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Meet Amanda

This story does contain quite a bit of transphobia and triggering language, so if you experienced such harassment, please read with caution.

During a normal sunny day, the Harvey Girls are spending time in their headquarters doing their own things. Dot is on the couch studying for her upcoming college exam, Lotta is laying on the floor on her stomach playing with her pet bunnies, and Audrey is sitting on a bean bag looking extremely bored as she cannot think of anything fun to do to pass the time.

Audrey sighs in boredom. "I'm so bored…" she proceeds to say.

Dot gives Audrey a short glare for interrupting her studying session before looking back at her textbook.

"I'm so bored!" Audrey exclaimed, her tone now converted to that of a complaint.

Dot glares at her again and makes an annoyed groan. She then goes back to studying for her exam.

"I am so so so sooooooo bored!" Audrey complained again, standing up from the bean bag.

Dot makes an irked growl and angrily slams her textbook on the table. "Audrey, can you keep it down?! I'm trying to study for the final exam!" she scolded.

"You know, Audrey, if you're really bored, you can play with my bunnies with me," Lotta offered, petting one of her rabbits.

"No thanks!" Audrey turned down. "I want to do something really fun! Like… flying in a jetpack, or testing out rockets, or fighting aliens!"

"You know, you can be having fun on your own," Dot reminded. "I'm busy, remember?"

"Yeah, but it's more fun if I'm with you guys!" Audrey stated.

"Sorry, but I'm not available," Dot told Audrey, not taking her eyes off her textbook.

Audrey makes a frustrated growl before exclaiming, "When will something fun hit me?!"

All of a sudden, the front door swings open, hitting Audrey and causing her to fly into a wall. She crashes into the wall, creating a hole with her legs and torso sticking out. The person that suddenly swung the door open was Lucretia who was panting from all the running.

"Harvey Girls!" exclaimed Lucretia, pausing to breathe. "You gotta see this!"

"See what?" asked Lotta, curious.

"There's a new kid moving in!"

"A new kid?!" both Lotta and Dot exclaimed in unison.

"Yeah! The moving truck and the car are parked in front of the empty house as we speak! Come look!" Lucretia then runs off.

Dot places her book down and stands up from the couch. "Girls, you know the drill. It's time to welcome a new fellow Harvey Streeter!"

"Finally! Something fun!" Audrey exclaimed excitedly, still stuck in the wall. "Umm… a little help?"

Later, the Harvey Girls arrive at the street to see the children of Harvey Street surrounding two vehicles parked in front of the empty house where a family once lived. The left vehicle is a large white truck with the logo of the moving company on each side. The logo consists of two cartoonish-looking men struggling to carry a large and heavy box with words above and below that state "Maryland Moving Industries". Two workers are currently taking the stuff belonging to the family who just arrived into the empty house. The vehicle behind the truck is a turquoise van where one person still resides inside. Then, the person opens the door and comes out of the vehicle. The person is a girl around the same age as the Harvey Girls. She has blonde hair which is curly on each side of her cheeks and on the top right of her head. She is wearing a pink-and-white long-sleeved shirt and a grey skirt similar to FruFru's as well as a pink bow. She is also wearing a pair of black high-heels and long white socks. The girl turns around to face the children and slowly waves at them.

"Um… hi," she murmured nervously.

"Why, hello there, new fellow Harvey Streeter," greeted Dot. "My name is Dot, and these are my friends Lotta and Audrey."

"Hi." Lotta waved.

"What up, newbie," said Audrey.

"And together we are," the Harvey Girls then get into an epic pose, "the Harvey Girls!"

"Oh. Well, my name is Amanda Anderson," the girl greeted, "and… umm… I just moved here."

"Umm… we already see that," said Audrey.

"Well…" Amanda grew nervous, "I really don't know what else to say other than… nice to meet you all."

"Amanda!" her father suddenly called out.

Amanda turns around to see her father approaching her with a box containing Amanda's stuff.

"Can you carry your things into your new room please?"

"Sure thing, pops," Amanda agreed.

The father hands his daughter the box and walks back into the truck. As Amanda carries the box into the empty house, a frame falls off the box and onto the sidewalk. The Harvey Girls notice the fallen frame and run towards it. Audrey picks it up, and the girls take a close look at it. Inside the frame is a picture of a kid who looks exactly like Amanda, but the difference is that the kid is the opposite gender: a boy.

"Huh. This boy looks exactly like Amanda," Audrey pointed out.

"Maybe he's Amanda's twin brother," Lotta assumed.

"Funny how we didn't see him yet," said Dot, "but he could be inside the house already unpacking."

Amanda overhears their conversation and looks back to see them looking at the picture. Her eyes shrank as she saw the picture in the hands of people she just met. Worried, she drops her box and runs towards the Harvey Girls and swipes the picture of her supposed twin brother away from their hands.

"Please don't look at that!" she exclaimed frantically.

"Uh, why not?" Audrey asked, confused.

"Umm… it's nothing! Bye!" With that, Amanda places the picture back inside the box, picks it up, and runs into her new home, leaving the Harvey Girls completely baffled.

"That was weird," Audrey uttered.

"Why didn't she want us to look at her twin brother's picture? Very suspicious," said Dot.

"Maybe she wants to keep it a secret," Lotta guessed, "for some weird reason."

"Well, wouldn't be easily revealed if her brother comes out to play with us?"

"Good point."

Audrey steps a bit forward and rubs her chin with her thumb and index finger. "Very suspicious indeed." She squints her eyes.

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