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The Apology

Later after school, Audrey and Amanda are at the middle of the park ready to call the attention of the Harvey Street children. Behind them is a boombox which the microphone Audrey is holding is wirelessly connected to. Audrey looks at Amanda, and the trans girl gives her a nod of approval. Amanda turns on the boombox, and Audrey starts speaking:

"Um, testing one two! Testing one two! May I have your attention, everyone?"

Soon, the entire street, including Dot and Lotta, come over, confused about what is going on now. The two Harvey girls look rather unimpressed, still upset at Audrey for having the audacity to spit hateful lies about Amanda the previous day.

As all of the kids are listening, Audrey resumes talking, "Good afternoon, everyone! I hope you're having a great day! Now does remember our good ol' pal Amanda here?" She points at Amanda who waved nervously at the audience.

Immediately, the children express their dislike and disgust towards Amanda, having remembered the lies Audrey told them yesterday. Some gave a look of disgust while others gave a nod of disapproval. The negative reactions made Amanda turn red with embarrassment and shame. Dot and Lotta, on the other hand, grew worried that Audrey might spew more slander about Amanda.

"Well," Audrey continues, starting to feel guilty, "I'm gonna tell you the real truth about her."

The children, especially Dot and Lotta, soon grew confused about what Audrey meant by "real truth".

"Real truth?" Dot asked.

Lotta shrugs.

Audrey proceeds, "Remember the things I've said about Amanda yesterday? Well… they were all lies." She looks down in shame.

Soon, the audience becomes restless. The kids began whispering amongst one another, wondering why Audrey would lie about Amanda.

"Now, now. Settle down," Audrey told her audience. "I know what you're thinking. Aud, why would you lie about Amanda? Well… that's because I'm a prejudiced nobody. You see, when Amanda first came out to me, Dot, and Lotta as transgender, I immediately assumed she was a creepy boy pretending to be a girl. Instead of getting to know her, I prejudged her based on her gender identity which led me to spit lies about her which hurt her; now all of you hate her because of my lies. Now here is the truth: Amanda is not a creepy boy, or a boy for that matter. She is not a boy dressing up as a girl. She is a girl. A girl whose gender identity does not match her birth sex, aka transgender. Why is Amanda a transgender? Because she was born with something called gender dysphoria. It's some sort of condition where the brain feels it's in the wrong body because it's gender identity doesn't match the birth sex. For example, before Amanda transitioned, her brain was that of a girl, but it was in the body of a boy. As a result, Amanda felt like she wasn't meant to be born a boy and was meant to be born a girl, so she transitioned. Amanda has no intentions of hurting girls. She just wanted her brain to match with her body."

Suddenly, Fredo raises his hand.

"Yes, Fredo?"

"I appreciate that you've admitted you lied and told us the truth, but how can you explain… you know what?"

"What do you mean, you know what?"

"Y'know, Amanda's….."

"Ohhhh…." Audrey understood. "Well, I have no explanation sadly, but," she turns to Dot, "I know someone who does."

Instantly, everyone turns their attention towards Dot. She makes a small but determined smile and approaches Audrey. She gently takes the microphone from Audrey's hands and faces the audience.

"Why does Amanda still have her… privacy, you ask?" Dot began. "Well, there's a scientific explanation for that. You see, sex and gender are two different things. Sex refers to your whatever is hidden inside your pants, your chromosomes, your muscle mass, your bone density, and so on; gender refers to what your brain feels. Male and female are sexes; man or boy and woman or girl are genders. While gender and sex commonly match, there are rare cases where gender and sex don't match. You see, the feminization or masculinization of the brain is independent from the development of the sex organs. Gender dysphoria is caused by the brain's overexposure or underexposure to testosterone which is the case for Amanda."

"Ohhhhh…" Fredo exclaims. "Thanks, Dot."

"You're welcome." Dot hands the microphone back to Audrey and walks off.

"Now that we got the science out of the way, let's continue!" Audrey resumes, "After transitioning, Amanda feft happier. At least, she was supposed to be. You see, after she transitioned, her classmates at school began bullying her. They viewed her as a freak and a creep. It has gotten so bad to the point where she received death threats which caused her family to move out of her hometown and move into Harvey Street in the first place."

Audrey then slowly turns to Amanda.

"And because of that, I'm here to apologize." Audrey takes a deep breath. "Amanda, I'm sorry I prejudged you before getting to know you. I was so overprotective that I immediately assumed that you're a creep because you're transgender. I had no idea what being trans was like, but instead of learning about it I let my ignorance get the better of me. I know this isn't enough to make up for what I did, but this is the least I can do. I want you to be treated like everyone else here regardless of your gender identity." Audrey hands the mic to Amanda. "So… do you forgive me?"

Amanda remained silent. It may be true that what Audrey did yesterday was horrible, but after she defended her from FruFru and told everyone the truth, there was no way Amanda would not forgive her. "I do," she uttered.

Audrey was a bit shocked that Amanda forgave her this easily, but her surprised look soon turns into a warm smile. Then, both girls engage in a hug. The children, except FruFru, all begin cheering for them. Dot and Lotta exchange happy looks and also engage in a hug exclaiming "Yes!" FruFru, on the other hand, just rolled her eyes, not caring about what Audrey and Dot stated. The truth has been revealed. Everyone now knows how being transgender works, and there is no doubt that Amanda will now be accepted by everyone; well, except for FruFru that is.

"Welcome to Harvey Street, Amanda," Audrey said.

"Thank you, Audrey."

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