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Chapter 3

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"Other Language"

Chapter 3

Leaky Cauldron, August 20th 2011

Harry and Charlie arrived at the Leaky Cauldron through the floo network. Charlie stepped out fine, but Harry ended up shot out like a bullet, landing on his back next to Charlie, to the amusement of the current patrons. "Charlie, when I get back from Hogwarts this summer, remind me to kill Steve, that's the last time I believe him about the 'ease' of wizard travel." said Harry as he got up and dusted off the new dragon scale jacket he got for his birthday. Dathin, Fredha, Airlentor and Sissilth used their shed scales and had Steve hand make the jacket for him.

Charlie chuckled at Harry. "Will do, so, ya ready to get your supplies for school?" asked Charlie. "Yeah, and before you mention wands, I will say I don't care what the wandmaker says, I'm using the stuff I brought with me for my wand core." said Harry. Charlie didn't blame Harry for bringing his own possible wand core or cores, Steve told him of some of the trips Harry went on with him around the world during summer. Harry pulled a long silver hair from his pocket, one of the choices for his core, and remembered how he got it, as it was also the day he discovered another one of many abilities that connected him to the majestic creatures of the wizarding world.


June 21st, 2007

Steve and Harry had just arrived at Manchester airport, when asked why they took a muggle (which, like America, called muggles, no-maj) transport by Harry, who finally decided to ask after all the years with Steve, Steve replied that it was less suspicious because Steve had a second job of recording the number of magical creatures in famous areas of other countries. "But, shouldn't magical travel show that you're supposed to be there?" whispered Harry as he and Steve got in a cab. "It used to be like that, before poachers started using that method, now it's highly regulated by the I.C.W., you have to use no-maj transport to get there." said Steve after discretely casting a muffling charm. Steve then leaned down to Harry and whispered. "It also makes looking like a no-maj tourist much easier." whispered Steve. Steve the discretely removing the muffling charm and turned to the driver. "To Sherwood Forest, Please." said Steve.

1 hour and 37 minutes later, they arrived at Sherwood Forest. Steve led Harry towards the entrance, but instead of going to the obvious entrance, Steve led Harry to a magical entrance, hidden by the illusion of a British oak and warded with No-maj repelling charms. Once through, Steve showed the guard hisd badge, which had the inscription of a sword on it with the latin word for guardian on it, showing it to be legit, and was allowed through with Harry. "Be careful in there with the kid, the Unicorns have been a little rowdy." said the guard.

Steve was a little confused as to why the guard said that and looked towards him. "You're new here, aren't ya?" asked Steve. "Yeah, how can you tell?" asked the guard. "Because you don't know that magical Sherwood's 'Night of the Aurora' just passed, the Unicorn's mating season, the rowdy behaviour is just the males protecting their mates and unborn young." said Steve as he walked away, leaving a sheepish guard behind. "How do you know that, Steve?" asked Harry. "Because it was taught to me so I could get this second job, I may work at the dragon reserve throughout the year, but this job is where all the fun is, I had to learn about all the creatures and their habits and behavior to get this job." said Steve.

After about 10 more minutes of walking, Harry and Steve arrived at the main area where the unicorn's stayed after the 'Night of the Aurora', but Steve could immediately tell something was wrong, as there were guards everywhere and trackers waving their wands frantically. "Hey, what's going on?" called Steve. One of the guards, who recognized Steve, sighed in relief at seeing him. "Steve, thank Merlin you're here…. Poachers snuck in last night and took one of the pregnant mares, we've been trying to track where they've gone." said the guard. "How could that happen, Alex, I thought the wards around the area were supposed to help." said Steve. Unknown to anyone, Harry got a strange feeling and started walking to a nearby clearing.

"They may not have stopped the poachers, but they gave us a fighting chance, the wards are connected to our magical signatures, any foreign signature that enters causes anti-apparition and anti-portkey wards around the entirety of Sherwood Forest, they wouldn't have gotten far." said Alex. Steve turned to tell Harry to wait while he helped with the search, but saw that Harry wasn't there. Worried, Steve and Alex went in the direction of the other workers, near the clearing. Steve was about to ask if they'd seen Harry, when he saw him knelt down with a single hand on the ground in some sort of trance. Sighing in relief, Steve and Alex walked over to Harry. Steve was about to ask Harry why he ran off, when Harry spoke in an echoey voice. "There's something here, hidden from sight." said Harry. Steve knelt in front of Harry, hoping to snap him out of it, when he saw Harry's eyes. Steve had seen Harry's eyes change before, to a dragonic form when practicing his strange power, but this was different.

Harry's eyes were now swirling pulses of gold, blue and silver, with the green of his eyes seen every so often. 3 months after gaining guardianship of Harry, Steve first witnessed his strange power, and learned very quickly to trust what Harry said, as it normally lead to the solution. The other workers started gathering around, but Harry kept his gaze straight ahead. Steve, realizing that where his gaze was centered was significant, looked in the same direction, pointing as he did so. "Everybody, spread out and cast a finite into the field." commanded Steve. The guards looked confused until Alex spoke up. "You heard him, spread out and cast." called Alex. The guards did so and a loud call of 'Finite Incantatum' was called, spreading over the field. A small flicker was seen before an obscuring shield fell, revealing the poachers and missing mare.

Realizing they were caught, the poachers started launching cutting curses and even a few killing curses at the guards while the unicorn mare ran towards them. The mare halted briefly, noticing Harry, seeing his exhaustion using this new power. A few guards and Steve were standing around Harry to shield him and as a result didn't notice the exhaustion. The mare whinnied and got the attention of Steve, who finally noticed Harry tiring. The mare gestured to Harry, then to her back. Steve got the message right away, and picked up Harry just as he collapsed, placing him on the unicorn's back, pleading with his eyes to get his to safety.

The unicorn nodded and took off, heading back to the others of her herd. Harry regained consciousness briefly and heard a silky calming voice. "I feel your magic and heart young foal, and I thank you for your aid in finding me, all of my kind shall know of you, and you will be welcome among all herds, and I will repay your kindness, somehow." the voice said, before Harry passed out again.

Harry had woken up 3 days later and Steve told him the poachers were 'gone' and everyone was fine, except a few cuts. Harry also met that same unicorn mare, and discovered he could speak with unicorns to. After the mare freely gave him a tail hair as a way of thanks, Harry and Steve were soon on their way back to Romania.

Flashback End

Harry smiled at the fond memory as they headed to the entrance of Diagon Ally. Once Charlie tapped the right bricks, the wall opened and Harry's jaw dropped. While Harry had seen large magical communities, this small shopping area had a quaint, homey quality to it. "Right, first we should head to Gringotts to get some money for your supplies." said Charlie as he led Harry to a large marble white building. Reaching the building, Harry looked at a phrase on the door that seemed like a warning.

"Enter stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed

For those who take, but do not earn

Must pay dearly in return

So if you seek, beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours

Thief you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there"

Harry smirked when he saw the warning. 'So, it's the goblins that run this joint, that's a far cry from the dwarves in Scandinavia and the leprechauns in Ireland.' thought Harry. As they entered the bank, the two goblin guards hit their spears twice on the ground and bowed at Harry. Harry bowed back as a sign of respect to the warrior race. Harry knew why the goblin guards bowed to him. The feats Harry pulled off in 5 short years, had even gained the respect of the I.C.W., and he had earned many different warrior titles gifted by the goblins themselves, an extremely rare honor for a wizard.

Charlie and Harry waited in the shortest line for a teller, and after 5 minutes, it was their tun. Before Charlie could say a word, Harry spoke to the teller. "Honorable teller, I wish to make a withdrawal from my vault in this illustrious bank." said Harry in perfect goblin speak. Harry hadn't called the language Gobbledegook since he heard a goblin say it was a ridiculous name created by wizards. Apparently, the goblin language was secret, that the name was never spoken, and even though Harry was the only wizard who spoke fluent goblin, he was still not given such an honor.

The goblin stopped writing when he heard a wizard speaking fluent goblin and smirked, he knew who it was right away and looked up at the boy. "Harry, wonderful to see you again, but how many times must I ask you to call me Griphook?" asked Griphook. "As many times as it took you to finally use my first name." said Harry, grasping Griphook's arm in a sign of comradery, which shocked the other patrons of the bank. A few minutes later, Harry, Charlie and Griphook were walking towards the carts, however, there were more goblin guards around than usual.

"Security seems pretty tight around here." said Charlie. "Yes, we had a recent break in, the thief managed to get away, but luckily, the vault in question was emptied that very same day." said Griphook as the group got in a cart and sped off. As they were heading to Harry's vault, they passed the vault that griphook mentioned and Harry caught a quick glimpse of the number. '713, Nick's british vault, why would they try to break in there, there's nothing of value in there…. I think.' thought Harry as they arrived at his own british vault. He was grateful that steve had him open a vault in all major wizarding bank, not just Gringotts, and it helped that he got paid for helping Steve and the reserve.

After grabbing a decent amount of galleons (Wizard currency), they went back to the surface and Harry and Charlie exited the bank. "So, where to first Harry?" asked Charlie. "I think the wand shop, Olivander's I think it was called, because my wand might take a while to make." said Harry. Charlie nodded and both headed to Olivander's, however, Harry couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched.

Potters P.O.V.

James, Lily and Emily were currently in Diagon Ally, grabbing some last minute supplies for Emily's time at Hogwarts. As they were walking out of the apothecary, they saw Charlie Weasley coming out of Gringotts. Lily was about to call out to him when she froze, seeing the boy next to him. James noticed the boy to and also froze. Emily however, had a look of longing when she saw the boy, a type of longing you get when a brother or sister is away for a long time. The boy had the same unruly hair all Potter men had, and when he looked at Charlie to talk to him, there was no mistaking those vivid green eyes, Lily's eyes.

"James, it's Harry, he's here, I-I have to see him." said Lily as she prepared to run to their lost son. Emily was ready to run over to meet her brother, until James stopped them both. "Wait, I don't think now is the best time." said James. "WHAT?! How can you say that, James, Harry is right in front of us and you say now isn't the best time?" screamed Lily. "Please dad, let us go to him, when you told me I had a twin brother, I wanted to see him, we have that chance now." said Emily.

James looked at his wife and daughter sadly. "That may be, but running up to him out of nowhere will do more harm than good, far be it from me to be cautious, but it's been 10 years since we saw him, he won't remember us, I know you want to see him, I do to, but we have to approach him slowly, we will wait until he gets to Hogwarts, You will have him in Charms Lily, since you are helping Flitwick for your mastery, and I'll have him for Transfiguration, since I'll be helping McGonagall, Emily will see him in class." said James.

Lily and Emily looked past James to see Harry entering Olivander's. "Ok James, you win this time, but I want my son back, no matter how long it takes." said Lily with determination in her eyes. Emily had that same look, and it made James shudder, knowing that they will do anything to get their wish.

Back with Harry

Harry and Charlie had just entered Olivander's when Harry felt a sudden presence behind him. With speed unheard of in one so young, Harry spun around, ready to strike, to find no-one there. Hearing a chuckle, Harry turned back around to see an elderly man behind the counter. "Amazing reflexes Mr. Potter, you almost got me." said the man. "Olivander, still up to the same old tricks." said Charlie. Olivander chuckled at this. "Indeed Mr. Weasly…. Now, Mr. Potter, let's find you a wand, which is your strong arm?" asked Olivander. "I'm right handed sir, and if it's alright, I would like a custom wand, I can provide the cores." said Harry. "Ah, a custom wand, haven't had to make one in a while, I will bring you the case of woods and we'll go from there." said Olivander as a tape measure started getting Harry's measurements. Olivander soon came back with the woods.

"Now Mr. Potter, hold your hand over each wood and reach out with your magic, and pick the one that 'feels' right." said Olivander. Harry did as instructed, and it wasn't long before a block of wood suddenly shot into his hand. Olivander's eyes widened, he never expected that wood to choose one son young. "Blackthorn…. Interesting." said Olivander, before another wood shot out into Harry's hand. Olivander's eyes widened again. "Ebony as well, this will be a wand suited for a true warrior." said Olivander. After Harry set down the woods, he fished the different cores out of his pocket. Olivander examined each one and was shocked.

"A freely given unicorn hair, scales from a Chinese Fireball, Hungarian Horntail, Swedish Short-snout and Welsh Green, hair of a giantess, mermaid scale, freely given veela hair and, dear me, NUNDU FANG!... How did you get all these cores Mr. Potter?" asked Olivander.

"Trust me Olivander, you don't want to know." said Harry as he rubbed his arm, if anyone saw THAT scar, there would be questions, especially from Steve as he didn't know. "Well then, you wand should be complete in about 2-3 hours, come back around then." said Olivander. After thanking the wand maker, Harry and Charlie went back out to gather the rest of his supplies.

After about 2 ½ hours, they had almost everything, from his potions ingredients, to the books for all 7 years of Hogwarts. Harry even found a familiar bond, it came from a small white egg with a black flame pattern, apparently, a snowy owl laid the egg before the owl was bought by the Girl-Who-Lived. The egg hatched immediately after Harry bought it, revealing a beautiful snow white phoenix that he called Hedwig. The final stop before picking up his wand, was Madam Malkin's, the robe store, and a half hour later, Harry was happy to be out of there.

Re-entering the wand shop, Olivander was waiting with his new wand, and a wand case on the counter. "Here you are Mr. Potter, you new wand, a truly remarkable and powerful wand meant for a warrior." said Olivander. After paying the 30 galleons for the wand, for which Olivander threw in a professional grade wand holster, Harry noticed the second wand box. "Olivander, what is in that wand box?" asked Harry.

Olivander looked at the wand in disgust. "That, Mr. Potter, is a wand that the Chief Warlock, Albus too-many-bloody-names Dumbledore had me make, Holly with a phoenix feather, the brother wand to the dark lord, he wanted it to go to the Girl-Who-Lived, Emily Potter, but her wand is Elm with dragon heartstring, Dumbledore sent me a letter just now, telling me to give it to you and his reason was, 'I must see if we need to worry about another Dark Lord starting Hogwarts this year', yet it was not the reason he requested it for young Ms. Potter, his reason for her was, 'She must be prepared for the inevitable'." said Olivander.

Harry scowled, it seems that this Dumbledore wasn't all he portrayed himself as, at least to Harry, and Olivander to it seems. "Well, I will have to be on my guard around the headmaster then, thank you for your time, Olivander…. And I think it best for all, that wand be destroyed." said Harry. Olivander agreed and immediately snapped the holly wand as Harry walked out.

Charlie was waiting outside as Harry paid for the wand, so he didn't hear the last warning about Dumbledore. "Alright Harry, we best get back to the Leaky Cauldron and get some sleep, we can get whatever we missed tomorrow." said Charlie. Harry agreed and both headed to their rooms at the cauldron, and turned in for the night.

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