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Chapter 1

AN: Big time skip this chapter, also, this is a Harem story

Chapter 1: Strength Through Hardships

July 30th 2011

10 year old Harry Potter, was sitting in the grass outside his home. Now, you may think that said home is 4 Privet Drive, but Harry hadn't thought of that place for a long time. No, his home was a small place that his new guardians built him in a large open field. Harry was cross-legged with his eyes closed, practicing a skill called occlumency, as his new guardians instructed. Harry only hated one thing about this particular mind magic, and that was the fact that it made him remember everything after that night, the night his 5 years of hell began, the night his parents abandoned him.


James, Lily, Albus and Sirius had apparated to Privet Drive on a cold November morning. It took this long as Dumbledore went the previous day to set up wards to protect Harry from Death Eaters out for revenge. James and Lily walked up to the front door of number 4 with Harry in Lily's arms. Emily was back at Hogwarts being watched by the mediwitch. Lily placed Harry on the doorstep, leaning close and kissing his forehead. "We're sorry Harry, but this is the only way." said Lily.

Lily stood back up, knocking on the door lightly and walking back to the others. "He'll be fine Lily, Petunia may be a bitch, but surely she will raise him kindly since he's a squib." said James as the group started walking away. "Now James, we mustn't speak ill of the Dursley's, yes, that have a minor dislike of magic, but I'm sure that Harry will be raised with love and care, family protects family after all, and don't worry, i have an informant named Aribella Figg, on the next street to keep an eye out as well, so Harry will be completely safe." said Albus. The group reached the edge of the small street and apperated away. James and Lily may have agreed to this, but they didn't want to face the Dursley's 'minor dislike' of magic against them. However, none of them could know the hell they left Harry to, or how much Harry would change from his ordeals.

Flashback End

Harry opened his eyes after reliving that memory. That day started 5 years of pain and suffering before ending up at his current home. It all started with him levitating a ball with accidental magic, that's when the beatings started. Vernon had broken his hand a total of 3 times trying to punch or hit Harry, as whatever power protected Harry from the killing curse, seemed to be protecting him from most of the pain he would have suffered. But it only protected him from the physical pain, the mental and emotional pain, however, seemed like they had increased through those 5 years. That all changed with a business trip where the Dursley's were forced to take Harry as well.


Harry woke up to a loud banging on his cupboard door. "BOY, WAKE UP, I WILL NOT LOSE THIS DEAL WITH FOREIGNERS BECAUSE YOU'RE LAZY, NOW HURRY UP!" shouted Vernon. Harry got up and got dressed in the hand me downs that the Dursley's gave him from their son Dudley, as they felt it was all Harry deserved for being a 'Freak' as they called him. "Mommy, do we really have to bring the freak with us?" asked Dudley. "Unfortunately, yes, Dudikins, Mrs. Figg is in the hospital and can't watch him." said Petunia.

Vernon Dursley scoffed and rolled his eyes. "If the old hag didn't have so many cats, she wouldn't have tripped over one and broke her leg in the fall, having so many cats isn't normal, and shouldn't be allowed around normal, upstanding citizens like us." said Vernon. As the Dursley's and Harry were getting in the car, Petunia added her two cents about Mrs. Figg. "While I agree with you dear, we must act civil towards her or the neighborhood will get suspicious." said Petunia.

It took about an hour or so to reach Heathrow airport, and another hour and a half to board their plane. The Dursley's were in first class while sticking Harry in coach. After a 2 hour 55 minute flight, the plane finally landed in Cluj-Napoca. They had arrived at their destination… Romania.

Flashback End

As Harry was going through the memory of his arrival in Romania, he heard footsteps coming up behind him. Turning to face his visitors, Harry saw two men approaching him. One man had blonde hair and was wearing sunglasses over his blue eyes. The other man had red hair and was heavily freckled. Both were wearing clothes made of dragon hide. "Steve, what brings you here, and who's the new guy?" asked Harry.

Steve smirked at Harry, everytime time someone visited Harry he always asked the same thing. "Well Harry, for one, we work here, secondly, the rooky wanted to meet the resident Dragon Whisperer." said Steve. The redhead walked towards Harry, giving him a once over. "So, this is the Dragon Whisperer, a little young to be helping on a dragon reserve, isn't he….. Anyway, name's Charlie, Charlie Weasley." said the now identified Charlie. "Nice to meet you Charlie, I'm Harry…. Potter." said Harry, hesitating on his last name.

Charlie's eyes widened at the boys name. A massive manhunt was started by the ministry, at the urging of Albus Dumbledore, James and Lily Potter, 5 years ago when the wards around 4 Privet Drive fell. Charlie was considering letting the headmaster know he found Harry, but he remembered that Steve swore him to silence about this secret. Now Charlie understood why, the british ministry would have a cow if they found out a child, probably no older than 5 at the time, was working and living in the middle of a dragon reserve, both figuratively and literally, as Harry's cabin was in the middle of a large field in the reserve.

As Charlie and Harry were being introduced to each other, Steve thought back to the day he found Harry, and the day he helped Harry get the ultimate payback on the Dursley's.


Steve was walking through a grocery store, grabbing some stuff for supper. He had just finished his shift at the dragon reserve, and he was beat, especially after dealing with a heavily pregnant, and extremely temperamental Norwegean Ridgeback. Steve was walking through the frozen food section, when he saw a small boy huddled in a corner, seeming like he wanted to shrink back further. Walking towards the possibly lost child, Steve knelt down in front of him. "Hey kid, you lost, where are your parents?" asked Steve. "I-I don't know, but my aunt and uncle are back at the hotel." said the boy. "Well, if they're there, why are you all the way out here?" asked Steve.

"M-my u-uncle is in a m-meeting with someone, he…. He said freaks shouldn't be seen around normal people, he told me to leave for the meeting and come back tonight, but if I'm late he'll lock me out." said the boy. Steve kept a neutral expression as to not scare the boy, but inside, he was fuming with rage, how could someone treat their own nephew like that. Steve assumed that when the boy said freak, he meant wizard, but that was just a theory. "Well, how about I take you back to your hotel room and have a chat with your relatives?" asked Steve. The boy looked at Steve, his eyes filled with hope, but also fear.

"W-will you really help me?" asked the boy. "Of course, and if a theory I have is correct, I'll make certain that these people NEVER hurt you again….. What's your name?" asked Steve. "H-harry P-potter." said the boy. Steve stood up, took Harry's hand and started walking back to the hotel. Working with dragons for years had made him and every other worker at the reserve extremely protective of children, hanging around dragons all day will do that to ya, and he'd be damned if he let Harry suffer at the hands of his relatives.

Flashback End

After an introduction and revealing he was, himself, a wizard to Harry's relatives who were, in his opinion, the WORST beings in existence, Steve ended up getting guardianship of Harry signed over to him, for which Harry was incredibly grateful. As a final revenge on Harry's behalf, Steve cast a compulsion charm and the Dursley's, which would make them brag about any and all crimes they may have committed, hopefully, by the end of the trip, Vernon would be out of the job.

A sudden movement from inside Harry's cabin caught the attention of Steve, Harry and Charlie. Harry smirked, knowing exactly who was coming outside, having left the four of them to sleep in while he worked on his occlumency. Four dragons, about Harry's height, came outside and walked towards Harry. Harry excused himself from his conversation with Charlie and sat back down in the soft grass.

The first dragon to reach him, was a young Hungarian Horntail, who laid her head on Harry's lap. The three other dragons, a Chinese Fireball, Swedish Short-snout and a Welsh Green all picked a spot and lay down next to Harry. "Where were you this morning, we woke up and you were gone?" asked the Horntail. To Charlie and Steve, it just sounded like random growling. Harry gently stroked the Horntail's head, bringing a sense of calm to the creature. "I'm sorry, but the four of you were so exhausted after you practiced flying, I didn't want to wake you while I worked on my shields, I'm sorry, Dathin." said Harry. Charlie was confused as to how Harry could speak to, and understand dragons. Steve, knowing Charlie would ask, answered the unasked question.

"We found out he could do that by accident, it was three days after I brought him here that we discovered he was a Parseltounge. Not that long after that, he started talking to the dragons, but it was different, more growling than hissing, Harry said the dragons called it Dracospeech, he made friends with those for dragonlings not long after." said Steve. Charlie looked at Harry in disbelief, he couldn't fathom the fact that Harry could talk to snakes and dragons.

Steve started chuckling, which caused Charlie to look at him. "What's funny?" asked Charlie. "Oh, nothing, just wondering how the british wizarding world will react if he goes to Hogwarts, the letter should be coming either today or tomorrow if he gets in." said Steve.

"Harry, what will happen if you get into that wizard school, you won't have us to keep you company?" asked the Chinese Fireball, concerned about being separated from her friend. "I know, but Steve says I should have some human friends to, and I don't blame him, Fredha, with that Fat Bastard and the giraffe and whale rejects, I didn't have any human friends." said Harry. "I still wish you'd let ME deal with them when I'm able to fly long distances." said the Welsh Green. "Airlentor, I already told you, Steve has dealt with them, besides, if you did kill them, you would be hunted down and killed to, and i don't want that to happen." said Harry.

Airlentor huffed, but she knew Harry was right, her parents had told her how the british wand wavers treated all dragons and other magical beings. The Swedish Short-snout, who was named Sissilth, remained silent for a moment, before voicing her thoughts. "Do you guys think that magical beings who AREN'T human will ever be seen as equal?" asked Sissilth. "I don't know about everyone else, but if I have anything to say about it, all magical races will have the same rights and opportunities as wizards and witches, even if I have to fight for it." said Harry.

Steve and Charlie were watching the clear sky nearby. "He seems like he'd be rather passionate about any goal he sets his mind to." said Charlie. "I'll say, he negotiated for three whole days to get the parents of those four to agree to let them live with Harry, no easy task, especially with a Hungarian Horntail." said Steve. Charlie looked back towards Harry and the for dragons. "They do seem very close." said Charlie. Steve continued looking to the sky. "You have no idea." said Steve under his breath, miraculously, Charlie didn't hear him. Steve suddenly noticed a small speck coming their way and smirked. Things were about to get interesting. "Happy early birthday, Harry."

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