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Night Fury Hypnosis

This first story comes from zero fullbuster who said to me in a review

"Can you write a Toothless/Cloudjumper story with hypnosis rated m please?"

I'm actually excited about this one because I've never thought of doing hypnosis until now. Zero, if you are reading this, I hope you like it because this one is for you.

BTW, for context, Toothless and Cloudjumper are dating in this story. I don't know if that's what you were thinking, zero, but it's just what I think makes the most sense.


Night Fury Hypnosis

Lately, Cloudjumper has been studying up on and learning hypnosis and he's actually become quite good at it, so one evening his boyfriend, Toothless, asks him if he could hypnotize Toothless for the evening and allow him to do whatever he wanted.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Cloudjumper asks to Toothless.

"Absolutely." Toothless replies with a smile, "You know I'm submissive so I'm sure that this will enjoy having my mind totally controlled."

"You're sure. Because once I begin, you won't be able to control yourself until I decide to snap you out of it."

Toothless nods, "I'm sure. Just do it already. I know you would never do anything that would hurt me, so I have full confidence that I will feel good by the end of it."

Cloudjumper smiles. "Alright. Before I begin I just wanted you to know that I love you, and that I promise nothing bad will happen to you."

Toothless nuzzles his head against the larger dragons', "I'm sure I'll be fine."

"Ok." Cloudjumper then holds up a metal plate attached to a chain and moves it back and forth in front of the Night Fury, who follows it with his eyes. "You feel your eye lids getting heavier, as if they are being weighed down by rocks. When I count to three, you will close your eyes and fall into slumber, you will only respond to what I tell you after your name is called. One. Two. Three."

Right then, Toothless closes his emerald eyes completely shut.

"Toothless, if you can hear me, raise your tail." Toothless then raises his tail over his head. "Good, now Toothless, I want you to open your eyes now, I want to see those gorgeous emeralds." Toothless then opens his eyes halfway. His pupils have gone to slits and he looks like he hasn't slept in a month.

"Now, let's see if I can have some fun with this." Cloudjumper thinks to himself.

"Toothless, I want you to lay on your side and put yourself in a sexy pose."

Toothless then lays on his side, puts one paw on his chin and one on his hip, his hind legs were spread apart. "I like what I see. Alright, Toothless you now feel yourself getting aroused, as if your whole body is sent to a new world of pleasure. When I count to three your penis will come out and go to its full erection. One. Two. Three."

Just like that, Toothless makes a face like he is in Val-halla, and sure enough, his cock starts sliding out of his sheath, not stopping until it is fully out and hard. Cloudjumper gives it a few strokes with his wing. "No sense why he can't have some fun from this. It's a shame he's such a sub, kind of makes this beautiful cock go to waste. I wonder…"

He moves his wing away and says, "Toothless, look down at your cock, gaze at how gorgeous it is." Toothless looks down at his hard member like he hasn't eaten in a week and his cock was the first source of food he has seen.

"Looks good, doesn't it. Toothless, why don't you get a taste of it?" Toothless leans his head down until his head is inches away from the tip of his member. He sticks his long tongue out and give the head a few licks, making him shudder in pleasure.

"That's hot, but I think we need a little more. Toothless, you will now slip that beautiful cock into your mouth and suck on it with all of your might, don't stop until you are shooting cum down your throat."

Toothless stops licking and leans his head closer, allowing the tip and the first few inches to slide into his waiting mouth. He then starts bobbing his head up and down in a steady rhythm. Cloudjumper, enjoying the view, then looks down and sees his tail-hole has been staring at him the whole time, almost begging for something to get inside of it.

Cloudjumper moves so he is in front of Toothless' ass and points his larger cock to the entrance. "Don't mind me, just keep doing what you're doing." He says as he pushes the first half of his foot and a half long cock into the Night Fury's ass. His ass has been fucked so many times by that point that he really doesn't need any kind of lube for Cloudjumper to get inside. Toothless stops his sucking for a second to adjust to the feeling of the larger dragon's cock inside of him before quickly going back to his own.

Cloudjumper proceeds to fuck Toothless at an increasing pace, each thrust pushing the smaller dragon's cock deeper into his own mouth until eventually he was taking his whole cock in his mouth and Cloudjumper's whole cock up his ass.

Cloudjumper says through grunts, "Toothless, you can now go faster. Remember, don't stop until you cum." With that, Toothless starts face-fucking himself with every ounce of strength his hypnotized mind allows.

Both dragons are now in a sea of ecstasy, one from fucking the other's brains out, the other because his mind doesn't even know what he's doing, and pretty soon both dragons hit their climaxes together, Cloudjumper painting Toothless' insides and Toothless forcing it down his throat. Not all of it can fit in his stomach so his cock is forced out of his mouth, letting the rest of the cum spill onto his chest.

Once their orgasms have died down, Cloudjumper pulls out of Toothless, walks over and lays his head next to the still dazed Night Fury. He then says between pants, "Ok, Toothless. You are now about to fall asleep, you will stay asleep until the sun comes up, at that point the hypnosis will have worn off and you will be back to your normal self. Goodnight, Toothless."

Toothless closes his eyes while Cloudjumper was talking and Cloudjumper, after assuring Toothless was asleep, shuts his eyes and quickly falls asleep as well.

(The next morning)

Toothless wakes up once the light hits his face. His ass is sore, his body feels numb, and his mind is trying to remember what happened last night. He looks over to Cloudjumper and sees him lying on the floor next to him. He then remembers Cloudjumper beginning to hypnotize him and then everything just went black.

Toothless nudges Cloudjumper, causing him to wake up. "Hey, sleepyhead."

"Hey, love. How was it being hypnotized?"

Toothless tries to think back to what he felt for a minute, "It was strange, I could feel my body moving but my mind had no control over what I was doing. My sore ass tells me that you had some fun as well."

Cloudjumper chuckles and says, "Yep. I'll have to tell you about it later."

"Also, we are definitely doing that again. I love you, Cloudjumper."

"I love you too, Toothless." They nuzzle their heads.

And there we have it. I hope you all enjoyed it, zero I hope you especially enjoyed it.

So, yes, if you have an idea for a story, please either leave a review or you can even PM me. Below are a few rules that you must read before saying anything.

Rules: -It has to be HTTYD related, no crossovers

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-I can do transformations but only if it makes sense, like if it's about Toothless turning into a tentacle monster, then no, but if it's Hiccup turning into a dragon, then yes.

-The stories can be any rating you choose and I am open to any ships that you can think of.

That's about it. Leave me your story and I'll see what I can do.

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