Camp Cretaceous: Rescue Operation @dhruvgeorge

This is an AU on the ending which spins off into my take on what happens afterwards.

Darius and his four remaining friends rushed towards the direction of the docks. Along the way, they prayed that they were not too late. Before long, the quintet burst through the foliage and their feet finally hit concrete.

Kenji and Darius turned their gaze upwards with broad grins, as they realized that they finally reached their destination. However, those smiles were instantly wiped from their faces when an empty dock greeted them.

The two boys froze, gazing in disbelief. They were too late, and there was no sign of Dave or Roxie either. Next to them, Brooklynn sank to the ground in shock. Even Yasmina and Sammy collapsed.

The farm girl drew her knees towards herself and curled into a ball. She whispered "They left us! They left us!"

All five of them wallowed in their own misery for a while, before Darius blinked back his tears and stood up. He turned to the others and offered a hand, "Come on guys, we can't stay here, we're too exposed outside."

Kenji gave a small grin, reached up and hauled himself to his feet, "You got it, O fearless leader Dino Nerd!"

Yasmina rolled her eyes playfully, "Zip it, Rich Boy!"

She then turned back to Darius, "So where do we go?"

He folded his arms and furrowed his brows in thought, "Our best bet would be back to the park itself and pray that there are no dinosaurs lurking around. I'm assuming that there are plenty of hotels there, and they surely wouldn't have cleared all the food away. Plus, there would be plenty of vendor stalls that we can raid"

Suddenly, Brooklynn chipped in, "Guys… I've been thinking. What if Ben is still alive? And Bumpy too? I mean, we all jumped out of the monorail and survived the fall. Surely Ben would have survived too."

Kenji nodded, "She's right! Should we go look for them?"

Darius also nodded, "I'm in!"

Sammy cheered, "We're getting the band back together again!"

They all smiled, Darius then said, "Come on, let's just get back to the park and set up a base there. Hopefully we can find a working radio and try and get in touch with Dave and Roxie again. We'll also need some makeshift weapons to possibly defend ourselves against some of the smaller dinosaurs."

Sammy chirped, "I can cook! My mom always made sure everyone in the family could cook. So once we're all set, we can go looking for Ben and Bumpy."

They all set off, with Yasmina still limping a little. Sammy went to help her, but she stepped closer to Brooklynn.

Heartbroken, Sammy backed off and moved closer to the boys. Darius wrapped a comforting arm on her shoulder, "I guess she's still a little sore about the whole thing, eh? For the record, I understand why you did it, I'm not condoning it, but I understand that you were just desperate. The farm means a lot to you, huh?"

She suddenly found her feet very interesting, "Yeah…"

Kenji smiled warmly, "Give her a bit of time, she'll forgive you eventually."

Sammy simply mumbled, "I know, I just wish I could make it up to her somehow. I don't care if she never wants to be friends with me, I'd still want to be her friend."

They all walked back in relative silence for a while, before Brooklynn broke it, "Do you think we'll find Ben and Bumpy?"

Kenji replied back, "We will… we have to. We owe it to him for saving us on the monorail."

Darius picked up where he left off, "Ben is a lot smarter than we give him credit for. I'm sure he will be thinking about coming to the park instead of in the middle of the jungle."

After an hour's worth of walking, they finally reached the park – or what was left of it. Luckily, there were no dinosaurs in sight, for the moment at least. Nevertheless, they still decided to tiptoe their way through the park.

Before long, they successfully made their way to the lobby of one of the hotels. Kenji made a beeline for the front desk and swiped six key cards.

However, Yasmina suggested that they bunk together, because of it would be better in case one of them got attacked. The athlete was still hesitant to be in the same room as Sammy, so she elected to bunk with the boys.

Luckily, there were still Jurassic World merchandise that were intact. So they all had fresh clothes to wear, and to Brooklynn's delight, working showers.

Sammy was also glad to report that they had plenty of food in the kitchens to last them for a long time.

Kenji and Darius also discovered a few medical kits, so they managed to patch up Yasmina's ankle. Luckily, it was just a simple sprain and nothing too serious or career-threatening. Before long, she was walking normally again.

After a few minutes of exploring, Kenji stumbled across a goldmine. With Brooklynn's lockpicking skills, they managed to get past a "Security Access Only" door.

They found themselves in a room with several stun guns, and Kenji identified it as an ACU base.

All five of them gladly helped themselves to a weapon each, with Darius grabbing an extra for Ben, when they found him. They also took extras in case of an emergency.

Darius even managed to find working radios, to everyone's relief. Yasmina was about to grab one and call Dave and Roxie, before Kenji stopped her. He said, "Let's hold off on calling them until we find Ben."

Immediately, she had a guilty look, "Sorry, I wasn't thinking."

He rested a hand on her shoulder, "I want to go home too, but it would be unfair if we were rescued, and assuming Ben is alive, he gets left behind."

Brooklynn stepped forward, "He's right, I'd rather have all of us together, instead of someone being left behind."

Sammy interrupted, "So how are we doing this? Splitting up or strength in numbers?"

Kenji scoffed, "Splitting up is such a horror movie cliché."

Darius pipped up, "I think we should go in two groups. We can cover more ground and have each other's backs in case Toro or the Indominus attacks."

Sammy interrupted, "Yeah about that… I don't think the Indominus Rex will be a problem. Brooklynn and my room has a good view of the park and we happened to spot the Mosasaur feeding on the Indominus' corpse in the lagoon."

She smirked, "Brooklynn nearly barfed."

Darius sighed in relief "Well that's one dinosaur we don't have to worry about. However there may still be others out there. Once we find Ben, we can try and radio for help, hopefully these radios have the range."

With all the necessary preparations, the five of them gathered by the monorail. From there, they decided that Darius, Brooklynn and Sammy would search along the north side of the monorail, while Kenji and Yasmina would head south.

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