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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Why are you a Hero?

"Izuku, do you mind helping me on this case?" Mirai asked still looking at his paperwork as Izuku walked into his office.

"What is it about?" Izuku asked as he received the documents titled as Dread. He opened it and started to read it. "So, the victims die from shock, and judging from their expressions, it is fear related."

Mirai nodded "We are looking into hallucinating quirks to narrow the search. Any ideas?"

Izuku flipped the pages of the document and nodded "Do we have a sample of the blood of the victims?"

Mirai hummed "We can get one."

Izuku nodded "Anything else?"

"Yes, some of the physiatrists, medics and staff in Arkham want to meet you." Izuku raised an eyebrow.


Mirai sighed "Do you remember those criminals you sent there last time?"


"Well, turns out that two had all four limbs broken, one had a fractured skull and the last one is traumatized." Mirai explained and Izuku groaned.

"So, now I have to answer to the doctors of Arkham?"

"Probably not, only when the villains you deliver are in... really bad conditions."

"For fuck sakes..." Izuku cursed "Fine. Send the sample of blood to the lab when you got it, I am going to Arkham."

*Arkham Asylum*

Izuku parked his bike as he entered the grim Arkham Asylum. What he knows of the place that it was going to be a mansion for a rich family and they bought a great part of the district to build it. But when the father of it was killed by a villain disguised as a worker, the family didn't want to come close to the place, donating it to the hero association.

"Red Hood, thank you for arriving in such short notice." Who he assumes is the head doctor said as he entered.

Izuku nodded "What was it you want to talk about?" He said getting right to the point.

The doctor nodded "You see, the last villains that you dropped here where... in less than favorable conditions."

"So?" The doctor blinked at the answer "They are dangerous individuals who were willing to do a lot of damage just for little reasons. If I dropped them here in more favorable conditions, you might be dead doc."

The doctor seemed to be taken back by the answer when a blonde woman with blue eyes, American looking marched to him "Now listen! The time for them to heal will might take years! Some of the injuries and trauma you caused them might never leave!" She said as she jabbed her finger multiple times on his chest plate. "What do you have to say for yourself!?"

Izuku saw her name "Dr. Quinzel, what I have to say to you, is nothing. I don't answer to you, I just do my job and I do it damn well. So, if next time the guy is paralyzed, he deserved it."

Dr. Quinzel crossed her arms "Is that what you have to say?"

Izuku nodded "Yes."

When Izuku arrived back to the office, he went to Mirai's office "Do you got me the sample?"

"Izuku what did you say there?"

Izuku raised an eyebrow "What?"

Mirai rubber his templates "Arkham just called demanding that you go under a physiocratic review made by Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Now, what did you say?"

Izuku groaned "Never mind that, did you get me the sample."

"I have it, but you need to clean your act." Mirai stated "I am pulling you off from the case until you get your temper under control."

"You can't do-"

"Yes, I can, and already did. Tomorrow morning you are going to Arkham, get the review and if you want to continue having cases, you better come out of there like a civil person."

*Arkham Asylum, Next Day*

Izuku without his helmet, was inside one of the interview rooms of Arkham as he waited for the doctor.

The door opened and the blonde woman from yesterday entered "Oh, you actually showed up. Let's begin. I am Doctor Harleen Quinzel, and after our little conversation yesterday, I was worried of having someone as volatile as you being a hero."

Izuku starred at her with an annoyed look as she held her papers "So, Mr. Izuku Midoriya; why do you want to be a hero?"

"I don't want to." Harleen didn't expect that answer.

"Then why-"

"Let's get this over with;" Izuku sighed "The Yakuza messed with me and I want to end all of them. Every single rat of that organization I will exterminate it. I started as a vigilante, and Sir Nighteye... adopted me I guess, and here I am. I plan to retire once my goal is complete."

Harleen nodded "Okay... and that goal is to destroy the yakuza, right?"

"No. It is to kill Overhaul. The head of the Yakuza."

Harleen nodded "I see... PTSD for sure... where there any other people there?"

Izuku closed his eyes "Yeah."

Harleen nodded as she wrote down more "Survivors guilt..." She looked at him "Look, you are someone with issues, and according to Sir Nighteye, you have anger issues too. So, we are going to do something more experimental."

Izuku raised a brow but let her continue "You are going to be with someone to monitor you for a long time to see how you improve not only here, but in your day-to-day life. You will be able to do your job, and as long you improve, you will be left without anyone to look over you. Is that a deal?"

Izuku hummed "As long I can work, sounds good for me Doc."

*Next Day*

Izuku never expected for his weekend to be like this. From going to Arkham to argue with doctors, get a mental checkup and now grading tests... what a drag.

A knock on his door made him groan "What?"

The door opened "Hello Mr. Midoriya."

He looked up and raised a brow "Dr. Quinzel. What brings you here?"

"Remember that someone will be monitoring you?" Izuku nodded "Well, no one wanted to monitor The Bat, so... I am your monitor." She smiled and Izuku sighed.

"Sure... are you good with grading shit?"

"What is the shit we are talking about?"

"English tests. Mic is sick so they dropped his work on me."

"Lucky for you, my first language is English."

Next Chapter: Nightmare of a Scarecrow

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