A Jealous Betrayal @utena
Chapter Two

A Jealous Betrayal

By Utena

Chapter Two

Beneath the heavy white paws of the large inuyoukai dog, the ground shook and thundered under its weight. The most lethal inuyoukai was destroying everything within his path as he moved toward the direction of his brother’s forest. Whatever had caused that smoke and had to do something with his mate’s disappearance, and he was certain he would find the culprit to be none other than his own half-brother. He knew the half-breed had not been happy with the notion that the priestess had found someone else and mated. Sesshomaru had a strong belief that his half-brother believed that once they had destroyed Naraku, she would go back to her own time leaving Inuyasha free to mate Kikyo without an ounce of guilt.

But that was not how the narrative went. In fact, it went in a direction that his brother had not been able to fathom.

Still, Sesshomaru had not regretted his decision to mate the priestess. He would never admit – anyone or even himself – that both she and Rin were the reason he had changed his course in his life. He had already surpassed his own sire when his soul birthed the Bakusaiga and returned his severed arm to him during the battle against Magatsuhi. Sesshomaru saw no further reason to walk the path of Supreme Conquest. No, he had something else he wished to conqueror and that was the heart of the Miko that was part of his brother’s pack.

In truth, he could not remember where his fascination with her began. He wanted to believe that it came in the place of his sire’s tomb. While both he and Inuyasha had tried their hardest to pull Tetsusaiga from its place, it had been the human Miko who had managed to do the fete.

“What are you?” He had inquired.

He could surmise that it had been the start of his inquiry into what she was but having watched her numerous times while he battled his brother, he still had been no closer to answering the question. His mate may have looked human, but she did not smell like one. Ever since their first meeting, he could never smell an ounce of decay upon her small frame. He had always wondered if that had been since she had once housed the Shikon no Tama in her body.

As he drew closer to his brother’s forest, his head lifted, and sniffed the air. There, he caught a small sniff of his mate’s scent. She had come here to Edo, but why? She had made no mention of it earlier that morning. There had been discussion a week prior that the two would make a visit to Edo to see Rin. So, what had brought her earlier?

Then it dawned on the inuyoukai as those red-colored hues narrowed in anger. Inuyasha.

“Why him?” Inuyasha wanted to know as he and Kagome made their way toward the open field by the Bone Eater’s Well.

Kagome sighed inwardly. She knew this question had been coming a mile away. It had not mattered that she had tried numerous times prior to explaining to the hanyou, but he would not listen to anything. She was not sure why she wanted to bother now to explain to him, but she supposed that this was the best chance to gaining some peace not only for herself but for her mate.

“I cannot really explain it, ‘Yasha,” she said honestly. “I don’t think either of us believed it would happen, but I suppose that the more we spent together, the more a spark appeared between us.” She paused to tape her chin in thought. “I was not going to continue to chase you nor was I going to continue to hold out any hope that you would look at me as you did Kikyo.”

“So, you turned to my brother?” He accused her narrowing his amber-colored hues down at the tiny Miko.

Kagome shook her head. “It was not like that,” she said too tired to argue with her former best friend. All she wanted from him was that he was happy for her, but she knew it would never come. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had far too much between them that would offer any sort of hope for reconciling. “Sesshomaru and I began to spend time together because he offered to train me. I am not like Kikyo, you made that assessment quite clear to me numerous times, and you always told me I was weak. I wanted to change that and Sesshomaru offered to help me.”

“I’m sure he helped you,” he snarked at her.

Kagome’s sapphire eyes narrowed at the implication of his words and her hand rose with just a touch of Miko's power as it moved across his face. “I did not whore myself out for help,” she snarled. “Your brother was a gentleman and he never demanded my body as payment! HOW DARE YOU THINK THAT!”

As far as Kagome was concerned, this conversation was over as was this entire meeting. She did not know what she had hoped to achieve from this. Perhaps, a small part of her had missed him as her best friend but now…. now all she wanted to do was return home to her mate and never come back here. She would send Sesshomaru in her steed to check on Rin’s progress.

“Where do you think you're going, Bitch!?” He growled matching her pace with his own and reached out to grab her by the upper arm and spinning her back around. “Why can’t you see that Sesshomaru mated you only because he felt sorry for you! You will never be more powerful than Kikyo!”

That…that really hurt. Kagome could feel the sting of his words lash at her very heart and soul. Part of her knew he was right. She would never be powerful like Kikyo, but she did not need to try either. Sesshomaru had always told her that although she was the undead priestess’s incarnate, it did not mean that she could grow into her own and she held onto those words from her mate. It had given her strength whenever Inuyasha decided to put her down.

“Tell Sango and Kikyo that I am sorry I could not stay,” she whispered forcefully removing her upper arm from his grip and heading toward the direction of the two-headed dragon.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Inuyasha was seeing red. He knew exactly where she was headed, and he had no intention of letting her return to the Ice Prince. Oh, she was going home all right. Right back to her original world.

He reached for her again and hauled her over his shoulder and headed in the direction of the Bone Eater’s Well. He could feel her tiny fists pounding on his back, but he would not back down. Once he reached the well, he tossed her in and watched her shocked face disappear the moment the blue light enveloped her falling form.

Seeing as Kagome was gone, Inuyasha stepped back and unsheathed Tetsusaiga.

“Bakuryuha!” Inuyasha called out sending a wave of power from Tetsusaiga and annihilating the well altogether.

“Inuyasha, what have you done!?” Sango gasped upon her arrival in the clearing. Smoke bellowed from the ruins of the well and Kagome was nowhere in sight. The realization hit her, and she knew that she and Kikyo had played right into Inuyasha’s hands.

“Mama!” Rin cried out the moment she arrived in the clearing. Her chocolate-colored eyes sweeping over the landscape for any sign of her adoptive mother but there was no sign of her anywhere. Her eyes tore away from the clearing and toward the destroyed well. “Uncle ‘Yasha, you didn’t –“

Rin was unable to finish her words. The evidence in front of her told the story. Her mother was gone and now she did not know how she was going to be able to face her adoptive father.

“Inuyasha, do you have any idea of what you have done?” Sango demanded finally managing to shake herself from her shock. “You took a youkai’s mate and tossed her down the well. Do you understand the implications of your actions?”

“Feh!” Inuyasha snorted. “She’s gone and the bastard can’t use her against us.”

“You don’t understand, Inuyasha,” Kikyo announced coming upon the scene and seeing the destruction. She was furious with her mate. He had used them to bring Kagome here and now they were on the brink of war now against a crazed daiyoukai, which was much worse than anything they had ever been up against. Even worse it would be Sesshomaru and Kikyo had seen her mate’s half-brother in action too many times to know that his aim was accurate against his enemies. “We are going to have to stop a crazed daiyoukai, you baka! You took his mate from him and possibly cut a mating link! Do you have any idea of what that does to a youkai much less a daiyoukai?” She held out her hand to stop him from opening his mouth. “Sesshomaru is going to be going on a rampage because the mating link will have felt like it was cut off and he will destroy everything and anyone in his path!”

“I can handle my half-brother,” Inuyasha heaved the transformed fang over his shoulder. “I have done it once and I can do it again!”

Sango shook her head. “Inuyasha, during those times, Sesshomaru-sama was not to injure you. He was training you. He never bothered to take your father’s fang if you remember correctly. He was training you to wield it properly. This time – this time you will not be so lucky to escape him. There is a reason why your brother was so feared by other youkai and daiyoukais.”

Inuyasha snorted and waved his hand. He did not fear Sesshomaru. He had bested his half-brother enough times to know that he was on equal ground when it came to clashing swords with him. If what they had said had been true, then his brother would have already appeared but there had been no sign of him anywhere. He believed he did Sesshomaru a favor – something he probably had been unable to do in the first place.

A howl in the distance caused all occupants in the clearing to freeze. The mournful howl causing their blood to grow cold. It had been a cry of heartbreak that each one could feel within the depths of their souls.

“Papa,” Rin whispered softly feeling the tears fall down her face. “Papa is coming. He is hurt.”

Both Sango and Kikyo glanced over at the girl. If it was Sesshomaru coming, then the fight was much earlier than anticipated. Neither woman had their weapons, having left them when they heard the explosion.

“Rin, you should head back to the village,” Sango stated looking over at the child.

Rin shook her head. “No, I can help calm Papa down. I know I can. Papa is just hurting and if we can reach him, we can calm him down.”

Kikyo was not sure if that would work, but she was willing to try anything to save the village.

The Present –

Kagome landed with a soft thud on the bottom of her shrine’s well. Her entire mind was in shock of what Inuyasha had done and even worse, try as she might, she could not return. She had been forcefully taken from her mate’s arms and flung back here to the future. Even worse, she never even had a chance to tell him that he was going to be a father.

Closing her eyes to halt her tears, Kagome remembered how she had gone to one of the Shiro’s healers. For the past several days, she had become ill in the mornings, often waving away breakfast before rushing to the nearest bucket to vomit. She had her suspicions that she was pregnant and wondered why Sesshomaru had not been able to detect it.

Opening her eyes again, she clawed at the moist stones. “Please,” she whispered heartbrokenly, “please let me return.”

And the well refused her request.

Chapter End.

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