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Coming Out

At the new Anderson home, Amanda is on her bed playing with her dolls in her new bedroom. She just finished unpacking her belongings and decorating her room. The left wall is filled with a poster of the Crush4U band and a poster of the Horn-A-Corns. The wall adjacent to the bedroom door has a window which lets people in the room view the park beside Harvey Street from the second floor of the Anderson house. Next to the right wall is Amanda's bed which is neatly covered by a pink blanket with a white stripe on top. Next to the bed on the right is Amanda's drawer where she keeps her clothes and other things such as money. Sitting on top of the drawer is an alarm clock displaying the current time: twelve o'three pm, and right next to the alarm clock is the picture of Amanda's supposed twin brother, the same picture Amanda attempted to hide from the Harvey Girls when they found it laying on the sidewalk after it fell from the box Amanda was carrying. Next to her bed on the left is her toy box containing her toys such as dolls and Horn-A-Corn plushies.

As Amanda played with her dolls, she suddenly heard a knock from her door. She looks at the doorway and sees the Harvey Girls standing there waiting to be given permission to enter the room. The girls decided to pay Amanda a visit as a way to make her feel welcome in Harvey Street like what they did to Gerald when he first moved into Harvey Street from Austland.

"May we come in?" Dot asked.

"Oh! Sure!" Amanda replied.

The Harvey Girls enter Amanda's bedroom.

"So… umm… you're the Harvey Girls, right?" asked Amanda.

"Umm… yeah? We met an hour ago!" said Audrey.

"We came here to say hi and ask if you want us to take you on a tour around Harvey Street and introduce the other kids to you?" explained Lotta.

"Oh that's very sweet of you." Amanda is flattered. "It's been a while since people our age were nice to me."

"It's been a while since other children were nice to you? That's something strange to say," stated Dot.

"Did I say that?" Amanda murmured, realizing what she said. "Sorry. It must've slipped out of my mouth." She tried to giggle it off.

"Okay. Why are you acting weird?" asked Audrey.

"Me? Weird? I'm not acting weird!" Amanda then notices her posters of Crush4U and Horn-A-Corns and thinks of a way to change the subject. "Hey! Have you heard of Crush4U and Horn-A-Corns?"

After the former and latter were mentioned, Lotta looks behind and notices the posters. "Oh my gosh!" She looks back at Amanda. "You're a Crush4U fan?!"

"Heck yes I am!" exclaimed the new girl. "They're super cute!"

"And a Horn-A-Corn fan?!"

"Got 'em right here!" Amanda held up her Horn-A-Corn plushies. "I've been watching it ever since I was a baby."

"Huh." Audrey crosses her arms. "Never knew we have so much in common." She smirks. "It's almost like you're a part of the Harvey Girls."

Amanda suddenly gasps after hearing that statement from Audrey. "Really? I'm like a part of your group?!"

"Well… not really because we just met, but we do share some common interests," observed Dot.

"EEEEEEEEEE!" Amanda suddenly squealed with glee. "It's been a while since I had friends with similar interests!"

The Harvey Girls became confused again.

"Okay… that's another strange thing to say," said Dot.

"It happened again? Dang it! It keeps slipping out!" exclaimed Amanda.

"Umm… let's just forget about that for now." Lotta giggled nervously.

"Right. Before we take you out on the tour, we would like to ask you one question," said Dot.

"Ask away," replied Amanda.

"Why didn't you want us to know about your twin brother?" was Dot's question.

"Twin brother?" Amanda grew confused.

"Yeah. It's weird that you wanted to hide the fact that you have a sibling," stated Audrey.

"Sibling? I don't have a sibling. I'm an only child," claimed Amanda, genuinely confused.

"Then what about that picture of a boy that looks exactly like you?" Lotta points to the picture of Amanda's supposed twin brother.

"What pict-" Amanda finally realized what they were talking about. She did not think that they would actually ask her about her supposed twin brother. Fear began polluting her emotions, and sweat rolled down her forehead.

"Umm… why would you want to know about him?" Amanda asked, nervous. "I thought you would just forget about him."

"That isn't something we easily forget," stated Dot.

"Why are you acting weird again? Especially when we ask about your brother?" questioned Audrey.

"Umm… well…" Amanda tried to think of a way to change the subject, but she cannot think of anything.

"Come on, Amanda," Lotta pleaded. "You can tell us. We promise we won't tell anyone."

"Even though that is pointless since everyone will eventually meet your brother," added Audrey.

Amanda is too anxious to think about anything other than the Harvey Girls finding out about her true identity. She planned to keep it a secret ever since her family first told her about moving out of their old hometown; however, that plan was soon foiled when that picture fell from her box onto the sidewalk. Her secret might as well have already been revealed, so she had no choice.

Amanda sighs. "Fine. I'll tell you about my 'twin brother', but do you promise not to tell anyone else?"

The Harvey Girls nod in agreement.

"Good. So you say that the boy in the pic is my twin brother, right?"

The girls nod again.

"Well, what if I told you that…" Amanda paused for a moment, taking a deep breath, "he isn't my brother."

"Then who is he?" asked Lotta, puzzled along with Dot and Audrey.

After remaining silent for another minute, Amanda takes another deep breath before finally revealing her secret she formerly planned to secrete from the Harvey Girls, "He's me."

The Harvey Girls now look more bewildered than ever after they heard the truth.

"Come again," uttered Audrey.

"That boy in the picture is me," Amanda repeated.

"So let me get this straight, but not too straight because I'm bi." Audrey giggled at her own joke. "Either I'm going crazy, or did you actually say that you were once a boy?"

"Yes. That's exactly what I said."

"Ohhhhh… now I see why you tried to hide this from us. You were afraid that we would prejudge you because you're transgender, isn't that right, Amanda?" Dot assumed.

"Yes. You're right, Dot. I am transgender," the new girl finally admitted.

"Transgender?" Lotta is confused about the word as this is the first time she heard of such a word. "What's transgender?"

"Transgender is a term used by those whose gender identity does not match their birth sex," explained Dot.

"In other words," Amanda adds, "I was born as a boy named Armin, but I recently transitioned into a girl via hormone replacement therapy and legally changed my name to Amanda."

"Wow. I never knew you can change your gender," commented Lotta. "You're saying I can transition into a boy whenever I want?"

"No no, Lotta," Dot corrected her. "Being transgender isn't something people can choose whenever they want. Trans people are born with a condition known as gender dysphoria. Those with dysphoria feel that they are born as the wrong gender which can lead to extreme negative emotions such as depression."

"That's correct," said Amanda. "I, of course, was born with gender dysphoria, meaning I can't help but think that I was meant to be born a girl and not a boy which left me feeling depressed for years, and trust me, I HATED being Armin. That's the reason why transitioning exists. It exists for trans people to at the very least alleviate their dysphoria."

"Ahhhh…" Lotta uttered, understanding Dot and Amanda's explanation. "Thank goodness I don't have gender dysphoria.

"And thanks to hormone replacement therapy, I am happy." Amanda smiled. "Well… at least, I was." She grew a bit forlorn.

"Is there something wrong?" Lotta asked, growing concerned.

"It's nothing," was Amanda's reply. "I really don't want to talk about it."

"Great! Now that we know the truth, it's time for us to go!" Audrey suddenly began pushing Dot and Lotta towards the door, looking rather uncomfortable for some reason.

"But what about the tour you were gonna give me?" Amanda asked, now puzzled.

"We'll give it to you later!" Audrey told her. "Bye!" She then shuts the door.

In the hallway, Audrey stops pushing Dot and Lotta now that they are out of Amanda's view.

"Audrey, what's going on? Why did you push us out?" Dot questioned.

"Yeah. We were gonna give her a tour of Harvey Street, remember?" said Lotta.

Audrey sighs, then she admits, "Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against trans… ummm… gender people or whatever you call them, but I… just don't trust people like Amanda."

"What do you mean you don't trust people like Amanda?" said Dot, growing suspicious.

"What I mean is that… what if she's lying about being trans?"

"Why would she lie about being trans?"

"Y'know, she, or he I should say, might be still a boy pretending to be a girl in order to sneak into girls bathrooms and do some creepy stuff."

"That makes no logical sense. Why would Amanda waste time and money going through transition just to be a pervert?"

"Now that Dot mentioned it, Amanda wouldn't do something like that. She seemed like a nice girl," said Lotta.

"Well, you'll never know," insisted Audrey.

"Audrey, do you not realize that such claims are considered transphobic?" stated Dot.

"Transphobic?" Audrey seems to be offended by such an accusation. "I'm not transphobic! I'm just worried about girls' privacy! If I was transphobic, then I would've said 'I hate trans people' which I don't."

"Transphobia isn't always that blatant," Dot said. "You could be transphobic without knowing you're being transphobic, like what you are being right now."

"Again, I am not transphobic!" Audrey denounced. "Now c'mon! Our work here is done!" She leaves.

"Audrey, wait up!" Lotta ran after her.

Dot shook her head at Audrey's behavior. She is in disbelief that Audrey would make such a transphobic accusation against Amanda, especially after just meeting her. "Looks like there was one side of Audrey I did not know about."

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