Camp Cretaceous: Rescue Operation @dhruvgeorge
Hide and Seek

She yanked it off and turned up the volume, "Where are you and what are we dealing with? You're on speaker so the experts can help you identify the threat."

His voice came back, "I'm in the main lobby and these things are prowling around. I guess they must have discovered the busted gate and come in through the back door."

Andrea shot Mason a murderous glare, while the African-American man found a nearby amber exhibit quite fascinating.

Nico continued, "By my guess, they are medium-sized. They all have a dark-skinned back, though it's a little dark to make out the colors. However, they have a light underbelly. They've got some ridges on their backs, but the biggest defining feature is an elongated snout, sort of like an alligator."

Darius, Tim and Gray had a quick conference between themselves. Tim spoke, "We think they are Baryonyx. Since Nico didn't mention any sail, Spino is out of question, and a Suchomimus is too big."

Just then, Lex had a thought, She pulled up a schematic of the Baryonyx. She patted Tim's shoulder, "Here, take a look at this. I remember seeing a file about three Baryonyx, codenamed, Grim, Limbo and Chaos. This file also reads that Chaos is the most dangerous one"

The twins and Henry cocked their tranq guns, "On our way!"

They made their way down the maze of corridors. All the while, they advanced slowly and softened their footfalls.

Just then, there was a massive roar, followed by the sound of heavy footsteps, and they spotted Nico running around the corner, headed straight for them.

He cursed, "Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t! I got spotted! Run!"

All of them turned tail and bolted. Henry demanded, "What the hell did you do?"

The reply came, "They all had their backs to me and were looking towards one of the corridors, I think was the way we went. So I tried to tranq one of them. Underestimated the size of the bugger and the bloody thing roared, alerting its siblings"

Robert smacked him upside the head, as he ran, "You idiot! I get that your heart was in the right place, but you should have waited for backup!"

Kevin stole a quick peek, and saw two Baryonyx chasing them. He turned and fired a series of darts as he ran. They didn't go down, but it bought them some time.

The dinos' longer legs allowed them to catch up a little bit, but not by much. Just then, Robert stumbled and went down. Nico screeched to a stop and doubled back to help his comrade, but it was too late. One of the dinosaurs pounced on Robert and chomped on his face. Kevin screamed in rage, "NOOOOOO! I'll kill you! I'll kill you, you sons of b****es!"

Eventually, the trio burst into the main lab room, their actions startled the others, but a gesture from Henry silenced everyone.

They all went and hid in various parts of the room. Brooklynn, Yaz and Sammy encountered a close call when a darker-skinned Baryonyx came close to their hiding spot. They all waited with bated breath, as the dinosaurs' footsteps and roars eventually receded.

Once the coast was clear, they filled in the others on the situation, before Mariquetta gave Nico a solid ticking off. Meanwhile, the others went to console a distraught Kevin.

Just then, the roaring sounds came back, along with the sound of wood cracking. Sergio suddenly realized what was going on, "They're breaking down the doors! We have to get out of here. Lex! Are you done with downloading all those files?"

She nodded and then pointed to the ceiling, "We can try and escape from the air vents."

Esteban nodded and gestured to Mason and Zach, "Good idea. Zach, can you try and remove the vent? Mason will give you a boost."

"I'm on it!", before long, he managed to pry it loose, and was about to toss it on the ground, when Kelly stopped him.

"Don't do that, you're only alert the Baryonyxes. Also, once everyone's up, we can fit it back in place and no dino's going to be any wiser."

With that, Zach crawled through, before Mason gestured to Gray. Before long, everyone was up and quietly crawling through the vent. Not a moment too soon, the Baryonyx pair burst into the room where they had just been.

Nico, Henry and Kevin led the way, as they were able to look through each of the vents and identify where they were going. The gang got a bit of a heart attack, when a Baryonyx snout briefly burst through the vent floor before going down. Ben nearly tumbled into the hole and into its waiting maw, before Kenji grabbed his arm and pulled him back up.

From there, they all scrambled for the exit, with Ben clinging to Kenji like a limpet. The older teen didn't mind, as he figured that Ben was terrified out of his mind.

Eventually, they stopped, and Kevin worked on a vent and got it loose. He peeked through and jumped down. He called back up, "The coast's clear! We're near the back door."

Eventually, everyone got down from the ceiling. Andrea gestured for everyone to follow her lead. She slowly and carefully took hold of the door handle. Meanwhile, Brooklynn went and grabbed a fire extinguisher.

Andrea opened the door carefully and peeped out. Luckily, the outside compound seemed empty. They all sneaked out, not before Brooklynn shoved the fire extinguisher through the handle and effectively barricaded it.

Tim clapped his hands together, "Okay! Let's head to the old Visitor's Centre!"

Suddenly, there was a sharp crack behind them. Everyone froze, and looked back nervously at the door, which now sported a huge splinter. There was another crack and the splinter widened.

Getting the hint, all of them began to back away, with the adults shielding the kids. Finally, it burst open, and the two Baryonyx stomped out. Kevin grit his teeth, "My name is Kevin, you killed my brother, prepare to die!"

Everyone shot him a weird look, Henry commented, "Dudeā€¦ did you serious just quote The Princess Bride?"

All of the kids began to snicker, and Kevin retorted, "He'd have done the same for me."

With that, he charged at them like a madman, firing tranq darts wildly. The other mercenaries joined in, and soon both dinosaurs were on the ground, out cold.

After he had calmed down, Kelly tapped Yaz' arm, "Come on, let's get out of here before they wake up. Lex, Tim? How far is the Visitor's Centre?"

The man replied, "I reckon that it should be a little bit far from here. I hope we don't run into any trouble there or while we're on our way."

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