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Bathroom Trouble

The next morning at school, Amanda is in the hallway standing a few feet away from the girls bathroom. Ever since Audrey outed her to the entire street, she felt more apprehensive than ever. She feared that one of the Harvey Street children would stop her and force her to use the boys bathroom. But she cannot let her fear get the best of her as she really needs to do her business, so she takes a slow deep breath and slowly begins walking towards the girls bathroom. As Amanda was about to enter the bathroom, however, her fear is soon realized as a girl suddenly puts her arm in front of the doorway, blocking the entrance to the girls bathroom. The girl preventing Amanda from entering the bathroom is FruFru, one of the children who listened to Audrey's slander the previous day.

"Uh, where do you think you're going?" asked FruFru sternly.

"Umm… to the bathroom?" Amanda replied with a mix of confusion and fear.

"Sorry, but this is the girls' bathroom. The boys' bathroom is that way." FruFru points to the boys' bathroom which is right next to the girls' bathroom.

"But… I am a girl. I'm a girl just like you." Amanda insists.

"Um, no you're not. You're a boy. Dressing up as a girl doesn't magically make you a girl."

"I can assure you I am not a boy pretending to be a girl. What Audrey said about me yesterday are pure lies."

"Oh yeah? Then how can you explain Audrey's photo of your… ummm… peewee?" FruFru questioned. "Hmm? Can you explain that, creep?"

"First off, I have no idea why Audrey took an interest in what's behind my skirt; secondly, some girls have… peewees. It's a fact!" Amanda argued.

"Are you that delusional?! Everyone knows that boys have peewees and girls don't! It's basic biology!"

"Sex and gender are two different things. Sex is related to your… umm… privacy and physical appearance, and gender is related to this." Amanda points to her head. "In other words, a peewee determines that one's a male, not a boy; whatever matches what the brain identifies determines whether a person is a boy or girl."

Suddenly, FruFru bursts laughing. "So you're saying that your feelings determine what gender you are? Ha! That's gotta be one of the dumbest yet funniest things I've ever heard!"

"It's true! You can literally look up the evidence online!"

FruFru stops laughing. "Face it, Amanda. You're not a girl, meaning you're not allowed inside the girls bathroom. Bathrooms are separated by gender for a reason. It's to prevent potential creeps like you from doing creepy stuff to us girls."

"I am not a creep, and I have no intention of doing creepy things to you or other girls. All I want is to use the bathroom, that's it!"

"Ugh. You 'trans' people are nothing but delusional freakazoids who can't accept reality," FruFru rants. "You all think you can change your gender, but in reality you CAN'T! Boys are boys and always will be; girls are girls and always will be, and the same goes for you, Amanda. You are a boy, and you will always be a boy. No amount of makeup, doing your hair, or dresses will ever change that. Why is it so hard for people like you to accept that?"

"And why is it so hard for transphobes like you to accept that fact that transgender people exist?" a third voice told FruFru.

Confused, FruFru and Amanda look at the direction where the voice came from and see Audrey slowly approaching the former. "FruFru, just let Amanda in the bathroom!" she demanded. "She's not hurting you by simply peeing or pooping on the toilet!"

"First off," FruFru began, "eww; second off, didn't you yourself tell me and everyone else that Amanda is a boy pretending to be a girl? You even showed me that picture of Amanda's… peewee! Why are you suddenly defending this freak?!"

"Because what I did was wrong, okay?" Audrey admits. "Instead of getting to know Amanda better, I immediately judged her the moment I met her! Like what you're doing now!"

"Well sorry for being a woman of facts! You can't change your gender!"

"And neither can Amanda! She has always been a girl! Even at birth! She was born a girl who happens to have a male body! Also, biology and psychology proved that transgender people can exist. How do I know? I've asked Dot about it, and she's the science person, so I trust her. You can ask her yourself!"

"Ugh. My brain cannot comprehend the dumb stuff you just spat out to me. Fine. If you're gonna let a boy inside the girls bathroom, then so be it. Not my problem if she suddenly does some creepy stuff to you." And with that FruFru leaves for class.

Audrey turns around to face Amanda. "You okay, Amanda? Did she hurt you?"

"No," Amanda replied, a little scared.

"I'm sorry about FruFru. She is not always like this although she can be very mean and judgy."

"That's okay. You don't need to apologise." stated Amanda. "Also, it's not like she's the only one."

"What do you mean?"

"The other kids have also attacked or feared me for being trans. When I left my house, the Bloogey Boys wouldn't stop asking me inappropriate questions and harassing me. When I tried to talk to a girl they always ran away from me. And the worst part, Lucretia kept asking me to show her my… you know what."

"Ugh," Audrey uttered in disgust. "That definitely sounds like Lucretia."

"Guess why all of that happened?" Amanda glares at Audrey.

"Oh. Right." Audrey looks down in guilt.

"Although, you did defend me from FruFru," Amanda admitted, "something nobody has ever done. That shows me that you can change."

"Aw shucks." Audrey blushed.

Amanda sighs sadly. "Sadly, I can't say the same to the other kids."

Suddenly, Audrey gets an idea. "Hey! I think I know how I can get the whole street to accept you again!

Happy Transgender Awareness Week, everyone!

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