoick brewed with rage at that disrespect, which Toothless returned with a knowing smile before continuing. "And as for Thor, the most respected one, the one that you give most of your wasteful sacrifices to…" He said, which Stoick nodded slowly in response, acknowledging his points as true.

"…He's my bitch." Toothless said vulgarly, before getting struck by 40 lightning bolts in quick succession, obscuring his form in smoke.

Stoick hoped that the god of thunder had just brought karma to the upstart, but he heard ominous laughter coming from within, as well as a glow starting to come from the smoke.

From this, Toothless emerged; no worse for wear and with markings glowing all around his body. "In fact, lightning definitely just helps my skin just light up." He jokes, at the expense of Stoick who was frozen in shock.

To help demonstrate it further, he pushes his chest off the floor to show his cocks and balls, veins glowing, below him and turns around to show a similar effect occurring on his asshole and vagina.

Stoick turned away, embarrassed to be harassed in such a fashion. Toothless didn't care for his shyness, picking him up again. "So, let me be clear, you can agree to these demands and you will agree to these demands." Toothless booms at him.

Stoick had his determinate streak running through him but, as he had felt when he had faced the Red Death, he felt utterly helpless. "O…kay then. I accept these demands." Stoick whispered.

"Say it so everyone can hear you say it!" Toothless roars at him.

"I accept, devil, I accept Thor dammit!" Stoick shouts back.

Toothless smiles at a successful deal, while Stoick is slightly faint, emotionally drained for once in his life. "Like I said, Thor's my bitch." He reminds the chief to rub it in, before smiling. "But you have held up your end of your bargain. I'll hold up mine." He declares. "I want you to watch because, trust me, you'll find this interesting." He said, putting him on the floor under his belly while keeping him pinned with a paw.

With him watching, Toothless stroked himself and tail-fucked himself to hardness, getting ready for the big return as his balls churned to full hardness and his dragons-turned-sex-organs moaned madly in his mind.

Stoick watched with utter disgust, but he was kept in place by Toothless' strategic foot as he watched the Night Fury above him masturbate.

Toothless kept his display going for a while longer, enjoying himself as he climbed towards climax. Finally, with his pleasures running as high as they'd ever been, his cocks hard as steel, and his pussy leaking out lubricants in excessive quantities, he came.

The resulting spray took out more than of the entire village with a flood of cum; breaking apart houses under the pressure and washing them off the cliffs with the current like a receding tsunami.

After that came all the captives in his balls; travelling through the cocks as bulges before being fired out at the ends; finding themselves thrown far until they landed in the flood of seed, which broke their fall, but mired them quite severely in return.

Humans, dragons, livestock alike were shot out as a result of Toothless' orgasm, only stopping when Toothless' balls were completely clear of occupants.

Stoick was covered, lying down as he was, and the only ones that escaped were Toothless and Hiccup; the latter of whom Toothless had placed on his back again before the orgasm.

Toothless' cocks stopped firing seed and his vagina also stopped secreting fluids; the dragons who once possessed them now part of the many that lay mired in seed.

Eventually Toothless released the chief, who struggled to the surface of the 7-foot-deep layer of cum and gasped. Here Toothless lay down in front of him; face to massive face. "Now, that's what I wanted on behalf of all the dragons of the village; I wouldn't have been this bad if you'd just respected them a bit better." Toothless commented. "Now it's my turn. I want to be able to marry Hiccup." Toothless said, to the shock of both Stoick and Hiccup.

"You are a devil." Stoick said, hateful of the madness.

Toothless narrowed his eyes and growled, dunking him underneath the cum again. "You don't know how much it means to me to be able to claim my loved one as my true mate." He said, possessive of Hiccup and with territorial anger burning clearly in his expression.

Stoick wanted to spite such a heretical match, but wisely held his tongue, lest he tastes Toothless' true anger. "Okay, okay, you make hard demands, but you can." He says, before adding on. "As long as he agrees." As his final request.

Hiccup had been also concerned about such a thing, considering how scary Toothless was, but Toothless managed to alleviate his concerns. "Of course, I'd never do anything bad to the one who's been the light of my life." Toothless says, in a serious tone. "Hiccup, do you want to marry me?" he asks gently, waiting anxiously for his response.

In the silence that followed, only the sound of flowing cum and swimming villagers/dragons/livestock could be heard.

Hiccup took his time, initially judging the statement as utter madness, until he realised he was abiding by old-style Viking values.

In terms of his love for Toothless and nothing else, he had to reply with "Yes."

His response made Toothless excitedly lick his face. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" He repeated, feeling like he was in heaven as Hiccup actually agreed to be his mate.

Astrid managed to come into earshot as well. "What about me?" She asked.

Toothless gave her a confused look. "What about you?" He asked.

"What if I want to marry Hiccup as well?" Astrid said, worried that there'd be a conflict. The first conflict came from Snotlout as he loudly cursed Astrid's confession, although she just shot him a dirty look in response.

To her surprise, Toothless just shrugged. "I don't care, as long as Hiccup is always by my side and my mate." Toothless said, hugging Hiccup to his chest possessively. "Do you want to agree, Hiccup?" He asked him, wanting to keep it fair between their two propositions.

Hiccup was beyond words, firstly his dragon became his… mate and now Astrid, the girl he'd fancied for his entire life, wanted to declare herself his wife? "Yes." He said, barely even having a doubt.

Satisfied with gaining Hiccup in marriage, Toothless excitedly declared "Well, now's the time for us to celebrate!" He said, turning around in the remaining cum to make for Hiccup's bedroom, only to be stopped by Stoick.

"Wait, you know you haven't had the ceremony yet." Stoick reminded.

Toothless snorted. "We do, and we don't need your silly gods to decide whether or not that happens; we're already married and no one outside the three of us can say otherwise." Toothless stated with certainty.

"But Thor will curse you-" Stoick said, in recognition of what was supposed to happen if a couple had sex before marriage.

Toothless halted, then reared up almost vertical to allow three lightning strikes to hit each of his dick's tips straight on; making them jolt pleasurably and glow; a dramatic reminder of Toothless' affirmation earlier on of 'Thor's my bitch.'

With nothing left to say, Stoick shut up and let Toothless walk off with Hiccup and Astrid; his ass seeming to mock him with a sexy sway as he went away, and his loud steps faded into the distance.

Once they found Hiccup's new home, which was luckily uphill enough to escape the flood, Toothless shrank down and let the other couple wash down while he arranged himself on Hiccup's bed' ready for what was to come.

He was waiting quite a long time, not that he minded with his anticipation entertaining him.

When Hiccup and Astrid returned, they saw Toothless on the bed, on his back; legs spread and with his genitals on full display. In a trance, Hiccup came up and admired them up close; from his dicks to his vagina. "You know, I didn't think I'd get to see your genitals up close." Hiccup said in wonder.

"Look all you want, I'm yours now." Toothless replied; his acid-green eyes boring into Hiccup's with intense love.

Hiccup blushed at that while Astrid also gave the genitals some note.

However, they were rudely interrupted by a knock on the door. Toothless growled, but he got off the bed and went to the door alongside Hiccup and Astrid; who hadn't undressed yet.

He opened the door abruptly, intending to frighten whoever was on the other side. "What?!" He asked, before he'd even seen who was on the other side.

Instead, he was faced with a rapidly-retreating Gronckle and every single dragon on Berk.

He was taken aback by the sheer quantity of dragons in front of Hiccup's house. "What… what do you want?" He asked, feeling a bit sheepish now that he wasn't massive.

"We want to thank you for what you did for us." Meatlug said, making Toothless remember the deal he made before the marriage one. "On behalf of all of us, who were suffering in the conditions beforehand, thank you." The Gronckle continued.

Astrid and Hiccup were confused at what was being said, but Toothless felt humbled by their thanks. They waited for a while, each side unsure what to say, before an unsure voice from the back of the ranks of dragons raised a voice. "Alpha?" It asked.

The question spread through them like wildfire; changing from "Alpha?" To "Alpha." To a chant of "Alpha!" Before finishing it with a shout in unison of "ALPHA!".

Hiccup and Astrid hid behind Toothless; scared by the unnerving chanting. Toothless responded by giving them both comforting hugs to calm them. "What are they saying?" Hiccup asked, unsure.

"They're calling me their alpha." Toothless replied. Hiccup gave him a congratulatory hug, which made Toothless feel wonderfully warm in his heart, purring. "I'm proud of you, bud." Hiccup said in awe, while Toothless just nuzzled him back in gratification before turning to the dragons.

"I will gladly accept the position of alpha." Toothless declared, making them all cheer as he felt their presences become attached to his mind. "You are free to go." Toothless said, slightly impatient to get back to what he was doing beforehand. They eagerly nod and go back to their owners while Toothless retires to the bedroom again.

"Okay, here we go again." Toothless stated, as Astrid and Hiccup undressed. He waited for them to finish and then they came over to him to pay his naked body more heed.

"I have to say, I'm interested in the trident dick." Hiccup commented.

Toothless cocked his head. "Trident?" he asked.

Hiccup nodded and gathered one such example for comparison. As soon as he saw the three prongs, he laughed in elated understanding. "Ah, I see. So, what do they use these 'Tridents' for?" He asked.

"Spearing fish." Hiccup answered quickly, which made Toothless look down at his cocks in contemplation, before leaning in towards Hiccup. "I could probably use them for that purpose as well." He whispered suggestively, causing Hiccup to blush and him to laugh.

They were enjoying this, but a knock at the door distracted them again. "Who is it this-" Toothless started, only to get interrupted by Stormfly barging in.

They all took a look at her form; she'd obviously tried to preen most of the matted cum from her scales, leaving clean spots, but it still clung to her. On the other hand, the parts she had cleaned shone wonderfully, giving her an alluring form.

Before Toothless could ask her intentions, Stormfly spoke. "I'm here because I heard your discussion with Stoick." She introduced. "I'm interested in forming a relationship with Astrid, my rider." She stated.

Toothless shrugged, and passed it on to Astrid. "Stormfly's interested in marrying you." He said, calmly.

Astrid was caught off guard by the thought, but she gave it some contemplation. "Alright, sure, you self-obsessed Nadder." She said.

Stormfly was happy to hear it, but not so much to hear the comment. "Thanks, but as for that comment…" She says, happy to be accepted but with her tail reaching to grab something from her back.

Toothless translates for Astrid.

Astrid is curious and watches, so does Hiccup and Toothless. Stormfly uses her tail's barbs to hook Astrid's axe off her back.

Seeing her prized weapon, Astrid's eyes widened. "Oh thanks, Stormfly! I thought I'd lost that." She exclaims.

Stormfly nods. "I found it at the armoury and brought it over for you as a gift. However, perhaps it can be used for another purpose." Stormfly says. Astrid nods happily at the first part as Toothless translates, but then gets confused for the second.

Stormfly grins cheekily, then places the axe head on the ground, handle up. Astrid was shocked. "No."

Stormfly nods and then makes a show of standing astride it, lining herself up, then sinking herself and her pussy onto the axe handle; making Astrid wince as she took it deeper and deeper; going down to the blade itself and then uses a foot to anchor it as she pulls it back outside her cunt again; only using it for a test.

With that done, Stormfly lets the axe drop to the floor before using her tail again to pick it up and offer it to Astrid; who takes it, but wipes it on her tunic to remove the vaginal secretions from the part she would be holding; making Stormfly laugh.

With that done, she mounts it on a nearby table. "Okay, that was… unexpected. Anyway, should we move on?" She asks, and Toothless raises an eyebrow; considering that was what he'd wanted to do this entire time.

"Alright, alright. You smarmy reptile." Astrid commented before she went back to his side; taking in his triple cocks and especially his vagina with wonder. That was, until, she took more notice of the thing in the middle. "You know I'm not going to forget that I was trapped in that for about half an hour." She commented sourly.

Toothless blushed. "Just, just go on." He said. Awkwardly, the first place he'd wanted her to touch was his pumpkin-sized balls; they were extremely sensitive, even when compared to his 'trident' Still, he got his wish when Astrid rubbed them with intrigue. "It feels weird to think those could hold so many people and dragons inside them." She said, groping the orbs tenderly.

Toothless moaned out loud when she did; feeling the pleasure come from their sensitive flesh being played with.

Hiccup, naturally straight until he met Toothless, got interested in Toothless; using his finger to poke into it and rub the insides, which made Toothless' pleasured sounds increase in moans as he squirmed under their combined stimulation.

While he stroked Toothless' new cunt, Hiccup's wandering eyes caught sight of Toothless' lengths; which he naturally compared to his own; while Toothless' main cock was a massive 4 feet long, with branching ones 3.5 feet long, Hiccup was 8 inches; truly no competition, but Toothless caught sight of Hiccup feeling vaguely inadequate and comforted him.

"Hiccup, don't worry about it; I didn't fall in love with you for your dick, I fell in love with you for you." Toothless said, making Hiccup feel slightly better. "Honestly, you think I'd let an asshole fuck me? You'd be wrong." He said, making Hiccup feel better again, but then he came across a question. "But surely the dick size is more important; why would the others boast about it if it meant nothing?" Hiccup asked unsure.

Toothless snorted. "Personality counts more Hiccup. You know why? Because it doesn't matter if he's got a foot long or a two foot long; if he's an asshole, I make that number go down to zero." Toothless said, unsheathing a claw for effect. That was enough to make Hiccup content; he'd rather have a dick than no dick at all.

"You see? Nothing to worry about!" Toothless smiled, and Hiccup smiled back, thankful for his support. As for Astrid, she wanted to get this whole compliment thing as well. "So what about me, anything you could say about my body?"

Toothless looked her naked body up and down; from her d-cups to her well-kept vagina, keeping attention to things like her fair skin. "I don't think I need to tell you anything comforting; I've never seen a girl in this village as pretty as you." He states, making her blush at the compliment.

Just to check, he gestured for Hiccup to come over. "Hiccup, you normally measure a girl's beauty by the things on her chest, right?" Toothless whispered, curious.

Hiccup shrugged. "Well, we don't like to say it, but unfortunately that's normally the first thing we notice, yes." Hiccup replied. "But I think it's the best of both worlds; she looks stunning, but she's also incredibly nice to deal with when you know her a bit." Hiccup said.

Toothless smiled, "Good to hear, and apparently she wanted to get married to you, so that's a definite plus." He whispered back.

Hiccup hung his head in humility. "She didn't have to, it was awfully generous of her." He said. Toothless looked at him for a few moments before kissing him; not a lick, a kiss. "This is why I like you; you're not arrogant, you're not mean, you're just a wonderful person." Toothless compliments.

Hiccup blushed at the compliment as well as the kiss. "Thanks.. for the compliment. Also, why didn't kiss me sooner?" he asks.

Toothless was about to reply when Astrid talks to them. "What are you talking about?" Astrid asks, slightly suspicious of their whispering.

"Oh, Hiccup was telling me how to kiss." He lied, which amuses Astrid, while Stormfly shakes her head in the background; knowing full well what they said.

Fortunately Astrid didn't see Stormfly's opinion and fortunately Hiccup corrects Toothless. "Actually, I was thinking about how strange it was that I got the kindest, most beautiful girl as a wife." Hiccup said, adding honest disbelief into his voice.

Astrid smiled. "Thanks Hiccup, I think you're quite nice as well." Astrid returned the compliment.

Hiccup gave a glad half smile in return.

"Are you two finished interrupting?" Tooth said, aware that this was the 3rd time it had been stopped.

"Oh hush, I've still decided to keep my hands on your balls." Astrid says, giving them a light squeeze.

Toothless moans as he feels his arousal spikes for a moment, but he still gives Astrid a tired look and is about to respond when Hiccup puts a finger on his lips. "I'm sorry, but if you want to go on, we're going to have to stop the talking; I know you like being able to speak, but we can do that afterwards.

Toothless nodded and laid back while Hiccup revealed where his fingers had been as he pushed them into Toothless' vent. "Do you like this?" He asks, keeping it short.

"Yes" Toothless replies simply, so Hiccup goes further, pushing further and using more fingers to stroke the inside of his vagina.

As for Astrid, she saw that Hiccup had restarted, so she started work on Toothless' balls; slightly disgusted to be treating a feral dragon in such a way, but being around them for so long and learning how intelligent they were helped. Plus, the dragon in question was definitely in pleasure; huffing hard as his vagina and balls were pushed around.

The only one sitting out was Stormfly, so Toothless beckoned her over. "Hey Stormfly, could you play with my dick?" He asked. Stormfly comes over and abruptly sits herself on Toothless' mouth, where Toothless remembered that Stormfly was stubborn enough to try things apart from what she'd been told. Still, he pushed it to one side and pushed his tongue inside her. She enjoyed the treatment as his large tongue slid over her flesh and ground her backside into his face.

Hiccup did enjoy Toothless react to him pressing his own fingers up Toothless' vent, but Toothless was eager for the next step in their lovemaking; something he emphasised by pulling his hips closer to his own; trying to get Hiccup's cock to fit within his vagina.

To make it easier, Hiccup guided it in and inserted the tip, making Toothless inhale in surprise at the pleasant feeling. Seeing Toothless enjoying it, Hiccup gently thrust forward into his cunt, causing Toothless' claws to curl in pleasure and his breath to momentarily hitch underneath Stormfly's ass.

On Astrid's end, she regretted that Stormfly had already taken up the prime spot, so instead she curiously attempts to see what Toothless' cock would feel like; choosing one of the flanking ones due to its slightly smaller size.

Even the teasing on the very top of his shaft was enough to get him to notice Astrid's presence, as well as Astrid to start enjoying how much her vagina started to spread around the intrusion; going slowly so as not to push her flexibility too far.

Hiccup had gently gone about halfway into Toothless' cunt, hugged lovingly against Toothless' hips by the Night Fury's legs.

Stormfly dragged her slit back and forward over Toothless' mouth, eventually getting enough lubrication to attempt taking his other flanking cock; pressing her pussy against it and gently taking it in, to moans from both Toothless and her.

Since Stormfly had moved on from Toothless' mouth, Astrid moved in to replace her; sitting down on Toothless' muzzle. In return, Toothless was more than happy to explore her insides with his tongue; exploring every crevice he could fine with his slobbery mouth muscle; to her enjoyment of the sensation and his enjoyment of the taste

In the meantime, Hiccup had gone a bit further, to of the way in, but something gave him pause. "Toothless, I think I heard from a mother that when someone cums in a vagina, it makes the other person pregnant. Is that true?" He said, a bit naïve to the ways of sex even if he was so experienced in others.

Toothless nodded, taking Astrid's cunt off his face for a bit so he could reply. "Yes, but firstly I don't currently have the structures associated with pregnancy, as far as I can tell and, secondly, I would love to bear a child for you, my mate." Toothless said, feeling comfortable to say that after getting Stoick to agree to their engagement.

Hiccup nodded, touched again by Toothless' affection, and began thrusting, which made Toothless let out a happy chirp around Astrid's pussy in response, squeezing his vagina around him to intensify both of their pleasures.

Astrid finished lubing herself up, and now went on the same dick as before; giving Toothless an even more amazing experience than before, as well as giving her something to pleasure her vagina on, which she loved.

Seeing Toothless' middle member and balls untended to, Hiccup leaned forward and outright hugged Toothless' middle member.

Without anything in his face, Toothless gives him an appreciative view as he squeezes the largest cock of Toothless' three, making him moan loudly and push him harder onto the dick in pleasure. Toothless' balls were also cared for by this shift in position; squished against his hips and Hiccup's stomach, which Toothless also enjoyed quite a bit…

From there the night got a bit hazy, but they all recalled it felt amazing.

1 month later, the 4 were properly married together in a private ceremony.

3 months later, they discovered that three of them were pregnant; Stormfly, Astrid and, surprisingly, Toothless; his internal wish to bear Hiccup's children somehow having come true, probably as a result of his body's remarkable ability to change.

5 months later. Their pregnancy was still in progress, but there was a crisis on the island…

One Viking couple, troubled by the times, had become increasingly paranoid about their safety; it didn't feel right to lay off the sacrifices, leave their lives in the hands of unhappy gods, or so it felt. The sensations grew maddening; leading them to dream the old rituals of mass burning and chanting.

One unfortunate day, they couldn't stand it any longer and, looking around, they eventually found the Thorston's pet chicken. Seeing none of the family members around, they reached out to snatch the bleary-eyed chicken, only to be interrupted when a great paw struck the ground just behind it.

Looking up, they saw a Night Fury's angry face and an equally unhappy, scrawny rider. "Keep your hands off the chicken." He boomed, sending them running. Regaining his normal happy form, he turns to Hiccup. "I love this form and I love you." He comments affectionately.

Hiccup returns it with a hug to Toothless' broad neck "I love you too." He replies. "Now let's get this little guy home." He notes, getting a hand from Toothless to fetch the chicken and then get back on Toothless; heading towards the twin's home.

The chicken was safe.

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