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Becoming a Harvey Girl

The next day, Amanda is at her new home relaxing on the living room couch. Her head is laying on her hands, and her right leg is in a triangular position with her left leg crossing it. As she rests, she suddenly hears a knock on the front door. Amanda stands up and walks over to the door and opens it, revealing to be the Harvey Girls.

"Sup, Amanda!" Audrey greeted as the other Harvey Girls waved their hands.

"Oh. Hey, Audrey. Hey, Dot. Hey, Lotta," Amanda greeted back. "What brings you girls here?"

"Well, now that Audrey told everyone the truth about you, and you both reconciled afterwards, how was your day so far?" Dot asked.

"It was great!" cheered the trans girl. "People treated me nicely! The Bloogey Boys did not question me not even once, the other girls were comfortable around me and even spoke to me, and Lucretia… well… she still kept asking me about my… ding dong."

The Harvey Girls immediately knew what Amanda was referring to when she said "ding dong".

"Riiight," uttered Dot uncomfortably.

"Anyway, glad that everyone is treating you nicely!" exclaimed Lotta. "Here at Harvey Street we don't care if someone is white, black, brown, gay, straight, bi, ace, Christian, Jewish, trans, and… well… anything they identify as. As long as we're nice and treat everyone well, we're all good."

"Because here at Harvey Street we embrace diversity, multiculturalism, equality, and love," adds Dot. "It says so in the Harvey Street constitution." She looks at the reader, "Yes. We have our own constitution. It's based on the US Constitution written by our Founding Fathers back in 1787."

"And now that we know you're doing okay, Audrey has something to tell you," Lotta said to Amanda.

"Alright. Let's hear it," said Amanda.

"Amanda," Audrey began, "I know you've already forgave me for the incident that shall never be mentioned because the readers know what incident we're talking about by this point, but as a continuation of my apology are you interested in becoming a Harvey Girl?"

Amanda's face brightens up after hearing that. "You want me to become a part of the Harvey Girls?"

"Do you how to be fun?" questioned Dot.

"Of course I do! I know how to make games fair in order to be fun! I mean, what fun is there to play a game where some players don't have equal opportunities like other players?"

"She's got a point," Lotta told her fellow Harvey Girls.

"Then it's decided! Amanda Anderson, you are now officially a Harvey Girl!" Audrey declared.

Instantly, Amanda begins cheering as she jumps up and down with excitement.

"Wait!" Dot suddenly shouted. "You don't have an official name yet!"

"An official name?" Amanda asked.

"I'm the CEO of Harvey Street Enterprises," stated Dot.

"I'm the protector of Harvey Street," stated Audrey.

"And I'm the snuggler and cuddler of Harvey Street," stated Lotta.

"Oh. Well… I'm…" then, in a Sailor Moon-like sequence, she states, "the fair determinator of Harvey Street!"

"Fair determinator. Sounds very cool!" complimented Audrey.

"Thanks!" said Amanda. "Now let's go save some fun, shall we?"

Next, the Harvey Girls, including Amanda, run out of the house and jump from the porch. Then, the scene freezes as the girls are in midair posing. From this day forward, Amanda is officially a Harvey Girl, the fair determinator of Harvey Street.


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