The Queens Trainer @zephriel
Chapter 1 : First meeting

Sup people, Im back, this is Princess talking.

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'what did you mean dattebanne?' Inward thinking

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Chapter one: First meeting


Deep inside a forest within Sinnoh Region, small hut can be seen.

Now, normally no person would dare live in the forest full of feral pokegirl, unless a person in question is experienced trainer with strong pokegirls on his/her side.

Did the owner of this hut is experienced trainer then? big nope is the answer. Did he have powerful pokegirl to protect himself? another no is the , why did he live here?

Tucked some bangs to the back of his ears, a boy, look no older than 12 years old can be seen watering some plants that he cared for, all the while humming with a smile on his small lips. His long, waist length hairs are mesmerizing light blonde in colors, with some spikes on top, and except that, is straightly smooth in texture which can make any girls envy.

His eyes are big round in shape, also cerulean blue in color and these two, give him an innocent image. His skin is white, but not so white that it makes him pale, instead, it's a healthy shade of white.

All of these simply said give the boy a feminine appearance.

However, with long black jeans that hugged his slim legs, black T-shirt topped with a white long shirt that has a symbol of a cross on the left side and button off, he at least isn't that feminine... what he said of course.


The loud, buzzing sound can be heard from his position, and with curious eyes, he looked up to the sky. Armies of humanoid insect fill the sky, spreading to find any plant pokegirl to get some nectar for their hive. Happiness and wonder shine in the eyes of the boy as he stops watering trees for a bit, but in the end, just smile wryly and continue to watering. Sometimes would take small glances to any bee pokegirls that still in the sky with curiosity.


It was half an hour later that the boy finished his work, as he then swiped small sweat on his forehead. Looking around, to make sure no one is missed, he smiled when seeing none.


Pink hue slowly covered the boy's face, and if any cute lovers seeing this, they surely would coo at him. It's, fortunately, he lives here alone then, right?.

Taken off his dirty glove, the boy goes to his hut.

His house is not that big, but it's surprisingly very tidy, after all, he's still 12, so for such competency is rather surprising. The boy in question currently trying to find any foods on the kitchen after placing his dirty gloves on dirty clothes basket, only to disappointed as he didn't found any.

Walking to a rather big table, he takes an empty basket and goes out to find some berries that edible in nature... and tasty of course, cause edible or no, he won't eat any bitter berries.

As the boy springs to the forest alone, he hummed a beautiful song, no fear in his steps despite any strange sound he can hear, his eyes curiously roaming around to find any berry trees.

'oran berries, oran berries, where are you? come to Naru~'

One fact about him, it was no secret that he has a rather sweet tooth... or just scratch that, he has a massive sweet tooth.

Several minutes walking, the boy stopped, eyes shining brightly from happiness. It's because in front of him is a group of oran trees. Without further ado, he ran to each of them, tiptoed and plucked any oran berries he finds old enough.

Most trainer wouldn't know the difference, as they usually just take any oran berries and feed it to their pokegirls, but the one eat it would know the difference, too light in coloring, an oran berries tasted like grass, it also means the oran berries is too young to be picked. Too dark in coloring, it tastes nasty sweet.. sweet it is, but nasty nonetheless. This also means the berries in question is too old to be picked as it ready to fall to the ground to create a new oran tree.

Poor any pokegirls with trainers like that.

Placing any good oran berries on his basket, the blonde sometimes put one on his mouth to fill his stomach. It was the reason he comes here anyway.

However, it was at this time he heard some rustle from the bush near him...

xxxxxxx (Break) xxxxxxx

-Half an hour ago-

Unlike what the blonde boy first though, the swarm of buzzbreast is not looking for flower pokegirls for nectar, it is for revenge.

One plant girl, after all, dare to eat their fellow.

Now, buzzbreast usually is calm, to the point very monotone, and when they take nectar from flower pokegirls, they also doing good deeds to them, which is scratched where the plant pokegirl cannot reach.

Yet here there are some plant pokegirls that dare to eat their fellow nectar seeker.

Let just said, like a bee they are, when you hurt any one of them, their hive will seek revenge and do anything to maim and kill the penetrator.

Buzzbreast, if one may ask is beautiful pokegirls. Having very feminine faces, curvaceous bodies with C-Cup breasts, and hair that's usually striped black and yellow, or in some cases, lavender. They have light chitinous armor on their arms, legs, and torsos, mainly around the underside of their breasts. They have long, gossamer wings that are surprisingly durable, and have a stinger tail on their backs, the stinger a hollow pointed tip that cannot be retracted. Unlike the stinger of a normal bee, the tail stinger of a Buzzbreast can be used repeatedly without being fatal. A Buzzbreast's internal structure is more insectile, and her major organs are protected by a thick chitinous shell that protects her from the most normal blade or bullet damage. Their eyes are compound, and they have stingers mounted in their breasts in a hollow, flexible tube just above their nipples.

One particular buzzbreast though, is taller than the other, reaching 5'6 feet in height and at the same time, having bigger breast, D in size, unlike her other sisters. This symbolizes she's one of the queen favorites.

Yellow black hairs whipped from the winds, this buzzbreast fly at the high velocity (for buzzbreast) but eyes never stop roaming the forest to find the killer of her sister, behind her some other buzzbreast following.

Now, some would wonder on why buzzbreast is doing this with so much bloodlust, cause while it's true buzzbreast or their evolution line is revenge seeker, usually, several minutes chasing and not found any clue, they would giving up and just go back to their hive.

But here the buzzbreast already buzzing around more than ten minutes and from their face, it's obvious that the flame of revenge is not sated yet, not until they maim the killer of their sister.

The reason is actually simple. The one that the plant pokegirl ate is another favorite of buzzqueen, and because her mind is linked to all buzzbreast. Her hate can be seen from their face.

It was at this time the leading buzzbreast suddenly stop. Looking around with monotone eyes, her wings slowed to not making any sound that gives out her position to her prey.

She doesn't realize she is the prey until it coming late.

bzztt! bzztt!

Panicked buzz then is heard from behind her, and when she turned around, she didn't see anything... or anyone too in that matter.

Her group is gone just like that, and knowing the penetrator is the one she sought, she tensed her muscle, eyes sharpened visibly. Queen's favorites, is not a simple title, it means her hard work and strength is recognized by her queen. It means, she's stronger than the others!


Hearing a wind-cutting sound, the buzzbreast realize her enemy attack coming from the right side. But sadly, she got no time except for looking to the right as vine whip got her in the shoulder, making her buzzed in pain.

That's too fast!

Another vine coming, but this one is visibly slower than previously, intend to wrap. And the buzzbreast know, when she's got hit by wrap, it's game over for her. So she wastes no time to dodge but instead running away, she stabs her tail stinger to the vine, injecting stun venom.

She's not going to give her back to the enemy without making sure they can't chase after her.

Sadly, another vine whip comes, hitting her defenseless back, making it bleed immediately and her face turns into a pained look.

Maybe seeing this, three vine whip coming again, intend to harm her to an unconsciousness, and from this, the buzzbreast realize her enemy is not only one, but she didn't know how many yet.

She flipped acrobatically in the air, dodging two strikes, but the third got her in the stomach, which fortunately is covered by light armor so the damage is reduced. And she wastes no time to inject stun venom to all three after that.

swiish! swiish! swiish!

Three another vine whip come, and inwardly she really wants to know just how many the enemies are while dodging all strike with such precision, then inject stun venom again before the vines retracted.

Sad for her, the mysterious plant pokegirls already know to not attack her with vine whips unless they want stun venom to be injected to their bloodstream. So leaf storm it is.

Now, the buzzbreast already know that her enemies are strong, it is seen from how they can hurt her badly with a vine whip, move that supposedly only done half damage to her type. But she still can dodge and inject stun venom to stop them all before she takes off from here safely.

But, when the sharp storm of leaf coming at her from seven different sides, what she can do except covering her face with both hands?.

Small cuts appear on her body, bleeding a bit. One by one until she's covered by wounds.

It was at this time she realizes she cannot win. So combining a quick attack with her flying capability, she hoped that her enemy cannot reach her anymore.

Again, unfortunately for her, last leaf storm hit her full in the back, as the full damage of it can be felt by the buzzbreast. As she then felt her wings cannot be used anymore except for floating by flapping it fastly.

Looking down to the forest, she then glared ahead.

She won't fall there!

However, no matter how fast she flapped her wings, she knows soon she will fall to the ground too in the end. So decide to gamble, she forgets flapping to make her keep on air, instead focused it to propel her forward, away from this current position of her.


Fell in the end, the buzzbreast leaned her back to a rather big tree, her eyes slowly drifted into unconsciousness. Though before she can pass out fully, she can see the form of a beautiful girl holding a basket full of oran berries, gasping when she sees her and ran to her way.

She knows no more after that...

xxxxxx (Break) xxxxxx

-With Naruto, third point of view-

"h-hey! are you okay miss?"

She's obviously didn't, but it didn't stop the blonde boy from shaking the pokegirl gently and carefully.

When he heard a bush rustling sound, he expects a feral pokegirl or some animal, and how shocked he is, cause while he did find a pokegirl, he never expects she's heavily wounded like this.

'she's so tall too..'

For most people, 5'6 is the average height for a human girl. But while it's indeed true, the boy himself is only 4'7 feet, nearly feet shorter from this pokegirl in front of him.

Of course, he is not one to see people in trouble and leave them alone, he just can't do such a thing.

It was this drive to help that push the boy to sling the pokegirl arm to his neck, then as gently as he could, he drags her along to his hut.

'she's so heavyyyy..'

Despite inwardly crying, the boy keeps helping the girl.

He needs to heal her asap, her wound is too fatal to leave alone, and even it's not fatal, leaving someone alone in this forest surely would kill the wounded one, fatal injury or not.




It takes him 20 minutes, but once the boy successfully brings the pokegirl to his hut, he wastes no time to put her on his bed, ignoring the blood that immediately stains it. After that, he takes a small breather, bead of sweat trailed on his forehead.

Of course, it's not that long as he knows the girl needs more help instead of him.

So going to his backyard, he took several leaves that he knows have healing properties, then other leaves that can stop the bleeding... He forgot these leafs names though, but hey, he knows what it's for~

3:2, and because the girl wound is wide and more than one, that's mean he needs at least 21 healing leaves, and 14 leaves to stop the bleeding.

After sure the number is correct, he then runs to his hut kitchen, trying to find his equipment to make medicine.

'where are you now... twin crusher'

Twin crusher actually is the name he made up for his equipment. The equipment in question is a pair of stone, one is shaped like a bowl while the other is a simple round rock to crush anything inside its pair.

Thus the name twin crusher.

It took him several seconds of panic searching, but in the end, he found them below the table.

He then takes out these two and places it in the floor, where he then put all the leaves he held inside the rock bowl, then crush it with the round rock.

Now, this way maybe traditional to some people, with poke center can heal any pokegirl with almost any illness at such speed and efficiency. But the boy won't be too dependant on them, as it only found in cities, with some even didn't have any poke center.

His grandma even said these so 'called' trainers (she call them pest actually)would never gonna go far without any survival knowledge.

Even till now, he can't deny what she said (except for calling these people pest), this knowledge is far too precious. After all without it, when you're too far from any city, your pokegirl heavily wounded, you cannot do anything except call them back into pokeballs, rendering them easily carried, then ran as fast as they can to the nearest city.

Without luck, these pokegirls mostly died on the way, suffering till the end.

Deep in his thought, but didn't lose his focus, the boy sees that the medicine is ready to be applied, but he needs some water first to clean the girl body, less the blood gonna reduce the medicine effectiveness.

Running to the group of utensils, the boy takes a rather big plastic bowl then fill it with clear water, not forgetting to put a rug in it.

Taking several seconds to think whether everything is ready or not, in the end, he nods in satisfaction. Then with a bowl of water and medicine in hands, he walks to the bedroom.



"Excuse me.."

Saying that for simple courtesy, as the boy didn't actually think the pokegirl awake already, with her fatal injuries and tiredness, he just walk in. So it came to his surprise when he can see the girl in question have half-lidded eyes, meaning she's currently in between of conscious and passed out state.

She's didn't even notice him coming in.

But knowing this half state is painful, the boy walks until he can kneel beside her, forcing her attention to him, as she can immediately see his worry filled eyes.

"Y-you should rest, for now, so you won't felt anything when Naru applied the medicine"

Not doing any contacts with living being except for trees and animal for several months, the boy can't help but slightly shuttered, though it's back to normal fast. And while saying this, he takes the wet cloth and squeezed it till only minimal water remained.

The bee girl only narrowed her eyes for a response, obviously not believing this girl at all. Unfortunately for her, she cannot moves any limbs, leaving her on this person mercy.

As for the boy, he flinched slightly when he sees her narrowed eyes, though soon his worry for this girl drive him to not care and just cleansing her body.

It starts with her face, to see whether she got wounds there too or not, as some blood can be seen there, maybe covering any visible wound. And while this happens, the buzzbreast cutely covered one eye, then back at staring this human girl with suspicious.

Founding this act is cute, the boy can't resist the small smile that comes to his lips, his eyes never stop roaming her now cleaned face to find any hint of smallest injuries. And after several seconds didn't see any, he takes a relieved sigh and smiled again.

Washing the blood in the cloth with water, he squeezes it again till minimal water remained, then repeat the process to the buzzbreast neck till stomach as gently as he can, and of course, his cheeks covered by pink hue when he washed the girl's breast and its underside.

The buzzbreast didn't say it, but her eyes turned half-lidded as she felt the gentle touch of this human. Somehow she can felt his worry for her from his touch alone. Maybe she should just let this girl 'heal' her? though she is still suspicious whether she really intend to help or not, so that means no then.

Several minutes later, the boy has massive blush on his cheeks (cause he wash every blood stains he can see) from embarrassment. Though it only lasts for a second as he then shook his head and put twin crusher in his lap for better access.

"ummm... this gonna hurt, please bear with it okay?"

At the boy question, the buzzbreast give the tiniest nod for a response, sensing no poison reside in the medicine this girl hold. Plus if she wants to hurt her, she can do it since the beginning without cleaned her body.

Seeing her nods, the boy timidly scooped some amount of his handmade medicine with his fingers, then as gently as he could apply it to her visible wounds in her arms, as that part is the one with most wounds.

The buzzbreast buzzed slightly at the cold feeling in her arms, but looking to her healer, she can see the human looking at her with more visible worry on 'her' face.

Her respond from seeing this is to give another nod, telling him to keep going.

Taking a deep breath, the boys smiled down at her. And ignoring his rumbling stomach, he keeps applied the med to her for hours.

xxxxxxx (Break) xxxxxxx

-Week later-

Snoring innocently on the bed, a 'girl' with long blonde hairs cutely snuggled into the bed sheets.

This 'girl' is actually a boy called Naruto.

Standing over him, a tall cross between a beautiful girl and bee stared at him with an unsure look. But taking a small glance to the mirror, she could see the wings that week ago had a hole already healed.

She needs to go back to the hive, her queen already looking for her in this week for some reason despite she already said that she cannot go back yet because of her wings status. She never tells her about her savior.

Now though, she really needs to go back, but... glanced at the sleeping boy again. Her heart suddenly turns heavy.

There is a time where her wound on her back opened up, and instead of crushing leaves like he usually does, her savior took some leaf in frantic and started to munch on it with teary eyes. But he didn't stop, he just keeps going despite his expression is so upset as if he's munching on something so bitter.

And when he thinks it's good enough, he puked out these crushed leaves and applied to her back immediately.

He cannot talk for hours from the chemical in these leaves, despite drinking water like crazy.

She's confused very much at him. At first, she thought he wanted her to be his pokegirl, her queen did say that human is selfish, thinking about themselves and never others, even another human.

She asks him why he cares so much about her one time, and his answer honestly make her felt something in her heart.

"umm, y-you see... Naru lives alone in h-here, so Lara that fills his lonely life is precious to Naru, simply said, ummmm... Lara is.. Naru best friend!~.."

At the end of his words, the blonde hides behind a wall and only peek at her a bit, face burning red, but a smile can brighten the darkest days. His honest intent can be felt from his words.

He healed her, gave her roof to live, foods which he loots in the dangerous forest (for human), clothes to use, despite it's a bit tight (nor like she need them though, but the thought alone is appreciated), and then a name.

All of this, because he thinks her as his best friend. He didn't even ask for anything in return.

So that's not surprising for Lara having a heavy heart at the fact she needs to leave him now, she hasn't even done anything for him to return the kindness he'd given to her.

'what if feral pokegirl attacking him? what if he upset when he realizes I'm not here anymore?...'

All 'what if' situation crossed the buzzbreast mind, each time making her heart heavier and heavier to go. Even her wings twitched unsurely. But if she doesn't come back, her queen surely would order all troops to find her, and if that ever happens and they stumbles into this hut, she isn't sure whether Naru can stay safe or not, some may treat him as a threat after all.

That cannot happen!

Steeling her resolve, Lara opened the window and readied her wings. However, unfortunately for her, it was at this time the boy letting out a soft yawn and rubbing his eyes like a cute feline pokegirl, making Lara froze on the spot.

"Lara... where are you going?"

His words followed with a yawn seems not digesting the situation happening in front of his blurry eyes yet.

Several seconds didn't get any answers though, the blonde just giggled, realized that his friend isn't one to talk that much. She's very monotone actually, so much that he can count the time when she talks to him with both hands.

"Ah.. my bad hehe.." stuck out tiny part of his tongue, Naruto climbed off from his bed, then began to tidy his sheets, while doing this has small pink on his cheeks "...anyway, Naru found full basket of Pecha berries yesterday, so... ummm, would Lara like for Naru to make some pancakes?"

Not as good as his grandma on the kitchen, the boy still very good at making something creative, and the proof of this is the fact that the first time Lara ate oran pancakes he created, she has this shocked, yet happy light on her eyes.

Her wings flapped around excitedly, creating a rather loud buzzing sound at that time.

Hearing small shuffle sound behind him, the boy expects many things from his friend, but she forcefully turned him around and kissed him on the lips after leaned down to his height is honestly, not one of them.

The boy's face turns crimson immediately, eyes full of shock and embarrassment.

Lara ignores this and just turned around, facing the window once again. Eyes monotone and didn't show any hint to what she felt at the moment.

"I need to go for a few days"

Her words are fast and unforgiving, and Naruto felt the stab on his heart from it. His cheeks no longer held any blush, as in the end, the kiss just now is only a goodbye kiss.

Looking down with teary eyes, the boy let out small sobs. But then shook his head and hope his friend didn't hear it. She did say she only go out for several days after all. She has her own free will and he can't force her to stay forever.

She heard his sobs, and it makes her heart more heavy to leave, but outwardly she didn't show any response. Cause she really needs to do this.

The blonde forced a smile on his face then, eyes shaped in upward 'U' shape to hide the pain behind it.

"W-would Lara like for Naru to make pancakes when she comes back?"

It's his way to ask 'will you come back?', and Lara, knowing this just giving a nod and affirmative buzz with flaps of wings. Though actually, she doesn't know when she would come back, as she can guess there wouldn't be any time for her to come here, full with duties she is.

Not seeing her nods, but understand her buzzing mean, the boy walk to her and gently wrap his hands around her waist, cheek resting on her back, smiling gently.

"Then... Naru will make the most delicious pancakes for Lara"

It just a small whisper, but the buzzbreast heard it clearly and her heart felt warm, a small edge of her lips tugged upward. Never she felt something like this, as in the hive everyone else is just some pawns for their queen, working tirelessly every day, even her. But of course, cause she's a queen favorite, she has some 'freedom' on the way of her thinking, unlike other buzzbreast that has no mind at all and followed their queen order blindly.

Gently, she grasps the boy lithe hands that resting on her stomach. It's so smooth as if his hands didn't have any blasphemy (which of course, he didn't have any) and never done any work by himself. The last one, she had seen already that it's not true at all. Simply said, everything from him just radiates such kindness.

At first, she hadn't noticed it at all, but the longer she stayed with him, she felt it. And she's sure that it can make anyone become self-conscious about their own person. It happened with her after all.

Uuugh, now too much deep in thought, Lara realized that she become hesitate to go again. But feeling her friend hugs, and the fact he seems so happy from a simple hug, the buzzbreast just can't force her heart to tell him that it's the time.

Fortunately (or unfortunately from a different point of view), maybe sensing her feeling by some luck (or abilities), Naruto stops hugging her, then smiles with pure kindness to his only friend in this place.

"Please take care Lara, because Naru won't be able to help you if you got hurt this time"

Unless she's near of course, but he has a feeling wherever his friend going, it won't be near at all.

She just gave him an affirmative buzz again, then walked to the window and stared at the sky. It's been so long she hadn't flown and enjoyed the feeling of winds hitting her face.

"I'll come back... I promise"

After saying that, the buzzbreast take off from the window with such velocity for her species. Behind her, Naruto waved excitedly at his friend, happy at her promise.

Several minutes later, the boy still waving, despite his friend form cannot be seen anymore in the horizon. But then, abruptly he stopped, eyes wide from shock, he needs to begin his search for berries!.

aaaah! Lara said she only went for a few days, he needs to gather them fast!

As the boy shuffled on his steps, His mind thinking on what he should use for Lara welcome back pancakes. Oran, pecha, there's just so maaaany berries out there!.

Oh well, he just has to mix them all, then it's gonna be perfect~

xxxxxx (Break) xxxxxx

-With Lara (after five minutes flying)-

Lara stride is full of confidence among other buzzbreast, or sometimes, killerbreast. Her destination is one.

The Queen's chamber.

Some of buzzbreast gave her polite buzz as she does this, which she replied with the same politeness. However, the eyes of killerbreast she meets unnerved her greatly. It as if they're judging her for her worth.

Now, killerbreast is different than buzzbreast, their name alone is enough for proof.

They look similar to the Buzzbreasts, though they retain the same black and yellow color scheme, the chitin now covers their abdomen and breasts, however, this chest armor is retractable. They gain compound eyes, and their wings become longer. In addition, they lose the stingers in their breasts and instead gain retractable blades in their arms.

It was such a minuscule different. But Lara knew better than challenge a killerbreast, whatever status she held. Killerbreast is like a Queen's right hand in the human term after all, and they're very rare in any hive. This hive of her is huge though, and that's why here they have four killerbreasts in total. Four among nine hundred, there's simply no question about killerbreast combat abilities.

Despite her mind thought like this, it's not like Lara intend to fight them though, she's just curious why not only one, but two killerbreasts looked at her as if she's some kind of new type of flower pokegirl, and they're buzzbreasts that at the time resisted the urge to ravage her.

And the worse is, she knew the other two killerbreasts would look at her with the same expression.

Shook her head, in the end, Lara gave up to guess and just focused back on her stride, eyes sometimes glanced at some part of the hive.

She didn't know why, but it as if she had been away from this place for such a long time. And no, not one week, it's more like several months. She felt strange, buzzbreast she is, she still loyal to her Queen, there's no question about this. But to this place, where she's born and grew, she felt detached, as if something is missing.

Sadly, she cannot think on the possible answer of what had missing as she stood in front of a huge tree, several strong looking buzzbreasts guarding it, both within land and air, their eyes always active to search for any intruders.

Lara ignored this, as she just entered the hole in the tree that acts as the entrance as if it was her own place. No buzzbreast dare stop her as they just buzzed politely at her.



"Where's her Majesty?"

Arrived in the throne room, Lara can't find her Queen form, wherever the Queen usually sat in her throne at this time. However seeing a killerbreast stood beside the throne with a stern expression, the buzzbreast decide to ask instead.

The answer she got, make her heart clenched nervously.

"Her majesty's waiting for your presences on her bedroom"

Not giving any expression outwardly, Lara just nods, then began to walk to the Queen's bed. One question crossed on her mind for a second.

'did she perhaps... angry because I had failed her?'

It takes several minutes before the buzzbreast arrived in the entrance to her Queen bedroom, not because of the length between two room, but because Lara really takes her time to steeled her nerve on the way. Her Queen never angry at her, but she once has seen her Majesty angry to other buzzbreast that have some 'freedom' in their mind, and let just said Lara is terrified at that time.

Human call it what again? trauma?

Shaken all of the useless thought in her head, Lara knelt before the door and with such reverence tone, she then said "Your Majesty, I've come to face your punishment for failing on your order"

"Come here love, I'm not angry at all~"

Involuntary her body shivered from hearing that musky voice of her Queen alone, and weight as if lifted from her heart after hearing that her Queen's not angry at all, though... that sing-song tone of her is very suspicious.

Kind her Queen is (only to her and some others), cheery pokegirl she is not.

However, feeling threatened or not, Lara's not one to refuse an order, as she then entered her Queen's bedroom.




There, in the middle of this room is a HUGE bed, covered by equally large yellow silk sheets, with some pillows in shape of bees and flowers scattered above it. And sitting on the edge of this huge bed is an almost exact replica of Lara, with hairs made of black and yellow streak which also very long, reaching her waist. Her breast is E cup, bigger than Lara's full D cup. Her face's deceptively kind looking with a gentle smile, unlike Lara's monotone face, and for the buzzbreast, it's a blessing as she rather has a face like this instead of like that of her Queen. She had seen how pure and honest smile looks in real life and compared to his, her Queen smile is like a bad copy that makes her twitching from looking at it alone.

There's another difference between her and her Queen. Buzzqueen she is, she's taller than her, reaching 6'1 feet with red compound eyes, and there's no stinger above her breast, as it migrates to her tail that is far bigger than Lara can hope for, turning it into a very deadly weapon.

And lastly, she has an extra pair of hands that coming out just below her other two arms.

Currently, the Buzzqueen eyes roaming on her subject from head to toes, trying to find if something's different and pleased when she found none, it is seen from her smile that just got bigger.

"Come here love, I miss the presence of your body very much~"

Fingers trailed seductively on her own thighs, the Queen made a 'come here' gesture with her other hand, making Lara have a small twitch.

"With pleasure, your majesty"

Lara calmly walked to her Queen and ready to please her just as suddenly, her queen pulled her into the bed and pushed her back into it, the Buzzqueen in question hovered above her, all four hands going up and down her subject body, making Lara shivering in pleasure.

The buzzqueen smirk widely seeing this.

Not giving the buzzbreast time to talk, Queen (let just call her that) captured her subject lips in a rough and searing kiss, tasting all kind of berries she ate in this week with gusto, all the while creating royal honey on her mouth and gave it to the girl below her.

Tasting her Queen personal honey (which is the greatest honor buzzbreast and killerbreast can get), Lara's mind soon turns dazed as she can only let out a dazed buzzing sound. And notice this, one of Queen's palm goes straight to her subject vagina, all the while she keeps kissing her subject and gave her drink.

Lara, for a second, buzzed in a surprised manner but then turned aroused as she felt her Queen finger going inside her vagina, then wiggled around as if to scoop something.

She becomes much turned on when her Queen retracted her finger and sensually licked clean her vagina honey on her finger.

"You tasted sweet like always my dear~" Holding the buzzbreast below her with all arms, Queen changed her position so her groin hovered just above her subject face, dripping with such amount of royal honey to show how aroused she is at the time "now taste mine, okay?~"

Despite the obvious asking tone, Queen never gave her subject time to answer as she sat on her face, where Lara began to licked all place to scoop all delicious honey of her Queen. Her body never resisted and just shivered in pleasure when Queen two hands decide to play with her breasts.

Slurp! slurp!

Wet sexy sound, with rough breathing from Queen, is the only things can be heard in the room, and it's not stopping despite Lara's stomach began to protest because it felt full and can't contain any honey anymore.

"my my, someone excited" Despite saying that, Queen knows that she's too highly aroused, and soon she's gonna come. And for that reason, her thick thighs wrapped around her subject head tightly, to the point of suffocating, though Lara didn't seem to mind as she just keeps licking and drinking her queen personal honey "...take it all my dear, here is it, comiing!~"

Queen let out a loud pleased scream as large amount of royal honey explode on Lara's face, to the point of drowning her if her buzz is any indication. But not one to waste a gift, she does her best to drink everything.

Several minutes in that position and do nothing except drank and drank, Lara hadn't realized her stomach bulged a little, at the same time never noticed four killerbreasts that entered the room, their eyes locked into her with predatory lust and an unreadable expression.

However it's not long before she noticed them, and in her current state, she can do nothing except letting out a confused, yet slightly scared buzzing sound.

"ufufufu~.." Queen chuckled gently and comfortingly, turned Lara attention into her quickly "...It's okay dear, everything.. will be alright, think it as a present for you~"

The only sound that can be heard from outside after that is only loud buzz sounds as if the orgy of bee girls happened inside. And at the last second, the sound of chiming light.

Then it died down and goes silent.

xxxxxx (Break) xxxxxx

-With Naruto (that night)-

Sat on the living room, the blonde's currently reading a book on how to make delicious cakes with simple ingredients. His eyes intently locked into it as if his life depends on it. However it's obvious that he seems frustrated by something, it seen from how his eyebrows furrowed slightly and his feet keep tapping the floor.

The only reason behind this actually because he lacks one ingredient to make a super deluxe cake to welcome his friend. That is rawst berries.

Now he's has been here for several months, but never once he saw rawst berry trees anywhere near. Which thinned his only chance is in the deeper part of the forest. And that's too if he's lucky enough.

If he doesn't, he wouldn't find any rawst berry trees, simple as that. But! if he's unlucky, he would be eaten by any feral carnivore pokegirls.

Several seconds think like that, he in the end simply shrugged his shoulder. His luck isn't that bad, even on his worse days, his unlucky wouldn't reach any life-threatening levels like that.

...Famous last words.

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