A Jealous Betrayal @utena
Chapter Three

A Jealous Betrayal

By Utena

Chapter Three

The Present-

Kagome grasped the ladder and made her way up the well. She had spent a good portion of an hour trying everything in her power to return to the past and nothing seemed to be working. Even her abilities as a Miko had failed to help her. Now here she was climbing up the ladder in despair and pain. The mating mark on her shoulder had burned hotly on her shoulder had been most troublesome since her return to the present. It had ached and burned like red-hot coals pressed against her skin. Most of all, the mark had unseeingly torn at her soul as it searched for its other half.

Upon reaching the lip of the family well, Kagome sat on the edge and used her reiki to try to find any sign of youkai in the vicinity, but as far-reaching as her reiki made, she could feel nothing returned. A sob tore from her throat as she realized that there was a possibility that her mate was probably dead.

“Who’s there?” A voice called out.

Kagome’s sob quieted as she leaped forward from the lip of the well and threw open the faded wooden doors. There before her was her mother and brother. Both were wearing surprised looks upon their faces upon seeing her.

“Kagome?” Sota was the first to shake himself from the shock of seeing his sister. It had been months since he had last seen her, and he had thought it would have been the last. But nowhere she was before them looking disheveled and looking as if her world had come crashing down all around her.

“Kagome?” Her mother echoed as she reached for her only daughter. She could see that Kagome was on the verge of a full-fledge sob and the older woman moved to wrap around her child’s body. “Let it go, my dearest girl.”

And Kagome did, sobbing loudly and calling for her mate. Kagome’s mother could feel the heartbreak in her daughter’s sobs, and she could only wonder what had happened to cause such grief to happen. With soft, whispering words of comfort to Kagome, her mother maneuvered her daughter into the shrine and toward one of the couch seats.

Once she had her seated, her mother went about making a small kettle of tea. Kagome’s sobs were soft and heart-wrenching. There was so much pain that it had broken her mother’s own heart to see her daughter in such a way. A slight frown marred her face. She briefly wondered if Inuyasha had been the one behind her daughter’s pain. She knew that the hanyou and Kagome were having problems just a few short months ago. Kagome had not elaborated on it, but she had mentioned that it had to do with Kagome’s current relationship with his older half-brother.

As the kettle whistled, the older woman snapped out of her thoughts and started gathering everything together to place upon a tray. She picked up the tray and moved to sit next to her daughter.

“What happened, my dearest girl?” Her mother prodded gently. She poured two cups of tea and handed one of them to Kagome.

Using the sleeve of her ruined kimono, Kagome wiped the tears from her face and looked over at the worried face of her mother.

“Inuyasha threw me into the well,” she whispered taking the cup from her mother’s extended hand. “He was so angry, Momma, that I had chosen his older brother as my significant other. We exchanged harsh words between us, and he accused me of being a whore.” Her eyes were watering again in hurt. “I tried to walk away from him, but he would not let it go. He grabbed me, Momma, and threw me down into the well.”

Kagome’s mother took in her daughter’s words. She reached out to touch her daughter’s head, brushing back strands of raven-colored hair from her face.

“He took me from my mate, Momma,” she cried softly placing the cup back down on the table as her tears fell again. “Inuyasha took me from my mate before I even had a chance to tell him he was going to be a father.” She reached out to take a hold of her mother’s hand. “I tried, Momma, even to see if I could feel him in this time and I feel nothing.”

“My baby,” she whispered drawing Kagome once more into her arms and held her.

Sota, who had been standing in the doorway, could only frown. He had always worshipped Inuyasha ever since he had first met him all those years ago and now…now Sta was furious at the hanyou for what he had done to his sister. He may not know the entire story, but he was willing to bet that the hanyou had been jealous of Kagome finding love with someone else.

“Mom?” the young man voiced unsure of how to help his sister.

His mother glanced up at him. “Get the water ready for your sister. I think a nice, relaxing bath will soothe those tired muscles and then…. then we can decide where to go from there. Is that okay, Kagome?”

The young woman nodded numbly.

Sota saw that as his cue and ran up the stairs to start the water for his sister. He hoped that once she was freshly cleaned that they would learn more of what happened. He would not push it but he knew eventually the entire thing would come out….

Sooner or later.

The Village of Edo

The Past –

They heard him before they had even seen him. All of those standing near the ruined Bone Eater’s Well knew very well whom it was coming their way and from the thunderous sounds, the demon lord was on a murderous rampage.

Sango and Kikyo moved quickly to reach Rin and get her to safety. As it was, both had no weapons to protect themselves from Sesshomaru, but it would not matter anyhow especially with how enraged he had to be.

Rin, on the other hand, was struggling against the women. If there was one thing she could do, she would place herself before her adopted parent to try to stop him. She knew he was hurting. She could feel it in the yoki he was projecting, and it was breaking every bit of her young heart.

“Let me go,” she whispered harshly to the two women. She knew they were trying to protect her, but she needed to reach her father before he did something he would regret.

Kikyo opened her mouth to speak but a cry of “Bakusaiga!” halted her movements as a wave of green-gold energy surged through the clearing and right toward the direction of where Inuyasha stood. She watched in horror as her mate, still ignorant of what he had caused, moved Tetsusaiga in front of him in just in time to call forth “Bakuryha!” in order to counter the attack, but it had not been enough to save himself. The powerful force from Bakusaiga sent the hanyo flying into the nearest set of trees.

“Inuyasha!” Kikyo cried out in fear but she was halted any progress from Sango, who could only shake her head to deter her from moving.

“If you go out there,” Sango quietly warned glancing in the direction where Sesshmaru’s attack had come from, “he may see you not only as a threat but a co-conspirator that took away his beloved mate. He is too far in his rage to listen to any reason right now.”

“But Inuyasha could be hurt!” Kikyo spoke worriedly as she glanced once more toward where her mate had fallen.

“Listen to me,” Sango replied urgently, “right now Sesshmaru-sama will not listen to any reason. He is in a blood rage from losing his mate. I can only fathom that the moment Inuyasha tossed Kagome into the well and it returned her to the future, the mating link cut off any connection causing Sesshmaru to believe his mate is dead.” She glanced down at Rin, who was watching for her adopted father to appear in the clearing. “There is nothing we can do. Inuyasha brought this upon himself. If he had not been so selfish in his beliefs that Kagome was his too, then this situation would have never sprung forth.”

Rin was about to add to the conversation, but the appearance of her father figure coming out from the tree line just as her Uncle was rising from the ground.

“Sesshomaru,” Inuyasha snarled his brother’s name as if it were some curse. Once more, he placed Tetsusaiga before him ready to fight his brother.

“You took something from me, little brother,” his older brother’s baritone voice was soft but underneath there was an underlining current of rage. His red-hued eyes looked over at the figure of his brother’s mate and a dark smile found its way upon the lips of the daiyokai. For those who bore witness to it knew that the demon lord had come to exact revenge for his loss and who was to say he would not invoke demon laws. “I believe your death would suffice for my loss.”

“I’d like to see you try to kill me, Asshole,” Inuyasha growled setting Tetsusaiga into attack mode as he headed toward his brother.

From the sidelines, they could only watch in horror as the two brothers clashed swords time and time again and from the looks of this battle, the elder brother was out for blood – and more importantly the hanyo’s. Both older women knew they could not step in, but the youngest was looking for that opening. She could not watch this continue. She did not want her adopted father to kill her uncle. She knew that such would solve not a thing especially when it came to returning her mother back to this world. She glanced up at the women, taking in the fact their attention was still diverted to the fighting and then once more toward the battlefield – and she saw her moment appear: her father had just rammed his entire toxic clawed hand through her uncle’s gut.

“No!” Rin cried out racing toward Sesshomaru and putting her arms around his middle. “Please, Papa, don’t kill him! I know he hurt Momma, but she would not want this! Please!”

Sesshomaru froze. His red-hued eyes returning to their golden color as his hand withdrew from his brother’s body. He could hear the pain in his daughter’s words and knew that even though she had possibly bore witness to his brother’s deceit, she had been right – Kagome would not be happy if Inuyasha was dead. The Bakusaiga dropped from his hand as his head lowered allowing his long silver hair to curtain the pained expression from those still watching the battle. In that single moment, he could hear Rin’s soft sobs vibrate against his back. His daughter was hurting, but so was he. Her tears echoed the pain that was constricting around his heart from his own loss.

“Rin,” he spoke softly.

“Papa?” She sniffled lifting her head to look up at him.

“Prepare Ah-Un,” he told her, “to leave. We return to the West.”

“Aye,” she replied and let go of him to run off.

Sesshomaru reached for his sword and straightened himself, glaring down at his brother as he did so.

“You were saved by my daughter, consider yourself lucky,” Sesshomaru warned his half-brother, “but know this: if I find you on my lands, I will kill you.”

And with those words, the demon lord turned and walked away in the direction that he knew Rin had taken. He did not even bother to speak to the two women he passed. As far as he was concerned, they were just as much at fault as the hanyo. None of them were going to be allowed to set foot upon the Western Lands or they would forfeit their lives.

“We are ready, Papa,” Rin stated upon return. In her hand, she held the leash of the two-headed dragon.

“We return home,” he said and headed toward the tree line that would guide them back to the Western Lands.

Once the Lord of the West had departed, Kikyo was the first to move from her spot and she ran over to where her mate laid with a giant hole in his stomach. She wrinkled her nose from the smell of the toxic that still burning through around the corners of the hole. Ripping the shoulder sleeve of her Miko uniform, she went about to clean up any of the toxic poison she could.

“Inuyasha,” she whispered softly. There was a tone of disappointment lacing her words and aura, “you are lucky he did not kill you. You owe Rin your life because she saved you from a fate that your brother already had planned for you.”

Sango knelt beside the Miko and was doing her best to help her friend. “Let me go see if Miroku and Kirara have returned so we can carry him to Kaede’s hut.”

Sango rose to her feet and moved quickly once more toward the village. Kiky watched her friend depart and turned once more to her mate. As she went back to cleaning the gaping wound, she could not help but be in awe of how Rin had the ability to bring Sesshmaru back to the present. She knew he had come to kill his brother and she was certain he would have done so without thought.

A sigh from her lips, there was too much to contemplate and once Inuyasha had recovered, they would talk about this.

Chapter End

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