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Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Hogwarts Hospital Wing

It had been roughly a day-and-a-half since the fiasco with Quirrelmort, and Harry had finally come to from his 'little nap' as his friends jokingly called it. Harry was honestly getting tired of nearly dying in the facasa school, he was definitely getting his revenge on dumbass-dore at the closing feast. However, the first thing Harry did when he woke up was write a letter to Steve to get in touch with the paper. Harry wanted to get ahead of this situation before Dumbledore could stonewall the D.M.L.E. and try to sweep his mistake under the rug.

It was a good thing he did, as not even a day after he was discharged from the hospital wing, Emily, Neville, Hermione, Susan and Hannah came up to him during dinner.

"Hey Harry, just letting you know, Dumbledore has been trying to get the students and staff to believe that what happened with the stone didn't happen. He's been saying that he would never place a class A magical artifact in a school." said Emily.

"Don't worry guys, I sent a letter to Steve to get in touch with Will Valorum with our side so he can print the truth, and maybe take Dumbass down a peg." smirked Harry. The group nodded, even Hermione, who had changed the most from the 'obey the rules and teachers to the letter' type, to the 'screw Dumbledore and his hidden motives' type. She also gained a bit more of a humorous side, jokingly cursing Harry for 'corrupting her views of the magical worlds 'perfect' society'.

Madam Pomfrey came out of her office a few minutes later and started using diagnostic charms on Harry and determined that he was good to go. Pomfrey was shocked however, due to how fast Harry had healed from his injuries. The medical anomaly known as Harry Potter was starting to interest her in a healing capacity, as with the injuries he received from the troll and a rouge cerberus (One of dumbass' lies), though she was sceptical of that last cause, the boy should be dead, or at least unable to walk again. Harry Potter was truly an enigma to the Hogwarts matron, and she would continue to monitor him. Pomfrey would be damned if she couldn't figure out how Harry can heal that fast, or survive fatal hits like he could.

Outside the hospital wing, Harry stretched out his sore muscles to get the kinks out from not moving much since his tangle with Quirrelmort.

"Damn, I thought I'd never get out of there. Who'd have thought that there was such a thing as being too thorough." said Harry with a joking smirk.

"Well, it makes sense, my dad always said she was a bit of a hardass when it came to students' health. In fact, I think he said she once threatened him, not sure if that's true or not." said Emily.

"My exact words were 'if it wasn't for my healer's oath I would make your injuries worse for your stupidity, Potter'." Pomfrey called from the other side of the door, having heard the conversation. This caused the group to burst out laughing, picturing a cowering James Potter cornered by a furious medi-witch.

"Ya know, despite the fact that I've almost died multiple times at this school, I'm actually glad I came here instead of Beauxbatons, Durmstrang or the other schools that tried to bribe me over the years. Salem's attempt was the best, they offered me an entire gryphon farm if I went there. Apparently they thought my abilities could help them in the long run, plus they wanted to have bragging rights for getting me, the ward of Steve 'Devastator' Feros as a student. " said Harry while laughing.

"Wait, they offered you an ENTIRE gryphon farm to attend Salem? How could they pull that off?" asked Susan. This confused the group as well, gryphon farms were highly regulated and hard to even buy one, for Salem to offer a whole farm just to try and get Harry to attend, something must've happened to the other owner.

"Oh, four years ago, me and Steve went to the U.S. for a vacation. A professor from Salem, the previous owner of the farm, had apparently gone batshit crazy and tried to destroy the school with a hurricane spell. I hid on a nearby hill while Steve went to help the American aurors." said Harry.

"That doesn't really explain why they were able to offer it, Harry." said Hannah.

"Well…." started Harry.


A storm was raging on a mountain range not far from where Salem was located. The cause of this storm was a man with his wand pointed to the sky. Behind him was a group of injured MACUSA aurors and a still standing, but exhausted Steve and Harry, who was behind a small boulder.

"Why are you doing this ya bastard, what could you possibly gain?" asked Steve.

"I believe the secret to Salem's defences are a great diamond underneath the school, and I will do EVERYTHING to get it and its power….and no one will stop me!" yelled the wizard, before turning and firing a strong blasting curse at Steve. Steve barely managed to dodge, but the shockwave from the spell's impact still knocked him unconscious. However, the shockwave also loosened a precariously perched boulder above the rogue professor.

As the rogue professor was about to finish his hurricane spell, the headmistress of Salem had apparated to the area.

"Jackson, what the hell is the meaning of this?" asked the headmistress.

"You should know, Alice. I will have the power you have hidden under the school. I will have all your secrets." said Jackson.

"You of all people should know that the rumor of a magical diamond under the school is just that, a rumor. As for secrets, I do not keep secrets from the staff….who do you think I am, Albus Dumbledore?" asked an offended Alice.

"You are LYING, Alice, and I for one am tired of it. I want that diamond….WHERE IS MY HUMONGOUS ROCK!" yelled Jackson. It was a full two seconds later that the loosened boulder fell and crushed Jackson.

"Well, that was anticlimactic." said Alice.

Flashback End

The group was busting a gut laughing. While it may have been a brutal way to go, the irony was absolutely hilarious. While Harry was slightly disgusted by the fact that he saw a guy become what the U.S. called 'street pizza', he couldn't deny that nature had a great sense of ironic humor.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving. Plus, I'm sure a greased up dungeon bat, or redhead waste disposal will be waiting somewhere to either go off on me, or trying to take credit for saving the stone in the case of Weasley." said Harry.

The group agreed with Harry, heading towards the great hall, where sure enough, Weasley was trying to get people to believe he had saved the stone. However, this wasn't working as the headmaster was trying everything to prevent his blunder (*cough* test *cough*) from being discovered.

"Well, I guess you were right Harry, he is trying to take credit for it." said Hermione.

"Honestly, we should've seen that coming, he's tried to befriend me since before Hogwarts. His banshee of a mother has tried to force a marriage contract for years….then again, his mother is from the Prewitt family." said Emily. The entire group decided to sit at the Ravenclaw table and began dishing out their food.

"Prewitt, huh? I think I read something about them during my random studies with Steve. The Prewitts had a history of love potion and assassination to gain wealth in their early ancestry, until around the victorian era when a self claimed dark lord of their family vanished, which kind of mellowed them out since he was the patriarch and vanished without a will, costing a vast majority of their wealth to the ministry." said Harry. This caught the groups, and a few other Ravenclaws attention.

Harry rolled his eyes at his housemates and their addiction to information.

"That guy sounds like a real asshole, and nobody caught this guy?" asked Susan.

"Nope, to this day Auror's don't know where he went, and the no-maj's never discovered his identity. He used knives in the no-maj world and the killing curse in the wizarding world to throw auror's off, because 'what pureblood would use muggle methods for trivial things'. Though for some reason, he only went after 'women of the night' in the no-maj world, had some kind of sick depravity, though why the no-maj's nick named him Jack, I have no idea." said Harry.

Hearing this caused many who were listening to do a spit-take. Hermione most of all was shocked when Harry said the no-maj's called this guy Jack, as growing up outside the wizarding world, she knew only one killer had that moniker. All the first-gen's who heard knew who Harry meant as well.

"Are you telling me that the Prewitt's patriarch at that time was the Infamous JACK THE RIPPER?!" yelled Hermione. Hermione's outburst caught the attention of many other first-gen's in the great hall, shocking them, but confusing the purebloods.

"Not that much of a shock when ya think about it, every family has at least one member who went bat-shit crazy, the Potter's had two. They were cousins who ended up in a 3 week duel. Though for the life of me, I can't remember what it was about." said Harry. This caused a few students to laugh, as it was well known that most ancient families had fought amongst each other for the most stupid reasons. Harry eventually started laughing along with them.

'Well, I can't say that this year has been boring, but I doubt any year here is gonna be boring with that manipulative old goat around. Oh well, better brush up on my spell work over the summer.' thought Harry.

Time skip

End of year feast, Hogwarts, Great Hall

The great hall was abuzz with activity, especially from the Slytherin table as their banner hung from the ceiling for being ahead in house points. However, it wasn't much of a lead since they lost their 'win the house cup free' card with Snape's probation. Draco wasn't much help either with his attempt at showing his 'pureblood superiority'. The great hall instantly went quiet as Dumbledore stood to address the students.

"Well, another year has come and gone, and while our seventh years have come to the end of their journey, I know that you will all become outstanding members of society." smiled Dumbledore. Many students applauded the closing speech, before Dumbledore cleared his throat.

"Now, before we begin what will undoubtedly be an outstanding feast, I have some last minute points to award. First, to Mr. Ronald Weasley, I award 60 points for true Gryffindor courage. Second, to Ms. Emily Potter for great leadership, I award 80 points." smiled Dumbledore. He did this for two reasons, one, to keep his pawn in the youngest Weasley, and to try and get Emily Potter to trust him, helping his openly favorite house beat the house of death eater spawn was just a bonus. However, his plans were about to be derailed by the late edition of the paper, which would also blow his whole 'nothing happened on the third floor' story out the window. As if on cue, owls started entering the great hall carrying the paper and dropping it in front of the students and staff.

Dumbledore picked up the paper, confused as to why they were getting it so late in the day. Once he saw the headline, however, he paled at what it said and was internally fuming.

Heroes of Hogwarts

Six Students Save Philosopher's Stone


Will Valorum

In a shocking series of events, six first year students have done what many think they are too young to accomplish. At the start of June 4th at midnight, six students had discovered that the legendary Philosopher's Stone was hidden on the third floor of Hogwarts. While it is unknown why a class A magical artifact was in a school full of children, the events that happened that night seem to point that it was used as bait.

When asked how the suspect, let alone three first years managed to get through the defences, Amelia Bones had this to say.

"The defences were laughable at best, and utterly useless at worst. The only adequate defences were a cerberus and a logical potion puzzle. We are investigating why Mr. Flamel decided to hide his stone in a school instead of a vault, however, I would like to thank Harry Potter, Emily Potter, Hermione Granger, Hannah Abbott and my niece Susan Bones for their help in this matter. That being said, I do hope that they don't have to put themselves in such danger again." was Madam Bones' statement to this reporter.

We contacted Gringotts to find our own answers, which a goblin representative happily provided.

"It was revealed that the caretaker of the vault in question was placed under a strong confusion or mind altering curse in order for the thief to gain access to the item in question through a proxy. The goblin in question has been released from the spell and is now undergoing sessions with our cursebreaker to find any memory of who the thief was. Though we do have a suspect in mind already at this point." stated the goblin representative.

While it is unknown who the goblin's suspect is, our anonymous source has stated that much suspicion is put on Albus Dumbledore, due to his attempt at impeding the director of the D.M.L.E. Amelia Bones from investigating the aftermath. Dumbledore is also suspected in the cover-up of a troll managing to get into the school on Halloween.

We will continue to bring you more news on the investigation as it becomes available.

Harry smiled as he quickly glanced at the staff table and saw Dumbledore trying, and failing to hide the rage in his eyes. Harry smirked at this, because he knew that it would force Dumbledore to come clean, but if Harry knew this master manipulator, and he liked to think he did, he would have a plan to avoid the heat that was coming for him….for now.

"Well, due to this revelation by the paper, I believe more points should be awarded." said McGonagal.

"Now Minerva, I don't believe that is necessary, surely the fact that they saved the school is reward enough?" asked Albus with his 'I'm correct, you should believe me' voice.

"I would have to disagree, Albus. Considering you gave Mr. Weasley points for true Gryffindor courage, but if I recall, he was quite pale and panicking when he arrived at my office looking for you, and you just happened to arrive not long after." said Minerva. While it wasn't a full on accusation, considering that she didn't believe six concerned students over a headmaster known for keeping information to himself, she decided to take her duties more seriously and no longer remain just a figurehead professor.

After Dumbledore reluctantly gave out a fair amount of points to the other students involved, as he was being watched by everyone, the banners changed into a mix of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw colors. This shocked everyone as there has never been a moment in time where the house cup was a three way tie. Dumbledore was mentally kicking himself as he didn't notice that the points he gave tied the three houses, guess he didn't do the math.

Before the feast began however, McGonagal wanted to know one thing that had been bugging her since the clean up of the third floor.

"Mr. Potter, perhaps you would like to tell the great hall how exactly you got past the chess board without moving a single piece?" asked McGonagal. This caused the others who were there to laugh uproariously, Hermione the loudest of all. Since Hermione was a first-gen, she could honestly say that she didn't think it would work.

"Well, since wizard chess sets are basically sentient, all it took was a little finesse, some well timed insults, a pinch of acting and as you would say professor….sheer dumb luck. I wish the british wizarding world had video cameras, I've never seen a literal one sided fight before." laughed Harry. Mcgonagal was confused at first, as were most of the students, before one of the rarest moments in history happened.

Mcgonagal started laughing, realizing exactly how they passed her chess board so easily. Others soon realized it as well, and soon the entire great hall with the exception of about half of Slytherin, Dumbledore and Snape was filled with laughter.

"James, am I seeing things or did Harry actually manage to make Minerva laugh?" asked Lily through her own chuckles.

"I see it, but even I'm still having a hard time believing it." laughed James.

Harry looked around the great hall with a smile. All-in-all, it was a great end to a slightly wacky year.

'Now I just have to survive the first two weeks at home, if the girls don't kill me first. Three attempts on my life in one year is kinda pushing it.' thought Harry. Oh well, he'd cross that bridge when he got there.

Time Skip

Romanian Dragon Reserve

'Well, this sucks.' thought Harry as he was on his last day of 'house arrest' as Steve had put it. When Dathin, Airlentor, Fredha and Sissilth found out about the whole 'possessed teacher' incident they were near apocalyptic. The minute Harry entered his home, the four dragons formed a protective circle around him and said at least one of them would be there each day to make sure he stayed home for two weeks like he promised.

He couldn't really blame them though, female dragons are always extremely protective of what they deem as 'theirs', be it mates, children or treasure. In fact, if it wasn't for him explaining his betrothal to Vriska, along with managing to get said betrothed to visit briefly, he would have been a bruised heap on the floor, regardless of their acceptance of other girls sharing Harry.

All four dragons were his 'jailors' for his last day and while Harry tried to say it wasn't necessary, they pulled the 'puppy eye' trick on him, Dathin even somehow added a tear, which caused Harry to relent for two reasons. The first reason was, when it came to women in his life, he was sap and the second reason was he was pretty sure he knew who taught them 'puppy eyes' and Steve was gonna pay big time.

"Ya know girls, you didn't have to put a 'guard detail' on me the full two weeks, though it is nice to have one of you home all day." said Harry. He wasn't lying either, as the four dragons were always out practicing their flight, which they were close to finishing. Harry figured they would be full frequent flyers by the end of his second year.

"Would you rather our mothers watch you next time?" asked Airlentor. This caused Harry to pale. The last time their mothers watched him, he was bedridden for two days for a simple scratch. He would hate to see what they were like if they saw him after the troll at Hogwarts.

"Ok, point taken. Still, you guys wouldn't even let me go out and practice quidditch. It's been dull staying inside the whole time." said Harry.

"The last time you played that game here, you nearly broke your leg trying that stunt of yours." said Dathin. Harry frowned, when he nearly broke his leg that time, he was confined to his bed for a week. He tried to get out of bed twice, only to hear a warning growl each time.

Harry sighed, he really hated worrying the dragons. Even Hedwig spent a whole day glaring at him, but at least it only lasted a day.

"Okay girls, how about this? While I can't promise that I'll stay safe all the time while at Hogwarts, I will promise that I will do my best to keep injuries to a minimum." said Harry. The four dragons debated this, before nodding to Harry. They knew that this would be the best they could get out of him, since he was a thrillseeker….and trouble magnet.

Nightfall soon arrived and Steve was making his way to Harry's cabin to check on him as he did each night for the last 2 weeks. He knew that Harry was under 'guarded house arrest', causing him to smirk. Steve told Harry he would get him back for the 'pitfall' spell after the troll fiasco, so if he happened to let slip all of the near death experiences, no skin off his nose….yet.

Upon entering the cabin quietly, Steve saw Harry and the dragons already asleep. This brought a soft smile to Steve. He may not admit it, but it actually calmed his nerves to see Harry relax every now and then. Between Harry training himself and travelling with Steve, to the madhouse known as Hogwarts, Steve was starting to worry that Harry was forgetting how to have fun, seemingly forgetting that he was on the receiving end of pranks every now and then, and that Harry could be a smartass. So seeing Harry just relaxing as he has been for the past 2 weeks was a major relief. As Steve turned to leave the cabin, he didn't see Harry crack open an eye with a smirk that would make Snape run for cover, while discreetly waving his wand.

The minute Steve stepped outside the cabin door, he suddenly found himself losing his footing and sliding on a newly formed lane of ice. As Steve's screams of surprise and cursing were slowly fading (which luckily didn't wake the four dragons), Harry just kept smirking, knowing that Steve was the reason he was 'under guard'.

'Payback is a bitch.' thought Harry as he went back to sleep.

Next day

Potter Manor

It has been a crazy few weeks for the Potter family. During the yule holidays they had tried to learn as much as they could about Harry, which was very little, but considering that they hadn't seen him in 11 years, they learned more than they thought.

At the moment, the Potter's were entertaining guests. Neville and his grandmother were over, as his parents still had a potion and rehabilitation schedule after a failed death eater attack 10 years ago. Luckily, the medics said that they should finally be back to full health at the end of summer. The rehab took so long because they were placed under 5 torture curses at once. Medics were still amazed that they survived at all.

The other guests were Hermione and her mother Emma. Emily had invited her over during the summer when they arrived at the platform. Hermione was actually ecstatic to be invited over, as she had a hard time making friends before. Sirius would've been there, but he was on vacation in Hawaii with Amelia Bones (Lucky Bastard).

"So, how are you guys enjoying your time here?" asked Emily.

"It's great, I've never seen a place this big before….how do you keep this place so clean and organized?" asked Hermione.

"Oh, most wizard families use house elves, some families use their own magic or the old fashioned way, but with manors like this, it's usually house elves." said Neville. You could see Hermione's eyes brighten at the possibility of learning more about the wizarding world.

"How much do house elves make doing this kind of work?" asked Hermione.

"Oh, we don't pay them…." Hermione opened her mouth to protest, but Emily beat her to it. "...before you go on a rant about that, let me explain. No, we don't pay house elves in money, but the bond that house elves make with wizard families pays them in magic, which allows them to have kids without worry, as a house elf's magic goes haywire during pregnancy, so wizard magic stabilizes it through the bond. Young elves that are born in the bond through their parents also get their magic stabilized faster." said Emily.

Hermione sighed in relief. She decided to get more books on magical oaths and bonds in the future, so she didn't automatically assume the worst.

After a few hours of socializing and a great lunch made by Lily, after much compromise with the family elves, it was time to go their separate ways for the day. However, before Emma and Hermione left, Hermione asked Emily to discuss something in private. Emma, knowing what her daughter was going to talk to her friend about, decided to fill in James and Lily at the same time. Emily and Hermione walked into the lounge, while Emma remained in the hall with the elder Potter's.

"Hey Emma, forgive me for asking, but what's that all about?" asked James, gesturing to where Emily and Hermione went.

"Well, for starters, my daughter has had a crush on this boy, Harry, since about a week after Halloween. She said he always showed concern when she had to go to the hospital wing once a week and I must admit, I'm thankful to him for helping Hermione come out of her shell, loosen up and have fun." smiled Emma.

"Well, at least those five years with that bitch didn't destroy that." smiled Lily with a small tear in her eye. To this day she regrets sending Harry to the Dursley's on the word of Dumbledore, without getting a real medical opinion.

"Is Hermione ok? I would hate to think it was an illness sending her to the hospital wing each week." said Lily, going into 'motherly mode'.

"Oh no, nothing serious, it happened to me as well when I first came here to England. The adjustment period from being so far from the home we know causes a sort of small rash that requires a potion to keep at bay during our adjustment period." said Emma. Lily and James nodded in understanding, before something she said caught up to James.

"Wait, you took potions for it, how would you know what potions were before Hermione went to Hogwarts? No offence intended but, we thought you were a muggle?" asked James.

"Well, that's the way it has to be here, but the truth is…." began Emma.

Time Skip(I know, I'm evil)

The Potter's were finishing their goodbyes with the Granger's, with promises that they would take Hermione to Diagon Alley when they went school shopping. Emily brought Hermione in for one last sisterly hug.

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me and I promise I won't tell Harry." whispered Emily. Hermione broke the hug and smiled at Emily.

"Thanks." said Hermione. James walked over and placed a hand on the shoulder of both Emma and Hermione before apparating them home.

Diagon Alley

Mid-August, 2012

It had been one crazy summer for Harry. He had spent the first two weeks at the reserve as promised, though thanks to Steve he was under heavy guard. For the next week after his 'release', Steve tried to prove that Harry caused his slip-n-slide. However, the Weasley twins were great at improving his stealth when it came to pranks, which included 'wand cleansing' as they called it, when you cast useless spells to prevent the prank spell from being traced to your wand with 'priori incantatem'. He also spent some time in France visiting the Delacour's and was Happy to see that little Gabrielle was doing better than she was. He also spent 2 days with Vriska to get to know her more. They didn't learn much about each other over the two days, but that was all he could give her as he was still the 'designated translator' for Steve.

Harry and Steve were stopped briefly in London on platform 9 ¾ by a few Aurors, who tried to arrest Harry for the death of Quirrel. However, Harry pulled out the second card that Steve gave him at the beginning of the year, which was an I.C.W. registered card like his potion maker license. This specific card permitted Harry to use lethal force when necessary, bar the unforgivables, if his life, or the life of an innocent was threatened. Steve had a similar one, but it permitted him to use the unforgivables as well, but he had to complete a test in order to prove he knew when and when not to use them. Harry had to wait until he was 14 to take that test, as even though he wasn't sure if he wanted to join fully, it was the common starting age for I.W.C.O. recruits.

Emily, on the other hand, had a few run-ins with a crazy house elf who was doing everything he could think of to prevent her from going back to Hogwarts. Something about a great danger returning this year. Emily tried everything to convince the elf that she was fine, but when she dropped Harry's name, the elf's eyes widened.

"Yous knows Guardian Potter?" was the elf's reply. Emily was confused at the elf's question, but answered in the positive. The elf suddenly bowed at the waist towards Emily.

"Then I's be leaving you in his capable hands, but please, tells Guardian Potter that Dobby be's just a call away." said the elf before popping away. That was one weird day for Emily.

Harry was currently waiting at Florean Fortescues for Emily, Neville and Hermione to finish his school shopping. Harry had already gotten his books, but refused to get any of the defense books listed as they were written by a guy that the I.C.W. was after for fraud, Gilderoy Lockhart. The problem was, Cornelius Fudge refused to give up an 'upstanding individual who saved countless lives abroad' and 'a true hero to all wizards'. While all the evidence to put sanctions on Fudge and Umbridge were 'lost' in transit to the I.C.W. by an auror named Dawlish, the I.C.W. did manage to get their hands on the files for first-gen's in Azkaban from Amelia Bones before her vacation with Sirius.

As a result, all first-gen's and half-bloods, who were imprisoned for 'attacking' upstanding purebloods when evidence clearly showed self defence were released and the I.C.W. gave Amelia orders to send all cases involving violent crimes, regardless of blood status, to them to ensure fair justice. Umbridge wouldn't find out about this until well into 2013.

It wasn't much longer before Harry saw his three friends, but he noticed Susan and Hannah were with them too.

'Heh, all we need is a Slytherin to complete the set.' thought Harry. Elsewhere, two Slytherin's who were just hanging out sneezed.

"Someone must be talking about us Daphne." said one of the two.

"Indeed Tracy, but the question is, who?" asked the identified Daphne.

Back with our group, they had just finished gathering most of their gear for the new school year, but it turned out that only Harry had his books. Entering the book store, Harry could see Hermione's excitement at this year's books, with this year's defence book author(Fraud) signing autographs today.

"I can't wait to meet Gilderoy Lockhart, he wrote all the defence text's for this year." said Hermione, her voice filled with giddiness. While Hannah and Susan were also excited, Harry decided to try and make them see reason before they were crushed by the hard truth. With that thought in mind, Harry placed a calming hand on Hermione's shoulder.

"Hermione, before you get too excited, I suggest you skim through his books and look at the dates of each event he claims to have been at. I already did and found it….wanting, for lack of a better term, I'm not saying that everyone is like that, just….think about it, ok?" asked Harry.

Hermione wanted to object at first, but remembered that Harry had never steered her wrong before and helped her have some fun in her life. Hermione laughed when she remembered the small prank war between Harry and the Weasley twins when she planted a whoopie cushion supercharged with powdered dye and it went off, completely covering Fred and Geroge. They blamed Harry, Harry denied it, despite it being one of his creations that Hermione swiped from his bag at lunch one time. That started a four day prank war between the three, luckily it ended on friendly terms, mostly because all three got a good laugh out of it, and it gave them ideas for future products. No one had ever seen the teachers so pale when the three called out 'truce' in the middle of the great hall while laughing.

"Okay Harry, I'll take your advice." said Hermione.

"So will we, I get a really bad feeling from that guy." said Hannah.

"Yeah, now that you mention it, that smile in his picture just screams….uh, damn….guys, what's that phrase when something isn't what it appears?" asked Susan.

"I believe the phrase you are looking for is 'wolf in sheep's clothing'." said Emily receiving a 'thanks' from Susan.

It took a few minutes to gather their books. During that time, Hermione, Hannah, Susan and Neville skimmed the defence titles as suggested, and found that Harry was right. Lockhart couldn't have been at these places as many were on the same date. Thus, they went with defence books written by authors from around the world instead of just britain. However, Harry suggested that they get flophart's books just to keep up appearances.

They soon heard the frantic screams of a bunch of girls near the front of the store and went to investigate. When they got to the front of the store, they saw the cause of the commotion was flophart himself. While the cameras were going off, Lockhart suddenly noticed the group, more specifically, Emily.

"Do my eyes deceive me, it's Emily Potter!" exclaimed Lockhart. One of the cameramen, obviously on Lockhart's personal payroll, reached out to try and get Emily to the front with Lockhart, before Harry grabbed his wrist rather tightly.

"Maybe it's my imagination, but usually when you want someone to do something, you ask nicely, not try to force them….now, calmly state what you would like from us." said Harry as he increased his grip a bit, nobody knew about his strength yet, but that probably wouldn't be the case for long.

"Now, now, no need to be so hostile. Ms. Potter, why don't you come up here and join a fellow celebrity for a photo?" asked Lockhart with a way to sweet smile. Luckily, James and Lily entered the book store, having arrived late due to some last minute course prep they had to finish, so they sent Emily and her friends on ahead.

"Back off Lockhart, the only ones who we allow to interview Emily are the Lovegoods. As a famous individual yourself, you should know the laws of exclusive rights." said James. James had never trusted Lockhart, remembering how much of a pompous ass he was, even as a first year when James and Lily were fifth. The few times he went to Hogwarts after graduation, he saw Lockhart in both sixth and seventh year gazing at the fifth to first years with a really creepy gaze. This caused him to make a vow(Not unbreakable or magical mind you) to never let his kids near him.

"Ah James, I'm sure you could make an exception just this one, right?" asked Lockhart.

"No, why don't you go back to your fangirls and your dangerous and overpriced hair gel." snarked Lily before turning back to the group. Lockhart frowned at being brushed off so easily, however, he smirked at his next announcement.

"Well, regardless, I would like to announce that this year, I will personally be taking over defence against the dark arts at Hogwarts." smiled(smirked) Lockhart. This announcement shocked Lily and James, as Dumbledore never told them about Lockhart being hired, and they were pretty sure that said headmaster didn't inform anyone else at the school either, except maybe Snape.

Harry however, was furious. It was bad enough that Quirrelmort had somehow gotten in 'under Dumbledore's nose' as he always claimed, now this overhyped pampered poodle was hired, obviously without a background check.

'I swear, one wrong move from this guy, and I'll use the same cutting curse as last year, but aim way lower and hope I at least hit something….if he even has them.' thought Harry, smirking at the last bit.

It was long after that the group heard a commotion nearby and went to check it out. What they saw was shocking. It appeared that somehow, the Weasley patriarch had ended up in a fist fight with Lucious Malfoy, with Ron and the twins cheering their father on, and Draco doing the same.

James was about to intervene, before Harry held up his hand. James was about to ask what Harry was doing before he saw that same smirk that he inherited from him and James knew that this would be good, as did Lily and the other kids as Harry walked towards the fight. As Harry walked towards the fight, he went into, what Steve and others called, 'better than you pureblood' mode and the group found it kind of funny that Harry was pulling it off flawlessly.

"Oh dear Lucious, has your family truly fallen so far. First your family in France is slain for Veela trafficking. Second, your son chickens out of a duel he called, costing half your wealth and now you resort to brawling like a common muggle. How….disappointing." snarked Harry, while he flinched when he said Muggle. He truly hated that word, but was forced to use it when he was mocking the pureblood supremacists.

Hearing Harry, Lucious ceased fighting and looked towards Harry, before snarling at him and straightening his robes and picking up, what looked like a ratty potions book and forcefully placing it in a young redheads hands while Draco subtly slipped a second one into the cauldron hanging off her arm.

"Here, take you book girl. It's the best your family can afford. Come Draco, we've wasted enough time with these filth." snarled Lucious as he walked out of the store. Draco followed after him, but paused next to Harry.

"This isn't over, Potter!" sneered Draco as he continued his way out towards his father, who was waiting by the door and smiling at his son for not backing down from a filthy half-blood. But both froze at the door when they heard Harry laughing, and it caused a chill down their spines.

"Of that, I have no doubt, dear Draco, so I only have three words for you….BRING. IT. ON!" said Harry as he made his eyes flash fiery red briefly so that only the Malfoy's saw it. The father-son duo hightailed it out of there soon after.

"I thank you for the help there young man. I don't think I've ever seen Malfoy backed into a corner with words before, and by a soon to be second year no less." said Mr. Weasley.

"Told ya he was a great guy, Dad." said the twins in unison. Ron just sneered at the group, trying to ignore them.

"Well, as much as I would like to continue introductions Mr. Weasley, it's getting late, and if I'm not home soon, I'll be this week's barbecue. 'Even though I'm immune to fire.'" said Harry, while switching to his thoughts when he hit the part of him being immune to fire.

"Of course my boy, have a safe journey home….oh, and if you could say hi to my son Charlie for us. Also, warn him his mother is still trying to get him?" asked Arthur, the last part in a whisper.

"Of course sir. Gred, Forge, I hope you are working on those designs, and your grades." said Harry.

"Oh, you wound us Harry…." said Fred.

"Of course we are." said George. Harry gave a brief nod before he began making his way out of the store with the rest of his group.

"Who was that guy?" asked the young girl who was with them.

"That Ginny, our dear sister, was Harry Potter." said George.

"Our partner in crime, and the reason our grades were up this year." said Fred. He wasn't lying either. Harry had mentioned during one of the many meetings they had, that if they were serious about owning and operating their own business, they should keep their grades up. It also helped when he mentioned that keeping their grades up would throw people off and make people suspect them less of pranks. He had them working hard after that, as what was better than being able to hide in plain sight. They had taught him how to improve his stealth as a trade for motivating them.

"I had wondered why your grades were higher this year and here's me thinking you had cheated." said a plump red-haired woman, obviously Mrs. Weasley. While she was happy that Fred and George were starting to take their studies seriously, she was internally enraged tha Ron still hadn't gotten close to the Potter girl. She wanted the money that Dumbledore promised her and Ron, but she was nothing if not a patient woman. Her and her precious Ron would become rich, no matter how long it takes.

While this was going on, Harry had said his goodbyes and to usual 'see you on the train', before taking the floo back to his cabin in Romania, which he was lucky enough to be connected internationally so he could get home from anywhere, regardless of the floo connection. Once he arrived back home and was getting ready for bed, he only had one thought in mind.

'How am I gonna be cheating death this year….I just hope there's no giant arachnids involved….oh, who am I kidding I'll be running into something like that sooner or later.' thought Harry as he drifted off, his 'fire-breathing goddesses' joining him not long after. In all honesty, he liked it that way, the natural heat from dragon scales saved on fire in the winter, but their scales were nice and cool on the surface during warmer months.

While Harry was still on the fence about calling the other three Potter's family, he could honestly say that he wouldn't change a thing about the past now. He enjoyed the life he currently had, and at least he was friends with Emily and on slightly better terms with the elder Potter's. All Harry could really do now though, was enjoy the rest of his summer, as he had the feeling that this was the most relaxed he was gonna be for a while. However, Harry had one last thought before his mind finally succumbed to sleep.

'Now, how to mess with Snape and Flophart this year….and maybe Dumbassdore for good measure.' thought Harry as his mind finally drifted off the sleep as well.

AN: sorry this one took so long folks, it didn't want to write for me, so during the moments of my block on this chapter, I've been working on my Marvel/Riordan-verse crossover, hopefully the first chapter of that will be out soon too. However, the good news is that now that the first (slow) year arc is over with, I should have more frequent updates, I'll try to shoot for once a month, but no guarantees on that, I'll do my best though. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this chapter and look forward to the bruhah that is year two.

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