Camp Cretaceous: Rescue Operation @dhruvgeorge

Really sorry for the delay. Encountered a bit of writer's block and I was busy with my job and personal stuff. I now realize that the schedule was a horrible idea, so chapters will come at their own pace. This applies to all my stories

The next morning, a few of the hunters dragged everyone out of the cage into another fairly large cage. This one had some kind of cable attached to it and there was a winch strapped to a nearby tree.

Frank hit a switch and approached the cage bars with an evil grin, "Nothing personal, but I can't have you lot interfering with our plans like yesterday. You lot are going to be up there, and far away from sabotaging our plans. If I'm feeling generous, I may let you all down to play."

As the cage slowly lifted into the air, all the adults shot him death glares. Meanwhile, the kids were huddled together and trembling. Soon, the cage stopped moving and Kelly gazed out of the bars to see that they were well above the tree line.

She huffed, "On the bright side, if something goes wrong down there, we're pretty safe".

From there, everyone just decided to make some small talk. Just then, they were cut off by numerous deafening roars. All of the kids latched onto each other, looking terrified.

Then came several smashes and even more roaring. Finally, after several hours, everything died down and there was silence. Up in the hideout, the only sound that came was that of labored breathing.

Then, they got startled when the cage began to lower. When they reached the ground, a whole load of carnage greeted them. There was blood everywhere and the hunter population was dramatically reduced to half.

Unfortunately, Frank survived and he simply shrugged, saying that some idiot pissed off a Giganotosaurus and it went to town with everyone. All the other dinosaurs also broke out in the melee, so they were going to Plan B.

With his rifle pointed at them, he and another few hunters called Hap, and a couple, Mitch and Tiff, marched them forwards. The rest all trailed behind them. Tim could not help but glance at Mitch's attire and feel a little insulted. The man was dressed like Dr Grant when they first met at the original park

By mid-day, they reached the edge of Isla Nublar and a giant aquarium entrance stood before them. The entrance was barricaded and a sign read, 'Scheduled to open in 6 months.'

Tiff playfully elbowed her husband, "Hey babe, fancy getting some aquatic prizes for our collection?"

Mitch simply scoffed, "Bah! What are we going to do with a bunch of prehistoric fish? I'm more interested in the fact that this little aquarium connects both islands. We're bound to get more game there!"

Darius secretly smirked to himself, they had no idea what kind of scary prehistoric fish there were. Since he was somewhere in the middle of the group, he whispered in Sammy's ear, "We may have a slight advantage in the marine exhibit"

She turned to him questioningly and he replied, "Don't you remember when we saw those files about the park's plans to introduce aquatic creatures and ice age creatures? I don't think these guys have a clue about what to expect."

The Texan quickly passed on the message to the other kids. Tiff approached the locked door and shot off the padlock and chain. They soon entered the building and found themselves in a reception area.

Hap grunted, "Alright kiddies, break time. You've got a long walk ahead of you. Don't wander off or you'll get a bullet to the brain."

Nonchalantly, Zach made his way to the reception desk and swiped a notepad with several sheets on it. Casually hiding it behind his back, he made his way back to the group. Once he was safely back in, he wormed into the middle to meet his fellow peers.

Since the kids were still in the protective mercenary circle, they were able to go over the data. Gray suggested that they keep the important stuff like the creatures, to themselves. Generic things like access codes, override codes and a map of the marine facility should remain on the notepad, just in case Frank and the hunters caught wind of what they were up to.

Brooklynn pointed to a sheet and whispered, "It says here that the Mosasaurus was released to the public on a trial basis. Based on its temperament and audience reaction, Jurassic World planned to introduce the rest. Also, all the doors are usually sealed in, in the event of an emergency."

Darius took another sheet, "So far, the only creatures that have been created are the Ammonite, Psephoderma, Liopleurodon, Dunkleosteus, Megalodon and the Onchopristis."

Kenji glanced at Darius and Gray, "Okay, so what are we dealing with?"

Gray replied, "Ammonite is a giant squid-like creature with a spiral shell. Psephoderma is a prehistoric turtle. Obviously, the latter will be pretty harmless, but let's not take chances. The Ammonite is also generally docile, but may attack if provoked."

He took a breath, "The last four may be a big problem, as they are major predators. The Dunkleosteus is a giant armored fish, Liopleurodon is a little smaller than the Mosasaur, but it's just as dangerous. Megalodon is pretty self-explanatory. Think great white shark and make it a whole lot bigger. The last one is like a sword fish, but only a lot bigger."

Yasmina also held up a paper, "Yeah about those… This one says that the first two are too young to show, while the others have been showing excessive aggression. The good news for us is that there is an automated feeder that goes off at regular intervals, so we're in no danger of being fish food. There's a schedule here somewhere."

Ben muttered, "It gets worse, this note is from Dr. Wu himself and he's written some notes. It's dated two weeks before we came to the island. It says, 'Replaced titanium bars in Dunkleosteus enclosure. This is the third time the asset has dented it, in a week. Asset seems to react to large groups. Megalodon also showing violent behavior especially when reacting to provocation, remind Claire to get someone to reinforce the glass '. Man! Am I the only one who thinks coming here is a stupid idea?"

They were interrupted by two sharp claps and Hap growled, "Oi! Break time's over, get a move on."

Ben could not stop himself, "Are you sure it's a good idea to have one giant group to go through the aquarium all together?"

Frank levelled his rifle at him, "Shut it kid! We know what we're doing. Besides, it's been weeks now, so everything should have died by now."

Ben shrank back, terrified beyond words, and everyone surrounded him. Acting quickly, Sammy grabbed all the papers and quietly stuffed them into Ben's pouch. She then snatched the notepad and hid it behind her back, acting a little suspicious. The girl winked at Brooklynn, upon seeing her questioning gaze.

Tiff spotted the poorly hidden notepad, "Hey girlie, what's that?"

Stuttering, the cowgirl tried to back away, but Mitch sneaked up behind her and snatched the notepad. He grinned, "Jackpot! These clever kids tried to hide this. Take a look at this, babe. These are all the access codes and a map of the aquarium."

As Sammy stepped back, Brooklynn whispered, "Girl… you need better acting skills. I could give you some tips when we make it out."

Frank punched in the access code for the entrance to the aquarium and opened the door. Inside, there was a long plexiglass tunnel which stretched out ahead of them. Outside, they were all surrounded by water and they spotted thick walls stretching out.

Darius glanced up at a sign and noted that the Psephoderma was the first creature on the tour. Next to him, Zach muttered, "If we weren't in immediate danger of being shot, I would totally think that we were at Sea World."

The African-American teen quipped back, "Yeah, the only difference is that Shamu doesn't want to eat the tourists."

Jess snorted in laughter and the rest of the gang all had grins on their faces. Just then, Gray's face lit up, "There it is! That's the Psephoderma!"

Kenji snarked, "Looks like a prehistoric snapping turtle, only uglier. Look at it, it's just lying there!"

However, the resident 'alpha male' was soon forced to eat his words. As a random fish swam past the turtle, it darted its head forward and ate the fish in one bite.

Soon, they reached the next exhibit and watched in awe as a massive tentacled creature swam around. Brooklynn's face turned green a little as she saw an Ammonite tentacle wrap around a fish and bring it to its beaked mouth. Yaz had to whack Kenji on the back of his head before he made a 'hentai' joke.

The group were soon in for a surprise when they spotted thick titanium bars forming a cage, running alongside the glass. Just then, Frank uttered, "What in the hell is that thing!"

They turned and spotted a massive armored fish. The scariest part was its giant teeth gnashing at its prey. At this point, our heroes quickly realized that there was no time to fool around.

Things seemed to go smoothly until Zach noticed the behemoth swim a little further away and loop around. He steadily increased his pace, and the other kids soon matched him, all of them realizing the danger. Even the adults and mercenaries quickened their pace.

A little confused, the hunters also followed. As they jogged, a random hunter mocked, "Aww come on toots! Don't tell me you're all scared of that big ugly brute?"

Suddenly, there was a loud *CLANG* and the whole place shook violently. As they steadied themselves, Andrea shot Frank a blank look, "Need any further invitation?"

With that, they all scrambled for the exit. Eric glanced backwards and paled a little when he saw a massive dent in between the titanium bars. Luckily, the next two areas did not seem to house any kind of monstrous prehistoric creatures.

At the next one, which housed the Onchopristis, a random hunter exclaimed, "Bloody hell! That's a massive noggin!"

Kenji shuddered, "Let's just get out of here, that thing is freaky!"

Then, the group stepped into the next section of the aquarium. This one was a lot bigger than the others, and a lot darker lit. One of the hunters brought out a flashlight and decided to lead the way.

As they crept forward, Darius got a foreboding feeling. At the same time, another hunter at the back of the group casually shone a second light towards the murky depths. He was barely able to make out a large shape, and it was getting larger. He wanted to run away but his legs were frozen stiff.

The frightened man gazed at the monster's face and right into its black soulless eyes. The giant shark simply stared back at him through the glass, unblinking.

Then it opened its gaping maw and bit down on the glass, creating a few small indentations. That was when the man finally found his voice and screamed to the high heavens. When all this was going on, the group had forged ahead, but they were still within earshot. As a result, his scream made them nearly jump out of their skins.

Brooklynn, Ben, Sammy and Gray all screamed when they saw the giant shark, and everyone collectively ran for the exit, while small rivulets of water trickled down through the holes. To their horror, the door began to slowly close, as an automated voice droned, "Warning! Structural Damage to Megalodon Viewing Area Detected. Please proceed to the nearest exit."

Most of them just about managed to make it to the exit. Jess was the last one through and turned back to see the hunter who started the drama, a few feet away. She reached out a hand, all while the doors continued to close.

Jess grabbed the edges of the doors and tried to get them to stay open, but it was no use. Eventually, she had to let go, especially since the place began to flood. She took one last look at the panicking hunter, who was still too far away, and she mouthed, 'I'm so sorry' and let go.

The group stood there as the man continued to pound on the titanium doors. Jess had tears in her eyes as Lex hugged her, "I was so close to saving him". Then, they heard the sound of water rushing inside the damaged area in a torrent, and she closed her eyes, praying for the poor soul.

Mitch got up, "Let's go! We've reached Isla Sorna now. Let's just go and bag us some dinos and be done with it. I want my money's worth."

Kelly spun around and glared at him murderously, "One of your buddies just died! Don't you even care about him?"

He shrugged, "Necessary sacrifices. That idiot should have known the risks."

The dark-skinned woman simply scoffed and walked away to join her group. Luckily for everyone, the Megalodon enclosure was the last one and they were finally at the exit on the second island. Frank raised an arm, "Let's just camp here for now. It's been a long day for everyone."

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