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Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Hogwarts Express, September 1st, 2012

1 hour away from Hogwarts

Harry was in a compartment with his friends, mostly just chatting about random stuff to pass the time. Topics such as what they did with their summer, their expectations for the new year, etc. Everyone laughed at Harry's expense when he told them how he was basically grounded for two weeks when he got home. They also tried to pry info on his adventures out of him, but he still wouldn't budge on that yet. The most they got out of him was that he 'was there' when the 'Veela's Bane' and most of the Goyles were wiped out. Eventually, their conversation reached the point of 'who would be the worst teacher this year'.

"I honestly think it'll be Snape, that guy is a major pain in the ass. Always favoring the Slytherin's, I wonder how many of them have blown it at jobs requiring potions because they got praised for being sub-par by Snape." said Neville.

"Nah, it'll be flophart. That guy doesn't even look like he could find his way out of a round room with a single door if it was wide open." said Susan.

"You're both right, between Snape's favoritism and flophart's 'pretty boy' ways, we may have to do independent studies just to pass the end of year exams." said Harry.

"How do people like flophart get passed screening to be teachers anyway?" asked Hermione.

"I think it was Dumbledore. From what my parents told me, he didn't even run his choice past them or the other professor's." said Emily.

"He's planning something. I don't know what, but those traps last year seemed tailor made for first years to get through." said Hannah.

"Don't worry guys, if anything happens this year I'm sure Harry has a plan, right Harry?" asked Neville. Harry adopted a thinking pose, which made the group roll their eyes.

"Hmm, not sure, considering many of my plans never work 100%, I might just wing it." said Harry. This brought laughter from the group, before Harry looked at the watch that Steve got him for his birthday.

"Uh, Harry, what are you doing?" asked Hermione.

"Just checking the time. The blond ferret should be making his appearance in exactly, 3….2….1." said Harry. As soon as he hit one, said blond ferret yanked open the compartment door, his two bookends behind him, looking at the group with pure hatred.

"Well well, if it isn't the reject squad. A squib, two blood-traitors, two half-bloods, and one disgusting mudblood." smirked Malfoy. Four pairs of eyes glared at Malfoy with pure hatred, while Hermione was fighting back tears at the insult. Hermione had done more reading into the wizarding world and stumbled across the meaning of that insult.

The room suddenly went ice cold as Harry slowly stood from his seat. This drew all eyes to him, and slightly freaked out the others, while Malfoy and the two flunkies suddenly had the urge to try and run for their lives. They never got the chance however, as Harry reached the three and grabbed Malfoy by the front of his uniform. The five others in the compartment may not have seen what caused Malfoy's new 'oh fuck I'm screwed' look at that moment, but Malfoy was staring into the eyes of a Wampus. While Wampus' were known wizard killers, they were a very useful creature to have around if you wanted a threat to be effective, but get out of trouble at the same time.

Apparently, similar to the eyes of a basilisk being able to kill you, a Wampus' eyes had a natural hypnotism and Harry had mastered it enough where he could choose a specific moment in time for an individual to forget, like causing someone to forget a threat and who threatened them, but still obey the threat. Something that Harry was going to use to his advantage here.

"Listen and listen well, Malfoy. If I ever hear you, or any of your flunkies use terms like that again….I will personally remove any and all possibility of you continuing the Malfoy line….CAPICHE?!" yelled Harry. Malfoy nodded so fast that it looked like his head would fly off, before he, Crabbe and Goyle ran off.

While Harry would have preferred that Malfoy remember his threat, he remembered rule one when dealing with idiots like him. Don't get caught. This was the reason that Harry used the nundu eyes, he got to threaten Malfoy, but Malfoy wouldn't remember the threat, or most of the interaction. Crabbe and Goyle were so stupid that no one would believe them anyway.

"Thanks for that Harry, but aren't you worried that Malfoy will blab to Snape about this? If I remember correctly, his probation will be over this year." said Emily.

"Ah, I get the feeling that Malfoy's gonna forget everything that happened here, and IF Snape gets involved, I believe that his 'spontaneous dancing' curse will act up a lot more this year." smirked Harry. This gained looks of confusion from the group, but they didn't question it. During the exchange of letters over the summer, everyone agreed to officially stop trying to understand the mind of Harry Potter, it normally led to intense headaches.

The group made small talk for the remainder of the train ride to Hogwarts, which only lasted for a half-hour more. After the train pulled into Hogsmeade station and the group exited the train, they went to the carriages. Before entering the carriage himself, Harry walked to the front and pet the thestral that pulls it, entering the carriage soon after.

"Harry, why do you run your hand through the air in front of the carriage? This is the second time you've done that since the end of yule last year." said Hannah. Harry smiled sadly, while the thestral was an interesting creature, the only way to see it made knowing it was there bitter sweet.

"These carriages are pulled by thestrals, if you know a lot about the magical world, you know why I can see them." said Harry with a slight far away look. He still had the occasional self-hatred from when he first saw death, he was the cause of it after all. While he WAS there for the event with the rogue Salem teacher, he didn't actually see the guy get crushed, Steve just mentioned it to him.

That was something about Steve that he could appreciate, while he did take Harry on missions around the world, he made sure that Harry never had to witness an actual death. That method had worked until their run in with 'The Veela's Bane'.

"Damn Harry, I'm sorry you had to witness something like that. How old were you?" asked Susan. Harry sighed, while he only said he was there during the raid in France, he knew that at this point, he had to tell the truth….at least an abridged and edited version.

"I was 10, Steve was contracted to wipe out the 'Veela's Bane', I went with him. I've alway had an urge to help the innocent, so I thought I could search for the victims while he dealt with the gang. It worked….at first. I found the room with the victims by chance while Steve followed one of the gang members. I can only guess that the fight started soon after, cause the place shook not long before I called Steve to the room. The last four of the gang followed him and the leader had him in a cruciatus curse. My magic lashed out at that, killing the other three before Steve killed the leader. It was hard coming to terms with." said Harry.

That last part wasn't a lie either. It had taken Steve and the dragons almost a week to calm Harry down and help him come to terms with what happened. The others were confused, however. Harry knew about thestrals because of his magic, and Susan knew about them because her aunt wanted her to be prepared for the real world ahead of time.

"Uh, someone want to fill in the rest of us? What are thestrals and why can't we see them?" asked Emily.

"Thestrals are like a skeletal pegasus. However, most see them as a bad omen because they are only seen by those who have seen death." said Susan.

"Oh shit, sorry Harry. It must have been hard on you seeing something like that." said Emily.

"Like you wouldn't believe. It's gotten easier to deal with though, because Steve helped me realize that the idiot we kill today, will never hurt the innocent tomorrow. Steve was regretful that I killed so young, regardless if it was unintentional or not." said Harry.

"Hey, we won't judge ya. Besides, if you didn't kill Quirrell last year, we wouldn't be here." said Neville.

"Ok, ok. Enough of the doom and gloom, we're here." said Hannah. Noticing that they indeed were now at Hogwarts, the group exited the carriage and made their way inside to wait for the new first years.

It was about a half-hour wait, in which time you could hear a certain Weasley complaining about the wait for the feast. This annoyed the hell out of everyone who could hear him, including Emily and Hermione, who were unfortunately stuck sitting next to him.

When the first years finally entered the great hall and were being sorted, Harry was focusing on how he would mess with Snape and Lockhart this year. While Harry's mind was elsewhere, he didn't notice a blond first year sit next to him until she spoke to him.

"Hello Harry Potter, I hope you don't mind if I sit next to you." said the girl. Hearing the girl's voice knocked Harry out of his stupor and he turned to the girl.

"Oh, sorry. Of course you can sit here, Ms., uh, sorry. You have me at a disadvantage here." said Harry sheepishly.

"My apologies, I'm Luna Lovegood. It's nice to meet you, Harry Potter." said Luna with a smile.

"You don't have to keep using my full name Luna. You can just call me Harry." said Harry, smiling back at her, before picking up his goblet for a drink.

"Ok Harry. If you wish, you may call me 'Looney'." said Luna with a slightly sad smile. Hearing this caused Harry to choke slightly on his drink, shocked that Luna could say something like that so casually.

"Why would someone ever call you that Luna?" asked Harry in genuine concern.

"I think it's because I can see creatures others think are figments of my imagination. The name started when Ron Weasley saw me talking to wrackspurts." said Luna. Harry sneered at the mention of the youngest male Weasley. The guy was becoming a major pain in the ass, Harry would have to deal with him soon. Non-fatal of course.

"I can guarantee you, I will never call you 'Looney'. Trust me, I know what it's like to know things about our world's creatures that no one else does….mostly found out by accident." smirked Harry. This brought a laugh from Luna. She was glad she found someone who could understand the unknown of the magizoological world. Though their reasons for understanding such were different, Harry's being his magic and Luna's being more….complicated.

After about a half-hour more, the tables were cleared and Dumbledore stood to make his annual welcoming announcements.

"Well, now that we've all had our fill, I have a few notices to give out. As always, the forbidden forest is just that, forbidden to all students. The list of banned items has been expanded and will be available on the door of Mr. Filch's office. Finally, I am pleased to announce our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Gilderoy Lockhart." said Dumbledore.

While there was applause from many students, Harry and his group, plus Luna and the Slytherin table refused to do so. Snape just scowled at losing the position of defence teacher….again. Harry found himself agreeing with Snape for once, anyone was a better choice than flophart.

"Well, I think I've delayed your sleep long enough, off you trot now." smiled Dumbledore. Harry didn't buy that crocodile smile though. He had a feeling that something was gonna go down this year, and he hated when he got that feeling as it never ended well….for him anyway.

"Well, I'll see you in the common room, Luna. I hope you enjoy it here, I know I do." said Harry as he got up to leave the great hall.

"I'm sure I will, Harry." smiled Luna as she saw Harry exit the hall.

After Harry entered the common room about 10 minutes after he left. Even though the common room was in a tower, considering the creatures he ran into over the years, he learned to run really fast in a short time.

The only creature he encountered that he couldn't outrun was a Zouwu. Seriously, how do you outrun something that can travel 1,000 miles in a day and apparate. Harry hadn't mastered that magic yet, he still needed practice. He tried again this past summer, with a tracking charm on him of course, and ended up clinging to the top of the eiffel tower, resulting in their visit to France.

Anyway, Harry waited in the common room for the first years, since Luna would be with them and he could tell that she could use a friend. It wasn't long after that the first years entered and the prefects and professor Flitwick went through the usual introduction. The first years were sent to bed soon after, with Luna spending a few minutes with Harry before going to bed herself. Harry went up not long after, going to sleep with a smile on his face. Not just because he possibly made a new friend, but he was remembering visiting the only I.C.W./No-maj prison in britain. It was the only time he could remember being happy when around….them.


It was the middle of the day in early August and Harry and Steve were heading to a special prison that held both magical prisoners and no-maj prisoners with a connection to the magical world through first-gen family members. It was a fairly new prison concept that was made with I.C.W. approval, so Fudgebar had no idea about it, and it had been around for roughly 9 years, but was already successful among first-gen magicals and 'The United' (Harry's idea for the term half-blood that he hoped would catch on) who were abused by no-maj relatives when their magic finally showed.

The prison was called Abracatraz. Apparently the founder was the father of a first-gen who was an avid watcher of a specific cartoon and the name just stuck with him. It took a lot of work for the guy to get an audience with the I.C.W., since he was a no-maj. They had nothing against the guy whatsoever, there were just a lot of security measures involved because a no-maj was almost mauled by a quintaped, nasty fucker's those were. It took all of 2001 to negotiate the project, but the results were magnificent, and standing tall in front of Steve and Harry.

Harry was a little apprehensive about being here, but Steve recommended this, so Harry could put the first five years of his life behind him. It didn't hurt Steve's case when he said Harry could finally tell these bastards what he really thought about them.

After entering the prison and being led to the visitor lobby, six red robed wizards were leading three individuals into the room, two adults and one kid around Harry's age. Four of the wizards forcibly set the larger male, who was restrained by a series of chains and rope, in a chair, with one wizard muttering 'cochon' while all four took one step back with wands aimed at him. The woman and child, obviously the wife and son respectively, were set in their chairs soon after. However, the son was restrained the same way as the father.

"Well, isn't this ironic. This is almost the same way we first met. Only last time you weren't in chains, and you were signing guardianship over to me." smirked Steve.

"You have a lot of nerve showing your face to us, you freak." snarled the older male. Yep, they were currently in front of the three stooges, A.K.A, the Dursley's.

"We just wanted to see what happened to Privet Drive's 'most upstanding family', and I have to say….this suits you more." smirked Steve. Dudley just sneered, apparently he was silenced before he was brought in. Vernon was turning an unnatural purple, but Petunia refused to keep quiet.

"How dare you speak to normal people like that. You are an unnatural abomination and have no right to…." started Petunia before she was interrupted by Harry.

"Shut up you bitter old bitch and listen for once in your life!" snarled Harry. This shocked all three Dursley's as they didn't think the freak had any guts to speak to them like that, but five years is a long time, and a lot of pent up anger.

"For five fucking years, I've put up with your bullshit. For five fucking years, I was verbally, emotionally and borderline physically abused by you bastards. I have suffered in silence when I was around you three….no more." growled Harry. Harry's eyes became draconic, and while the guards were shocked, Steve had all the guards in the prison sworn to secrecy involving anything they saw concerning Harry. His magical abilities may be known among the I.W.C.O. and I.C.W., but it was agreed that until Harry said otherwise, it was strictly need-to-know.

"You three are a part of my life that I came here to put behind me. You three hold no power over me. I just wanted to see how pathetic you assholes really were, and I'm warning you now, even if you guys get released, you are registered as 'extremely dangerous' magic haters for life. Any no-maj who has a magical child in your area will be immediately notified as a result. So all-in-all, your reputation is kaput. We're done here." said Harry as he roughly stood up and headed for the door, Steve following close behind. However, Harry stopped just short of opening the door and faced the Dursley's once more.

"By the way, you've heard of the Death Eater's, right?" asked Harry, receiving a nod from all three, it seems Petunia warned them of the 'murderous freaks'.

"Well, if you do get out, it's not them you have to worry about as you can see them coming due to their clothing. People like Steve here though….they're hidden all over. One false move and you won't know what hit you." said Harry, giving them one last glare before storming out.

"I wouldn't take his warning lightly. There's a reason you three are under constant guard and kept out of the general population with others like you. To them, people like you are the freaks. The shit you and the others in your wing have done, you wouldn't last 30 seconds against the other kinds of prisoners here….good luck, regardless." snarled Steve before he walked out. He may hate the Dursley's with a passion due to how much help Harry needed to forget what they did, but he wasn't heartless.

Upon returning to Romania, Harry went straight to his home to sleep off the rest of the day. It felt good to get all that off his chest and he felt lighter now that he could just move on from that chapter of his life. Upon entering his home, he saw Dathin, Airlentor, Sissilth and Fredha already asleep, which made him smile. His first few years of life may have been hell, but it brought Steve and many others into his life that he would never replace. In a twisted way, the Dursley's gave him his greatest gift in his life on that day 6 years ago.

'And I wouldn't change it, no matter what.' thought Harry as he joined the dragons in sleeps grip.

Flashback End

Harry smiled slightly as sleep finally claimed him. That memory was bittersweet, while he was forced to face the Dursley's after six long years away from them, it also reminded him of everything he gained because of them.

'I stick by what I always said, I wouldn't change anything.' thought Harry as his mind finally filled his body to sleep.

Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom

4 days later

The first few days of classes weren't all that crazy, if you didn't count Snape walking around in a lederhosen doing a folk dance while singing 'the lonely goatherd' from the sound of music after a tirade calling Harry a liar during potions the day before. He heard a few first-gen's humming that song for the rest of the day, and Snape was red with embarrassment and rage. As for Harry, he was laughing his ass off with the rest of their group at lunch.

Currently however, Harry was sitting in what was his favorite lessons from Steve and others at the reserve, but was truly dreading here at Hogwarts. This year, D.A.D.A. was shared between the Ravenclaws and Gryffindors. Why was Harry dreading this class? Well the answer was coming down the stairs of the office right this moment.

"Me, Gilderoy Lockhart. Order of Merlin, third class. Honorary member of the 'Dark Forces Defence league'. Winner of 'Teen Witch Weekly's' most charming smile award. But I'm not here to talk about that, I didn't get rid of the Bandon Banshee by smiling at her." smiled Lockhart.

'Of course he didn't, he looks nothing like that witch. I bet he can't even get one hair on his chin.' thought Harry.

"Now, just to be sure you studied my books, we will be starting today's class with a pop quiz." said Lockhart as he started handing out the quiz to each student. However, Harry noticed that all of the questions were about him. Questions about his favorite color, life's goal, ideal birthday gift, this bullshit quiz just went on in that format.

Harry decided he would take this opportunity to show that flophart was beyond stupid. He wrote his answers to each question in the written language of each creature mentioned in flopharts book titles. Ethereal (Ethereal languages are used by those who are between the mortal and spirit worlds and has a more musical feel to it) for the banshee, Himalayan Primish (sub form of Primish, the language of the sasquatch species) for the Yeti, etc.

When the quizzes were handed in, Lockhart smiled at many of the answers from the fans who still believed he was the hero he was in his books, but he began to frown when he reached Neville's, Emily's and Hermione's quizzes, as they answered with question marks. When he reached Harry's however, his face showed nothing but confusion.

"Mr. Potter, perhaps you could explain what these strange symbols in your answers are?" asked Lockhart.

"Well professor, I assumed with all of your incredible feats, you would recognize the languages of the creatures you have encountered." smirked Harry. This statement caused Lockhart to pale and start sweating slightly. In order to save face and redirect the conversation, Lockhart turned to his desk quickly and pulled a covered birdcage from behind it.

"While I would love to discuss my momentary lapse in memory, I believe it's time to begin the lesson." said Lockhart with a 'got out of that one' smile. Lockhart then tapped the cage with his wand, causing whatever was inside to shake the cage.

"It is my duty to prepare you for the terrors you will encounter in the outside world. Inside this cage is one such terror. Now I must ask you not to scream….it might PROVOKE THEM!" yelled Lockhart as he dramatically removed the cover, revealing small, blue, winged demon-like creatures.

"Pft, Cornish Pixies?" asked a boy named seamus in disbelief while laughing with the rest of the class.

"Freshly caught Cornish Pixies. Laugh if you will Mr. Finnegan, but a swarm of these buggers can be quite dangerous….let's see what you make of them!" said Lockhart before opening the cage and releasing the swarm.

Almost immediately, the classroom was in chaos as the pixies were harassing students, tearing up homework, and almost hung Neville from the chandelier, that is, if Hermione hadn't thrown a book at them.

"Relax everyone, they're just pixies, now let's see….aha! Peskipiksi Pesternomi!" called Lockhart, just before a pixie took his wand and tossed it out the window. Lockhart began to panic and ran towards his office before turning to the students.

"Class dismissed. I now asked that all of you could just nip them back into their cages." stammered Lockhart before entering his office and locking the door.

Harry just rolled his eyes, if this didn't knock some sense into his fangirls, nothing would. Harry looked to his right and saw Hermione trying to reach for her wand to cast a spell at the pixies, but with so many around her and the others, it was near impossible. Harry then looked left and saw a pixie flying right at him, but he wasn't having it.

Harry's eyes changed to those of a pixie and he glared at the charging creature, causing it to freeze in it's movements. This also caused the other pixies to pause, as the one near Harry was the 'ring-leader' of the swarm, being the first out of the cage. The sudden silence caused Lockhart to peek out of his office to see what was going on. What happened next shocked both him, and the students as most only heard rumors about what Harry could do.

"You don't want to do this buddy, trust me. Now, get back in that cage and I will see about getting you released into the forest." said Harry, but it was in the language of the pixies. While many had heard him speak in the phoenix language in the great hall, they thought it was a trick caused by hunger, so witnessing Harry speak in the language of a creature was a shock to them.

"B-but sir, we've been locked in that cage for a week. We were just having a little fun." said the Pixie.

"Fun for you normally means chaos and hours of clean-up for the rest of us. Now, get back in your cage until we get you to the forest….NOW!" yelled Harry. This caused the pixies to scramble to get back in their cage, with the last pixie in the cage slamming the door shut.

Harry smirked victoriously at his work, before he noticed the looks of shock on the other students' faces.

"Sorry about that guys. Pixies are kind of like young children. Most of the time their antics are harmless unless they get to hyper. So sometimes you have to be firm with them." said Harry while rubbing the back of his neck.

"Anyway, I'll see you guys at lunch. I have to speak with McGonagall first about releasing these pixies." said Harry as he walked out like nothing unusual happened.

The rest of the class was still shocked at what they witnessed. A few Ravenclaws suddenly realized how Harry could write in the different creature languages, but they believed he just had a private tutor over the summer and before Hogwarts. The others however, were still processing that Harry spoke to, and understood the pixies. The silence was finally broken by a certain Weasley, and for once, everyone was thinking the same thing.

"What the fuck just happened?" asked Ron. This thought rang through everyone's mind and for many, this was just another question to the mystery of Harry Potter. However, many questions would be answered throughout this year, but nobody knew when….or how. While Harry didn't know it, that one event in the classroom was the start of a series of events that would bring him closer to his promise of unity for all, magicals, creatures and no-maj's alike. This was the day that Harry had opened the eyes of a few to the idea of harmony for all, magical and mundane alike.

The coming years at Hogwarts were going to be VERY interesting.

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