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Spying on Amanda (Part Two)

"She's in MY CLASS?!"

Audrey puts on a face of utter shock after finding out who the new student to her class is. Standing right next to Mrs. Walter, Audrey and Lotta's teacher, is none other than Amanda Anderson.

"Um, hi again." She nervously waved at her new classmates, most of which are the Harvey Street children who she already met the previous day.

"Now I would like all of you to make her feel welcome in this class and school," Mrs. Walter told her class. "Remember that Harvey Street Elementary is a place welcoming of diversity and tolerance."

"Yes, Mrs. Walter!" the students agreed willfully.

"I knew I would count on my wonderful class," the teacher stated proudly. She then looks back at Amanda and tells her, "Amanda, dear, why don't you sit on that empty seat between Lotta and Audrey?"

Amanda looks at the empty seat between Lotta, who is happily waving at her, and Audrey, who looked rather indifferent.

"Um, okay." Amanda approaches her new seat and slowly takes a seat.

"Welcome to Harvey Street School, Amanda!" Lotta welcomed her new classmate and friend in her typical cheerful manner.

"Um, thanks," uttered the trans girl.

"Trust me! You'll LOVE IT here!" exclaimed the snuggler and and cuddler of Harvey Street.

"Everyone here is kind to each other!"

After saying that, she is suddenly hit on the back of her head by a spitball. She looks behind and sees that it was the usual suspect: Melvin.

"Got ya!" Melvin exclaimed before he laughs teasingly along with the rest of the Bloogey Boys.

"Well, not everyone," Lotta told Amanda. "Besides that, we also have amazing clubs! We have an art club, a book club, a dance club, a cooking club, a Horn-A-Corn club, a Crush4U club, a Booger-Sculpting club-"

"Alright, Lotta. That's enough," Mrs. Walter interrupted. "You can take her on a tour when it's recess. It's class time."

"Right." Lotta giggled nervously.

Meanwhile, Audrey is having thoughts about spying on Amanda later during the day.

So, Mrs. Walter doesn't know that Armin is a boy pretending to be a girl. Fooling a teacher? That's gotta be one of the most devious acts you've ever committed, Armin. Not even the baddest troublemakers in this school can pull that off. Oh you are in great trouble once I expose who you really are. Audrey then makes a really evil grin.

"Um, why are you smiling like that?" Amanda asked, having noticed Audrey grinning sinisterly.

"Oh! Umm… nothing!" Audrey told her.

Later during recess, Amanda is sitting on a bench alone scrolling through social media on her smartphone. Unbeknownst to her, a certain someone is spying on her. Hiding behind the tree, which is behind the bench, is Audrey who is recording whatever is displayed on Amanda's phone screen. She zooms in her camera to get a better look at the phone screen.

"Hehe. Let's see what kind of creepy stuff you look at, Armin," she whispered.

All of a sudden, Audrey is hit in the back of her head by a spitball. She looks back as sees Melvin, who is holding a straw next to his mouth, and the rest of the Bloogey Boys.

"Yo, Aud," Melvin began, "wanna hang out with me and the boys? We're gonna spit some balls at the principal."

"Umm… sorry, but I'm… umm… a little busy," Audrey replied, growing anxious.

"With what?"

"Umm… well…"

Melvin then takes notice of Amanda's curly blonde hair and giant pink bow. "Oh. I see what this is. You're spying on the new girl."

As soon as those words are uttered, Amanda stops scrolling on her phone and freezes. Seeing this, Audrey runs away from the tree and pushes the Bloogey Boys away. As soon as they are gone, Amanda looks behind and sees no one. She shrugs and goes back to searching through social media.

Now outside of Amanda's view, Audrey stops pushing the boys.

"Hey! What gives?" asked Fredo.

"Don't give me away!" Audrey said, getting a little upset.

"Oh. So you were spying on Amanda," said Pinkeye.

"But why?" asked Melvin.

Audrey sighed, knowing she had no choice. "Fine. I'll tell you. I'm spying on Amanda because, and I know this will sound crazy, she is not actually a girl."

The Bloogey Boys stared at Audrey like she was crazy.

"Uh, she looks like a girl to me," said Fredo.

"That's what she wants you to think, but she is actually TRANSGENDER!"

"Transgender?" Pinkeye is confused by the term.

"It's a person who's current gender is the opposite of the gender they were born as, or something like that," Audrey explains. "Amanda is transgender, meaning she was born a boy but turned into a girl, or something like that."

The boys stare blankly at Audrey for a second, bewildered about what she just explained; suddenly, they burst laughing. Audrey looks confused, not knowing why the boys are suddenly laughing.

"Good one, Audrey!" Melvin laughs.

"Everyone knows you can't change gender! It's biologically impossible!" Fredo laughed.

"That's gotta be the funniest joke I've ever heard!" Pinkeye laughs.

"Wait! No! It's true! Amanda told me herself!" Audrey insisted.

"Audrey," Melvin places his hand on her shoulder, "you are one of the funniest people I've ever met. Where did you come up with such a funny joke?"

"Yeah. Where did you come up with the idea that Amanda was once a boy?" asked Pinkeye.

"But it's not a joke! What I'm saying is true!"

"Wow. You sure are persistent on the joke." Melvin then grabs Audrey's hand. "Now c'mon! We got a principal to peddle with spitballs!" He starts dragging her.

Audrey sighs in defeat, knowing there is no way to convince the Bloogey Boys to not let her join in on the pranking. I guess the spying will have to wait, and the Bloogey Boys will be sorry once I show them proof that Amanda is "transgender" aka a boy pretending to be a girl.

Later during lunch, Amanda is eating her lunch at a two-seat table with her new friend Lotta.

"So how was your school day, Amanda?" Lotta asked.

"Surprisingly, not bad," Amanda takes a bite of her sandwich, "but that's mainly because I've never told anyone, not even the principal or teacher, that I'm trans."

"Hey. Don't feel bad about being trans. Dot, Audrey, and I have your back. We promised we won't tell anyone you're transgender."

Little did both Lotta and Amanda know that Audrey is inside the vents above the school cafeteria secretly eavesdropping on their conversation and recording it with her phone.

"Oh that's what you think Lotta, but after gathering evidence that Amanda isn't a real transgender, I'll make sure the secret is out," whispered Audrey.

"So I was wondering," Lotta asks, "where did you come from?"

"I came from a town called Oswaldville," replied Amanda. "It's a pretty beautiful place if you ask me. It's mainly a suburban place with a huge flower field surrounding it. It's home to all flowers known to mankind!"

"Come on! Don't talk about a boring town with boring flowers!" Audrey complained. "Talk about you pretending to be a girl so I can record it as evidence! Oh wait. You won't reveal yourself that easily. I see you, Armin. I see you."

Unbeknownst to Audrey, the tile which she is crawling on is loosely screwed meaning it cannot support her weight for much longer.

"Does the flower field have cute bunnies?" asked Lotta.

"Yep. It houses the cutest bunnies you'll ever find," confirmed Amanda.

Lotta squealed with glee.

"And I've heard that one of the voice actresses who voices one of the Horn-A-Corns lives there!" added the trans girl.

Lotta squealed louder.

"One of the actresses who plays one of the Horn-A-Corns lives in Amanda's hometown? Cool! Thank goodness I recorded that! And too bad she has to live in the same town as the girl pretender," said Audrey.

Suddenly, Audrey falls down through the vent with the weak tile. The nails that loosely screwed the tile can no longer support Audrey's weight, so it gave in. Audrey lands hard on the floor with the tile, catching everyone's attention including Lotta and Amanda's.

"Audrey?" Lotta and Amanda said in puzzlement.

"Oh. Hey, Lotta. Hey, Amanda. Nice lunch we're having?" She laughed nervously.

Later after school, Amanda is talking a stroll through the park as a break from homework. As she strolls, she suddenly stops as she has a feeling that she is being watched. "Either I feel like someone's watching me, or it's just my paranoia." She shrugs and resumes walking.

Unbeknownst to her, Audrey is hiding behind the bushes and following her. As Amanda walks, Audrey sneaks from one bush to another, hoping she would catch her in some predatory act.

"Where are you going, Armin? To the girls bathroom to prey on some girls?" Audrey said as she followed her.

Suddenly, as she hides behind another bush, she falls through what appears to be a sinkhole. She lands on the ground, her hair covered in water.

"What the?! A sinkhole?!"

Just then, Audrey hears some raccoon noises and looks up to see the Harvey Street raccoons surrounding the sinkhole and looking down at Audrey with grins of triumph. Turns out, it was a raccoon trap.

"Darn you, raccoons!" Audrey shook her fist. "You ruined my epic spy moment!"

"You okay down there?" She suddenly heard a familiar voice which caused the raccoons to run away. She looks up and sees that the person was Amanda.

"Geez. First you fell down through the vents; now you fell down through a sinkhole? You must be having a rough day."

"Uh, yeah." Audrey smiled nervously, hiding the fact that she was spying on Amanda. "Now please help me up!"

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