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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

"Different Language"


Platform 9 ¾, September 1st

Harry and Charlie arrived at the platform via floo through the Leaky Cauldron. Harry looked towards the bright red steam engine that would take him to Hogwarts, and if he was honest, he was slightly nervous. This was due to the fact that he had never interacted with anyone his own age, that was human anyway, and despite the crazy shit he had done with Steve, Harry was still human. Harry thought back to the last time he was this nervous, and that thought made him laugh, because it was also the day he did what many thought impossible, scaring the hell out of a Dementor.


August 1st, 2008

Harry and Steve had arrived at one of the worst places you could ever end up, an island prison that was always surrounded by storms. This island prison, was Azkaban prison. Steve always hated coming here, but he had to keep a record of how many Dementors were patrolling the prison. He had, rather hesitantly, let Harry come along, even though he was worried about the effect the Dementor's would have on Harry.

"Alright Harry, we're going to head for the cave were the Dementor's who aren't at the prison, reside, these are the most foul creatures you will ever encounter, so if you feel that you need to go back to the boat, you can." said Steve. Harry looked toward Steve and nodded. "I will, Steve." said Harry. Steve and Harry started making their way to a large cave at the base of Azkaban.

After casting a wide area lighting charm, Steve and Harry entered the cave. Almost immediately, a cold chill filled the air, along with a feeling of hopelessness. Steve quickly cast a small patronus, which took the form of a loon. While the patronus was working for Steve, it was a different story for Harry. Harry started reliving all the abuse at the hands of the Dursley's, and it was torturing him mentally.

Suddenly, a Dementor came into view, and a horrible screeching sound came from it, at least, it sounded like a screech to Steve. "Well, today just got better, young souls are always the most savory." screeched the Dementor as it drew closer to Harry. "Stay away from him!" called Steve. The Dementor, however, continued towards Harry, who, at this point, was shivering in fear.

As the Dementor reached for Harry, his eyes snapped open, revealing the to be pure black. When the Dementor grabbed Harry's shoulder, Harry's right arm shot forward, grabbing the Dementor by the throat. "You listen here you foul son of a bitch, you will tell me how many Dementor's are here in total, or I will make sure that there is one less." said Harry, tightening his grip. The Dementor nodded and told Harry. Harry turned to Steve. "He said that there is no more than 400." said Harry. Steve wrote the number of Dementor's down on a notepad he brought, while trying to comprehend the fact that a Dementor appeared afraid of Harry.

Harry looked back to the Dementor and stared into its eyes, or at least, he thought he was. 'Why can't we ever tell if these things have eyes?' Harry thought to himself. "Now listen up, because I'm not going to repeat myself, if you, or any other Dementor EVER messes with me again, I'll see just how unkillable you guys really are, GOT THAT!?" shouted Harry. While you couldn't tell by looking at the Dementor, Harry could hear the fear in its voice. "Y-yeah, I understand, crystal clear, j-just don't kill me." said the Dementor. Harry nodded, releasing the Dementor, who promptly fled back into the shadows. Harry's shoulders started shaking, and Steve was worried that the poor boy was traumatized, until he heard the small chuckles from Harry, that soon turned into full blown laughter.

"Uh, Harry, you okay there?" asked Steve, who was a little confused. "Okay? OKAY?! I'm great, I just scared the shit out of a Dementor." said Harry. Steve facepalmed, blaming himself for Harry's choice of words. 'I never should've taught him curse words at that age.' said Steve.

Flashback End

Harry finally got control of his laughter, and turned to Charlie. "Well, I'd better get onboard, tell the girls that I'll write as often as I can…. And tell Steve not to do anything stupid until I get back, I'll want some excitement after a boring school year." said Harry as he boarded the train. "I'll make sure of it." said Charlie.

Potter's P.O.V.

James, Lily and Emily arrived at the platform at around 10:30am, they were walking towards the train when they saw Harry board the train. Emily was about to run after him, when she remembered what her father said. "I guess I'll see you guys during the holidays, I'll write you and tell you how it goes." said Emily as she walked off and boarded the train.

After Emily boarded the train, James and Lily saw the red head that Harry was with in Diagon Alley, and decided to try and talk to him, to at least see how Harry was doing. It was when they reached him, that they recognized him as Charlie Weasley. "Charlie, what are you doing here, and with Harry?" asked James. Charlie looked at James and Lily, he may not like that they just abandoned Harry the way they did at Dumbledore's suggestion (Steve gave him the rundown), but he could at least be civil towards them.

"Well, I was bringing him to get his Hogwarts supplies, then brought him here, his guardian gave me that task since I was more familiar with the layout of Diagon and the platform." said Charlie. "Well, can you tell us how he is, wherever he's been?" asked Lily. Charlie thought for a moment, then decided he would at least tell them how he was doing. "Well, the most I can tell you is that he is doing well, and is happy where he is." said Charlie. James and Lily nodded, glad that Harry was happy at least, Merlin knows that they didn't help.

Hogwarts Express, September 1st, 10:55am

Harry had found an empty compartment and was now seated comfortably. He looked out the window and saw a family of red heads had just come through, what he was told, was the barrier between the platform and the No-Maj world. 'Damn, talk about cutting it close.' thought Harry. Harry also saw Charlie talking to two people, one was a man bearing a striking resemblance to Harry, while the other was a read headed woman with striking green eyes.

Going through his Occlumancy memories, Harry recognized them as his parents. Harry could say he didn't outright hate his parents, but it would take a lot for them to earn his forgiveness, especially since 5 years were spent with the London Zoo rejects. Harry leaned back and shut his eyes, intending to rest the entire way to Hogwarts.

Harry felt a small jolt, and realized that the train was now leaving the station. After a few minutes, Harry heard his compartment door open. Looking to the door, Harry saw one of the youngest redheads standing there, as if looking for something. "Excuse me, have you seen Emily Potter anywhere, Dumbledore says I have to protect her from associating with any of the damn snakes." said the boy. Harry looked at the boy, suspicious about Dumbledore's motives for this. 'Why does the headmaster not want Emily to associate with Slytherin's?' thought Harry. "Sorry, haven't seen her, and why would she need to be protected, what's wrong with being a snake?" asked Harry. The boy looked aghast at that question. "What do you mean, everyone knows that all Slytherin's are evil, followers of You-Know-Who, junior Death Eaters." said the Boy.

Harry realized at this point, that this boy was a firm believer in the light. Harry didn't believe in light or dark however, he believed magic was magic. Harry also believed, like many other countries, including Canada and America, that the unforgivable curses could be used in a helpful manner. The Imperius curse could be used to help extreme therapy cases. The cruciatus curse could be used to resuscitate accident victims, and the killing curse could be used as a quick way to help someone beyond all hope of saving, as a last resort, of course.

"Well, once again, I haven't seen her, so, if you could just leave, I have no time for narrow minded idiots." said Harry. "Bloody snake." the boy said as he left the compartment. 'I'd better keep an eye on him, he could be trouble.' thought Harry. About an hour later, someone knocked on his compartment door. After giving an okay to the person, his compartment door opened and a girl with brown bushy hair walked in. "Hello, I'm hermione Granger, sorry to bother you, but I'm trying to find a toad, a boy named Neville lost his." said Hermione.

"No worries, you're a lot more polite than the last one to come here, anyway, sorry, I haven't seen a toad, but I'm sure if you found a prefect, they could summon it for you." said Harry. Harry could've summoned it himself, but he didn't want to reveal ALL of his abilities yet, he'd save that for second year. "Oh, I hadn't thought of that, thank you, I hope to see you again at Hogwarts." said Hermione as she walked off to find a prefect. 'I'm sure you will, I hope I have just found my first human friend.' thought Harry.

Hogwarts Express, Emily P.O.V.

Emily was sitting in her compartment with her two best friends, Susan Bones and Hannah Abbot. Susan and Hannah were happily talking about what house they would be in once they got to Hogwarts. Emily, however, was looking out the window, thinking about Harry, and how she could approach him. Susan noticed the look on Emily's face and turned to her. "Hey, Em, what's wrong, you've looked down ever since we joined you in here." said Susan. Emily looked at Susan, but her face still showed a look of concentration. "Sorry Susan, it's just…. My parents and I saw Harry in Diagon Alley not long ago, and again on the platform when we arrived." said Emily. Susan and Hannah's eyes widened when they heard this. "Wait, you actually found your brother, where is he then, if he was on the platform, he must've gotten a letter, why isn't he here with you?" asked Hannah.

"My dad thought it would be best if we approach him slowly, after all, they gave him up 10 years ago to my mom's sister, but he disappeared 5 years after that." said Emily. She remembered going with her parents about 6 months after Harry vanished, to find out what the Dursley's did to him.


They arrived to find police in front of the house and Vernon being placed in a police cruiser. "Vernon Dursley, by your own confession, you are under arrest for embezzlement, blackmail, child abuse, and threatening teachers to falsify documents." said an Officer before driving Vernon to the local jail. The police were in the process of cuffing Petunia.

"Petunia Dursley, by your own confession, you are under arrest for child abuse, falsifying medical records, forging a criminal record for a minor, and attempted bribery of an officer of the law." said a female officer. A C.P.S. officer took Dudley with him as Petunia was also taken to jail. James and Lily both realized at that moment, that they had left Harry to a life of hell, while Emily was just grateful her mother never let her meet these foul people.

James and Lily apparated Emily and themselves to Hogsmead village. They intended to get answers from Dumbledore, but more importantly, they intended to do everything to find their son, and bring him home, and Lily was determined to do so, no matter who she had to go through to do it.

Flashback End

Emily had just finished explaining that day to her friends, when the compartment door was opened, without so much as a knock. The three looked to the door to see a blonde boy standing there, looking like he was Merlin's gift to the world, as well as two boys who looked like they were half troll. "Well, if it isn't Pothead and the two hags." said the blonde. Emily sighed. "Malfoy, don't you ever think of other insults, that one died 4 years ago." said Emily, rolling her eyes. Malfoy sneered and was about to retort, when the same redheaded boy from before shoved passed him.

"Emily Potter, there you are, why are you sitting with these two, they don't look like they're Gryffindor material, you should ditch them and sit with a true lion, like me, Ron Weasley." said Ron. Malfoy grabbed Ron's shoulder and turned him around to face him. "I should've known it was you weasle, no manners respect for your betters, just like Potter." said Malfoy. Ron slugged Malfoy with a right cross, causing Malfoy to stumble back. "Shut the fuck up you Death Eater scum." said Ron. Malfoy ran at Ron and tackled him, the two started brawling down the corridor, while the two Half trolls, whose names were Crabbe and Goyle, ran after them.

The three girls looked at each other before shrugging and laughing. "Well, something tells me that hoping for a simple first year, isn't going to work." laughed Susan. Hannah nodded in agreement, not trusting her voice from laughing right now. Emily had calmed down a bit and looked out the window again. 'I hope you will at least talk to me Harry, I would like to get to know my brother, and, hopefully one day, earn your forgiveness.' thought Emily as the train continued, only about a half hour away from Hogwarts.

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