Camp Cretaceous: Rescue Operation @dhruvgeorge

So I finally figured out a schedule for my stories. Since I'm working on two of them, I'll be releasing one chapter every Friday

The day wore on and progress through the jungle was painfully slow. It wasn't helped by the fact that they often had to hide from some wandering predators. According to the map they found in the bottomless pit called Ben's waist-pouch, they were not going to reach the lab any time soon.

However, they soon realized that there was a new problem. As they walked, Yaz spoke up, "Guys… It's going to get dark soon. I don't think we're anywhere near the lab. Where are we going to stop?"

Mason replied, "Normally, we could head back to the park and try another hotel. However, Rexy is going to be a problem. The park is essentially her territory now, and going back there is suicide."

Tim and Lex shared a look before the younger sibling spoke up, "How about we climb the trees and spend the night there?"

Rachel grinned, "That's a great idea! It should be secure enough for us to sleep on and be safe from predators."

Darius glanced at the setting sun, "Uh guys… we'd better hurry. If my dinosaur knowledge is correct, the predators will be pretty active at night."

Tim snapped into action, "He's right, everyone split up and find a tall tree with sturdy branches. I think four people should stay in each tree."

With that, everyone headed off in different directions. Before long, Tim, Lex, Zach and Gray were up in one tree. Kenji jokingly dubbed it the sibling tree. Kenji and Ben were holed up with Mason and Rachel. Nico was with Brooklynn, Darius and Jordan, Eric and Kelly were with Mariquetta and Esteban. Sergio and Andrea stuck with Yasmina and Sammy. Finally, Jess and Henry stayed with the twins, Kevin and Robert.

As they sat, Tim spoke up, "Remember when we did this with Dr Grant?".

His sister smiled wistfully, "Yeah… Those were the days."

Tim snickered, "I still remember when we saw that herd of Brachiosaurs and one of them was eating from our tree."

She glared at him icily, "Don't… you… dare…"

By now, Zach and Gray were eagerly listening. With a sh*t-eating grin, Tim turned to the boys and continued, "Lex went to pet one of the Brachiosaurs on the nose and it sneezed on her!", he guffawed.

She shot back, "What about that time when you threw up in the car while you were stuck in the tree."

The kids giggling continued, as the older siblings back and forth continued. Eventually, they all got overtaken by sleep.

The next morning, they resumed the trek to the lab. Eventually they reached the lab compound, only to find a gate blocking their way. Brooklynn smirked and fished out a hairpin immediately. The good news was that the gate was unlocked, the bad news was that it got jammed.

Mason solved that problem by giving the gate an almighty kick and knocked it off its hinges. This led to the kids staring at him in awe, while Henry muttered, "Showoff."

Andrea, who had taken over as the pseudo-leader, made a "Halt" motion. She hissed back at the bickering mercenaries, "Quiet! We gotta hurry, Mason's stunt probably would have alerted a bunch of predators."

She and Robert ran ahead to secure the location, before ushering everyone through the doors. Once inside, Kenji turned and went to lock the door. Tim raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Last time we hid here, there was this scientist called Eddie. He asked us if we locked the doors, otherwise predators could have come in."

The man nodded in understanding, before he grabbed a fire extinguisher to help barricade the door.

Yaz led the way, "If memory serves, the main lab was somewhere up ahead… Aha!"

The athlete turned to a set of doors, before Esteban stopped her. He inched ahead of her and slowly reached for the door handle. The Costa Rican native whispered, "You can't just walk in like that, what if there was a dinosaur inside?"

She flushed in embarrassment, "Sorry."

He smiled, "It's alright, chica, this is the first time you've been in a survival situation."

With that he slowly opened the door, a crack, and aimed his tranq gun in all directions. Satisfied, he opened it all the way and stepped inside, Esteban turned back to the others and gestured, "It's okay, room's empty."

The group filed in before splitting up and exploring different areas in the room. There wasn't anything useful in that room, until they spotted a door leading to Dr. Wu's lab. Unfortunately, that door needed a keycard, but then again, Mason stepped up and shoulder-checked the door.

He smirked at their amazed looks, "Still got it after all these years. I was the star line-backer in high school."

Kelly grinned, "Works for me, now let's see what the good doctor is hiding."

Lex had already called dibs on the computer and cracked her knuckles. With that, she got to work, and couldn't help commenting, "20 years later, and they are still so predictable. For a genius scientist, Dr Wu could do a lot better than use the Unix system, it's pretty ancient by now. This is going to be a cinch."

It barely took her two minutes to get access to the computer. Lex quickly hovered the mouse over the 'JW Future' files. When she pulled up the schematics of the Indominus Rex, Tim pulled up a chair next to her, while the others crowded around them.

He skimmed over it and murmured, "Base genome is a T-Rex. Other dinosaurs used were, Velociraptor, Carnotaurus, Giganotosaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops, Pycnonemosaurus, Quilmesaurus, Viavenator, Deinosuchus and Therizinosaurus. Man! He went all out for this monster, cuttlefish, tree frog and pit viper DNA, as well."

Eric was incredulous, "What kind of madman decides to splice together a bunch of predators into one big super dinosaur?"

Just then, Zach fixated on one detail, "Wait… cuttlefish? Correct me if I'm wrong but cuttlefish have the ability to camouflage right?"

Sammy picked up where he left off, "Yeah! That's right! The Indominus showed signs of camouflaging."

Just then, Lex tapped Tim's shoulder, "Timmy, there's more of them. I can see a mix of herbivores, amphibians and flying hybrids as well."

She pulled up another schematic, "Huh… Apparently, they were also planning to give the Mosasaur some company/competition."

Darius leaned over to look at it closer, "Ammonite, Dunkleosteus, Megalodon, Plesiosaurus, Pliosaurus, the list goes on. Also, judging by that fine print, they would be unveiled by next year, eventually. Also, Jurassic World was planning to revive Cenozoic creatures? I'm seeing stuff about Titanoboa, Woolly Mammoth, Smilodon, Elasmotherium, Entelodon. Man! These guys had a LOT of big plans."

Jess bitterly chuckled, "Yeah… Too bad that Dr. Wu bit off more than he could chew. What made them think that Hybrids were a good idea? Nobody's going to be bored of watching a real-life dinosaur! Also, I can't believe I'm saying this, but Aquatic and Cenozoic creatures would have been a better option."

Tim continued, "I agree, hybrids can be unpredictable because you aren't sure which side of the dinosaur will be dominant."

Just then, Nico pointed at the screen, "What's that 'Classified' folder? Why would that be separate? Unless this Wu fellow was working on some side-projects that Jurassic World was unaware of."

Kelly shrugged, "It's possible."

Unfortunately, Lex encountered a bit of resistance when she tried to access the file. She huffed, "Huh… I wondered why I was able to easily access the other file. Dr. Wu obviously has something that he doesn't want anyone else finding out. Give me a few minutes."

While this was happening, Nico tapped Andrea's shoulder. She leaned over and he whispered, "I'll just go and case the joint. Don't want any nasty surprises."

She nodded and tossed him a Bluetooth headset, "Keep us in the loop. If there's anything, you have the go ahead to tranq it. But if you're in over your head, don't hesitate to call for back up."

He half-saluted and walked away, while she turned back to the screen. Lex's forehead beaded with sweat as she tried to break through the security system. Eventually, she managed to get in, and she noticed something called an 'Indoraptor'.

Tim noticed it and his sister opened the file, his eyes widened, "Okay… I take back what I said about the Indominus Rex being a monster. This thing is much worse."

Everyone collectively shuddered when they saw the blueprints. Lex quipped, "I'm glad this thing hasn't been conceived yet, since it needs Indominus and Raptor DNA. But I'm confused about one thing… Who's Blue?"

Gray perked up, "Oh! She's a Velociraptor, who was being trained by this guy, Owen Grady."

Tim did a double-take, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, Raptor trainer?"

The kid nodded excitedly, "Yeah! She really respects him and views him as her Alpha, at least, that's what he told me and Zach. She was part of a group of four, there was Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo."

Tim and Lex shared a look and grinned, "Dr. Grant's gonna have a field day with that guy."

"Yeah, but back to the topic at hand, Wu's little Indoraptor project's probably going to be on ice, since the Indominus is sleeping with the fishes. We haven't come across any Velociraptor, yet, so this Blue raptor will be pretty hard for him to track."

Just then, Andrea's headset crackled, "Mates, just a heads up, cause we got some trouble. I'm near the back entrance, just north of your location. There's a big dinosaur prowling around here, luckily she hasn't seen me yet- Oh sh*t!, I need backup, there's three of them."

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