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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Eyes That Don't See, Heart that Doesn't Feel

"This is so stupid!" Mine screamed as she and Sheele stopped at a park. No sign of the serial killer "Why are we making such a show for some random killer!?"

Sheele blinked at her "I thought he was dangerous."

Mine huffed "Any guy with a knife can be dangerous. We are just giving him wat to much credit."

"Aw... it pains me to hear that, Night Raid." They turned around and aimed their weapons to a clown. He was grinning with a cut smile on his face.

Mine aimed Pumpkin and Sheele pointed Extase to him "You are the serial killer." Mine accused and the clown clapped.

"That's right! We have a winner! But it is a shame..."

"What thing?" Sheele asked and Joker grinned at them.

"That you don't remember me... after all, you guys made me! Well... we will have a lot of time to catch up..."



Leone was still searching the city for her teammates. Ever since Sheele and Mine left to find out about the murder, all communication with them was cut out of nowhere.

Najenda told them to wait two days for them to report. It made sense, the evidence showed that whoever this guy was, knew how to cover himself up.

7 days had passed, and still, nothing from them. All the traces of them lead to dead ends. Today seemed to be no different, when she caught a smell.

It smelled of chemicals mixed with blood and... Sheele!

Rushing to the smell, she got into an abandoned building. Inside, there was Extase, covered in blood and a note.

Acme Chemicals, come alone in 1 hour, or you will never see them again.

Sincerely, Mr. J.

Leone crushed the note in her hands and glared at it. This guy knew he was being tailed and this is definitely a trap... but... if there is a chance that Sheele and Mine are alive but captive...

She doesn't have any other choice.

She turned into her beast form and rushed to the chemical plant. The closer she gets, the smell of chemicals and blood increased.

She broke the window and was surprised to see that the building was dark. The smell of chemicals didn't let her track anything.

One light was turned on and she glared at it, before her eyes widen. Tied to a chair, her pink dress covered in blood and a black bag over her head.

"MINE!" Leone screamed as she rushed to her and took the bag off her head. Mine was shaking and her head was lowered and flinched when Leone touched her.

"P-Please... I tell you everything... no more..." Mine whimpered and Leone looked at her eyes.

Her now useless eyes.

"Mine... it's me." Leone said and Mine lifted her head slowly.


Leone smiled "Yeah. Don't worry, as soon I find Sheele we can go back-"

"You need to run!" Leone looked confused by the raw fear in Mine's voice. "If he founds you here I don't know what he will-"

A laughter interrupted Mine as her eyes widen in fear as the laughter came closer. Leone narrowed her eyes as a clown came her way. He had a familiar odor to him, but it was mixed with blood and chemicals.

"Hahaha... what a lovely reunion. It can bring a tear to my eye." Joker said wiping a fake tear from his eye and Leone growled at him.

"I'll kill you..." She growled making Joker laugh.

"You might. But first..." His grin widens "Don't you want to make sure your friend is safe?" He pointed at a closet "After all, we had a grand old time together! Believe me... she is grinning ear to ear now. HAHAHAHA!"

Leone was about to destroy his face, but decided to go to the closet to check on Sheele.

She kicked the door down, and her eyes widen in horror. Sheele was hanged from the roof. Both her arms and legs bruised and broken. And a grin cut into her face with her eyes open.

"One last thing before I go..." She slowly turned to glare at Joker that was leaning against the entrance "Take this moment in... remember it forever... and live with the failure that you couldn't catch me in time. HAHAHAHA!"

*Night Raid HQ*

It was raining. Like if the heaven was crying.

Leone had dealt with death before. She had seen it and cause it. But... to see a close friend... die in such horrible way and to feel she could have saved her...

"How's Mine?" She asked as Najenda walked behind her.

"Bad. She will be under constant watch to make sure she doesn't kill herself... whatever happened there..." Najenda couldn't finish "It is definitely worse than most tortures by the empire. Her mind... is completely destroyed."

Leone clenched her fists "If I was faster... none of this would have happened..."

Najenda placed her hand on her shoulder "Leone; thinking of the past, will not help."

Leone nodded, as she starred at the tombstone.

Good thing the rain hides her tears.


"So, ya are the new boss?" One thug asked as Joker leaned on his chair.

"I can imagine so. Your old boss gave me the permission. Right lads!?" He asked the corpses of 5 gang leaders before he busting laughing "See!? They agree that all of you, work for me."

"What would happen if we refuse Mister..." One of the second in command of the dead leaders asked.

"HAHAHAHA! Joker's the name. And for your question, c'mere." He made a gesture for him to get close and he hesitantly did. Joker placed his hand on his face, and just as it did contact, his head exploded.

As the thugs watched in horror as the blood flew and Joker laughed "HAHAHAHA! So... any other objections?"

The silence made him chuckle "Great... for our first order..." He pushed a picture of Leone into the table, with a grin and hearts drew with red marker.

"Is to bring me this woman."

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