HTTYD Fanpicks @toothlove
Here we go again (Rules included)

Hey guys, I am back and ready to do another round of Fanpicks. Before you wonder, I'm not doing this because I've run out of ideas for stories...ok maybe I have just a little. Well, it's actually not really that, it's just that not much is personally inspiring me at the moment so I thought I'd reach out to you all.

Here is an updated version of the rules.

-All story suggestions have to be HTTYD related, no crossovers. As fun as it would be to see Toothless, Pikachu, Stitch and Simba have sex with each other, it's just not what I want to write.

-All canon characters are accepted. Original Characters are welcome, as long as there is a canon character there as well.

-Things I will not write about: Rape, violence, blood/gore, hard vore (Like oral vore or any kind that involves someone dying), castration, F/F,

-Things I will consider writing about, depending on whether or not I feel like I can deliver a good story about: Bondage, Chastity, soft vore (anal/vaginal vore or even cock vore), growth, Transformations, hypnosis

-Things I will absolutely write about: Herms, M/M, self-suck, self-fuck, mpreg, multi-dick.

-Remember that it does not have to be sexual, it could just be a unique short story involving any character.

-Also remember that I can only do one story at a time, so if I don't get to your story right away, it does not mean that I am not putting it into consideration.

So...yeah. Leave your suggestions for stories as either a review or you can PM me and I'll message you back when I can. I can't wait to see what you suggest.

See you soon with the first story!

Anonymous reviews have been disabled. Login to review. 1. Night Fury Hypnosis 1130 0 0 2. Mating Habits: Light Fury 1101 0 0 3. The Zippleback Experience 1104 0 0 4. Sexy Hypnosis Party 1633 0 0 5. Fury Forms 3631 0 0 6. Experiment Gone Way Wrong 1241 0 0 7. Caught in the act 3532 0 0 8. Toothshot 3005 0 0 9. Alpha Growth 2664 0 0 10. Heat it up 2072 0 0 11. Here we go again (Rules included) 1 0 0 12. Finding Yourself in a Tight Situation 2265 0 0 13. Toothless and Potions 8975 0 0 14. How to Train Your Wolf 2255 0 0 15. Stone of Hypnosis 2415 0 0 16. Dildo Test Run 1825 0 0 17. Snapping Your Trapper 1590 0 0 18. No more requests (for now) 155 0 0 19. Mother-Son Bonding 1993 0 0 20. Snotstrid 3615 0 0 21. Toothstrid Fusion 3239 0 0 22. Massive Love 3937 0 0 23. I Need Help 1 0 0