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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Hogsmead Station, September 1st, Early Evening

The train pulled into the station, letting off a huge amount of steam as it came to a stop. Harry exited the train with the other students, having changed into his uniform 10 minutes before arriving. Before Harry had a chance to be confused as to where he had to go, a loud voice called out, "First years, first years this way.". The voice belonged to a tall, scruffy looking man in a large coat, carrying a lantern. As Harry looked at the man, he came to the realization that the man must've had giant blood in him.

'How can they have a half-giant here, I didn't think they would let him work here, with Britain being so anti-creature and all.' thought Harry. While every country in the I.C.W. gave equal rights to creatures, the British ministry was so set in its ways, that the minister decided to completely ignore these regulations, which led to Britain being excluded from most international events, besides quidditch, despite Dumbledore's attempts.

As Harry and the other first years followed the man, who introduced himself as Rubeus Hagrid, they turned a corner, and Harry could admit, he was impressed. After reaching a bunch of boats, Hagrid got in the one in front. "No more than four to a boat." said Hagrid. The first years all got into the boats, with Hermione and Neville in a boat with twin girls named Padma and Parvati, Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley, ironically, had to share a boat, being the odd ones out, and Harry ended up in a boat with Emily, Susan and Hannah. "Everyone in, right then…. Forward!" said Hagrid. As the boats surged towards Hogwarts, Harry kept his eyes on the castle. While it was an impressive sight, it caused him to remember one of his darker memories of a mental state he trained endlessly to control when it first appeared, a state he vowed never to use, unless no other option was available, a state that first appeared he was at a fortress in france on a rescue mission, and the first time…. He ever took a life.


August 19th, 2010

Steve and Harry were on a far hill, scoping out a fortress, said to house one of the I.C.W.'s most wanted groups, a group known as, The Veela's Bane, a group specializing in Veela trafficking. Steve and Harry had gotten the rundown from Steve's contact in the French Ministry, a man named Jean-Claude Delacour. Jean-Claude had a hell of a good reason to want these guys either, captured, or dead. Though, the way Jean-Claude spoke of these guys, Harry could tell the guy preferred this group dead.

Harry could understand, even at 10 years old, why Mr. Delacour asked for Steve, his wife and daughters had been captured during a shopping trip, and Steve, while working for the I.C.W. and the dragon reserve, used to be a member of the International Wizarding Covert Ops. An I.C.W. task force who were given authorization to use any and all spells, even the unforgivables when the situation called for it. And that was why Steve was there, Harry was just stubborn and refused to stay behind. "Okay Harry, once we get inside, I want you to hide, I don't need you getting hurt." said Steve. "So, don't do anything stupid, like you, got it." said Harry. 'Cheeky brat.' thought Steve.

After finding a small hole in the wall of the fortress, Steve and Harry headed for it, entering the fortress a few minutes later. "Okay Harry, go hide, I'll take care of this." said Steve as he walked off. Harry nodded and snuck off, hoping to find a spot to hide. Finding a door, Harry quietly opened it and crept inside, silently closing the door. Hearing a quiet gasp, Harry quickly turned around and found a group of girls, most around 20, but one looking about 13, and another around 4 years old.

"You've got to be kidding, of all the rooms I could hide in, I find the one where they keep the victims, what's next?" Harry asked himself. If Harry had known then what he knew now, he never would have tempted Murphy's Law. Steve was currently going around, looking for any signs of the group, when he noticed a single member heading for a set of double doors. 'Must be the meeting room.' thought Steve. After the thug entered the room, Steve walked over and placed an ear to the door. "Last week was very productive, and we managed to nab Delacour's ilk, I heard The Tsar's Fist wants them for some, personal pleasure." a muffled voice said from behind the door.

"Not on my watch, pal." Steve said to himself. Stepping back slightly, Steve delivered a strong kick to the door, causing it to pen, startling those in the room. One guy, who looked to be the leader, stood up, face full of rage. "Who the fuck are you, and how did you get in here?" asked the leader. Steve just gave an evil smirk, the light of a blasting curse on the tip of his wand. "Who I am isn't important, as to how I got in here, well, you won't live long enough to remember." said Steve as he launched a blasting curse at the assembled group. The spell hit one guy, killing him, with the shockwave killing three more. The leader was shocked at the sudden attack, but pulled himself together quickly. "Kill This Fucking Son of a Bitch!" shouted the leader as he and the survivors fired killing curses at him.

Steve managed to avoid all of the curses and sent a killing curse of his own, grateful he still had a 'License to Kill' so to speak. The curse struck one of the thugs in the chest, sending him to the ground, dead. Steve then took off down the corridor, with killing curses, blasting curses and cutting curses hitting the walls behind him, barely missing him by inches. Harry heard the spellfire, as it wasn't that far from the room he was in. Harry heard a small whimper and turned to the noise, seeing the four year old cuddled into the thirteen year old, her eyes filled with fear.

Harry remembered that look, it was a look he had when he was with the Dursley's. Harry walked over and placed a gentle hand on the four year olds back, his eyes turning into an aurora and sending a calming aura throughout the room. "Don't worry, we're here to help, Jean-Claude sent us." said Harry. One of the older women, plus the two younger looked at him in shock. "My husband sent you, but, you are but a child." said the older of the three. "Well, he actually just sent a guy named Steve Feros, I'm just along for the ride." said Harry.

The three girls eyes widened at the name. "Steve 'Devastator' Feros is here, I thought he retired." said the 13 year old. Harry looked slightly confused. "Wait, where did he get the name Devastator?" asked Harry, when a giant explosion shook the fortress. "Nevermind." deadpanned Harry. Steve had just shot a confingo at one of his pursuers, which was the cause of the explosion.

"Well, that was overkill." said Steve. Three more thugs, of the remaining seven, which included the leader, ran at Steve, hoping to kill him up close. Steve pulled out a dagger he always carried with him. Dodging the first thug, throwing him to the ground, Steve stabbed the second in the chest. Steve then pulled the dagger out and threw it into the head of the third. Then, in a move that any action hero would envy, Steve summoned the dagger back with his wand and dodged it, sending it full speed, into the chest of the first guy, who was sneaking up behind him. "Heh heh, still got it." said Steve.

Afew killing curses struck near Steve's head, causing him to flinch and keep running. Ending up in the same hall that Harry went down. Harry, hearing footsteps in the hall, went to the door and peeked outside. Seeing Steve, Harry started waving frantically to get his attention. "Steve, in here, I found them all." called Harry. Steve, feeling relief that Harry was both safe and found all the victims, ran to the door and went inside, closing it and casting a locking charm behind him.

"There weren't many following me, which is weird, I figured there would be more." said Steve. Suddenly, the door shook, causing Steve to step back, wand at the ready. Harry went back to protect the four year old, he didn't want to reveal his skills, but Steve said that sometimes, it was unavoidable. The door was suddenly blasted off its hinges, but oddly, it was only the four remaining guys following Steve that came through the door. "You're smart, nobody ever figured out that we were only 13 of us." said the leader.

Steve was shocked when he heard this. "Wait, you're telling me, that there isn't any more of you in this fortress?" asked Steve. "You thought we had an army, yet you STILL attacked, what possessed you to do that?" asked a thug. "I'm an ex wizarding spec ops, figured it'd be easy." said Steve. "Enough of this….. Crucio!" shouted the leader, causing Steve to fall to the floor, writhing in pain. Harry witnessed this and was worried, he had heard what prolonged exposure to that curse could do.

At this point, the little girl, Gabrielle, Harry had learned her name was, was openly sobbing in fright. All of this combined caused something in Harry to snap. His pupils became slits, and his iris' became a sort of flaming aurora. Suddenly, two sharp blade like objects, in the shape of unicorn horns, appeared on the top of his hands at his wrist, about sword length. Harry slowly stood up, catching the attention of the four dark wizards.

Harry then started to speak, his voice echoey like at the unicorn preserve in Sherwood, but also deeper, and less forgiving. "You have made a big mistake, now, none of you will make it out of here ALIVE!" shouted Harry. Harry then made an inhuman leap towards the four, running on of the blades through a thug's chest. Then, quicker than anyone saw, Harry swiped the other blade across the next thug's neck, causing him to bleed out. Harry quickly glanced back and saw the prisoners staring at him in awe, and fear. Harry, while even in this 'Beserker' state, saw that he could be traumatizing the younger ones, so he finished off the last thug by stabbing him in the chest with both blades.

The leader was so shocked that he lost focus of the torture curse, allowing Steve to cast Avada Kedavra at him, killing him. Steve looked back to Harry and saw his eyes returning to normal, and the blades fading away. Harry, after exerting to much energy, passed out. Steve had just enough energy to cast periculum out the window in the back of the room, signaling the french aurors before he to, passed out.

Harry woke up five days later and he, along with Steve, were thanked by Jean-Claude, Appoline, Gabrielle and Fleur (The eldest daughter) Delacour, and received medals for their heroic deed. While both had accepted the honor. Harry felt guilty for losing control like he did. 'I have to work harder on my occlumency, I have to get control of that, before I hurt someone innocent.' thought Harry.

Flashback End

Harry came out of his thoughts just in time, as Hagrid had warned everyone to duck as they went under an archway.

Emily P.O.V., during Harry's memory

Susan looked at Emily while Hanny was watching Harry. "Emily, isn't that you brother, he matches the description you gave us when you got back from Diagon Alley." said Susan. "Yes, it is." answered Emily. Hannah looked towards Emily and Susan. "Well, now's your chance, why don't you talk to him?" asked Hannah. Emily wanted to talk to Harry, oh did she ever want to, but the current look in his eye, and the vacant stare into the distance, told her that now wasn't a good time.

"Don't get me wrong guys, I want nothing more than to talk to him, but look at him." said Emily, causing both Susan and Hannah to look at Harry. "His eyes are full of both sadness, and determination, and the vacant stare means it's from a memory, whatever the memory is, it looks like it's tearing him up, I know I haven't really met him yet, but, as his sister, I should leave him be until he's ready to talk about it…. But that doesn't mean I won't approach him at school to try and connect with him." said Emily. "HEADS DOWN!" called Hagrid, which seemed to snap Harry out of whatever trance he was in as the students ducked. In a few short moments, their Hogwarts journey would begin, and who knows what lies in store.

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