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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: All you Need, is one Little Push

Tatsumi held Ieyasu dead body as tears started to form in his eyes. Why... Why this had to happen! Ieyasu and Sayo... they both die... they died at hands of... of that girl and her family...

He didn't think about it twice, he cut Aria on the chest making her fall on the floor, surprising Akame and Leone.

Leone shook her head and was about to congrtulate Tatsumi for doing the right thing, when he rushed to her and started to stomp on her head, until her face was deformed. Leone grabbed his shoulder "She is already dead."

Tatsumi seemed to snap out of his anger and nodded "Y-Yeah..."

"Hey, you seem to have that killer instinct. Why don't you join us?" Leone offered and Tatsumi shook his head.

"I... don't know if I can accept that." Seeing Akame reading herself to attack, he added "At least not yet. Can you give me some days? To think?"

Leone seemed to think and Akame nodded "We will look for you then." Akame said and jumped away. Leone shrugged, winked at him and she also left.

Tatsumi stood there, before turning to Aria corpse before running away from there.

This must be some kind of joke...

Time passed in a blur. He had no money, no friends, nothing. He passed his hand on his face and felt like throwing up. What he did to Aria... she was evil. But what he did was brutal. Inhumane! It was-

"Fun..." He muttered and stopped in his tracks. From where did that come from? He was always told he was different in his village, that he was weird... but they still told him to go to the capital to save them.

Maybe they knew he would fail... that the freak and his friends will die... That was funny.

He stumbled against a wall and laughed. It was a small laugh that grew a bit before bursting into uncontrollable laughter.

"Oi! Can you shut the fuck up!?" A drunk. Tatsumi glared at him. He still has his sword, so he isn't afraid.

He was going to comply... he promised Sayo to behave... but... Sayo isn't here. She's dead... so... why not... unload his anger.

The drunk took his silence and glare as a challenge "Ya think yar is bether than me!?" He asked speaking badly "I'll teacth ya!"

He aimed a punch at Tatsumi that moved a bit back and the drunk stumbled to the ground. He dropped his bottle and Tatsumi caught it in the air. The drunk tried to stand up and Tatsumi chuckled "You dropped your drink." The drunk looked up as Tatsumi smashed the bottle on his head, shattering it.

Blood poured out of his head and Tatsumi eyes widen. W-What came into him!? This wasn't like him! He should apologize! Take him to a medic! Do-

Look at him... he is loaded...

A voice said and Tatsumi nodded. This guy clothes... looked pretty expensive... a leather purple coat... and rings with diamonds...

Just like her family... Y'know, the ones that killed Ieyasu and Sayo... 'M just sayin'...

Tatsumi eyes widen in fury, before bending down grabbing broken glass, stuffing it in the drunk's mouth, before smashing his face against the sidewalk over and over again.

Seeing the blood pour under his face, made Tatsumi giggle... the chuckle... before laughing...

That felt soooooo good! He lifted the drunk's head by grabbing him by the hair "So... anything to say?" He said between a giggle. He grabbed the man's jaw and made it move "I am sorry for insulting you... I am just a big, stupid, dumb, retarded idiot that knows nothing." He said making a voice.

He frowned and let go of his hair "Damn right you are." He looked at the coat. It was a fine coat. He grinned, took it from the corpse and put it on.

He left the scene, still laughing and giggling every couple of steps as he stumbled on an alley. There, he passed out.

*One Week Later*

Tatsumi... keep your grit. You promised Sayo to behave. To only hurt evildoers... But... he did that... he hurt who hurt Sayo.

He was above a random blonde girl corpse holding a bloody knife. He used to have a sword, right? Bah, who cares... he found this knife... this will do.

He stabbed the girl again and laughed "See Sayo!? I am avenging you! I am killing evil!"

He then turned to the corpse "And for you, Aria-Chan... How dare you to touch Sayo..." His grin was distorting into a confused face "I get that you are jealous... why wouldn't you... after all... Sayo is perfect..."

*One Month Later*

Ieyasu always told him that he was his best friend. And best friends had their backs... always.

And because Ieyasu was taken from him... his best friend stolen!... he will snap this pretty woman and nice gentleman backs...

And arms...

And legs.

And Necks!

He turned to the daughter, who was shaking in a corner. Tatsumi hair was dirty, he had bags under his eyes. He licked his lips "Hey Aria... why so serious?" He turned to look at her dead family and gasped "I get it now... you are sad, because Night Raid killed your family?" He chuckled at the confused but horrified girl's face "Don't worry..." He caressed her blonde locks "You'll see them soon. So... why don't we put a big... and wide... smile on that face?"

He stabbed the knife on her cheek and slowly he drew a smile on her face, as she died of pain.

He laughed and looked at the sky "Don't worry Ieyasu! Your good ol' pal got your back!"


Tatsumi... who was that? The name... sounds so familiar but so... unknown at the same time. He was in front of a mirror looking at him... his skin was white... probably after Night Raid threw him into those chemicals...

No hard feelings to those guys... he was doing the same to... someone... before they arrived...

His hair was green... just like his eyes... wait... his left eye is purple... bah, who cares... all this is funny... all this...

"Is a big joke..."

He giggled... then chuckled... then laughed...

He fell and sat down and looked next to him. Who was him? He... doesn't know. He looked next to him to find some cards. He grabbed them and examined them...

Numbers? Nah.

Jack? No... to generic...

Queen? He is a guy last time he checked down there...

King? Laaaame... the king let them die...

Joker?... Joker... yes... that has a ring to it... yes... The Joker... that's his name...

"Sayo... Ieyasu... just you watch... I will not save just the village full of phonies... I will save this empire... by burning it to the ground... He...hehehe...Hahahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHA!"


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