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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: No Pain, No Gain

Seeing that there were no leads to the al Ghul family or the League of Assassins, he decided to ignore them for now. Instead to focus on;

"You want me to teach a class." Izuku glared at Aizawa that nodded while drinking from a juice box.

"Consider it a way of compensation for skipping your job yesterday. It will be a special strategy class, something I know you excel." he looked at the clock on the wall "You still have some time before first period. Better get to work."

Izuku groaned as he sat on his chair and started to plan.

*Class 1-A*

Aizawa explained to his class that he will teach this period and once it was done, he took a step forward.

"The assignment should be easy. Write down a strategy on how to beat someone that has your quirk, on how to beat that person without any quirk." he said and Momo Yaoyorozu raised her hand.

"And how will that help us exactly?" She asked and Izuku closed his eyes. It was a valid question to his surprise.

"Your quirk, Creation, it allows you to materialize any object as long you understand the atomic configuration of it, right?" Momo nodded "Do you know any weaknesses that could be exploited?"

Momo blinked confused "Should I?"

"If you don't know your own weaknesses, in any sense, you won't find a proper way to better yourself and get rid of what's holding you back. In this case, find ways that your quirks weaknesses could be exploited against you." He sighed "You have 20 minutes."

As the class worked, he noticed that Katsuki Bakugo wasn't doing anything "Are you done, Bakugo?"

Katsuki glared at him "This exercise is fucking stupid."

Izuku hummed "Really? Does that mean you have no weaknesses you need to cover?"

Katsuki scoffed "I have weaknesses, but I don't need to worry about a quirkless idiot that wants to fight me."

Izuku narrowed his eyes "What about this, if you beat me, a quirkless idiot, you will approve this class the rest of the year. And if you fail, well, the trip to the hospital is on you."

Katsuki grinned "You're on."

"Class, let's go outside for a while. There's a volunteer for this assignment." Izuku said "Get your P.E uniform for this."

After a while, Katsuki was in his gym uniform as Izuku cracked his neck, both of them outside as the class and Aizawa watched, to make sure nothing escalates too far.

Izuku gave Bakugo a dry look "Your move, rookie."

Katsuki grinned as he propelled to him "DIE!"

Izuku rolled out of the way and kept dodging his attacks, as Katsuki got more tired and sweatier. "Fight me!"

Izuku smirked "Fine." He side-stepped one explosion, he grabbed his wrist and threw him to the ground, and before Katsuki could get up, he took from his belt, threw a small firecracker to both of Katsuki's forearms.

Once they exploded, a massive explosion came from his forearms, making Katsuki scream. His arms were shaking as they bleed.

Izuku gave him a dry look "Your sweat is like nitroglycerin, the more you sweat, the bigger the explosions are. But an explosion out of control, will easily harm you. Also, you have an F."

Katsuki gritted his teeth and was going to attack him, when Aizawa threw him his capture weapon. "I had that." Izuku said and Aizawa nodded.

"I figured, but I rather not have a complain on why he has a broken arm."

Izuku nodded "Sure. Let's go class, finish your job."

*Lunch Time*

Izuku ate a sandwich as he examined a case as Vlad approached him "Hey, I heard you did a good job doing a class."

Izuku nodded and raised a brow "The students looked happy enough. Why?"

Vlad smiled "I know you are exclusive to 1-A, but do you mind helping out a combat class with me?"

Izuku frowned "Why?"

"You are a teacher-aid and besides on close combat you are the best with Aizawa, so why not help out?"

Izuku groaned "Fine. Might as well do something like that while working here."

Vlad grinned and patted his shoulder "Great to hear! After lunch break meet at Ground Beta."

Izuku saw how Vlad left, probably to warn his class and growled "Fuck."

*Ground Beta*

When he met Eiko, he realized that even him, the Red Hood, The Bat, can have fans. One is okay. Two is fine, like when Mashirao Ojiro told him how great he is a fighter and is a great inspiration for him.

1-B is ridiculous.

"I saw you once in the news! You totally bodied that giant dude!"

"Vlad sensei told me you are black belt in Karate and more disciplines, can you show me?"

"Hey, is it true you were an illegal vigilante? That's sick!"

"You left Monoma with a concussion, and I thank you for that."

Izuku glared at Vlad who coughed into his hand "Very well! Hood here accepted to help you train combat with him, something he wasn't forced too! So, stop bothering him and hear!"

As the class let go of his personal space, Vlad made a gesture for him to speak. He knew he will put him in this position, so he came prepared. "It should be easy to understand. You will be divided in two and go into ground Beta, retrieve a package containing an A grade, and get out. Questions?"

Yui Kodai raised her hand "Is there a catch?"

Izuku nodded "You will have me on your trail. Anything else?"

Nirengeki Shoda raised his hand "And that means?"

Izuku glared at the class "I will try to catch you. You don't want that."

The class let out a collective gulp as Vlad nodded "You hear him! Get in-"

"I already made them." Izuku interrupted as he pulled a list.

Togaru Kamakiri and Ibara Shiozaki

Kinoko Komori and Kosei Tsuburaba.

Juroto Shishida and Nirengeki Shoda.

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu and Reiko Yanagi.

Yosetsu Awase and Manga Fukidashi.

Setsuna Tokage and Hiryu Rin.

Yui Kodai and Pony Tsunotori.

Juzo Honenuki and Kojiro Bondo.

Shihai Kuroiro and Sen Kaibara.

Itsuka Kendo and Monoma Neito.

"You will go out in that order, if I catch you, or you don't get out in 20 minutes, you fail. Questions?"

Shishida raised a hairy arm "Yes Red-Hood Sensei; knowing how you work; will you use any of your tools?"

Izuku shrugged "You'll see. Togaru Kamakiri and Ibara Shiozaki, go."

*First Team*

Togaru was looking everywhere, to see if he gets to see The Bat jumping on them at any given second. Ibara on the other hand, had her vines ready but looked more calmed. "How are we going to survive this?"

Ibara hummed "He is a teacher; he isn't going to shoot you or what not."

"He headbutted Neito, Vines." Togaru pointed out and Ibara nodded.

"That shows his lack of self-control. If he can't behave as a teacher, I doubt he can act properly as a hero." Ibara pointed out, but Togaru didn't answer. She sighed "You shouldn't worry about..." She turned around but Togaru was nowhere to be seen.

She gulped and looked around "Kamakiri-San?" She asked as she heard something from the shadows. She had her vines ready to attack as something rolled to her feet.

A bright light and a loud sound, left her stunned, before something hit her on the face.

The students of 1-B watched shocked/amazed/scared the display. Vlad huffed "Get ready. He doesn't know to hold back."

*Second Team*

After seeing how bad it can go, the plan of Kinoko and Kosei was to cover all angles. Kinoko leaving shrooms with spores that can paralyze and make someone sleepy, and Kosei creating walls of air on their way to the target.

The package was inside a container and Kosei sighed in relief. Not insane bat yet. He grabbed the briefcase when Kinoko pointed out "What if it isn't the right thing." She pointed to the chromed briefcase.

Kosei blinked "I... I don't know."

Kinoko looked around and she swears to have seen a shadow making her sweat "Look the inside of it!"

Kosei nodded, unlocked the briefcase and opened it. Just for an IBNS type of bomb hit Kosei on the face "Shit! What the hell!" He screamed dropping the briefcase and falling down. Kinoko didn't react in time, as a bola tied her down.

*Team 3*

"W-We are going to die..." Shoda said as he rode on Shishida shoulders.

"Don't worry. We just need to move faster than him. That way he won't be able to catch us." The teen explained as they arrived to a building where the package was located.

Shoda saw it on top of the reception desk "Don't open it." He pointed out "I doubt he will use the same trick twice, but just in case."

Shishida nodded, grabbed the briefcase and was electrocuted. Shoda jumped from his shoulders feeling the electricity as someone grabbed him from behind and choke him out.

*Team 4*

"I don't think this is a god plan." Reiko said as Tetsutetsu grinned.

"It is a great plan! If he is a man, he will fight me head on!" He exclaimed and Reiko gave him a blank look.

"Did you forgot how he won before?"

Tetsutetsu was going to answer, when something wrapped his feet together, and suddenly, he was lifted into the air, to the top of a building and was face to face with the helmet of the bat.

Tetsutetsu gulped seeing his reflection on the red metal "If I were you; I would harden." Red Hood said as he let go of Tetsutetsu.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!" He screamed as he made his skin steel and crashed to the ground. He slowly crawled out of the crater "He is insane..."

Reiko thought the same thing as she heard something land behind her "Harden!" She screamed and Tetsu obeyed as she lifted him and threw him to Red Hood.

And Tetsu crashed against a dumpster. Reiko gulped as she heard him land behind her "Scary..."

"That's a good description of your situation."

*Team 5*

"We are going to die!" Yosetsu screamed as Manga made a drawing of him breathing in and out for his classmate to relax. They got into the parking lot where the briefcase was inside a car. They got in and Manga who was the one who went for the briefcase got locked inside the car.

"Okay! Don't worry bud, I'll get ya out of there! Just breathe in and out!" manga watched how Yosetsu started to breathe in and out trying to calm down.

And then how he was tied from the waist and lifted to the roof.

Manga saw the piece of paper at the wheel and it read 'Honk twice if you give up.'

He didn't hesitate.

*Team 6*

"Do you remember the plan?" Rin asked Setsuna who grinned and nodded.

"Ya, you'll fight him, then I will catch him from the back, then we win." She said and Rin nodded.

"Exact-" He stopped when they heard a thud behind them. They looked and saw the briefcase, just laid there.

They gulped and looked at each other "This is a trap." Rin said and Setsuna nodded.

"I know!" She said "But... what if it isn't?"

Rin gave her a blank look "Of course it is. Why else would he drop the briefcase here?"

"I know! But maybe it is a test? Like... a bravery test." She suggested, "Look, I will grab it now, and if it nothing happens, we leave."

Rin rolled his eyes "Fine!"

Setsuna detached her hands and went to grab the briefcase. As she was about to grab it, she closed her eyes "Please don't explode..."

Rin also closed his eyes, waiting for the worst, and opened them when Setsuna released a sigh "It didn't blow up." She said and Rin nodded. He saw it was locked. He was going to open it to see if it was the right thing, when someone landed behind them.


They did, as they rushed to the entrance. They didn't look back as they got to the exit "Yeah! We did it!" Setsuna screamed as she high fived Rin. And the briefcase unlocked.

They opened it to see their prize...

"Are you kidding..." Rin asked seeing two F grades inside the briefcase.

*Team 7*

"Podemos hacerlo!" Pony cheered in Spansih(A/N: Remember Pony doesn't know how to speak Japanese or very little at least. So, when she speaks in another language, it will be in spanish.)

Yui nodded, probably getting the idea. "Any idea?"

"Ehm... Primero, fight luego huimos." Pony spoke and Yui nodded slowly.

"You want... to fight him face on?" She asked confused and Pony had a terrified face as she shook her head.

"No! Ehm... Detras!" She screamed as she saw the Red Hood jump behind Yui.

Yui heard him land, turned around and threw a wild punch, that Hood tilted, grabbed her arm and threw her over his shoulder.

Pony was going to attack to save Yui but raised her arms when Hood pointed an actual gun to her and to Yui.

"Me rindo!"

Hood nodded "Buena elecion."

*Team 8*

Kojiro looked like he was about to cry out of fear. Shihai's plan was to go to a dark area of Ground Beta so when the Bat showed up, he was going to be trapped in his 'Eternal Darkness'.

Shihai noticed his partner worries and smirked "Don't worry, my friend. This is a flawless plan. Once the Dark Knights shows up, he will trap in this vortex of night forever."

"A-And how are we supposed to see?" Kojiro asked and Shihai scoffed.

"Don't worry. Because while he might have adopted the shadows, I was born in them!" He exclaimed as the lights were turned on, almost blinding him.

"What the- Kojiro! Are you okay!?" Shihai asked and turned to see that his partner was trapped on a net against the wall.

Shihai eyes widen. "Something dark!" he said spotting a dark corner of the room. He quickly rushed to it and before he could arrive, a flashbang hit him on the forehead just to explode seconds later.

*Team 9*

Izuku was curious. They still haven't entered the ground. He opened a small diary where he had 1-B's profiles. Monoma Neito, for more arrogant that he looks, he can tell he is smart, only that his temper gets the better of him.

Itsuka Kendo who is a black belt in Karate and has a good tactical mind, if the entrance exam is anything to go by, is the bigger threat, so he needs to neutralize Neito to isolate Kendo.

A notification in his tracker device told him they entered and were going to the center. Using the device, he turned on the camaras and saw... Kendo running alone...

Something's off.

*Minutes Earlier*

"My body hurts..."

"What a devious man..."

"He was going to shoot me..."

The whole class 1-B was complaining as Monoma and Kendo thought how to tackle the situation. No matter what they thought, seeing how their classmates tried everything, Hood-Sensei seemed to be three steps ahead.

"Any ideas?" Kendo asked and Monoma nodded.

"I have one, but you need to distract him." Kendo raised a brow.

"For how long?"

Monoma looked at his classmates "I need to borrow some things."


Kendo stopped running as smoke bombs exploded in front of her. Izuku was going to jump on her, as a notification alerted him. He quickly took out the device and his eyes widen. Monoma has the briefcase.

"Huh. That was unexpected."

"Kendo! I have the briefcase!"

Kendo eyes widened hearing Monoma over the communicator. "Meet me at the gates!"

Kendo was about to answer when the smoke cleared and saw that Hood was already gone. "He is after you Neito!"

Monoma eyes widen and looked back to see Hood swinging on a rooftop and about to jump him. Izuku's eyes widen seeing how Monoma entered a shadow and smirked "I see."

"Kendo! I am at 4 blocks from the exit, next to the donut-" He flinched as the communicator did a loud sound and stopped working. He jumped out of the shadow and just as he landed, Hood caught him by the back of the suit and threw him back.

Monoma still held the briefcase as Hood spoke "Not going to lie, you actually caught me by surprise. Never expected that your classmates would help you."

Monoma smirked "Gotta better your sources I guess." he grinned "Catch!" Using Reiko's quirk, he threw the briefcase at high speed to Hood who dodged, looked behind to see Kendo caught it with her giant hand.

Hood threw a bola to Monoma making him fall as he was tied and rushed after Kendo. Monoma waited for Hood to leave as his skin turned into steel.

Kendo was one block away as Hood landed on her. The briefcase landed a few feet away from her, as the bat started to choke her with her forearm. She made her hand bigger and just before she could hit him, he jumped away.

She coughed as Monoma came from the shadows and threw a steel punch at him. Hood dodged as Monoma kept swinging. Izuku looked at the clock tower and smirked "Time's up."

Monoma skin turned back to normal and his eyes widen, the three quirks he got... the time run out!

Hood kicked him on the stomach and placed him on a guillotine choke and threw his grapping hook to Kendo leg, dragging her to him.

Monoma was trying to break free from the hold and grabbed something from Hoods' belt pockets, and pressed the button.

Izuku eyes widen hearing the ticking sound of one of his explosives shurikens. He let go of the grappling hook and threw Monoma away as he threw the shuriken to the sky where it exploded.

Monoma lifted Kendo "Let's go!" He screamed as they run away. Izuku smirked as he threw to electric shurikens to them.

One hit the briefcase held by Kendo and other on one of the watches of Monoma. They released a powerful shock making both of them fall.

Izuku hummed "And they were so close." he muttered, seeing them feet away from the exit.

*Teacher's Lounge*

"While I think you over did it, it was a relatively good class. Good work Hood!" Vlad praised and Izuku nodded getting his things.

"Thanks, I guess." He said as he took Sir's bussiness card "When Monoma wakes up, tell him to go here."

Vlad raised an eyebrow "For?"

Izuku shrugged "I am teacher. I plan to teach."

Next Chapter: What do you Fear?

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