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Exposing Amanda

Later that afternoon, Dot and Lotta are taking a stroll through the park

"How was the test, Dot?" asked Lotta.

"It was pretty hard, but I think I did well enough to earn at least an A- although I don't take A-'s too lightly."

"You passed?! Congratulations, Dot!"

"No no, Lotta. The exams haven't been graded yet. The grades won't be released until next week."

"Oh. But… why?" asked the gentle giant.

"Because my professor needs time to grade each exam which is a lot of work," explained Dot.

"Ah," uttered Lotta.

"Anyway, where's Audrey? She hasn't arrived at HQ yet, and, according to her school's schedule, it's been three hours since school ended."

"Maybe she went straight home to do some homework," Lotta guessed.

"That's doubtful. Audrey doesn't do her school assignments right away, or doesn't do them at all for that matter," Dot assumes. "I hope she didn't get in trouble for… you know what."

"I know what what?" asked Lotta, confused by what Dot meant.

"You know, Audrey spying on Amanda because she thinks Amanda's a boy pretending to be a girl solely because of her gender identity."

"Oh yeah. That." Lotta then realizes, "That explains why she was sneaking in the vents during lunch."

"She WHAT?!" Dot exclaimed in unison after hearing what Lotta just stated.

Suddenly, the two Harvey Girls start hearing what sounded like Audrey's voice but amplified by a microphone. "Attention! Attention! Everyone, may I have your attention please!"

"Uh oh," the Harvey Girls uttered in worried tones, knowing what was about to happen.

In the middle of the park, Audrey is talking on a wireless microphone connected to a wireless boombox. Her loud, microphonic voice had caught the attention of the Harvey Street children who were coming over to see what was going on.

"Thank you! Thank you for coming! Now I'm here to tell you all something so important yet so disturbing, so listen up!"

Soon, Dot and Lotta arrived with worried expressions dominating their faces; around the same time, Amanda arrived unaware of what was about to occur.

"What am I talking about, you ask?" Audrey resumes. "Well, I'm talking about a secret a certain someone has been hiding from all of you all along."

"I knew it," said Dot as her fear was realized.

Amanda, as well as everyone else, watched Audrey in utter confusion.

"Who is that certain someone, you ask? Well I'm talking about none other than… Amanda Anderson!"

Everyone, especially Amanda, gasped in absolute shock.

"ME?!" Amanda is now utterly scared.

Seeing that Audrey is about to reveal Amanda's gender identity, Dot and Lotta run towards her. Dot takes the microphone away from Audrey as an attempt to prevent her from outing Amanda.

"Nothing to see here, folks!" Dot immediately told the audience. "Audrey is just being crazy right now! We'll take her home now so she can rest."

Amanda is soon relieved to see Dot and Lotta protecting her identity.

Then, Audrey takes back the microphone from Dot. "What are you both doing? You're ruining the big moment!"

Dot takes the microphone again. "You, along with Lotta and me, promised to keep Amanda's gender identity a secret!"

Audrey retakes the microphone again. "Well I lied because I don't want Armin to suspect that I was planning to out him out! People need to learn who he really is!"

Dot takes back the microphone once again. "Firstly, you're deadnaming and using the wrong pronouns; secondly, there is nothing wrong with being TRANSGENDER!"

The word echoed through the park like through a cave, reaching every single pair of ears. The audience let out another gasp of shock upon hearing the word, but nobody was as shocked as Amanda. Her secret had been exposed to lots of other kids, and now they know her real identity. Dot covered her mouth, realizing what she had done. Audrey, meanwhile, takes this opportunity to out Amanda even more.

"Yeah! That's right! Amanda is transgender! Or at least that's what she wants you to think! She claims to be born a boy who turned into a girl, but in reality she is still a boy! And I have PROOF!"

Audrey pulls out her phone and turns it on. She searches through her gallery and clicks on the picture displaying Amanda's… body part that shall not be mentioned. She then shows the picture to Dot and Lotta who both immediately demonstrated reactions of disgust upon viewing the picture. Next, Audrey walks over to each kid and shows them the photo; like Dot and Lotta, each child was disgusted by it, especially FruFru who did not hesitate to throw up upon viewing the obscene photo. Amanda is now feeling a mix of extreme embarrassment and extreme fear. Everyone knows that she is transgender, and she is now fearful of how everyone will view her.

After Audrey showed the photo to everyone, she resumed her tirade, "Do you wanna know why he is dressing as a girl? Because he wants to do some creepy stuff to you!"

All the girls, except Dot, Lotta, and Amanda, gasp in horror.

"Yeah! He is a creep! I mean, why else would he dress up as a girl?"

"So… that's how you see me, huh?" Amanda suddenly spoke, catching Audrey and everyone else's attention. "So you see me as a creep pretending to be trans and proceed to tell everyone despite promising that you won't tell anyone? Welp. Thank you for telling me who you really are, Audrey."

"Uhh… what are you getting at?" asked Audrey, confused.

"What I'm saying is that… you broke my trust, Audrey." Amanda is on the verge of crying. "You lied to me about keeping my identity a secret. Do you have any idea how much this affects me?!"

Audrey, along with everyone else, just watched Amanda in confusion.

"Wanna really know why I kept my transness a secret?" Amanda resumes. "Because I was afraid people would bully me because I'm transgender. You have no idea how much bullying and harassment I was forced to deal with back in my hometown; heck, that's the reason why my family moved here in the first place. To get away from hateful and intolerant people. But now, thanks to you we moved for nothing." Tears begin forming. "I don't know what your deal is or what I have done to you to make you do this to me, but you've proved to me that even the seemingly accepting people will betray me and out me so I can be forced to experience more bullying and harassment, and that sucks because I thought you were a good person, Audrey, but it turns out you're nothing but a bully." Tears rolled down her cheeks. "A sick, disgusting, intolerant, transphobic bully!"

Amanda then turns around and runs away crying. Audrey, now feeling regretful, begins running after her. "Amanda, wait! I didn't know!" She then stops as she takes notice of the kids leaving as the whole slandering of Amanda is now over. "Wait! Come back! This was all… umm… a joke! Yeah! A joke! Hahaha! Got ya! Hahaha!"

"I guess you were right Audrey," Melvin told her as he walks away with the Bloogey Boys.

"You weren't joking about Amanda being 'transgender' after all," added Fredo.

Audrey, now really regretful and fearful, turns to her fellow Harvey Girls for help. "Guys, you gotta help me fix this! You both know I didn't know Amanda was just trying to protect herself from bullies! I didn't know!"

"I'm sorry, Audrey. I know the Harvey Girls are about helping each other out," Dot explains, "but all of this happened because of your prejudice towards trans people, so you're gonna fix this problem on your own." With that, Dot leaves.

"What about you, Lotta? Will you help me?" Audrey pleaded.

"Actually, I'm siding with Dot on this one. What you did was really mean. You've let your prejudice get the better of you, so now it's time for you to get the better of your prejudice." With that, Lotta leaves.

Audrey just stood there, shocked that her friends refused to help her with her situation, but then she grew to understand why. She assumed that Amanda was a predator after she came out as trans to her, and she let her fears get the better of her, and now people will potentially treat her differently because of her actions. Amanda will now face more bullying and harassment for being transgender because of her prejudice. Audrey stares down at the grassy ground in utter guilt. She turns around and walks away, reflecting on her actions.

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