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You people again

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Chapter 17, You people again


Naruto woke up with his body cocooned in Hinata's veil. The slightly transparent cloth is soft, but not rubbery, and thus, Naruto can't even move a muscle.

Well, he can, see one of Hinata's hands is under his head while the other one is on his thigh, and thus, his movement wouldn't be restricted.

… let's try it.


Just as he wanted to roll his body (you know, so perhaps Hinata's veil would unwrap by itself) Naruto felt the veil around his body tighten and pull him even closer to Hinata. Hell, her top opened for a small second, showing him his lover's large, soft breast that would be his prison in the very next second, like a mouth that want to swallow his head whole.


Gulped in a mix of wariness and excitement, in the end, Naruto chose to use his aura to move his body slightly upward.

And thus, Hinata's hungry top caught his neck and shoulder instead of his whole head. Which made him somewhat regret his decision to dodge her sleeping assault.

Feeling this, he smiled wryly.

He's a hot-blooded, straight male, what do you expect? Of course, he would regret his decision to dodge getting his head trapped inside soft breasts.

Then again, they must move soon, and making Hinata lewd is a big no at the moment. Knowing her very high libido, sex drive, and large amounts of stamina.

If he made her lewd, it would probably take him a full day to satisfy her.


Yesterday, his cute Hinata was jealous because he made her and the others wait for too long.

The others didn't mind that much, but Hinata?

With her Byakugan, watching what he did with Lara is easy.

And from what he saw and felt from her, Hinata felt jealousy because Lara was getting his attention and wasting her and the others' time.

Fortunately, she didn't tell anyone.

And knowing what would happen if the others knew what he and Lara did, Naruto in the end decide to show his thanks to Hinata by letting her be the one to sleep with him for the night.

A decision that almost made Lara explode in anger, but already had her fill, and also because she must show professionality to her Junior, Lara in the end gave him her consent.


She's just so cute sometimes.

"Hina-chan, wakey wakey~"

Naruto feels the veil cocooning him extending and slipping into his pants and top as he nuzzles on Hinata's neck. Which got him a small cute moan from her lips.

"Mnn~ Love… is it morning already?"

His gentle lover woke up with charming, half-lidded eyes. Though despite being half-lidded and still fluttering, Naruto can see her deep love for him… and only him.

"Yes, it is, and we need to get going, you know?"


Uncaring of his words, Hinata lean her face down and kissed him right on the lips. One of her hands cupping his cheek while her other hand wraps around his waist and pulls him even closer.

"Give me few more minutes"

Gently and lovingly, Hinata said that with a very sweet voice once they broke from their kiss.

And once he heard this, Naruto nodded his head a little, which she answered by pulling his face into her womanly bosom, though a little bit tight until his face and head get swallowed by her breasts, something he dodged just a minute ago.

But after a few seconds of relaxing in the middle of heaven's valley, Naruto realized one single thing.

Hinata and her attire… have different wills, right?

Just as he thought like this, Naruto feels his world go dark as not only his head but his body also get swallowed by Hinata's attire.

And then, he is raped… again.



It took him hours of struggle, but in the end, Naruto is freed from his 'silky prison'.

Just some hours, so it's alright.

Albeit Hinata seems very sorry for her attire's action, which Naruto forgave almost instantly.

Both Hinata and her attire love him dearly, he knew this because he already saw how her attire can spurt out a rather nasty acid that can easily melt flesh, just like the stomach of every creature (though Hinata's attire can control the acidity so it would only destroy clothes like it did the first time he and Hinata had sex) but he's fine, doesn't he?

Hinata and her attires love him, but…

her attires are just more honest with its feeling compared to her.

let's forget about that for now.

"Come, Catalyst"

The maid quickly turns into her blob form and becomes his 'armor' as Naruto finished equipping his clothes.

Let's not forget his girl's gifts now…

Walked to his desk, Naruto took a black chocker and wrap it around his neck, feeling the warmth of Lara as he did so.

Two golden bracelets followed suit, rather glamor, but nonetheless not that out of place as he didn't use anything on his hands in the first place, gifts from Uzume.

The third is a unisex earring which Naruto uses on his left ear… and no, he doesn't need to create a hole, as the earring can be clasped.

The earring itself is hooked to a rather nice, small toy with the image of the moon on one side and the sun on the other side.

It's from Hinata.

As for the last, it's a small dagger that he straps to his belt, and you probably guessed it, but it's a gift from Dianna. She said he always need a weapon just in case he was far from his katana.

Remembered his first meeting with Uzume, where he let her throw away his katana, Naruto whistled innocently when Dianna said that.

Let's just hope she never knew.

Wait… scratch that.

Let's just hope none of the girls in his party knew that little bit of truth.



As usual, Naruto was continuing his journey and walking out of Celadon city. His intention is to go to Fuchsia city using the cycling road west of here.

Should be fine, as Catalyst can transform herself into a bike.

But before he can take another step, he paused.

And all Yin and Yun can see is that his face goes through several emotions, from upset, to annoyance, and lastly to a face full of resignation.


"Master, is there something in your mind?"

When Yun asked that, she said it with such gentleness.

She didn't like it when her king felt pressured by something. And when saw the faces he made, she knew he must have got those annoying sights from his passive, but powerful clairvoyance again.

Why does she call it annoying?

Why not?

Even her King himself called his clairvoyance ability an annoyance when it kept appearing without his consent.

Yes, he didn't call his ability clairvoyance, but annoyance.

Then again, they both have '-yance' in their words. So, they probably were a twin or something like that, her King once said.


"Yin, call some Jennies… tell them I will wait in front of the arcade. Yun, scout the air"

"Yes, Milord"

… and when the two's forms had already disappeared, Naruto looked up to the sky.

He did this for at least five minutes or so, and once said minutes have passed, Naruto walks to the arcade. His hand is on the small blade on his waist.


These people again…

They're becoming annoyance in his life too it seems.

Wait… to them, he probably is the annoyance and not the other way.

Oh well… not that he cares in the first place.




Fortunately for Naruto, he only needed to wait for less than ten minutes, before in the end, twenty or so Jennies came to him, fully geared.

Their eyes are full of fires.

Those twenty Jennies are the Jennies that refused to follow him a few days ago in the operation to save Silph CO. He can feel it by their aura's resonances alone.

"… follow me"

His rules will stay the same.

Don't ask.

Don't interrupt.

And most important of all, just watch until he tells them otherwise.


Because the sound of twenty Jennies would be heard by the people inside and gave out their position to potential enemies, the female polices merely nodded.

"Good, you all learned"

After he said that, Naruto stopped leaning his back against the wall and stand up, then walked to the arcade which was rumored to have ripped so many people's wallets.

He doesn't care though.

His target is one thing… and one thing only.

Team Rocket.



"Oi, what's this?"

"Don't tell me they're going to close the arcade?"

Few innocent civilians began to murmur with each other as Naruto walk in with twenty Jennies in tow.

None of them is his target…

Slowing his walk for a small second, Naruto resonated his aura with every being inside this arcade. This is done in less than two seconds, and thus, none of the humans around him realize just what he did to them.

Then again, without psychics, there's no way any of them can sense it.

It was then, with his sharp hearing enhanced by resonance, that Naruto heard something, so low that normal people without hearing blood gift would be able to hear it…

"This is dog to base, ther-"

The words of the guy in front of a poster at the edge of the room got cut off.


Because Naruto already appeared in front of him and punch himRight on his gut.


And the whole wall behind the man starts to crack from such a powerful punch.

Powerful from a human, that is.

His dear Dianna can destroy the whole building with only one punch if she wanted to.

The people?

They start to panic.

But Naruto ignores all of this and ripped off the poster from the wall, showing a large, red button behind it. And with a calm face, Naruto turns his head to the group of Jenny behind him…

Some of them look scared from his show of power, but Naruto knows it mostly came from shock instead of fear.

"Some of you, calm the civilians and take them away from this place, some stay here just in case few grunts escape, some interrogate the workers… as for the rest, follow me, attack with intention to capture, but if can't be done, shoot to kill"

He said 'some' and didn't specifically tell the number because he doesn't mind how many people will follow him.

And of course, said workers, the bunny girls that since seconds ago watching his show of power with fear on their eyes froze, even more, when he ordered the Jennies to interrogate them.

"Yes sir!"

And with that, Naruto pushed the red button.




And the hidden stairs appear, right beside his feet.



"Blue to Jen… what's the situation with the capture of floor one?"

On floor ground three, where the communication room is located, Naruto finished knocking out the last of the watchmen.

It was easy for him to reach this place since Hinata was able to cloak herself along with him using her conceal move. And since she's also a part dark type, other psychic pokegirls won't be able to detect her, as dark type pokegirl is immune to psychic moves.

A perfect assassin.

Or predator.

That's what she is.

"Love, I've locked the door"

Hinata said softly as she locked the door to this room from the inside, just in case there are curious grunts trying to peek inside.

And after she said this, she went to her trainer's back and gently wrap her hands around his neck, of course, because of their difference in height, her bosom is well-placed right on top of her lover's head.

Feeling such softness on top of his head, Naruto blushes red, remembering how he was trapped in the middle of them just this morning.

Fortunately for him, Hinata doesn't take notice of this.

Her eyes curiously watched the screens in front of her, just like him.

"Thanks, Hina"

Naruto turns his head a little bit so he can peck her hand on his shoulder to show his gratitude.

[Jen to blue, we've secured the perimeter. Is there any information leak on your side?]

"None, process to the second floor. I see at most eleven grunts, unarmed and lax. Ambush them, quick and precise, do not let them grab their pokeball, is that understood?"


These Jennies are decent, that's what Naruto thought as he saw them dispatching their enemies one by one, just like what he ordered.

It seems they're not as hopeless as he thought at first.

So fortunate.

"Hmm… Catalyst, go to that room. Knock out that guy and make sure he won't wake up for a long time"

Pointing to one of the rooms on this floor, Naruto heard Catalyst's voice of agreement inside his mind, and following that, he feels the invisible weight on his body disappear.

… Just like Hinata, Catalyst is also a perfect assassin with her body that can 'un-color' itself.

A perfect predator.

So do Lara with her body that can keep going again and again while she's battling.


His girls are so cute that he kept forgetting that in the wild, they can be far worsted than any natural predator.

Oh well…

"Blue to Jen, do not advance to the third floor until I say so. I repeat, do not advance to the third floor until I said so"


As Naruto gave the Jennies a few minutes' breaks so they can take a small breath, he takes a look at another screen, waiting for Catalyst to finish her mission.

He intentionally said 'make sure he won't wake up for a long time' because he really wants to see what will Catalyst do if his order is hard to perceive.

Will she eat the guy? kill him? or simply knock him out?

and he got his answer when she knocked out the guy by making a sphere of water and drowning the man's head.

Rather ruthless, but acceptable.

Nodding to himself, Naruto let his focus go to the Jennies once again.

They're still resting, and easily seeing that some of them still trying to catch their breath, Naruto decided to give them five more minutes.

It should be enough.

As he doing this, Hinata's focus is still on the screen that is showing Catalyst.

And what she saw… is not something she will tell her love.

-With Catalyst-

After she knocked out the man her master told her, Catalyst's focus went to his belt.

Or more specifically, the three pokeballs on it.

Now… Catalyst has the DNA of many humans and pokegirls, but none of them were psychic. However, with her connection with her trainer, Catalyst felt it when her trainer turned away his 'attention' from her.

Probably to see the Jennies.

And she used that time to open her mouth largely and swallowed the three pokeballs the man had.

These balls and the girls inside are hers now.

As she closed her mouth and start to walk out of the room, a large, evil grin appear on her face.

It must be done quickly.

Like a virus, Catalyst injected small parts of her into the balls without activating the protection system, and those parts of her quickly devoured the three, helpless pokegirls without them can do anything to her.

And by the time she arrived outside the room where her trainer is, Catalyst had puked out three pokeballs from her mouth and stepped on them.


Small, electric currents came out from the three destroyed devices.

But nothing came out.

Nothing, because she already ate them.

And they're delicious~

Not as delicious as her dear master of course. But then again, there's no way such a creature exists. After all, her master is the best.

"Master, I've finished"

Entering the room by turning herself into slime and slipping under it, Catalyst said that with her usual blank face as she walked to her dear master, where she stops behind him.

"Fufu, thanks Catalyst-chan~"

Knowing what he wanted to do when he was looking up at her like this, Catalyst knelt down and let him give her a small kiss on her cheek and lips.

A small gesture, really.

But nonetheless, those gestures made her core ripple a little bit in happiness.

Being kissed by him alone made her happier than eating some delicious creature.

"Your wish is my command, my master"

He answered her with a small smile and nodded. After that, his focus went to the screen that showed the Jennies… and seeing this, Catalyst turn herself into slime and become his armor once again.

His body shivered from the sudden coldness, but because of his kindness, he didn't comment on it.

Really, to her, he's the best.


In total, there are more or less around fifty grunts in this base, each of them going to end up in the prison for criminals of their level.

For a long time, hopefully.

"Thank you for your hard work, sir!"

The Jenny appointed as the captain said while saluting. Behind her, the rest of the Jennies are escorting the criminals to the prisons.

Some of the said criminals glares at him with hate in their eyes.

But seeing this, Naruto merely gave them his own glare.


And those people pissed on their pants immediately.

"You too. Anyway, I'll check this base again… you all return to the surface and give Lance the report"

"Sir, yes sir!"

Now, if he can be honest with himself, Naruto would refuse to do such a thing, as checking the empty base is basically wasting his time.

The time he can use to train his girls or himself.

But his clairvoyance is yet to stop blaring as if there's something dangerous still lurking inside this base.

A hidden room, perhaps?

Whatever it is, he wants the Jennies to get out before he starts his 'investigation'.




It took them a few more minutes to handcuff some of the struggling grunts, but in the end, the whole base from floor one to three is as empty as the graveyard.

Well, except for him and Hinata.

"Have you sense something, Hinata?"

"… Not yet"

The girl's eyebrows furrowed.

For all intent, her love never led them wrong or gave wrong information. So, if he said there's something, then it meant something is really here… hidden.

Ten more minutes and in the end still sense nothing, blush overtook Hinata's cheeks as she turn her attention to Naruto with shy and expectant eyes.

"L-Love, permission to change my form?"

"U-Uh, sure"

Now, Naruto's hesitation wasn't unfounded.

For all intent, Hinata's sun form rarely comes out because there's a good reason for it.

A very, very, good reason.

"Receiving permission"


Winds start to catch up as Hinata's black dress came out of her body and starts to cover her body in the shape of a rather big doom.

Just like some of the bug pokegirls starting their evolution.

But nah, Hinata's just going to change her dominant type… that's all.

Thinking like this, Naruto bite his lips rather hard, remembering the memory of yesterday, when he scanned Hinata using his newly updated Pokedex.

[(Insert name here) GARDEVORE, The chaotic widow pokegirl

Nature: (Base types gone) Dark/Psychic, Psychic/Dark

Shape: Very human-like

Frequency: Extinct (None alive)

Libido: (Unknown)

Evolves: (Unknown)

Evolves from: (Unknown)

GARDEVORE was treated as a different kind of pokegirl until one professor saw the rural of the ritual to evolve any pokegirl into having this template.

Yes, unlike the HUNTER template that comes with (1 among 100.000) birth chance, GARDEVORE came from a unique and mysterious ritual which could make the pokegirl into having this template.

The rural itself is rather blurry, which makes no one could try doing this mysterious ritual. But from it, we can say with sure that the chance of the pokegirl surviving the ritual is less than 1%.

Despite such low chances, the pokegirl with the GARDEVORE template literally changes into a new breed of pokegirl with a powerful move-set no matter what race they came from before the ritual. And thus, calling this template an actual pokegirl is not that far from the truth.


The appearance of GARDEVORE is mostly the same as their appearance prior to the ritual. The not so visibly change would be only them getting taller, their breast getting bigger, or both. While the visible change would be one, they gain a rather beautiful dress for attire in the change of their previous attire.

However, the dress is just a lure for human males to bite. When a human or pokegirl alike get near a GARDEVORE, her beautiful skirt would open up and swallow the creature in a single gulp with no chance of survival.

From another rural found, it seems GARDEVORE is a man-eating pokegirl and could eat several pokegirl and humans alike in a day.

But fortunately, this pokegirl would only become such an evil pokegirl when their trainer died tragically, thus she's called the chaotic widow pokegirl.

When she has her trainer (whom she treats as her own husband) GARDEVORE is a very loving and gentle pokegirls. Her hunger is easily suppressed by her love for her trainer.

-Taming preference: (unknown)

-Diet: Probably a lot of meat and semen.

Another rural also showed that GARDEVORE also had two forms, one which she used dark dress like a widow while the other one is where she used dress of full white, just like a newly married woman.



The data itself was pretty outdated and had not been updated for so long.

Then why did Hinata need his permission to change her form?

Well, you see… just like what the Pokedex has said, but the dark form is a form of 'widow', an experienced wife if you could call her that.

That's why Hinata is able to resist her own libido despite it being extremely high.

If she changed her form?

A newly wed woman with an extremely high libido?

Do you even need to ask?

In less than a minute, the dark clothes started to turn white and rolled inward toward Hinata that came out of the doom.

"My love… I'm done"

With a loving smile, Hinata walked in his direction until she was right in front of him.

Clad in a large beautiful white kimono that covers everything from her hands to her feet, Hinata gains a red lipstick on her lips and blushes on her cheek. Her hair is no longer confined in a black cloth, but it's tied into a lady-like high ponytail that let her now wavy hair reach her shoulder in length. (Hinata's wedding attire with Naruto)

"Hina-chan, are you okay?"

He asked, getting a small nod from her.

Despite this, he can easily see how the edge of her lower kimono that spills on the ground began to move around as if looking for something (him) to eat.

Not only that… he can also easily see how her cheeks slowly become ever redder with each minute. That, and the lower part of her kimono slowly gaining a tent, a sign of her flower becoming bigger and bigger.

Yes, it's a flower, get used to it.

"I'm… okay, love. And your target is right under us"

After Hinata said that with a ragging breath and eyes slowly showing how hungry she is, Naruto thanked her and called her back into her pokeball.

she's yet able to control her lust in her psychic state, and even if she is able to do that, her attire can't. unlike Hinata's body that can follow her mind to some degree and won't lose to small lust, her attire follows her heart and lust, ignoring the mind altogether.

It would be bad if she assaults him in such a place.

He's going to call her later in a more private area so she can let out her pent-up lust.

"Under me, huh… Yin, Yun"

The two that just came back after helping the Jennies escorting the criminals nodded, they understood their master's order and quickly uses their dig in the hard floor.

And when a hole leading to the hidden fourth floor finished, Naruto wasted no time and jump.




Let's just hope this trip will be worth it.

Because later this night, he would need to take care of 'hungry' Hinata. And while 'dark' Hinata alone could fucked him for a full day, psychic Hinata could do it for…


Thinking about it alone made Naruto shiver in fear.

Really, he hopes this fourth floor is worth it.


"This is sick"

Naruto said as he pinches his nose in disgust.

Around him, big tubes filled with green liquid can be seen, and each tube has the corpse of a human and pokegirl alike inside.

Some of the corpses have vine-like appendages, some with monster-like head, while some is just… fleshes put together.

It is disgusting.


With his aura resonance, Naruto senses no living being in this room except for him, Yin, and Yun.

"Is this room abandoned?"

He asked curiously, all the while looking through the corpses with narrowing eyes. For all intent, his clairvoyance is still going at it… hell, it even got crazier a minute ago.

Just what/who made it blare so much?

Now, he said it already, right? Each aura guardian from his family has their own unique set of eyes of divination. That includes his…

His clairvoyance ability is also unique, the name is [Hero's calling].

Simply said, if his clairvoyance began to blare, it meant there was a threat nearby. As for what kind of threat, his clairvoyance will only sense a budding [world threat].

A threat that can destroy, if not change the current rule of the world for the worse if left alone.

And yes, which means, despite his nonsense attitude, Naruto actually knows that team rocket is actually a threat that has the potential to reach [world threat] class if not cut early.

That's why he came here despite he really wanted to continue his journey, after all.

"So strange I-"


Just as Naruto wanted to say something, he sensed something coming at him at fast speed. Though calmly, he raised his short dagger and blocked the long, jagged, metallic whip that almost shred his head.

Well, not really 'almost' considering Catalyst is currently guarding him.

"Oh my, you're able to block it, so nice~"

'Two… both is pokegirl'

Naruto concluded as he turned his attention to his left, where he sees a crazy-looking woman smiling at him, in her hands is the whip that she used to attack him just seconds ago.

This one seems weak, but considering she's wearing a professor's attire, he pulled a conclusion that she's not a fighter.

"Thanks, but may I ask you whether you're the one makes these people like this or…"

Calmly, without any fear whatsoever, Naruto began to walk toward the woman, which make her smile lowered a little bit for a brief second.

Though it quickly returns in vengeance.

"What if I was? Are you going to kill me~?"

Her tone is full of mockery and hearing this, Naruto can't help but furrow his eyebrows.

He's annoyed, but he's not that annoyed, this woman would need more than simple annoyance for him to start going serious for the kill.

"No? even if I killed you, none of them would be able to return back to live"

She doesn't like his answer…

Her smile was totally gone, changing into a deep frown. Her eyes also began to glare at him with such hatred that only scarred person can do.

"People who act kind like you disgust me… kneel!"


Small it is, Naruto feels pressure weighing down on his shoulders right after the woman struck her whip downward, which made a loud, snapping sound.


… he doesn't kneel.


The girl is shocked, it's seen from her widening eyes. Though ignoring this, Naruto calmly walked until he is right in front of her.

His eyes are not cold, but also not that kind.

He can accept Uzume because she was wounded, and those she killed back in Silph Co were her attackers. But, this woman in front of him… she kills for the pleasure of it.

Or at the very least, that's what he sensed using his aura resonance.

He doesn't really want to make a conclusion when it came to someone's personality. After one, even someone with a twisted heart can learn to love if given time.

But still…


The pressure hit the girl like a large boulder suddenly appear on her shoulders, forcing her to kneel on one knee.

Despite the shock, however, the girl still has a defiant look on her face, followed by a glare full of ugly hatred.

"Honestly, don't look at me like that"

Not used to being glared at by pokegirls, Naruto scratched the back of his head in slight nervousness. Though he's not nervous per se, but it does feel somewhat uncomfortable.

"Just answer some of my question, after that, I'll allow you to get out, okay?"

The woman and her friend at the back probably were hiding, at the very least until the Jennies and he gets out from the base when they can run away as far as they can without being seen.

"The world shall burn before I can trust your words, human"

She spat the last word like a venom in her mouth, which make Naruto take the conclusion that she probably had some sort of beef with some human.

What kind of human, he doesn't know, and she probably won't tell him even if he asks nicely.

"Don't be so-"

Just as Naruto wanted to say something, he jumped back right as several swords made purely by blood stabbed the place where he stood just now, his eyebrow twitching slightly.

That's the second time he got interrupted on this floor alone.

"… Seriously?"


From the wall, from the floor, and even from the ceiling, the whole room slowly got covered by dark blood as a large, grinning monster purely made of blood came out from the dark room behind the crazy girl he met minutes ago, its size easily reaching twenty feet.

And seeing this, Naruto remembered the first time he met Uzume, where everything around him was full of crawling veils that were ready to cocoon and crush him to death.

And yes, Naruto doesn't find himself in danger despite some of the blood surrounding the floor already turning into tentacles and wrapping around his feet.

Not being haughty or anything, but it'll change nothing.

"You're fucking late"

The crazy woman growled at her 'partner?' as blood wrapped around her and push her upward until the large creature of blood is able to catch her body using its large hand.

"I sense no problem leaving you alone with that adorable boy if you really wanted to"

The distinct voice of a female can be heard from the creature's mouth as it opened its hand, showing the crazy woman that now found herself drenches in blood.

And this makes her happy.

"Kukuku~ No… he's just a pest to me and my plan"

From above, the woman sent Naruto a glare and sneer, followed by a cruel smirk as she realizes his position.

"… Kill him"

And every tube containing corpses of pokegirls and mutated humans broke once the crazy-looking woman said that.

-With Naruto-

Killer Queen.

That's the race of the crazy woman he met just a few minutes ago if what he heard from Catalyst were correct.

Of course, by now, she and her friend (the one who controlled blood) had already flown away as Naruto simply let them do such action.

His Clairvoyance wasn't blaring because of them. and thus, they're outside his target range at the moment.

As for what made his ability activated in the first place…


Naruto ran…

He cut off the tentacles of blood that tied his feet to the ground and ran as fast as he can from the monster chasing after him.

Well, more like crazy mutated pokegirl, but he doesn't know what kind of pokegirl has such monstrous looks.

"Catalyst, have you finished!?"


Naruto jumped to the side, escaping the thick web that was shot at the place he stood a second ago.


And seeing the ground starting to melt after the web touched it, Naruto let a grim smile appear on his face for a second before he starts his run once again.

This is dangerous, and he needs to get himself and his team to a much larger room first before he can start fighting against this mutated pokegirl.

After all, with its big size alone, it would be easy for it to spew its venom at him or his girls.

[Widow, the run for your life if you see one pokegirl. Bounty for a successful kill, one hundred thousand Pokes]

"That's what I am doing!"

Naruto screamed at Catalyst after she gave him rather useless information.

But now that Naruto thinks again, Catalyst is getting slow for these past few days, and having an idea of 'why', Naruto bit his lips.

He got Hinata to tame, and now Catalyst also has some signs of getting feral.

He must tame her too, sooner or later.

"Ouch, ouch!"

Deep in thinking, Naruto wasn't able to dodge the web shot at him, burning Catalyst and his top without any problem.

And sensing his girl's pain without her telling him, Naruto fastens his run, his eyes showing determination like no other, all the while ignoring the lingering pain he feels from the toxic acid burning his back.

It will heal, sooner or later as long he won't make it more severe.




"Lara! Dianna! Hinata! Come out!"

Naruto's three power-house appear with red lights once he reached a rather big field for battle on the floor three.

"Love~ Le-"

Hinata teleported to Naruto's back and almost jumped on him with her eyes glowing with hunger, right after her body finished forming.

The keyword here is almost.

Right once she saw him holding his shoulder in pain and having some part of his attire burned, lust and hunger quickly gone from her eyes, slowly and surely replaced by eyes fill with wrath, said feeling also began to get more intense when she saw his luscious back is having small, burn mark.

Hell, even her usually hungry attire extended the sleeves part and wind up around him protectively, with the edge rubbing on his cheek in concern for his well-being instead of whatever it planned to do at first, to which Naruto responded with a small, thankful kiss to it.

"Naru's alright, Dianna, harden! Lara, get ready! And Hina, can you help me?"

"Of course, honey"

"I'm ready, master"

Just like Hinata, anger, and wrath started to appear in Lara's and Dianna's eyes once they saw his condition. There's not even any hint of jealousy for Hinata's attire when his safety is on the line.


Of course, he asked like that because he knows Hinata's state right now is full of lust, there's no way she could fight if her heart's full with a desire to assault him.

"I can! The one who hurt you, I'll make them pay!"

Anger came from Hinata, some much that even her long sleeve that currently wrapping around his shoulders in concern also start to shake from said anger.

"Good, then I'll reward you two later, okay?"

The kimono's sleeve that winding around him shivered gently from excitement and start to rub his lips softly. Feeling this, Naruto let the piece of clothing enter his mouth and fought with his tongue for a few seconds, which he broke a few seconds later.

"Good girl"

Wet from saliva, Hinata's sleeve merely absorbed the liquid and did not continue, though it does shiver a little when Naruto gave it a small, loving peck.

"Everyone, get ready!"




Like a monster from a horror movie, six, red compound eyes peeked out from the small door in small curiosity. And when said eyes saw them, those eyes began to glow.


A bestial roar came out of the creature's lips, splitting the mouth into four parts vertically and horizontally, revealing sharp mandibles and fangs to the world, dripping with saliva and probably venom. And once she roared, she ignored the wall whatsoever and charge at them with such carelessness.

And seeing the monster's form, Naruto can only shiver from its nightmarish shape.

The monster is easily larger than Dianna, an impressive feat, considering Dianna herself is about four meters in height, dwarfing even Lara who only stood two-meter and half.

And also…

For starters, she has four arms. Two normal arms for the upper and two blade-like arms for the two below, which also dripped with green poison that easily melt the floor. Her body upper body somewhat gave the impression that of a female, if not for the black, thick armor covering every part of hers.

As for the lower part… she has a monster-like spider lower body, that's all he can say as his focus must be set on the battle.

"Dianna, harden several more times and stop her in place! Lara, look for weak spot and break it! Hinata, use psychic to create a barrier around her abdomen to disable her web shoot, follow it with some mini long-ranged attack!"


And the three immediately get into their position after that.


Large sword met with poison-clad blades as Dianna blocked the first strike from the monster, getting said monster's attention from such feat alone.


She should stay in place with that.

"Lara! I sense another pair of eyes at the back of her head!"

Lara who seconds ago flew and tried to stab the 'blind' side of the monster froze and fly around once again, just a nick of time because a large hand would've caught her if she didn't dodge.

"She has no blind spot! And where's my vassals, honey!?"

"I told them to call reinforcement!"

And after he said that, Lara nodded and back at poking and trying to look for the weak points of the monster girl in front of her.


Angry so suddenly for some reason, the half-monster half-spider starts to attack Dianna with craze and no subtleness whatsoever.



Hinata's attire was quick to extend and wrap around Naruto, pulling him before a blind acid thrown by the monster's blades can hit him.

"Thanks, Hina, I'll…"

"Stay there"

Fusing her and her attire's will to protect him, Hinata's 'lock' opened.

A long, white piece of outer kimono flies toward Naruto and creates a thick barrier of transparent cloth for his protection just as he wanted to get off of her.

And it's shaped like a ball for easy movement.

Of course, because her 'lock' is undone, and used for his defense instead of attack, Hinata's white, beautiful wings unfurled, showing her nude form to everyone present and giving her somewhat divine-like presence.

Thud thud

"Hina! You should use the lock for attack instead o-"

"I said stay there!"

For once in his life, Naruto become speechless… this is the first time he heard Hinata screaming at him, and too speechless to do anything, he wasn't able to notice the parts of the clothes extending and binding his arms and legs to his 'cage', which make him cannot thumping on it just like he did seconds ago.

Then again… he won't do it anymore.

Not after he saw the sadness and anger in Hinata's eyes after she saw his condition.

He had underestimated Hinata's… no… everyone's love for him.

"Okay… j-just be careful… Naru don't want to see you get hurt, Hina-chan"

Love and worries conveyed, Hinata's anger began to subside as she willed his cage to extend and caress his cheek in a caring manner, knowing she herself can't do that as her focus must be stilled in the battle.

"Of course, dear. You just stay there and give us order"

"Yes… Lara, try teleport and brick break!"

The girl obeyed and teleported right in front of the monster's chest without any sound whatsoever, her eyes showing her anger toward the monster for hurting what is hers.






Brick-break after brick-break is done by Lara at such a quick rate, her four fists blurring as attack after attack is channeled before the monster can break free from Dianna's lock.

"Lara, teleport away and repeat if got the chance!"

And she did, successfully dodging a mean slash that easily cracks the floor, followed up by her teleporting to the monster's back and doing the same to its back.

"We're here!"

Just as he wanted to say something, a large group of Jennies and a few several other pokegirls he has never seen before arrives, following Yin and Yun.

And when they saw the widow, all of them gasped in fear.

He won't let them stay scared though…

"Fire pokegirls! Burn the floor! Don't mind Dianna, she can handle it!"

Once they heard his order, the fear subsided from those pokegirl's eyes, regaining their focus and seriousness altogether.

Growlie after Growlie took a step forward, and with mighty roars, they all send out their flamethrowers at the menace pokegirl, burning her and the floor under her.


She's alright.

Those fires aren't even as hot as the fire from Red's Charmandra.


The venom… is flammable.

And seeing this, Naruto smiled.

"Keep going! Jennies, throw handcuff and limit her movement!"

Jenny has one special ability, and that's the ability to summon handcuffs of all sizes. Even handcuffs to lock a creature as big as the Widow in front of them should be easy for them.


Like the Growlies, the Jennies took a step forward and creates large handcuffs in their hands.

And with such precision, they all threw the handcuffs toward the creature, locking her limbs, be it her hands or her spider-like legs.


Of course… it won't be able to hold her for long, as the handcuffs began to crack just because of the smallest movement from her.


Hinata opened her eyes once she heard her dear trainer calling her name…

On each of her hands, a thick and dense psychic energy converges, shaping into powerful-looking lion heads roaring, each roar is enough to crack the ground.

She was waiting for this very moment!

"Gentle steps…"

As if teleporting, Hinata appeared in the middle of the Widow and Dianna, her eyes glaring darkly at the growling menace in front of her.

And know what she was going to do, Dianna jumped back to get some distance.




… and the whole underground tremble.





"You know, Naru wasn't expecting that to happen"

Inside the police's interrogation room, Naruto sat with a pout on his face.

His hands are handcuffed, and his legs tied to the chair's legs while across from him, Captain Jenny (The captain of Jennies that helped him when he saved Silph Co hostages) let out a wry smile as she read the report given to her.

"You destroyed the whole team rocket's underground base, made the arcade above it to fall and injured few Jennies… and you didn't mean it to happen?"

Instead of hearing her, Naruto merely threw his face away with pouts getting bigger.

"Hmph! Then I guess I should let that Widow alive then"

Yeah, the menace pokegirl, widow, is dead.

Hinata's strike was so powerful that her entire armor broke (it already cracked because of Lara's brick break too) and destroyed her inner organs, killing her instantly and hopefully painlessly.

Of course, because she was angry and didn't properly control her power, Hinata was not only successfully killing the menace, but also destroying the base altogether in the process.

Fortunately, some of the Jennies are injured but no death… that's why he's here instead of prison, after all.

Injuries can be healed in poke-center, but the dead stay dead unless they become zombie pokegirl.

"… You know that's not what we're talking about, Shirona-san"

Jenny let out a sigh as she saw him look uncaring of what he has done.

For all intent, she doesn't want to punish him. but after what he did, he needs to be punished.

Jenny is pokegirl abided by the law, and hurting officers, despite didn't mean it, is breaking said law, and thus, to her, Naruto is somewhat guilty.

He must be punished.

Thinking like this, her eyes went up and down, ogling his body without any shame whatsoever.

"W-What are you looking at, pervert!?"

Of course, Naruto has few pokegirls with perverted tendencies, and thus, he can easily sense it when Jenny began to look at him like that.


Despite her saying something like this, Captain Jenny walked until she is standing behind him, her palms, clad in white cotton gloves resting on his shoulders and gently caressing said part, something that made Naruto shiver slightly in fear.

He doesn't like this.

"… I'm just thinking, what a strong, loyal man like you would hate the most?"

Leaning her face downward, Jenny let her hot breath caresses his earlobe, something that made him shiver once again.

And feeling this, Jenny let out a small smile.

For all intent, everyone from Shirona's family is a loyal bunch. To them, their bonds with their pokegirls are sacred, no matter what kind of being their pokegirl is.

And thus… this is her punishment for him.

"This time, it'll only be a threat… but next time…"

Slow it is, Jenny, let her finger trail on the boy's neck, something that made Naruto crouch his face in mild disgust.

If she does something more than this, she would've his animosity.

She doesn't want that.

And thus, she walked back to her seat and sit there, her face smiling despite Naruto's current glare at her.

"… I won't hold back"

She finished her sentence innocently.


Naruto walked out of Celadon's city police center with Yin and Yun following behind him.

His walk… paused a little bit when he saw the former arcade that now become nothing but rubbles.

Now he would be lying if he said he didn't feel anything after he destroyed the arcade, where some pokegirls and humans alike worked to get some money.

He does…

But he also knows it can't be helped.

And thus, he simply turned his back and walk away.




"This is a nice place"

As the sun slowly goes down, Naruto lay down his body on the soft grass, while nearby, his pokegirls are talking with each other, deepening their bonds while eating some snacks.

He has stopped his 'bike' in a rather nice clearing with a nice view of the sky.

His mind… is thinking about Captain Jenny.

Or at the very least, her 'threat'.

As Shirona, he also has their belief, a belief that as long a pokegirl loves him with all of their heart, then he also must accept them with all of his heart and open arms.

But Captain Jenny.

Did her feeling is that of love or lust?

He wasn't able to sense it.


Just as he thinks, Naruto sense one of his girls coming at him slowly. And knowing what's on her mind, he ordered Catalyst to leave him alone.

"[Yes, master]"

Unlike usual, Catalyst left his body at a slightly slower speed compared to her usual speed, and even after she was a few meters away, Naruto can sense her pausing on her steps as if thinking twice to leave him alone.

Catalyst's feral state is coming closer.

But for now, he can't think about it.

Gently, Naruto pulled up his body and sat down, letting his incoming lover sit down behind him.

White, soft hands wrapped themselves around his shoulders and waist as Naruto feels his body getting pulled closer to Hinata's own.

From such a position, he can only let out a soft smile.

He could hear her ragging breath, feels her lips slowly kissing his nape, and even sense the attires of hers slowly coming to life and wrapping several parts of his body in its silky confinement.

"I love you…"

Naruto whispered softly as he tilted his head so that Hinata can get better access to it, his eyes half-lidding from the pleasure his lover giving him.

Her answer?

She fucked him, so hard until he passed out, and even if he did, she keep fucking him.

And thus, three days later, Hinata finally stop.

Naruto's Pokegirls

-Main Team:


Name: Dianna (Called Naruto (Master))

Species: Giant Trollop (Ground/Rock)

Moves Known: Harden, Gut punch, Bronze fist, Ancient power, Stone meld, Spincut (with blade), Endure, Dig, Revenge.

Appearance: OC (until her final evolution), Height 13'5 ft.


Name: Lara (Called Naruto (Honey/Darling))

Species: Buzzqueen HUNTER (Bug/Poison/Dark/Magic)

Moves known : TriSting, Double sting, Rapid sting, Musk, Bitch Slap, Back hand, Sonic break, Brick break, Honey, Sweet honey, Royal honey, Syrup, Dark Goggles, Dark Blade MKII, Dark Shield, Dark Bomb, Light Drain, Sketch, Absorb, Energy Blade, Power bolt, Teleport, Heal, Sleep Powder, Drain, Ingest.

Appearance: OC (will stay OC), Height 7'8 ft.

Attire: Yellow regal queen-like dress.


Name: Catalyst (Called Naruto (My Master))

Species: Slimette Princess (Poison)

Moves known: change shape, color and size.

Appearance: Solution (Overlord anime), Height 5'10 (human form) and unknown (blob form)

Attire: Solution maid attire, without her metal legs armor.


Name: Hinata (Called Naruto (My Dear love))

Species: DildoQueen [GARDEVORE] (Dark/Psychic)

Moves known: Relaxing gaze, Clouded Moon, Cocoon of Darkness, Dark Matter, Dark Shield, Agility, Moon Dance, Moon Reflection, Perfect sync, Gentle Fist, Gentle Fist art One body blow, eight trigram mountain crusher, Eight-trigram one hundred-twenty-eight palms, Eight trigram palm revolving heaven, Eight trigram thirty two palms, Eight trigram sixty four palms, Eight trigram vacuum palm, Protection of the eight trigram sixty-four palms, Gentle step twin lion fists, conceal.

Appearance: Hinata (Naruto anime), Height 6'0 ft.

Attire: Wedding dress with Toneri (moon form) and wedding dress with Naruto (Sun form).


Name: Uzume (Called Naruto (My Precious baby))

Species: Phawhore (Ghost/Ground) (Variant)

Moves known: Able to control all kind clothes, mostly silks (Hinata's clothes counted as 'fleshes' so it can't be controlled by Uzume). Bind, earthquake, hypnosis, dream eater.

Appearance: Uzume (Sekirei anime), Height 6'0.

Attire: Uzume's veiled sekirei dress (But with more veil in battle)



Name: Yin and Yun (called Naruto (My king))

Species: Killerbreast (Bug/ Poison)

Moves known: hive sword, dig, quick attack, fly.

Appearance: OC (will stay OC)

Attire: Full black kunoichi-like attires.

You guys know which one the one I meant?

and no, it's not the Killer Queen, LOL


The girl that will be Naruto's final pokegirl will be the blood monster helped the Killer Queen, as for her race... you probably already knew it if you know about pokegirl.


the last girl will be dark, sadist, have stalking tendency, and also yandere.

and with that, I have two idea for her appearance.

Friedrich der grosse (Azur lane):


Freya (Danmachi):

and yes!

this is voting time!

both, as you all probably know, is dark-looking, sexy, obsessive and high material for a yandere. I literally can't choose between them. and so, give me your vote.

the time will be only until next chap.

and yes, by the time next chap come out, time out.

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