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Spying on Amanda (Part One)

The next morning, the Harvey Girls are packing their school necessities for preparation to go to their respective schools.

"Guys, have you seen my science book?" Lotta asked, scrummaging through her school books in search for her science textbook.

As Dot was about to insert a school book into her backpack, she noticed that it is not one of her huge college textbooks. "Lotta, I found your book." She held it up.

Lotta comes over to Dot. "Oh. Thanks, Dot." She takes her book.

After Audrey inserts her math book into her school bag, she swings it back and puts it on. "Ha ha! Time for another boring school day!" she exclaimed, sounding more ecstatic than usual.

Dot and Lotta take notice of Audrey's unusual excitement. "You seem to be elated about attending school," observed Dot.

"Yeah. Every day, you were always like," Lotta starts impersonating Audrey, "Ughhhh! Another boring school day!" She ends her impersonation.

"Well… umm…" Audrey begins to feel nervous, "that's because… umm… there's going to be an exciting science fair during lunch, and I really want to go!"

"But the school never announced anything about a science fair," the gentle giant objected, "at least from what I remember."

"Uhh… they just announced it!" the energetic tomboy fibbed.

Dot observes Audrey with utter suspicion. She can tell by her anxious expression that she is lying. She then recalls the previous day when she and the other Harvey Girls learned that Amanda is transgender; upon learning that, Audrey suddenly grew uncomfortable and escorted them out of Amanda's bedroom where she reveals to her friends that she distrusts Amanda, thinking she is still a boy who is dressing as a girl in order to do some inappropriate actions towards girls. From this memory, Dot had created two assumptions: either it is a coincidence, or Audrey is planning to do something to Amanda.

"Audrey," Dot starts talking, "I hate to ask, but..." she pauses, "are you planning to spy on Amanda?"

Audrey's heart stopped beating for a second after she heard that question. Dot is on to her. "What? No! I'm not planning to spy on her! Why would I do that?" She tried to play it off.

"Audrey, I, along with Lotta, know you very well. Do you really think I wouldn't suspect that you're gonna spy on Amanda after revealing to us that you view her as a boy," Dot said the previous word doing air quotes, "supposedly planning to creep on girls by pretending to be a girl."

Audrey sighs in defeat. "Fine. You got me, but do you really think I wouldn't try to protect the girls in bathrooms? I mean, I'm the protector of Harvey Street for a reason! I can't take any chances!"

"Your job is to protect the street," Dot argued, "not assume someone's a creep because of his or her gender identity!"

"Like I said, I'm not taking any chances," Audrey repeated. "And before you call me transphobic, I'm not transphobic. I'm not scared of trans people. I like them! I just don't like Amanda, and only her! Now if you excuse me, I've got some laborious schooling to do." With that said, Audrey turns her back on her friends and leaves the headquarters.

"Does she realize that 'phobia' also means hatred?" Dot said, watching Audrey leave in disbelief.

Lotta slowly nods.

"Ugh! This is so not gonna end well," uttered the young prodigious fashionista.

Later at Harvey Street Elementary School, Audrey is walking through the hallway searching for her suspect. After a few moments, she spots Amanda looking quite nervous among the crowd.

"Aha. I've got you now, Amanda, or should I say, Armin." Audrey pulls out her phone and starts recording Amanda.

Moving through the crowd, Audrey follows Amanda to wherever she is going, not paying attention to her surroundings. Because of this, she accidentally bumps into Pinkeye, causing him to accidentally drop his Eiffel Tower sculpture which is made from his mucus, making the other students around him disgusted.

"Oh no! My Eiffel Tower made out of my boogers!" Pinkeye cried.

"Sorry, Pinkeye!" shouted Audrey.

The protector of Harvey Street soon stops in her tracks when she spots Amanda standing in front of the doorway separating the girls bathroom from the hallway. With one deep breath, Amanda slowly and cautiously enters the bathroom.

"Now's my chance!" Audrey runs towards the girls bathroom and slows down as soon as she is inside. She secretly watches Amanda enter one of the empty bathroom stalls. After she entered, Audrey sneaks towards the stall and lays down on the floor on her stomach. She aims her phone towards Amanda while she is doing her business in order to record her certain body part that shall not be mentioned.

"I've got you now, creep," Audrey whispered. She continues secretly recording until...


Audrey is startled by a frantic voice. She stops recording, gets up, and faces whoever screamed at her; turns out, the person was FruFru.

"Why are you recording under the stall, weirdo?" she asked.

"Listen! This isn't what it looks like!" Audrey tries to explain her situation, but FruFru soon becomes disgusted as she thinks Audrey was doing something creepy.

"EWW! YOU'RE DISGUSTING!" FruFru then runs off.

"FruFru! Wait!" As Audrey was about to chase after her, she suddenly heard a familiar voice.

"Audrey, what just happened here?"

Audrey turns around and sees that the person was Amanda.

"Oh! Amanda! Umm… it was nothing! It was just FruFru freaking out over a rat! That's all!" she lied, laughing nervously.

"Oh. Strange how she was talking to a rat."

"Uh, yeah. What a weirdo, am I right?" Audrey lied again.

"Well, I better get going. I don't want to be late for class." Amanda walks over to the sink and proceeds to wash her hands before leaving the bathroom.

"Alright. See ya!" Audrey bid her new schoolmate goodbye. "Phew! That was close. Although, I can't say the same for FruFru. Speaking of Amanda, which class is she gonna be in?"

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