The Queens Trainer @zephriel
Chapter 5: Rival!

Chapter 5: Rival!

"Lara, tri stinger!"

"Tigress, dodge!"

On the ship deck, Naruto can be seen having a tiny smile on his face, in front of him is his Buzzqueen girlfriend, Lara.

Currently, he's battling a girl that using a tigress. And it was obvious that the girl is in the losing side if her furrowed eyebrow is any indication.

Hearing her trainer order, Lara dash toward her enemy with a buzzing sound. Her glowing stinger points its end toward the tigress.

Obviously noticed this, the tigress narrowed her eyes and sidestepped from the way of attack, successfully dodged the attack with hair length. Although she's winced when her wound that stacked from the battle pained her.


Lara just does that, spinning so fast that her stinger whipped the tigress and send the tiger girl tumbling several meters away, holding her chest in pain.


Although growled for a bit, the tiger girl, in the end, cannot endure the pain. Her head falls to the floor and titled, eyes swirling.

"Regina Tigress cannot continue the battle, the winner is Naruto!"

After counted until three, the referee yelled. And with that, all the spectators cheers.

"woooooooow! you see that!?"

"Only one pokemon against six!"

Naruto ignores all of this as he ran toward his girlfriend and give her a hug. A smile on his face.

"Are you okay, Lara?"

Hearing worry inside her trainer tone, Lara returns the smile and hug her love toward her chest, her tone filled with nothing but love for her trainer.

"Of course honey, there's no one can defeat us as long we together"

Naruto letting out giggle hearing this, then kissed his pokegirl in the edge of her lips in a grateful manner.

"Of course, please rest well Lara"

With a red beam, Naruto sends his pokegirl back toward her Pokeball, then began to walk toward his former enemy. His steps filled with confidence.

The two meet in the middle then, giving each other disarming smile.

"That was a good battle, I am a bit ashamed that I lose against one pokegirl only, but I see it is my own overconfident that create my own defeat, I see why the other lose against you now"

Stretching their hands, the two trainers shook each other hands to symbolize no hard feeling between them after the battle.

Naruto returned the smile given. But surprisingly did not say anything else.

However, it seems this fact didn't surprise his former enemy much, as she just letting out an amused laugh.

"You know, you're making yourself cuter by talking within battle only"

Naruto didn't seem to care, as he just gives a small smile at the girl and released his hold on her hand, which she does the same. Seconds later, two identical KillerbreastS appear at the side of the blonde, left and right respectively.

Again, his former enemy didn't seem to surprise. After all, it's been a week since the ship has sailed, and with so much trainer within, there's no surprise that battles royale between each other happened.

...And this boy in front of her easily the strongest trainer within the ship.

It started with some stupid trainer noticed the boy, at that time training his Buzzqueen and giant trollop with two Killerbreasts guarding him. And feeling overconfident, the stupid trainer demanded a battle against the blonde.

...It's never a battle in the end.

The blonde giant trollop is the only one he used, and her alone defeated the stupid trainer pokegirl one by one with ease.

Rumour then started about the strong trainer that never seek battles, every day just training his pokegirl.

And with that kind of rumor, trainers within the ship is the one that began seeking him, and each battle makes the rumor much hot, simply because Naruto never used more than one pokegirl.

"Let's go, Yin, Yun"

Back to the real world, Naruto has turned around, whispering that so gently that only his bodyguards can hear his voice.

The Killerbreasts nodded, then following their king toward wherever he wants. All around, people give way for him, eyes filled with awe.

As for Naruto himself, inwardly he only wanted to shut his eyes tightly. Away from all of these attentions given to him... He doesn't like it.

They put him in the altar, then stepped away and began to kneel at it.

He doesn't like this kind of attention, never like it. They put to much hope and expectation on his shoulders, burdening him. They treat him as if he is above them.

He just wants... to be normal.

Opening the door to his bed, leaving his bodyguards to stand in the entrance of his room, Naruto then closed it and leaned his back toward it, eyes closed tiredly.

He wanted attention... he wanted to be loved for who he is, not to be above everyone where they began to exalted him.

All he ever wanted, is to be normal.

Sliding his back into the door, Naruto soon finds himself sit with eyes looking up.

Soon, he would arrive in Kanto and become an official trainer and can battle gyms for badges. And if he has all of them, he could challenge next Indigo plateau tournament and win to gain the right to challenge Indigo plateau elite four.

And... if he wins, he would be the next champion of Indigo Plateau.

Maybe it was his childish mind, maybe it was his pride, or maybe it was his paranoid... but the only question that rang on his mind is...

...Will be there someone that can challenge him?

xxxxxxx (Break) xxxxxxx

-Later (Vermilion city)-

The ship arrived, and Naruto coming out from it with his bodyguards in tow. His eyes wander around the peaceful looking city.

If he wants to be honest, Naruto liked this city atmosphere very much. the air is only slightly tainted, and the cool air just makes this city more pleasant for him. Unlike where he coming from.

Shaking his head, Naruto eyes locked toward a building with a blue roof.


He knew Kanto geography, but a map would be very helpful if he ever finds himself lost. So knowing what he needs next, the boy waste no time to run to Pokemarket, two Killerbreasts following closely.


Naruto stepped inside when the automatic door opened by itself, and he immediately looking for what he needs at the nearest shelf.

"Your majesty, what are you looking for in here?"

Glanced to his back for a bit, the boy can see his two Killerbreasts leaned their face forward and read what he opened from his shoulders. The one in left is the one that asked.

"Naru's looking for a detailed map of Kanto"

Become much more curious, two Killerbreasts blinked and leaned their cheeks to their king more to gain more reading access. With Naruto himself gain a soft smile as he felt his cheeks rubbed by his two bodyguards own.

"See this?..." Naruto pointed at one part of a plain looking map, specifically in between of cerulean city and Lavender city " this map, there's is nothing here"

Folded the map in his hands, the boy then takes out another map and unfold it, then point at the same place, getting some wide eyes from two Killerbreasts.

"As Yin and Yun can see, there's Poketech in here, a prestigious school for trainer or trainer wanna be in Kanto"

Yin and Yun nodded here, although they let out small giggles when they realize their king pretty much calling some trainers in these Poketech as 'trainer wannabe'.

The boy pouting at the two in an adorable manner, but in the end, choose to let out small harrumph and continue to look at the map on his hands. Seeing this, the two in question gave him twin kiss on both cheeks and smiled when pink hue covered their king face.

Not like he is wrong, after seeing his display of power in the ship, Yin and Yun realized that their king taking this 'trainer' as a serious thing, unlike some human they had seen.

"Then why don't you choose this map, your Majesty?"

Now that they realize, instead of taking the detailed map, he just keeps looking around, opening and closing any map scroll he finds.

Heard another question from his bodyguard, Naruto gave them a light smile and opened the next map.

"It because Naru doesn't need a too detailed map of course.. what he need it detailed, yet plain map so it's easy to read... like this"

The boy ended with a smile as he then showed the two the map on his hands.

The map is detailed of course, with all place still got symbols for themselves and name, but unlike the previous map that shows so much detail, this one only held the necessaries, thus making it easy to read.

Two Killerbreasts nods in understanding as they followed their king to the counter. Ignoring the counter girl surprised eyes on them. It's not like she can become a threat to them.

Quickly suppress her own surprise at seeing some boy walking in with twin uncommon pokegirl species, the waitress smiled politely at him.

"Is that all you need to buy?"


With a quick procedure, Naruto paid for the map and walked out from Pokemarket. At the time his face still deep into the map, planning to go to pallet town, where pokegirl Kanto professor lives in. The city in question is west of this Vermillion city.

It's not that far honestly, he just needs to cover some ground if he wants to go straight instead of taking a turn, and when he arrives in Viridian he could just go south from there and reach Pallet safely.

Joy filled smile slowly crept into his face.

Usually, even using shortcut would take a week of walk or so before he can reach Viridian, then another two days before he can reach Pallet from there. But... Who said he's going to walk?.

Several minutes later, Naruto and his bodyguards arrived at the outside of the city and walking north, and once he thinks it's safe, the blonde looking at his two 'lovers' with a face that now pretty much easily readable by the two.

So Yin (the one with right bangs) stepped forward and began to caress her king cheek gently. Making him blushed at fast rates.

"Give us your order, your majesty"

Yun stepped forward, then does the same like her sibling, only for the other cheek, her smile is warm. Returned by her king.

"Please escort Naru to Pallet town!"

The boy said with a beautiful smile on his face and soft blush on his cheeks. And Yin, hearing this gently wrap her arms around him, then holding him by thighs, his blushing face on the middle of her clothed bosom, making him flustered. Still not used to being carried like this.

Yun looks livid at this, wanting to be the one carrying her adorable king. But seeing her king already become comfortable and clutching his palm on her twin shirt cutely, Yun sighed and relented, her wing began to buzz, ready to take off.

As for Yin, a smug smile can be seen on her lips once she noticed her sister reaction. But forced to break herself from it as her king mixed berry scent hit her nostril, relaxing her from any bad thought.

And seeing that her sister already flapping her wings, she followed suit, and take off.

-Unknown place-

"...You failed me"

Within the dark room, two pairs of eyes can be seen. One grey and another is predatory yellow in color. And currently, the yellow one lowering in a defeated manner, filled with nothing but guilt for her mistress.

"I am sorry mistress, it is totally my fault for being so weak to be delayed by a mere trainer with seven badges... Please punish me as you see fit"

She didn't even try to defend herself by saying she's only delayed for a minute, cause she knew, the result is all that matter, and it was obvious she is failed at bringing the one her mistress want here.

Thus she just knelt there, waiting for her punishment.

... The mistress just silent for a minute, and in the end took a glance toward the window, specifically the way where her target went.

Rage filled her glowing grey orbs, at the same time katana on her waist pulsing with power.

"What about the trainer that delay you?.."

"He's on hospital my mistress, I made sure he didn't have any fatal injury, but I do made sure he would be in the world of pain for several months"

The yellow-eyed person ended with a sadistic hiss, pleased at her own handiwork. And it seems her mistress is same as she nodded and sat in her chair, fingers interlocking in front of her face.

"Good... As for your punishment, from now on I tasked you to break through Kanto net defense and track anything that he does there, cause if he wants freedom... I give him that, and once he knows how dark this world is, I will take him back and shower him with all my love... Fufufufu~"

"Y-yes, my mistress. I will not disappoint you"

Happy for not getting real punishment, the yellow-eyed person smiled and with the last bow toward her mistress, she's gone, as if never there in the first place.

-Pallet town-

"Woah... It's so beautiful"

In the air, still carried by his bodyguard/lover Naruto look down toward the city where well-known pokemon professor lives.

The city is so beautiful. True there's no big building, nor there are a large park or something like that. But the touch of nature here just feels natural to the blonde that he can't help but liking it.

A soft smile appears on his face as he gently tightened his arms around Yun's neck. Freedom is very sweet now that he can enjoy everything without fear of her tracking his movement.

His happiness lasts even until he reaches the ground, directly in front of the building where professor Oak lives. Although his body began to twitch from nervousness.

Suddenly, the door toward the building opened, and from it a girl coming out. Her emotionless ruby colored eyes immediately locked with Naruto calm blue own. Besides the girl, a lithe pokegirl with short yellow hairs, rodent yellow ears coming out from the top of her head, black tips on the end can be seen.

This pokegirl... Naruto can't help but know no ordinary people can make a mess with this one. She just felt that powerful to him.

Naruto and the girl with pokegirl just keep staring at each other for more than five minutes, tension basically can be felt around them, so tight that it probably can be cut with a knife.

None of them said anything, and soon with an agitated face, the yellow pokegirl tugged on her trainer sleeve, making her emotionless eyes glanced at her pokegirl.


Her face didn't convey anything, but Naruto can see the red-eyed girl has slightly raised eyebrow... No, it's a very slight raised eyebrow.

Though it seems her pokegirl understand her nonetheless, then tilt her head.

"Let's go red, we need to cover the ground until we reach Viridian city. We need to get professor packet, remember?"

The red-eyed girl nodded slowly here, and with a last look toward Naruto, she then walks away.

"...Your majesty, are you alright?"

Deep in a trance-like state, Naruto just keeps staring at the girl back. That's it, until Yun cupped his cheek with her palm, breaking his thought from the powerful trainer that he's sure same age, maybe one year older than him.

But still... She's very strong.

Happy smile appears on the boy's face as he then focused into Yun, his face as if glowing from happiness alone.

"Kanto is the beest!~"

Neither Yun or Yin know what their king means, but think he's just so adorable smiling like that, they gain a soft blush on their cheeks and slightly dazed eyes. Then they nodded softly, as if hypnotized.

Cough cough

Hearing someone clearing their throat, Naruto becomes startled and turn around.

In front of him, a tall aged man can be seen, with eyes seem wise and hairs pretty much all gray. His attire consisted of white lab attire which usually used bt professor.

And at the moment, this man staring at Naruto with a gentle smile.

"Excuse me, my name is Samuel Oak, and you can call me professor Oak..." Here the boy's mouth turns into 'o' shape, noticed by the professor as he chuckled "... Yes, and I wonder what you're coming here for"

"Naru want to be an official trainer!"

Digesting the boy words, Oak silently took a glance behind the blonde and can see two pretty strong looking Killerbreasts stood in guard. Another glance toward the boy's waist, he can see two Pokeball secured.

'For the love of Moan, four pokegirl... And he's younger than red too'

And he dares to bet the two on his waist is stronger than the twin Killerbreasts.

"Of course... How much your age again young man?..."

"Naru is twelve!"

".. Yes yes, as long you are twelve or older, I don't see any problem with you being a trainer, come inside"

Led by the aged professor inside, Naruto practically glowing, happiness can be seen obviously on his face. And seen this, Oak let out small amused chuckles.

".. Anyway, how long have you become a trainer young man?"

Oak tried to make small talk as they walk, and Naruto happily complied to answer the professor question, behind him his twin bodyguards just keep silent and watching around for any threat for their Queen mate.

"A week professor!"

Impossible, that was Oak first thought once he heard the young boy answered. But sensing the boy did not lie, Oak decides to just repeat his own analysis on the young boy.

The Killerbreasts seem very protective toward the boy, but he didn't seem to have another Pokeball except the two on his waist, so there's a probability that these two are only Pokegirls that's tasked by someone to watch over him.

But something feels wrong...

When Oak took a glance at the boy's face, for some reason the boy just reminded him of Red, full of untapped potential, despite the obvious opposite attitude.

However, in the end, the professor just smiled.

'If my hunch is right, this boy is the one that will give challenge for Red'

And he's happy for it, knowing the girl emotionless streak would become worse unless she found the one that can challenge her. Her mother already worried as she is, and Oak honestly didn't want Delia depressed when her daughter distancing herself from her from a simple, yet deadly problem.



"Here we are young man..." Oak said once they arrived on the private office of his, in the middle of the room is a desk with three Pokeballs on top of it, though the boy didn't seem to focus on the device, but the room itself, which has many strange machines around "... However, before you can get your starter and Pokedex, you need to fill this page first for your Pokedex data"

Didn't really mind about the boy wandering eyes, Oak held a paper to the blonde boy, taking his attention away from the magnificent room, and once he digested what the professor said, he excitedly takes the paper and began to read through everything.

It was just a normal question, like full name, the place and time of birth, name of parents, and if not having any, guardian, etc.

"Un, Naru will finish this quick!"

Taking a seat on one of a vacant chair, Naruto began to fill the paper with his answers, all the while his twin lovers stood behind him, leaning their face toward his shoulders to read his answers, rather interested to know their king better.

And feeling their soft cheeks on his, left and right respectively, soft hue of pink soon cover Naruto's cheeks, though he just tries his best to focus on his task.

Away from him, professor Oak looking on. The affectionate gesture between the three proofed his mind that the Killerbreasts indeed is the boy own. Knowing their species is not one that affectionate toward someone who is not their Queen or trainer.

Though soon he just began to typing on his PC, not so curious anymore.

"Prof, Naru's done!"

Several minutes later, Naruto had finished and excitedly held the paper for the prof, which he took with a kind smile and began to read it.

Cough cough!

Reading the boy full name though, Oak coughed in surprise and glanced at the boy in question with wide eyes, with him only smiling oh so innocently.

"... Just one question, why someone with your stature begins your journey from Kanto and not Sinnoh?"

Oak didn't want to sound so rude, but his question indeed pretty much would be asked by anyone if they know just who is the boy.

And maybe knowing this, Naruto shifted his body uncomfortably and began to twirl his hair in a nervous manner, at the same time biting his bottom lips gently.

This gesture is very seductive in nature, or at least for Yin and Yun. Seen from how they suddenly gain massive blush on their face.

Even Oak can't help but agree that the boy indeed can seduce almost any pokegirl with that look of his.

Didn't seem to notice his bodyguards reaction, Naruto soon calmed down and answer the question.

"Naru... Just want to adventure without people knowing him"

It was a half-truth. And noticed this, Oak did not push other question for the boy as he just began to type all Naruto data in his paper into the boy would be Pokedex. After all, there's no rule that stated that well-known family members need to start from their region first.

It is still suggested though, and some older people that stuck in tradition indeed frowned such a thing like straying members.

Oak is not one of these old coots obviously, as he just keeps reading and typing the boy data. Soon ended in his Pokegirls party list.

"My boy, you have strong pokegirl team for someone who just becomes a trainer a week ago"

Oak said once he typed Naruto current party into his Pokedex. A Buzzqueen and giant Trollop, it's no wonder two Killerbreasts following him now. He's basically their king because he has a Buzzqueen on his party.

Naruto smiled bashfully here, not expecting praise from the well-known professor, though he is still happy for it.

Muttering a shy "thanks" Naruto then just waiting for the professor.

"Anyway, why don't you try to choose your starter now? it will take me some minutes to fill your Pokedex with data"

Naruto suddenly looked nervous here, and quickly notice this, professor Oak stop typing for a bit and gave a questioning glance toward the boy.

"What's the matter?"

"Uuuuh, can I decide to not taking any starter professor?"

"Of course, but why?"

Oak seems surprised again here, his eyes held some hint of intrigue, wanting to know the boy reason for not taking any starter.

Here Naruto smiles kindly toward the professor.

"Well, you see. Naru want his pokegirl to treat each other like family, so Naru has decided that he only will take pokegirl that he knows well before he catches them, not the other way around"

Which mean he won't take any pokegirl, then get to know her like other trainers.

He wants to know the pokegirl first before he can safely decide whether she can join his party or not. And of course, he will not force any of them.

Hearing the boy answer, Oak smiled, happy that the boy takes being trainer seriously, unlike other kid on his age. Though maybe it's just in blood, his family after all well known for being affectionate with their pokegirl and did not catch them for being a mere collection.

Red is also like this, and instead choose any of the three Pokegirls, she takes the friend she has since long times ago and the one she meets week prior to her being an official trainer. How she got a Charmadra is still a mystery even to him though.

He did not dwell on his thought for long as he outwardly smiled kindly at the young boy and continue on typing his Pokedex.


It didn't take long for the Pokedex to complete as Oak then gave the red and black device toward the boy, making Naruto eyes glowed excitedly and held the device as if it was the most precious thing in the world.

Oak eyes held the amusement he felt at this sight, though he then cleared his throat, getting Naruto's attention.

"Now, as you may know, Pokedex is basically a license for any official trainer, so don't lose it..." Naruto nodded here, as Oak continue "... Now for features, this device has three key feature. First is a feature to scan the pokegirl you may see on your journey, it also downloads the data into your library once you scan any species of pokegirl, making you can read the data without scanning pokegirl next time you want to read the saved data"

The boy takes several seconds to digest the knowledge, despite knowing it already. And once he's sure he remembers it, he nodded at prof to continue.

"... Second, obviously is money management. Because people can become a trainer at twelve or above it, this feature implemented to make sure no trainer ever get an economy problem, they can win money by winning battles, betting, selling new data about pokegirl to their professor, or taking a quest from civilian that in need of trainer assistance"

This was new for Naruto, though he remembers that his grandma did rent some trainer once a week to clean their large house.

Soon he nodded, understand. And the professor continues.

"The last one is called vital sensory. This feature makes you can observe you pokegirl tired level in battle, and when your pokegirl that officially in your party reach their limit and cannot fight anymore, the Pokedex will let out a beeping sound, signaling your lose in that round"

Naruto mouth turns into 'o' shaped here, realized that the last trainer he fought on Sinnoh indeed had his Pokedex beeped when he defeats his Slutton.

This was the best feature for the boy, knowing with this he can know when his pokegirl cannot continue on their training anymore.

He wants to know what the Pokedex will show when Lara got her mysterious black aura that magically fills her stamina.

In thanks, Naruto lightly bowed at the prof and give him small smile with closed eyes.

"Thank you, professor, I will make sure to guard this Pokedex"

"Hahaha, you don't need to do such a thing..." Oak said with a small laugh "... It is your license, and while I don't expect it to lost soon, accidents can happen. If that ever happens just call me, I'll make the new one, though it would take several days, unlike the first time"

It is also suggested for any trainer to immediately to call their professor as soon as their Pokedex is lost, but Oak doesn't think the boy is that oblivious about league system, So he didn't say it.

"Un, if you say so professor," Naruto said with a small nod, feeling thankful.

Oak glance at the clock and got wide eyes.

"Oh, look at the time, I'm sorry but I need to do something. I hope you got a nice adventure in Kanto young Naruto, just call me if you ever have any question"

The professor said kindly for the last time, and once Naruto returns it with a thankful nod, Oak walked away to his back yards, Leaving Naruto with his two bodyguards.

... Slowly, the blonde boy began to shake, his eyes shadowed by his hairs.

"Y..." Yin and Yun seeing their king strange state looked on, not knowing what should they do because they don't know what happens to him "... Yeeees!, Naru is an official trainer nooooow~!"

But it seems they didn't need to do anything as their king turn around and give them adorable tight hugs, which they return with fervor, his whole body basically sparkling from his happiness.

The three-way hugs last for mere three seconds, as Yun just can't hold herself, seeing her lover so adorable like this and force her mouth into his, then inserting her tongue inside which began to play with his own.

Yin following suit by kissing her king cheeks and licking his earlobe, her hands roaming his lithe body, giving him pleasant goosebump and shivers.

"Mnn... pwaah~"

From the sudden attack on his person, Naruto face turns red and tried to break free. And just like what happened with Lara, none of the Killerbreasts let him do that as they just increase their vigor at molesting their lover. And soon the boy can only let out a mix between a moan and mewl into Yun's mouth.

Her tongue gently, yet professionally playing with his, and Naruto felt a pleasant feeling from this. His mind dazed from the two-way attack from the bee girls.

...They made out for some more minutes after that, then walk away from the place, with Naruto shyly hoping that no one knows what they did just now.


-Route 1-

Naruto really wants to stay in the Pallet city more, but his excitement for the long-awaited adventure really make him can't stay for long. His legs just did not agree to such a thing.

So here he was, standing in the middle of Pallet town and Route 1, ready to take his first step.

However, just as he wants to take the step in question... The girl with red eyes stood in front of him.

'w-where did she come from!?'

Is the thought shared by Yin and Yun, but quickly, they poised their arm blade to the girl in a scissor manner, at the same time defensive manner for their king.

For some reason, their king still calms despite the sudden appearance of the ruby-eyed girl. Even smiled kindly at her.

The girl is same, she just calms despite twin blades that can stab into her throat at the sudden notice. Though... Rodent pokegirl that the Killerbreasts twin know as Peekabu beside the girl glared hard on them.

They want to laugh, for such a tiny and common pokegirl dare to glare at them, it was just funny to them. However... they can't. Yin and Yun's pupils suddenly dilated, their breath ragged and sweat poured hard from their face from their instinct that scream at them that this pokegirl is dangerous... drop dead dangerous.

Their queen... No, this one is far more dangerous than their queen.

'J-just what p-pokegirl is this!?'

Peekabu? Who would believe that kind of crap?.


At the same time, Yin and Yun dropped into their knees, such fear filled their face.

The remaining three just silent, though Naruto sends a quick worry filled eyes to the two, then back to the red-eyed girl that now held small curiosity within that ruby orbs of hers.

"... Name?"

At first, Naruto confused, but after he pointed at himself and the girl give a nod, he smiled happily.

"Naru's name is Naruto, nice to meetcha!~ what's your name?" He asks back with such a cheery attitude.

Knowing his twin bodyguards is okay and only got scared from the yellow pokegirl killing intent, Naruto still as polite as he can toward the girl, and by extension, her pokegirl.

Just now, as much as he wants to defend his 'lovers?' he knew it was them that at fault for suddenly poised their blade, despite the mysterious girl sudden appearance.

After all, what sin one do by appearing, as sudden it is?

Hearing Naruto question, the mysterious girl at first tilt her head. The small part of her eyes covered by her red cap that has a white Pokeball logo on front.

"... I am... Red" Her voice is small and very monotone. But Naruto didn't seem to mind it as his smile just got wider. It was pretty cute to him.

Silent soon encompass the two, with the two in question didn't seem to mind and just keep their staring contest, one with a kind smile and the other with soul piercing blank stare.

One Peekabu did mind though as she tugged her trainer sleeve with an annoyed face.

"Red, quickly say what you want to this guy. We need to arrive in Viridian city as quickly as we can you know?"

At first Red just silent, but then give out very small nods and take a Pokeball from her waist, which she shows to the boy that intrigue her.

"I... Challenge... Battle" Her eyes narrowed ever slightly, but for some reason, it was enough to give her very serious aura. Her eyes glowing ever slightly.

Naruto blinked... and then blinked again. Even Red Peekabu widens her eyes in shock, never expect such a thing. Sure her trainer love to battle and pretty much will sought all the trouble she can cause for it. But never... Ever she's the one challenging people around.

And what's more, it was against a new trainer that just got his Pokedex not awhile ago.

Peekabu didn't have any time to think other things as the blonde boy that interest her trainer also pick a Pokeball from his waist, showing it toward Red with eyes filled with happiness.

... Happiness that for some reason is familiar to her.

At the same time, two trainers throw their ball toward each other which meet in the middle and make them explode with red light.

At Red side, a lizard-like pokegirl come out, she has deep red scales cover her whole body instead of human skin, though a bit lighter on stomach and breasts area, her eyes are light blue and her hairs as black as the night. Behind her, tail as tall as herself whipping around the air, its tips doused with powerful looking bluish red fire. And once she appears, she immediately let out a light growl while readying her claws.

Naruto pointed his Pokedex to the pokegirl.

[CHARAMANDA, the Fiery Lizard-esque Pok├ęgirl

Type: Near-Human (Reptile Animorph)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare

one of the most stable and easily tamed fire-types throughout the world. They don't need any special precautions before a taming, unlike their evolutions. They are reptilian, having scales rather than skin like a human, which is rather sensitive to temperature drops and water.]

Naruto let out small 'oooh' here, then focus back into the battle. On his side, Dianna stood with a serious looking face, her palm gripped into her sword tightly.

"Dianna! Harden!"

Wordlessly, Dianna just does that. Her skin glistens for the smallest second.

"... Claw"

It was Charmanda turn as with surprising speed, the lizard pokegirl dashed with claw coated with metallic shine.

"Spin and cut!"

A bit surprised at metal claw, Naruto order that to his pokegirl, which Dianna complied. The claw missed by hair length...

"... Flamethrower" However, Dianna powerful blade stopped by the Charamanda another claw that also glowing with metallic shine, and within that time, the dragon looks alike pokegirl roared.


Red crimson fire spewed from the lizard maw, burning Dianna completely from head to toe. And despite fire aren't supposedly damage rock type effectively, the giant found herself hissed from the burning pain and tried as hard as she can to pull her blade from her opponent grip.

"Pull back and gut punch!"

Knowing his pokegirl are stronger than her enemy in strength, but also know that it will take time before Dianna can pull her sword, Naruto refused to let his pokegirl take on the attack if he can help it.

Dianna complied immediately, pulling back quickly and strike as quick.


Charamanda staggered a bit, her flamethrower stopped and she let her enemy weapon dropped from her grip... Or at least, what the left of it.

The sword is nothing except a lump of liquefied iron now.

Dianna winced a bit, now just realize her skin already turn red and cracked a bit in some places.

This sight did not dwell right for Naruto as his eyes suddenly turn cold, just like Red's own, except he is icy blue in color. And seeing this, the smallest hint of smiles can be seen on Red lips, her Peekabu turn her head away.

... To think, there's another like her trainer.

"... Flamethrower"

"Stone meld Di.."

This time, when the burst of powerful flame goes straight into Dianna, Naruto quickly ordered her, and just like that... The giant's gone.

"Ancient power..."

She comes out from below the Charamanda, uppercutting the fire pokegirl with fist shine bright. And despite it was an effective move, Red's pokegirl did not seem to get any damage and just snapped her maw down, intend to bite the fist that dare strike her.

"Gut punch.." With another fist glowing, Dianna jab into her enemy stomach, and the impact force the pokegirl to keep opening her maw to cough the pain.

"...Dragon tail"

"Catch with focused harden..."

Charamanda tail glows ominous red and lashed right into the giant head, though with palm glowing hard silver, Dianna catches it almost easily. And without waiting for any order, she throws the lizard into the ground, forcing her to cough another bile.

"... Flamethrower" Like a blazing inferno, the burst of flame explode from the lizard pokegirl, its full impact truly hit the giant full force.

"Bear with it and take down!"

Naruto said with a small hint of hesitant. Whether Dianna notices this or not though, she didn't seem to mind as she just dashed into the downing pokegirl, giving her a full impact of her large body and weight.


The dust settles, and when it cleared, everyone can see both pokegirl already down and both trainers has their Pokedex blaring with a beeping sound.

Closing their eyes, Naruto and Red send back their pokegirl into their Pokeball. Naruto ends it with a small kiss to the ball while Red with small "thank you..." then strapped the ball on their special belt.

There's no handshakes or something like that. Once Red strap her Pokeball, she turns around and walks away, followed by her Peekabu. Behind her, Naruto stares right into her back.

For some reason, he knew the girl smiled just now at him. And he's too, despite the draw, can't help but let out a small, happy smile.

'Such power... Red, huh?'

'Naru... I... Remember'

First battle: Red vs Naru, Draw!

One thing they both know, they need to train their pokegirl... More and more until they can pass each other.

Naruto's Pokegirls

Name: Dianna

Species: Giant Trollop (Ground/Rock)

Moves Known: Harden, Gut punch, Bronze fist, Ancient power, Stone meld, Spincut (with blade)


Name : Lara

Species : Buzzqueen HUNTER (Bug/Poison/Dark/Magic)

Moves known : TriSting, Double sting, Rapid sting, Musk, Bitch Slap, Back hand, Sonic break, Honey, Sweet honey, Royal Honey, Syrup, Dark Goggles, Dark Blade MKII, Dark Shield, Dark Bomb, Light Drain, Sketch, Absorb, Energy Blade, Power bolt, Teleport, Heal, Sleep Powder, Drain, Ingest.

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