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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Harry and Flitwick had finally arrived at the entrance to the Headmaster's office. "Lemon Drops." said Flitwick. Harry looked at Flitwick, confused. "Oh, the headmaster likes to use candy as his password…. I've never understood it either." said Flitwick as the entrance to the headmaster's office opened. Walking up the staircase to the main door to the office, arriving about 30 seconds later. Flitwick was about to knock, when he and Harry heard voices behind the door.

"I must disagree with this Dumbledore, while I understand asking me and Lily here, I see no reason why Snape should be here." said Jmaes from behind the door. "Severus has my utmost trust in this matter James, I thought you would've learned that by now." said Dumbledore. "James is right Albus, we're already taking a risk being here during your meeting with Harry, we don't need Severus antagonizing him as well." said Lily.

"Regardless, my decision is final, Snape will remain for this meeting." said Dumbledore. Harry, deciding he'd heard enough, beat Flitwick to it by knocking on the door himself. "Come in." said Dumbledore. Flitwick opened the door and allowed Harry to enter first, taking a seat after Harry had done so. "Thank you for bringing Mr. Potter, Filius you may go." said Dumbledore, hoping to have full control of the meeting. "I'm sorry headmaster, but Hogwarts by-laws state that a student's head of house must be present for all meetings with the headmaster, as you should well know." said Flitwick.

Dumbledore already had a sense of foreboding with this. He knew the Hogwarts laws of course, but decided that for the Greater Good, the headmaster, meaning him, can ignore them. Dumbledore didn't know how badly that plan would backfire in the years to come. "Very well, let's get this meeting started shall we, Harry, where have you been, we have spent the last 5 years searching all over England for you, also, where did you get that phoenix?" asked Dumbledore.

Harry scoffed, knowing that Dumbledore wanted full answers, but, he decided to give him the runaround, after all, where was the fun in revealing everything in one go. However, before he would explain, Harry decided to have a bit of fun. Allowing his wand to just come out of it's holster and into the sleeve of his robe, Harry shook his arm, making it seem like he was trying to fix it, but was really casting a spell at the greased up bat, Snape if he heard right.

"Well, that's a decent question headmaster, however, the better question is…. Where HAVEN'T I been, the ministry of magic here, they believe that England is the center of all wizard kind, well, it's not, I've been to many places, and no, I'm not going to tell you where, as for the phoenix, you never told anyone where you got yours, so why should I tell you where I got mine." said Harry. James and Lily were shocked, their son, if they heard right, had traveled around to different wizarding communities around the world.

"Insolent whelp, you will answer the headmaster's question, or it will be 3 months detention with me." said Snape. James was about to lay into snape, but Flitwick beat him to it. "You will do no such thing Severus, because if you do, you will find that it will be impossible to give Slytherin's your biased point again." said Flitwick. Harry smiled, though no one noticed, because they were shocked that Flitwick would say that.

"Now Filius, that seems unreasonable, Severus is just using incentive for young Harry." said Dumbledore. "Don't give me that headmaster, me and the other teachers have already agreed, that all points given or taken by Severus, will be reviewed by the heads of house, and cancelled if necessary, and this is a decision you cannot overrule, as it was decided by 3 of the 4 heads of house." said Flitwick. Dumbledore's eyes widened in shock, and James and Lily were left speechless, Flitwick had never taken action against Dumbledore before, but, with the ratio of Slytherin's vs. the other houses in good jobs, such as aurors and healers, things can change.

"Harry, I know I have no right to ask you this, after what we did, but…. Could you at least tell us who has raised you for the last 5 years?" asked Lily. Harry looked towards his birth parents. He could see the regret and pain in their eyes. Harry once again decided to at least start by being civil, they were going to be teaching him charms and transfiguration when he started 4th year.

"Fine, I've been raised by a Canadian wizard named Steve Feros, I won't tell you what he does, or where he stays when I'm with him, but I can say, he's been a good influence on me…. Most of the time." said Harry. Dumbledore's brow furrowed, he had heard the name Steve Feros before, but all he could remember about the name was it was a name from back when he had attempted to disband the I.W.C.O., Dumbledore just couldn't understand why the I.C.W. created them, so many pureblood lines had been ended because the I.W.C.O. didn't give them a chance to be redeemed.

Even 'The Veela's Bane', a criminal group made of the remaining Malfoy's in France was completely wiped out in the summer of 2010, and no matter how hard he tried, Dumbledore couldn't get any information out of the I.C.W., despite being the Supreme Mugwump. "What do you mean, most of the time?" asked James.

"Sorry, I may have decided on being civil with you, but it will be a long time before I trust you enough to explain everything, and if you're lucky, I might start considering you family again." said Harry. James and Lily looked slightly disappointed, but realized that it was the best they would get right now. "Harry, surely you can find Forgiveness in you for James and Lily, they are your parents after all." said Dumbledore.

"I'm giving them the best I've got right now, and you can stop calling me Harry, headmaster, Mr. Potter will be fine." said Harry. Snape sneered and was about to insult Harry, when Harry stood up and gestured to the door with Flitwick. "Professor, it's nearing dinner time, if you could lead me back to the great hall, I would appreciate it." said Harry. "Of course , let us go." said Flitwick, walking to the door. Just before he left however, Harry turned and smirked at Snape. "I'm glad we finally finished this verbal Disco." said Harry, before he ran out of the room like a bat out of hell. Everyone was confused, until random music started playing and Snape broke into an expensively choreographed dance routine while singing 'Stayin' Alive' by the Beegees in the same high pitch as the group.

James and Lily left during this, since Snape had a look of murder at the one he suspected had done this to him. As soon as James and Lily were out of the room, James burst out laughing at the prank pulled on Snape, while Lily lightly chuckled, also finding it funny. "Oh man, I've done some insane stuff in my time here, but that was priceless, it looks like we may have a new marauder at Hogwarts." said James.

Lily looked to James with a sad smile. "While I agree, we're only on civil terms with him, so we can't get ahead of ourselves…. Merlin, I hope he doesn't meet Fred and George, cause if he does, shit will hit the fan." said Lily. Arriving at the great hall, James and Lily headed to the staff table. They saw Emily sitting with Susan and Hannah, since it wasn't a celebration feast. They then looked to the Ravenclaw table and saw Harry talking to a few of his classmates. After a couple more minutes, Dumbledore and Snape entered, but Snape looked pissed.

Harry knew he would keep having fun with this. The spell he used on Snape was one that Steve taught him, good for distractions, and pranks. The spell was classic because it needed a counter spell to end it. Harry, deciding to throw any possible suspicion off him, turned to Terry Boot. "Hey Terry, I'm curious, that crazy dancing the Irish do, what's it called again?" asked Harry. Harry knew of course, but no one knew that.

"Oh, that dance, it's called Irish Step Dancing." said Terry, just as Snape passed. Tin whistle music was suddenly heard as Snape stopped form a mere second, then started a traditional Irish folk dance all the way to the staff table. The great hall was suddenly filled with laughter from the students, even a few Slytherin's failed to hold in their laughter. Once he reached the staff table, Snape did a small twirl and bowed to the students as the song ended, resulting in more laughter, even from the teachers this time. The red haired twins at the Gryffindor table were even clapping.

Snape was now looking more murderous than before. After taking his seat, dinner resumed. Once dinner was over, Harry headed back to the dorm to write letters home and one to Fleur. After grabbing some parchment along with a quill and ink, Harry sat at the desk near his bed and began to write.


I'm glad you wrote me, and just thought I'd send a reply now. I've been sorted into Ravenclaw and am testing out a theory I had about my spell work. I've stayed out of trouble, stuff that they could prove anyway, though I think the resident greased up pain in the ass suspects me for a prank I hit him with, it's the one you taught me, where you name a type of music or dance and he's forced to do it. If what I've heard about this guy is true, I don't think I'll reverse it anytime soon. Tell Dathin, Fredha, Airlentor and Sissilth that I miss them, and I'm counting the days 'til i can see them again. I've also met the Potter's and decide to at least start being civil with them and see where it goes. See you guys after the school year.


P.S. Remember Steve, Hedwig likes bacon, so if she's ever pissed off at ya, bribe her with that.

After Harry had finished his letter to Steve, he rolled it up and tied it closed, then began writing to Fleur.


I'm sorry to hear that life has been boring since I last visited. However, I hope school is going well for you, as for me, I think I already have a professor that hates me. Mind you, the guy looks like he hates everyone not wearing green and silver. I managed to get sorted into Ravenclaw, the smart house. On a more solemn note, how's it going with the mind healers, I know you and your mother seemed fine, but little Gabby still seemed to be struggling. I hope she gets better soon, she just seems like she should be this little ball of energy. Just remember, my offer of help if you need it still stands, hope to hear from you again soon.


P.S. I know Steve should be visiting you parents soon, so tell Gabby to ask him why he had women's underwear in his travel trunk, his reaction should make her laugh.

As Harry tied the letter closed, he wiped a stray tear from his eye, he'd seen a lot over the last 5 years, but seeing Gabrielle seem so frightened by any small unknown noise, was by far the worst. Harry had felt more guilty about Gabrielle's mental state than killing those three bastards that day. Harry had promised Gabrielle he would visit every summer, to help her laugh, and last summer, the healer mentioned that seeing a friendly face would help.

Harry called Hedwig, who appeared in a flash of flame. Tying the letters to her leg, Harry looked Hedwig in the eye. "Take steve his letter first, then go to the Delacour's and sing Gabby to sleep, like I promised you would do when I got to Hogwarts." said Harry. "You got it, any messages for Dathin and the others?" asked Hedwig.

"Yeah, tell them I'll try not to get hurt, but with my luck, no promises." said Harry. Hedwig nodded and flamed away, leaving Harry to get ready for bed. Harry had potions and flying tomorrow, and he'd be damned if he was caught off guard for either of those classes.

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