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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Gloves for a Clown

Blood dripped into the sink of the cut Joker did on his face. A permanent smile... yes.

He chuckled; he looks so... great! He had dark bags under his eyes as he stumbled back and walked out of the building full of bodies.

News about a new serial killer were filling the empire. But there are still no wanted posters. Just because no one that had seen his face had been able to talk again... or draw... or live!

He licked his lips as he enters the black market. It was located in the slums and here you can find everything. From info, to even Teigus.

He kept walking, as people turned to look at him. His clothes call the attention. A leather purple tail-coat, black pants with black boots and green straps on his waist, while showing his pale abdomen, due to not wearing any shirt.

Maybe the clown face also calls the attention... Who knows?!

"Excuse me, the green haired gentleman!" A salesman said and he stopped in his tracks. He slowly turned to the now nervous dealer and made his way to him.

"Yes, good sir? Got something good for a poor, poor clown like me?"

The dealer gulped "W-Well, I was thinking that maybe you needed something to complement your outfit. What do you think about this, glamourous gloves!" He said pulling out a pair of leather, purple gloves.

Joker gasped "They are beautiful! I think they will match with my eyes." He chuckled "But... they look quite normal to be here in the black market... what's the trick?"

The dealer, gaining more confidence chuckled "I knew you were a smart man. This is a Teigu."

"Ohhh... a Teigu you say? Go on, what does it do?" Joker demanded.

"Well, it is called Overhaul, it can change and repair anything. It is quite a good catch. Here! Why don't you try it on!" He said handing the gloves to Joker.

Joker chuckled as he placed the gloves on his hands. He examined them "I don't feel anything."

"Well because it accepted you, good sir!"

"Okay... how does it work?" Joker asked and the man chuckled.

"Well, you just need to touch something, focus on what you want to do with it, and it should reshape. At least, that is what I was told." The dealer explained and Joker nodded, a grin forming on his face.

"So... if I touch... let's say this table," He touched the table where the dealer had his products "And I focus my soul and heart into making... I don't know, a spike," The dealer paled "It should appear right!?"

The table broke before reshaping itself into some spikes, stabbing the dealer all over the torso.

Joker laughed hysterically "HAHAHAAHA! What a good buy!" He took out some coins from his pocket and threw it at the corpse "Here you go, good sir... I hope it is enough. HAHAHA!"

*Throne Room*

"These murders are horrifying!" The young emperor exclaimed seeing the pictures.

Prime Minister Honest nodded while biting down a pork leg "I agree. But do not worry, I already assigned Captain Ogre to track and arrest this criminal!"

The Emperor nodded; still shaken about the images he just saw "T-Then we shouldn't worry about this anymore?"

Honest nodded with a smile "Not a bit."


Ogre watched in terror, how this clown destroyed his sword after touching it. The clown chuckled "Oh boy... you almost caught me. I was sooooooo afraid. HAHAHA!"

Ogre growled "Don't mock me!" he threw a punch at him and the clown chuckled. He caught the fist and the right arm of Ogre exploded into blood.

"AGH!" Ogre screamed as he saw how nothing of his arm except the blood remained "Y-You monster!"

Joker laughed "No, no, no... I am not the monster. The monster are people that you work for. The people that made me into what I am today." He chuckled, before looking confused "Hey, why so serious? Is it because the scars, right?" He sighed "Let me calm you down by telling you how I got them. I was drinking at a bar, before I spilled my drink on another guy, and I apologized, after all, my mom taught me to be an educated gentleman." He chuckled as Ogre tried to crawl away "All good so far. But his friends and him... weren't so happy. You are a police guy; you know how rotted this place is after all. Anyway," He stepped on his back "They smashed a bottle on my head, before stuffing the pieces of glass on my mouth. And then... and then! They smashed my head against the floor! Are you calmed now!? Wasn't it a funny and soothing story!? HAHAHA!"

Ogre watched with a scared look "Y-You're sick!"

Joker chuckled "No... I just show how I am without any masks... but don't worry, I know a method to take off any mask." He pulled out a switchblade "I could make you into a puddle of blood right now, so nobody would identify you, but hey! Where is the fun at that? So instead..."

"Let's draw a smile on that pretty face..."

*Weeks Later*

Zanku was walking down the street, at the death of night as he saw on the other side of the street, a man coming to him. He grinned "Oh young boy, didn't your parents told you to never go out at night? Monsters come out at this hour."

The man chuckled "Oh I am aware. That's why I am out." Zanku raised a brow, something is wrong, he can't read this guy's mind. "Hey, have you ever danced with the devil at the moonlight?" "Why can't he read his mind!? He only hears laughs from him!

He didn't notice when the man stabbed him in the stomach "I don't know what that means, but I love how it sounds... don't you agree? HAHAHAHA!"

He stabbed Zanku until all the voices left...

*Night Raid HQ*

"This is becoming a problem." Najenda said "This are random murders all with the same calling card."

"I doubt that the empire would do something like this. Soldiers, farmers, prostitutes, even Zanku died." Lubbock said and Najenda nodded.

"Indeed. And some of the Revolutionary Army seems nervous about this killer."

"Let me guess, they want us to take him out." Leone smirked and Najenda nodded.

"Yes, I will send Mine and Sheele to do it. It should be enough."

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