Camp Cretaceous: Rescue Operation @dhruvgeorge

Sergio and Yasmina were beside themselves with worry as Sammy collapsed. The mercenary clutched her arm and she winced. In response, he took off her jacket, exposing the gash and makeshift tourniquet.

Upon seeing the wound, Jess sprang into action after bandaging Nico. She turned and ordered, "Darius, right? Where's the first aid?"

He rushed forward with it, and she promptly rifled through it. She grunted, "Come on, come on, come on! Dammit! Where's that carfentanyl when you need it!"

Yaz glanced as her, "What's carfentanyl?"

Jess replied, "She doesn't have much time, look at her eyes. She's about to go into a series of convulsions. We need the tranquilizing agent like carfentanyl to counter the toxins in her body."

Nico suddenly had a brainwave. He turned to Brooklynn, who was still carrying him and said, "Give the doc my tranq gun. I won't be needing it anyway."

The pink-haired girl heaved the gun to Jess, who disassembled it and grabbed a tranq dart. By then, Sammy looked like she was having a seizure.

Looking at Yaz and Sergio, she ordered, "You two, hold her still". They complied with some difficulty and she jabbed the dart into the arm.

After a few more twitches, Sammy's body relaxed, and Jess smiled, "She'll be fine. The tranquilizing agent will definitely cure her. I've seen my dad do it the last time we were here."

That got Ben's attention, "You've been here before?"

"Yep! Me, Tim and Lex were here when the original park was built. Kelly and Eric over there, were on Isla Sorna."

She pointed to Mariquetta, "The last time this happened, it was her mom who got bit and my Dad treated her with the help of a scientist called Laura Sorkin. Sorkin didn't make it off the island in the end, but that's a different story."

A few hours later, Sammy finally woke up, only for Sergio and Yaz to hug her tightly. When they broke it Yaz punched Sammy in her good arm, "Why didn't you tell us you got bit!"

The girl had the decency to look sheepish, "I didn't want you guys to worry."

Sergio pinched the bridge of his nose, "Of course we were going to worry, hermana! Didn't you pay attention to the stories Tía Nima told us when you were 5! She got bit by one of those monstruos!"

Cal then clapped his hands, getting everyone's attention, "Alright team, let's regroup and see if there's anything useful."

Just then, Kevin poked his head out from a nearby control room, "Oi! I think you lot had better see this!"

Everyone gathered inside, where they saw Kevin manning a control panel in front of various TV monitors. He grinned, "Check this out!"

He pulled up a camera facing the lagoon and pressed a rewind button. They watched as the Indominus Rex came into view. Tim tilted his head in confusion, "What is that thing?"

Brooklynn grimaced, "They call it the Indominus Rex. I was snooping in Dr. Wu's lab the other day and I saw how he created it. I'm still a little lost on the details, but I know that it is largely a hybrid of the T-Rex and a Velociraptor."

Lex looked incredulous, "Has he gone mad!? If grandpa was here, he would never have approved of this! What possessed him to take two of the fiercest predators and fuse them into THAT abomination?"

Turning back to the footage, they witnessed the T-Rex coming into view, as the two apex predators brawled. Then, out of nowhere, a Velociraptor with blue markings along its back charged in and pounced on the Indominus.

Amazed, everyone watched as the raptor and T-Rex tag-teamed and steadily forced the I-Rex towards the lagoon edge.

Kevin grinned, "Wait for it…"

Suddenly, the Mosasaurus leaped out of the water and clamped its jaws on the I-Rex's neck. It then proceeded to drag the albino dinosaur underwater. Darius hummed, "I actually wondered how on earth it landed in the lagoon as Mosasaurus fodder."

A while later, everyone managed to settle in and salvaged most of their gear and supplies from the plane wreckage. Andrea then hit the jackpot when she found some prosthetic limbs after ransacking various suitcases, either scattered around, or in the lost property section.

She promptly rushed back and brough Nico and Jess with her. However, Jess warned that they should avoid the prosthetics for a while until his wounds healed, though.

He was puzzled about how they got so lucky, but Andrea simply patted his head, "Let's not question it. This place got millions of visitors over the years, so in that time, some amputee visitors probably lost their spares."

After a few days, Nico's wounds healed enough for them to fit the limbs. During that time, Esteban re-assembled Nico's gun and gave it back to him.

Unfortunately, they had a new problem, Sammy and Sergio reported that most of the perishable food was starting to go bad. So they all decided that groups of them would go on patrol and forage some food.

After drawing straws, Darius, Brooklynn, Robert, Kelly and Jordan were the first on patrol. The two mercenaries grabbed their tranq guns, while the kids and Kelly armed themselves with stun sticks. They even packed some water bottles for the trip.

They inched their way carefully through the jungle, keeping an eye out for dinosaurs. They froze as some bushes rustled, and then a lone Compsognathus jumped out and gazed at them. Robert and Jordan relaxed a little, but Darius, Brooklynn and Kelly, were still on their guard.

Jordan raised an eyebrow at the woman. He drawled in a Southern accent, "Seriously? You three are scared of something THAT tiny?"

Kelly shot him a glare, "Be careful with Compys. One on its own looks harmless, but these things are extremely dangerous in a group, and where one Compy is, the others are never far away."

Brooklynn shuddered, "Can't argue with that. Before you guys came, those things attacked Ben during the night at the hotel. Luckily, I was a pretty light sleeper and heard his screams. Turns, out, they were using the air vents to infiltrate the rooms. Took us the full night to use blow torches to seal the vents."

Kelly grinned and clapped her back, "Good call!"

Afterwards, the Compy scampered off to parts unknown.

Before long, they managed to snag various berries, though Kelly smacked Brooklynn's hand away from some purple ones. She snapped, "Don't take those, those are lilac berries and they're poisonous. Even the herbivores avoid them."

Having foraged enough, as well as grabbing some other useful items, they headed back. By then, the sun was setting, and Kelly urged them to hurry up, "Things may look peaceful during the day, but night-time is a different story."

Just then, a strange sound pierced through the jungle, and they paused. It sounded a lot like a bird call, but nobody was taking any chances.

The sound came again, near some bushes to Darius' right, and he whipped towards it. Brandishing his stun stick, he carefully poked at the foliage. Suddenly, something flew from the bush and nailed him right in the eyes.

He yelled in agony and staggered back. Brooklynn was by his side immediately, trying to wipe off some sticky substance. Then, a reptilian head poked out from the bush, and Kelly recognized it. She cursed, "Drat! It's a Dilophosaur!"

The dinosaur then unfurled its frills, ready to attack again, but Robert was faster. He fired a tranq dart straight in its neck, and it was down for the count.

Back with Darius and Brooklynn, the African-American teen was yelling in agony, as the girl tried desperately to calm him down. Then she leaned him against a tree and grabbed the half-full bottle. Tilting his head back, she poured a bit of water over his eyes.

"You okay Darius?"

"I'm good, eyesight's still a little fuzzy though."

She poured more water, "Better?"

He blinked as his vision cleared, and the first thing that greeted him was a pair of ocean blue eyes. Darius gave a small smile, "Beautiful…"

Jordan walked over and crouched, "You okay, kid?"

Darius nodded, and Brooklynn hauled him to his feet. Jordan placed a beefy hand on the boy's shoulder, "Come on, let's head back. Hopefully the good doctor can get you checked out. I read about those critters and their spit can be nasty stuff."

Having somewhat recovered from the incident, they left the place and hurried back to the park, leaving the out cold dinosaur.

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