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Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Hogwarts Great Hall

It had been a week since the fiasco known as Defence Against the Dark Arts, and as Harry predicted, Lockhart had lost many of his fangirls after he ran and hid from the pixies. As expected, by the time lunch had rolled around, everyone in the school seemed to hear about Harry's particular ability to read, write and speak different creature languages.

Throughout the entire meal in the great hall, Harry got scowls from most of Slytherin, minus a few. He also gained curious glances from his fellow Ravenclaw's, cautious looks from Hufflepuff and mostly confusion from the Gryffindors.

Even many of the professors were gazing at him in curiosity, except for four of them. James and Lily were sharing a look of concern between them. They knew rumors at Hogwarts were a dime a dozen, but considering an entire defence class witnessed it, the gossip had some credibility.

Dumbledore and Snape however, weren't all that interested, at least it appeared so. Snape just glared at Harry in his usual 'I hate that kid' look, so not much of a change there. Dumbledore on the other hand, was internally plotting.

'It shouldn't be possible. There has never been a wizard with such skills before, not even Merlin. I have to find a way to use this against him….but how?' thought Dumbledore.

While Dumbledore was coming up with plans that would ultimately backfire and blow-up in his face (figuratively and literally), Harry was trying to figure out why Lockhart was even hired in the first place. If you spent even five seconds with the guy you could tell he was an idiot, even though Harry thought that, he was feeling quite guilty for thinking that as it was insulting….to the idiots he knew.

After casting a quick 'tempus', Harry saw he had some time before his next class, so he decided to go and visit Marina for a few minutes before he had to head to class. Harry smiled at the memory of his mermaid friend. She was one of the few 'non-human' friends he had at Hogwarts. That was a feat in-and-of itself, seeing as most of the european wizarding communities, except Paris, were extremely prejudiced against those of 'near-human intelligence'.

Harry grabbed his bag and began heading towards the doors of the great hall to head towards the black lake. His friends and a few professors were confused, however. They had seen him by the black lake quite a few times throughout last year, plus a couple times since this year started. The only thing they couldn't figure out was why, and Emily, Neville, Susan, Hannah and Hermione were determined to find out that day. All six stood from their respective tables and followed Harry at a distance so as not to appear nosey.

What they didn't know was that Harry knew that they would follow him. After his display in DADA, he knew that, at the very least, those five would follow him. Harry thought that Dumbledore and the Potter's would've followed as well.

'I guess dumbass decided to play it safe this year after his 'oh shit, I'm fucked' moment last year.' thought Harry with a smirk. After arriving at the black lake, Harry sat by the edge before sending a 'lumos' spell into the water. It was only thirty seconds before a figure broke the surface of the water, causing Harry to smile. There was just something about the shine from her blue scale-like skin and her amazing sea-green eyes that mesmerized Harry. However, she was the heir of the 'black lake merfolk' and Harry would never actively court her unless given permission by her parents.

Harry was many things, reckless, a smartass, a thrillseeker, a prankster and a trouble magnet, but he wasn't stupid….most of the time anyway.

"Harry, it's good to see you again. I was wondering if you would visit this year." said Marina with a kind smile.

"I will alway make every attempt to visit friends, no matter what. But I do apologize for not visiting sooner, I had to wait for the excitement to die down after I revealed I can speak in creature languages." said Harry, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment.

"I was wondering why we were hearing such gossip about you during our hunts near the surface." smirked Marina.

"Yeah, the long bearded jackass hired a complete idiot to teach defence this year. The prison belle ended up releasing a swarm of cornish pixies in the class. Had to admonish them to get them back in their cage without injuring them. That Lockhart is completely useless." said Harry with an annoyed edge to his voice. This brought a slight giggle from Marina, who blushed as a result. Marina hated the whole 'pampered princess' image among her people and tried to show she was a strong and just individual like her mother, so she hates it when she 'giggles'.

Harry was internally chuckling himself, but would never openly laugh when Marina's 'princess' side came out. He had seen what her mother could do when she was pissed, and he didn't want to take the chance that Marina took more after her mother than anything.

The others were hiding close by listening (attempting to anyway) to the conversation Harry was having with the mermaid. Though they were curious at how they were so friendly with one another. Susn was especially curious, having heard from her aunt that merfolk were indifferent during interactions with wizards at best. Royal families of merfolk are even less cordial with wizards and judging from what this mermaid was wearing, or what she could see anyway, she was a member of the royal family.

"Oh, before I forget, how is your mother doing? I remember you saying that she was pregnant at the end of last year." asked Harry. He was genuinely concerned as well, as mermaid pregnancies can get complicated depending on species and location.

"She's doing ok, thank you for asking. She has been quite moody at times, but she is close to giving birth at this point. I don't think I've ever seen my father so relieved." laughed Marina. This caused Harry to smile, as he had seen what a pregnant, hormone driven creature was like.

"Do I even want to know?" asked Harry.

"One of the guards, the one we've been trying to get rid of due to his ego and arrogance, made the mistake of saying 'since I'll never be able to claim the queen, I'll wait 'til her daughter is older and claim her as she's a dead ringer'. Unfortunately, my mother was in the corridor when he said that and he ended up being thrown out of the palace, through the wall….and about five pillars." said Marina, wincing. She had heard that bastard screaming in pain from the other side of the village.

"Yikes, where did you say your mother was from again?" asked Harry.

"The sunken ruins of Port Royal." replied Marina.

"Oh yeah. I remember going there once. I saw one mermaid toss an entire speedboat piloted by a rogue Loup-Garou with about 30 infiri in stasis into the ocean, she was one tough bitch. Even for merfolk of the carribean area who breed for strength." said Harry. It was true too. Many merfolk tribes around the world had adapted to certain traits, but Harry discovered over the summer (during his house arrest) that in smaller bodies of water, such as the black lake, members of different tribes will come together. This not only combined specific tribal traits, but also brought diversity to their people.

"It was during the summer of 2008. The bastard was trying to sell the inferi as a private guard to a dark wizard in the area that Steve was hunting, who wanted to wipe out the merfolk in the area. Apparently that mermaid attacked because the bastard tried to kidnap a young mermaid for 'insurance'." said Harry.

"Yeah, that was my aunt." said Marina in embarrassment.

"Well, that's one side of your family I'm definitely gonna try not to piss off. Just knowing that was your aunt is enough to scare any suitor that may be after you for status only." said Harry, flinching. Though if he was honest, he found it kind of funny imagining all the 'I'm better than you' putz's being chased off by a pissed off Caribbean mermaid.

"Yeah, I just wish they would let me choose a suitor. It's getting old turning them down because they have an ego so large that even the pacific ocean couldn't hold it all." sighed Marina.

"Yeah, the life of a royal is harder than people think. I've seen the shit that Vriska has to learn, and don't even get me started on the children of alpha werewolves." said Harry. Harry remembered one pack of werewolves that he gave his altered 'wolfsbane' potion to. He still couldn't figure out if that one female wanted to kill him, or have her way with him. Oh well, guess he would find out this coming summer when they went back to that specific pack. Harry cast 'tempus' to see the time and noticed he only had 10 minutes to get to potions.

"Sorry Marina, but I have to go. I have potions and I want to use the remaining time before class to come up with ways to humiliate Snape." smiled Harry as he got up and gathered his bookbag. Harry then grabbed a small cube from his bag that looked like a miniaturized crate and tossed it to Marina.

"What's this, Harry?" asked Marina.

"If you remember me telling you about perfecting the wolfsbane potion to help the werewolves, that shrunken crate has something similar for merfolk. It took about 3 years of trial and error, plus a few cauldron's blowing up, but it should allow merfolk to walk on land. You don't have to use it now, I know how skeptical you dad still is of me….just let him know so he doesn't think it's poison or something." smiled Harry. He hoped that this potion would work, so he left a few crates of the stuff at the reserve for Steve to distribute on his travels.

"Thanks, Harry. Try to come by and visit more often though, it gets really dull learning the do's-and-don'ts of my status all the time. Especially when it's my dad teaching the lesson, he could give that ghost teacher of yours a run for his money in how fast his students fall asleep." laughed Marina as she dove back down into the water.

Harry began making his way back to the castle while thinking of how to either show-up or humiliate Snape today when he walked past where the others were hiding.

"If you guys don't hurry, you'll be late to class. Also, if you want to talk to me about me being able to speak different creature languages, you could just ask instead of following me around." smirked Harry as he headed to the doors of the school.

The others, realizing they had been caught, and would be late to class if they didn't hurry, started heading back to the castle themselves. However, the looks of confusion on their faces was obvious as to how he knew they were there as they believed they hid themselves well enough.

"How the hell did he know we were there? We didn't follow too closely and made sure we were quiet." said Hannah.

"Well, I've found it best not to try and figure it out when it comes to Harry. For every question that is answered about him, another five are found. This just leads to a massive headache, so, as Harry would say….'just go with the flow'." said Neville.

The others of the group decided to just take Neville's advice for the time being. The events with the Philosopher's Stone last year proved that there were things about Harry that nobody knew, and wouldn't until the time was right.

10 minutes later

Hogwarts Potion Class

Harry was sitting at his desk, bored. Snape did his usual 'you're all dunderheads and my Slytherin's will outclass you hands down' shit, and his usual 'you're pathetic Potter, I'll always be better than you' schtick. That lasted for about 30 seconds before Harry said the word 'Burlesque', which he immediately regretted as he was forced to use obliviate on the entire class to get that nightmare inducing image out of his and others head. He would've left Malfoy with the memory, but not all Slytherin's were like him, and he didn't want to punish them.

'Thank Merlin that I asked Steve to teach me 'obliviate', if I had to go to sleep tonight with that image of Snape in my mind, I would never sleep again.' thought Harry. The class itself wasn't that impressive. Snape wrote the instructions on the board, as usual, but Harry used his own knowledge to brew the day's potion. The potion that day happened to be a minor pain relief potion, one of the first that Harry ever made. It was also one of the first that Harry had modified completely by accident. When the class ended and everyone was handing in a sample of their potion, Harry was last to do so. Once Harry handed in his potion sample, he saw Snape go red in rage as the potion was flawless.

"I don't know how you manage to cheat, Potter, but I will find out. I refuse to believe that you are this good, and if I have to use a truth potion on you to find out how you cheat….I will!" snarled Snape. Harry smirked as Snape had once again dug his own grave and it wasn't even 2 weeks into the school year.

'New record.' thought Harry.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say that was a threat. I'd best speak to professor Fltwick about this. Maybe you'll get worse than probation this year. Merlin knows that you didn't learn your lesson last year." smirked Harry as he exited the room. Snape was red in rage as he knew that Potter would follow through with informing Flitwick. He barely made it through last year when he lost a lot of his authority. If he lost more this year, he would have to somehow get Dumbledore to overrule it, like that would happen.

October 31st, 2012

Lockhart's office, Hogwarts

We currently find Harry and Emily in Lockhart's office, serving an unwarranted detention. The reason for it was that Harry started calling out individual names of random witches and wizards, at least it seemed that way, whenever Lockhart mentioned one of 'his' feats. These names caused Lockhart to pale and hand out said detention to Harry. Emily was there because she questioned the fairness of the detention. However, with the way Lockhart was staring at Emily, Harry suspected an ulterior motive.

The detention was basically Lockhart forcing them to answer his fan mail as his 'sensitive fingers' couldn't handle the work. They had been there for about an hour, before Lockhart looked at the time on his clock.

"Oh my, how time flies. You're free to go, though I must ask If Emily will stay behind for a moment." said Lockhart. Emily was about to comply, only because he was a teacher, before Harry placed a hand on her shoulder and gestured with his head for her to leave.

"Harry, as a professor, he asked me to stay behind and I'll have to." said Emily.

"Just go Emily, tell your parents that Lockhart wanted you to stay after our detention was over, they'll understand what that means." said Harry. Emily was about to argue, but noticed the look in Harry's eyes that said 'trust me, I'm doing this to help you'. Emily just nodded and left, causing Lockhart to scowl at Harry. However, once Emily left, Harry turned back to Lockhart with a glare that nearly caused Lockhart to piss himself.

"Let me make this as clear as possible, Lockhart. I know who and what you are. I also know the I.C.W. has a rap sheet on you 10 miles long. If I find proof that you've done anything to the female students here, or gone anywhere near Emily outside of class, your life will be over. Fudge won't be able to protect you forever….Watch. Your. Back." said Harry, his voice gaining a growl to it.

Lockhart nodded so fast that it looked like his head might pop off. Harry just snarled threateningly one last time before he left the room. Harry met with Emily outside the classroom that was attached to the office and started heading down to the great hall with her to try and get some food before dinner was over.

"Harry, why did you tell me not to stay behind when Lockhart asked?" asked Emily. This caused Harry to sigh in slight frustration. While Steve was regretful at teaching Harry some of the harsher truths of the world, Harry was grateful as he was more prepared for what was out there. That was, in Harry's opinion, one of the best things about his childhood that Steve helped him with. At the very least it helped Harry deal with a guardian who had a habit of blowing things up, hence Steve's nickname 'Devastator'.

"Trust me, Emily. Lockhart is the type of person you never want to be alone with. James and Lily can explain it in more detail later, but don't expect them to tell you right away." said Harry. Emily was confused, seeing as she lived a semi-sheltered life so she wouldn't get caught up in the fame, so she would have to ask her parents what Harry meant. Harry suddenly paused midstep, having heard something. It was faint, but it was there, and Harry had the feeling that things were gonna be crazy again this year.


That time, Harry did make out those specific words, followed by the sound of something moving in the walls, and as far as he knew, there was only one creature that could be that large and sound that creepy. Harry just hoped that he was wrong and it was just Malfoy or Snape being a jackass to get back at him, but he wasn't willing to risk that with only him and Emily in the hall right now.

"Emily, when I say, get to the great hall, fast and get the teachers. As in don't walk, you run, do you understand. Run as if your life depended on it." said Harry.

'Because it just might.' thought Harry. Emily nodded, but was a little freaked out because Harry was being really serious here, and he was rarely serious about anything. It was about 5 seconds before the sound faded away and Harry looked at Emily.

"GO, NOW!" yelled Harry. Emily didn't need to be told twice and took off like a bat out of hell, while Harry prepared to face whatever was around the corner leading to the corridor.

With Emily

Emily was running, but she was also concerned about Harry. Whatever made Harry that tense, was undoubtedly real trouble. It was one thing when Harry messed with Malfoy, Snape or Ron Weasley, or when he pulled pranks with Fred and George, but when Harry grew serious, you knew it was probably gonna be bad.

Reaching the doors of the great hall, Emily burst through the doors, shocking those inside with the fact that she was out of breath.

"Emily, what's wrong?" asked Lily, shocked that her daughter was out of breath, and if her memory served her well, Harry should have been with her.

"I don't know. Harry just got really tense and serious after hearing something. He just told me to run here as fast as I could. He's still on the second floor, I think he's going to confront whatever it was." said Emily, still trying to catch her breath.

"Did he happen to say what it was ms. Potter?" asked Dumbledore. There was a slight smirk on his face, as he knew what it most likely was, and if his hunch was right, he had a way to vilify the boy. What Dumbledore didn't know was that Emily and the rest of Harry's 'inner circle' of friends noticed the smirk. The group had gotten more wary of Dumbledore ever since the philosopher's stone incident, hiring Lockhart was just another nail in the coffin.

"No, but he seemed very tense and nervous about it. I get the feeling that he's hoping he was wrong about whatever it was." said Emily. This caused the students and professor's to grow nervous. Everyone at this point knew what Harry was like and that he was only serious when things went FUBAR. It wasn't long after Emily finished describing the situation that the professor's were scrambling out of the great hall towards the second floor, Emily following after them. Dumbledore was the last to leave, while telling the students to remain in the great hall while they sorted this out.

With Harry

Same Time

Harry was currently hiding around the corner in the second floor corridor. He heard water on the floor when he got there and knew there was a bathroom just around the corner. Channeling his magic, Harry felt his eyes change. They were now the same sickly yellow he used when he killed those two assholes near Vriska's village.

'I really hope I'm just being paranoid. If I'm not….I'm gonna need to use all the smooth talking skills I know to get out of trouble back home this time.' thought Harry. After Taking a deep breath, Harry leapt from behind the corner and took the snake stance of kung-fu that he learned from some of Steve's I.C.W. contacts at Steve's insistence. Steve wanted Harry to be able to protect himself if he lost his wand, so he put Harry through about 15 different martial arts, not including the main animal styles of kung-fu.

Harry quickly noticed, however, that the hallway was empty with a lot of water on the floor. Harry's eyes changed back to normal as he walked closer to the bathroom doors. Upon actually reaching the doors, he saw the most hated cat in the school, mrs. Norris, frozen mid-jump from the ledge beside the door. And considering that the cat was at a 90 degree angle, it meant she was frozen as she looked into the water.

Harry was starting to believe that he was unfortunately right about his theory, but he didn't want to assume. So Harry decided to use some other enhancements that his magic allowed him to get any nearby scents. The first thing he smelled was the water and the cat, but it was the third scent that concerned him. The scent was reptilian, and very old. He also caught the scent of decomposition. Harry would've probably pegged it as a Wendigo due to the smell of decomposition, if it weren't for the reptilian smell, and the fact that Wendigo's are native to the U.S. and canada.

'Reptile and rotting flesh, looks like another year of dodging life threatening events. I swear, if I survive this, I'm getting Steve to pull some strings and at least getting Dumb-ass-dore kicked out of the I.C.W.' thought Harry. What was worse for Harry was when he noticed what was written on the wall….in blood.

The Chamber of Secrets Has Been Opened! Enemies of the Heir, Beware!

Harry suddenly heard footsteps coming up behind him. Turning around, he saw the staff and Emily rounding the corner. It was 5 seconds afterwards that Dumbledore arrived, with Flich showing up from the opposite direction. At first, Filch looked pissed that he had more to clean, before he saw his cat, causing his eyes to widen.

"Mrs. Norris!? You've murdered my cat!" yelled Filch, turning to glare at Harry. Flich stormed up to Harry, grabbing the front of his robes aggressively.

"I'LL KILL YA!" yelled Filch as he raised his right hand, forming a fist. Filch suddenly felt a sharp pain on the left side of his jaw and found himself on his back on the ground. When Filch opened his eyes, Harry was standing over him, before Harry aggressively grabbed the front of Filch's shirt and brought him close enough to stare right into Harry's eyes. Harry kept his eyes normal for this, as he knew Filch was a squib. Harry may be a badass at times, but he was fair and would never use magic on an unarmed squib or no-maj.

"If you ever threaten me like that again, Filch, any resemblance between you and a human will be purely coincidental. And it will be completely within my rights as being in self defence….COMPRENDE?" yelled Harry. Filch temporarily lost his ability to speak at the anger in the 12 year olds eyes and paled. Filch nodded so fast that it looked like his head was a blur, before Harry let go of his shirt, causing Filch's top half to hit the floor.

"And she's not dead, you idiot. She would be as limp as Snape without viagra. She's frozen solid but not cold, she's been petrified. Mandrake drought should fix her." said Harry.

"Mr. Potter, what exactly are you doing in this specific corridor?" asked the herbology professor and head of Hufflepuff, Pomona Sprout.

"I was investigating what I heard earlier. When the sound faded away when me and Emily were on our way back from the pedo-I mean Lockhart's office, I sent Emily ahead while I followed what little of the sound was left to investigate it." said Harry. Filch, at this point, had walked over to his frozen cat and held it in his arms.

"When I rounded the corner, I saw all this water on the floor and found the cat frozen in midair. I then noticed that message written in blood on the wall. I was trying to figure out what could've caused this flood and the writing." said Harry. While Harry did have his suspicions on what he heard and what was now, undoubtedly, roaming the halls of the school, he didn't say anything. He didn't want to cause a panic just in case he was wrong, but he barely ever is.

Dumbledore walked over to the wall and read the message himself. While he was concerned that the chamber had apparently been opened, internally he was ecstatic. This would be another perfect test for Emily Potter, and he could work out a way to discredit Harry. He wasn't a master manipulator for nothing. However, once again, this would undoubtedly blow up in his face at the end of the year. But when has Dumbledore ever thought about the consequences against himself?

"This is quite concerning, we will have to keep our eyes and ears open for more information. Be that as it may, Mr. Potter, while it may be an intense situation, I cannot abide you injuring and threatening a member of the faculty, I'm afraid that will be…." started Dumbledore before being cut off by Flitwick.

"There will be no punishment, headmaster. was well within his rights to physically defend himself from what was obviously an attempted assault on his person." said Flitwick. Dumbledore was about to rebuke, but was again prevented from doing so by Minerva.

"I wholeheartedly agree, Filius. Argus, as much as it pains me to say this due to your years of service, you are officially terminated, effective at the end of this year. The only reason it's not effective immediately is that we already sorted out the budget for this year, which includes paying you throughout the year. This will also allow you, and hopefully persuade you, to save your money instead of buying firewhisky so you have somewhere to go until you get better employment." said McGonagall. Harry decided to make a suggestion, regarding Filch's future. While Harry hated the guy, he didn't want him to end up on the streets. Harry wasn't heartless.

"Um, Professor McGonagall, if it's alright with you, I can send a letter to Steve about getting Filch a job where I live during the summer. Steve works there on his off days and they have positions for those without magic." suggested Harry. McGonagall pondered on this for about a minute, before she nodded.

"That would be acceptable Mr. Potter. Please have Mr. Feros contact me when the arrangements are made." said McGonagall. Harry nodded to her, before Dumbledore decided to lead everyone back to the great hall to send the students back to their dorms. However, he gave Harry a small glare as he walked past.

The only ones left in the corridor were James, Lily, Emily and Harry.

"Harry, do you know what's going on, what might happen?" asked Emily.

"I honestly couldn't tell ya. I'll try and figure it out then I'll let you know, I promise." said Harry. He felt bad about lying to them, but in his mind it will help him in his attempts to end this quickly. Harry didn't want anyone getting themselves hurt or killed by causing panic.

"Well, that's all anyone can ask. James, I'm gonna walk Emily back to the Gryffindor dorms. Harry, it would put me, and undoubtedly your friends, at ease if you let James take you back to the Ravenclaw dorms." said Lily. Harry noticed that she was attempting to ask in an authoritative teacher voice, but there was an underlying tone of parental concern. Harry actually appreciated that they were giving him time to fully warm up to them, but, and Harry would never admit this, it was nice to see that they were concerned.

Harry eventually nodded and started following James up to the Ravenclaw common room. However, Harry took a quick glance back at the message on the wall.

'I don't know who you are, but I believe I know what you've unleashed. No matter how long it takes, I will hunt you down, and stop you before anyone gets killed. Then, I'm gonna kill ya for what I'll have to go through back home….again.' thought Harry. It took about 10 minutes, but Harry and James reached the Ravenclaw eagle before James turned to leave.

James stopped after taking a few steps, however and turned back to Harry.

"Hey Harry, I know it's about 7 years to late to say this but….be careful when you're investigating. I have this odd feeling that this is more dangerous than we think." said James as he continued his trek to his and Lily's shared quarters.

After answering the riddle to enter the common room, Harry walked through the entrance. As it was closing, he looked back in the direction that James had left.

'Well, I know who to blame for all those accurate gut feelings I always get. Looks like me, Fred and George have our next target.' thought Harry with a chuckle. However, this chuckle wasn't dark or malicious in any way. This was a looney tune-esque 'Of course you know, this means war' type of chuckle. Harry didn't know it, but at that moment, he declared a prank war against one of the most notorious pranksters in Hogwarts.

Throughout the castle, the professor's all felt an ice-cold chill run up their spines. The last time they felt that was when Harry entered the great hall with the Weasley twins. And even though what happened that night caused some major concerns to build up among the staff. This chill told them to start watching every blind spot in the castle for traps. There were two specific thoughts going through the staff's heads.

James-Game On!

Other Staff-Merlin save us all

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