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Chapter 15

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AN: this is the second to last chapter of year one folks, then it will start to get crazy come the year 2 arc, so be ready for more harem members reveals, more ability reveals, pranks, dumbass-dore karma and more, come year 2. This is also the chapter we get to see Harry serve the ass of a certain possessed teacher on a silver platter.

Chapter 15

Hogwarts Great Hall, June 3rd, 2012

It's been three months since the Norberta incident and Harry had finally figured out what the cerberus was guarding. Harry had written Nick in France about the break in at Gringotts and the investigation about his british vault, only to receive a reply last week that his stone was indeed missing. This brought a realization that the philosopher's stone was hidden in the school on the third floor. Harry also knew that there was only one person who would hide something that dangerous in a school. Dumbledore was really starting to piss him off.

Harry decided to attempt to calm himself down by thinking of either pranks or moments of karma on Snape and Dumbledore. One specific memory over the last three months almost had Harry laughing his ass off, as it reminded him of why Lily had the nickname 'The Dragon'.


Day after the forbidden forest rumble

Harry was currently in headmaster's office with Emily, Hermione and Neville to discuss what happened last night. Also in attendance were the four heads of house, Lily and James Potter.

"So, Albus, would you mind telling me why the six students were sent to the forbidden forest for their detention, when I specifically made it clear they would serve detention by helping Pomona." said McGonagall.

"I personally changed their detention. I believed that they would be able to handle a simple search for a wounded unicorn." said Dumbledore, attempting to head this problem off before it got out of hand.

"Really, so, did we miss the report Hagrid made about a WRAITH in the forest attacking the unicorns?" yelled Lily.

"It wasn't a wraith." said Harry. This caught the attention of those in the room, bar the ones who heard the explanation in the forest.

"Care to explain Mr. Potter?" asked Flitwick.

"Well, as Emily can explain, the first spell I used was a spell created specifically to kill wraiths, as wraiths are the result of truly evil wizards botching a the darkest of rituals, destroying their physical bodies and cursing them to live as a disembodied entity, living of the life force of those they kill, it didn't work, which means whoever it was, is alive." said Harry.

This caused Dumbledore's eyes to widen, how could such a spell be hidden from him, HIM, Albus Dumbledore, leader of the light. What the self entitled idiot didn't know, was that the I.C.W. only revealed those spells to the I.W.C.O. and international hit wizards during WWII, before such spells were added to pacification and battle magic classes around the world. The fact that Dumbledore did away with such classes to keep his 'Most Powerful Wizard' image and keep all of magical Britain dependent on him, destroyed any opportunity for him to gain knowledge of international spells. It also didn't help that he got rid of, or destroyed many books in the library of existing international spells.

"Well Dumbledore, it seems your belief of such a detention being 'harmless' was incorrect, and this is the second time such an incident has happened. You've stonewalled all outside investigators of the troll incident and claimed it was an isolated incident and would not happen again!" yelled Minerva.

"Well, ya know what they say, once is coincidence, twice is a pattern, three times is enemy action, so be warned headmaster, if such a situation should happen again….well, use your imagination." smirked Harry.

Dumbledore didn't like the way Harry was speaking to him. How dare the brat think he was above him, the great Albus Dumbledore, second coming of Merlin himself. Before Dumbledore could retort, however, he was interrupted by Lily.

"Albus, I nearly lost Emily and Harry on halloween, and your lapse in judgment could've ended badly last night, Me and James will only ask this one more time, are you going to fix these problems?" snarled Lily.

"I assure you Lily, these problems are being dealt with, and you all have my assurance that the children were in NO danger last night." said Dumbledore, trying to weasel his way out of this.

'Speaking of which, I must speak with young Mr. Weasley about why Harry Potter is still alive when I told him to make sure he perished.' thought Dumbledore.

"Oh, so that killing curse that bastard shot at me was just a harmless prank?" asked Harry. Harry's plan was to get Lily pissed at Dumbledore. The reason for this was Harry had a plan for Dumbledore at the end of the year, and didn't want to tip his hat too soon, and Luckily, the mentioning of the killing curse worked….big time.

"WHAT!? THE KILLING CURSE!?" exclaimed Lily. "James, professor's, take the kids out of this office please, this'll be ugly."

Before James and the heads of house could lead the kids out, Harry was already on his feet and running.

"Way ahead of ya, I'm getting the hell outta dodge!" yelled Harry as he was up and out the door faster than a gungan cosplayer yelling 'Kirk is a loser' at a star trek convention or a fist fight started over whether Han shot first or second. Harry had seen both and they were NOT pretty.

The others in the room weren't far behind, as all of them had seen Lily when she was beyond pissed. It wasn't long after they left that they heard crashing, cursing, and a really high C coming from the room, causing all the males, except Harry to wince.

"Ya know, if he was a bit more competent at keeping the school safe, I would feel sorry for him, but it's too much effort." said Harry.

"Potter, that's it, I'm sick of your disrespect, it's time you learned a lesson." snarled Snape, reaching for his wand, before he found seven pointed back at him.

"You will not threaten any students while we're here Snape, this is your first mark on that year long probationary period we placed you on after what happened to Flint." said Flitwick with narrowed eyes.

'I'm surprised he lasted this long without getting a mark.' thought Harry.

It wasn't long before Lily came out of the office, which was filled with smoke and debris and the group started heading back to their respective offices/dorms. However, Harry wanted a good laugh for the night, so when they got to the grand staircase and Snape began heading downstairs to the dungeon, Harry smirked.

"Ya know professor Flitwick, I wonder if Snape would make a good MODERN MAJOR GENERAL!" yelled Harry as music once again started.

"NOT AGAIN!" yelled Snape as his clothes changed into an old timey military uniform, his hair turning grey and getting a grey mustache, and began singing in a nasally voice. This was the sight that met the Slytherins as they went to their dorms, with a few trying, and failing to hold their laughter.

Professor Flitwick, on the other hand, was laughing uproariously.

"Haha, I wondered who had done that to him, tell me Mr. Potter, is there a limit to that spell?" asked Filius.

"If you mean per day, then no, the spell stops after each song and has an unlimited number of uses, as for permanently stopping it, it needs a counter curse, and I don't feel like using it yet." smirked Harry.

"I will pretend this conversation never happened, as you well know, officially, I must remain unbiased and condemn such actions against a fellow professor." said Flitwick.

"And unofficially?" smirked Harry. Flitwick burst out laughing again.

"That's the funniest damn thing I've ever seen!" laughed Flitwick. The other heads of house and the Potter's heard Flitwick's outburst and Snape's plight and they had to agree.

'That is fucking hilarious.' was the thought among each of them.

Flashback End

Harry continued to chuckle at the memory, before he scowled again at the stupidity of Dumbledore.

"Dumbledore, that bastard. It's bad enough that a troll got in, but he's hiding the most powerful magical artifact in existence in the school. What kind of idiot does that, it's not like anyone is going….to….steal…." mumbled Harry, before coming to a 'eureka you fucking idiot' moment.

Coming to this realization, Harry abruptly got up from the table and started storming out of the great hall, startling some of his fellow students, but also causing his three friends to feel concern and worry for him, before they followed him out of the great hall.

Emily, Hermione and Neville were following Harry as fast as they could, knowing that whatever caused him to be THIS pissed off out of nowhere, was serious. That's right, over the last three months, Harry even started seeing Emily as a friend, especially after following her to an unused classroom where a strange artifact called the mirror of erised was hidden last month, and while she really wanted to be his sister again, it was a start, and one she was not willing to risk by rushing him.

Upon turning a corner, the three of them saw Harry enter an empty classroom, slamming the door shut. They approached the door slowly, not wanting to get in Harry's way if he was venting. When they reached the door, they heard sounds of furniture breaking and muffled shouts through the door and all three were officially worried now. Neville cautiously reached for the door, opening it just a crack, and all three instantly regretted it.

"...LOUSY, GOAT FUCKING, EGO DRIVEN, UNLIMITED SECOND CHANCE GIVING SON OF A…." was all that the three of them heard before Neville shut the door as fast as he opened it.

"I think he's pissed off…." said Neville, before he heard a desk hit the door. "...scratch that, I KNOW he's pissed off."

After a few more minutes of hearing the muffled cursing from their side of the door, it suddenly stopped. The three Gryffindor's cautiously stepped back, fearing for their sanity if Harry was still pissed. The door to the classroom suddenly opened, and Harry came out while straightening his uniform, as if he wasn't just venting and destroying a classroom.

"Sorry you had to hear all that guys, but I just realized something important….Emily, you remember mentioning a while ago how you three thought someone was going to steal whatever was on the third floor?" asked Harry.

"Yeah, we thought that maybe the troll on halloween was a form of distraction….oh, sorry Hermione." said Emily, seeing Hermione flinch at the mention of the troll. However, the three noticed that Harry didn't react to the troll, and Neville was curious, never having heard the whole story.

"Hey Harry, why didn't you react to the mention of that troll, from the rumors, you ended up in the hospital because of it." said Neville.

Harry began walking back towards the great hall, with Emily, Hermione and Neville following him.

"Trust me Nev, if you'd been through half the shit I have in the years before Hogwarts, including staring into the 'eyes' of a dementor, you pretty much become immune to fear." said Harry.

"And you're not gonna tell us what that shit is, are you?" asked Hermione. Now, normally, one would be shocked at Hermione swearing, but hanging around 2 Potter's and a Longbottom for most of the year has loosened her up a bit.

"Hmm, nope, not yet at least. There are things I'm not ready to reveal yet, especially with headmaster psychopath still around." said Harry.

The others nodded, realizing that they weren't gonna get anymore out of him at this time. It's a well known fact around the school that Harry was a very secretive person and it took a lot of effort to gain his trust enough to even learn a snippet about him. This past Christmas was an exception when he actually visited the Potter's. Steve once told Harry that it wasn't wise to hold a grudge, words that Harry lived by as he remembered what happened with the 'Veela's Bane' incident, which was another reason he trained in occlumency and tried not to hold a grudge. The last thing Harry needed was to lose control of his abilities again.

"Anywho, we think whatever they're trying to steal has to do with Nicholas Flammel, we believe it's the philosopher's stone." said Hermione.

"And how did you come to that conclusion?" asked Harry with a quirked eyebrow.

"We….may have gone back to see Hagrid and he spilled the beans on it." said Neville.

"Oy, Hagrid's a great guy, but a great keeper of secrets, he ain't, so, who do you think is trying to steal the stone?" asked Harry.

"Well, we thought it was Snape trying to steal it, but realized that he may be too obvious a suspect." said Emily. This caused Harry to burst out laughing at such a ridiculous suspect. Harry would admit that Snape was an asshole, but he was too obvious of a suspect. Although Harry would admit that would be a great throw off, be seen as the obvious suspect to make it seem otherwise.

"While I would personally love to see Snape as the perp, I doubt it's him, there's something we're missing here." said Harry.

"Well, we can brainstorm later today, but, what do we do if we find out who it is?" asked Emily.

"Well, there are 2 options, one: we report to the proper authorities, or two: we go the Potter route and do something incredibly stupid." said Harry.

The three Gryffindor's looked at each other in confusion. While Emily knew that Potter's were occasionally reckless, she couldn't believe that there were those that would do something overly stupid. Well, she couldn't believe it until she met Harry, now, she thought it was entirely possible that some Potter's in the past did something unbelievably stupid.

"So, it's a plan or wing it thing then." said Neville.

"Yeah, pretty much." said Harry.

After getting back to the great hall, they went to their tables to finish what was left of their breakfast. For the rest of the day, it was business as usual, at least until dinner that day. When Harry looked at the staff table at dinner, he noticed that one person was oddly absent. The headmaster wasn't in his seat, which struck Harry as odd, considering Dumbass-dore had never missed a meal in the great hall all year. Harry did, however, notice Dumbledore glancing at Emily for the last few weeks, since they found that mirror, almost as if he was trying to see if Emily was investigating what was on the third floor.

It was soon after dinner ended, that Harry figured out when the next attempt for the stone was.

'Whoever is after the stone, they'll make the next attempt tonight. I wouldn't be surprised if Dumbell-dore planned this. I gotta warn the others.' thought Harry as he ran off to catch Emily, Hermione and Neville before they got to the common room.

Harry was lucky enough to find them at the grand staircase before they got to the seventh floor.

"Hey guys, wait up!" called Harry. The three paused, before turning towards Harry. However, none of them realized that Ron Weasley had paused on the stairs as well.

"What is it, Harry?" asked Emily.

"I get the funny feeling that whoever is going to steal the stone is going to attempt it tonight, and I think the headmaster's 'convenient' absence at dinner has something to do with it." whispered Harry.

"I'd hate to speak ill of the headmaster, but I have to agree with Harry on this one." said Hermione.

"So, what should we do about this then?" asked Neville. Harry adopted a thinking pose, trying to figure out a plan A. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in Harry's mind, both figuratively and literally, which shocked the three Gryffindor's.

"Uh, Harry, there's a lit lightbulb above your head." said Emily.

"I know, neat trick huh? Steve taught me this, said it was a good trick to help with planning, and he's right, I've got an idea." said Harry, gesturing to the others to group up in a huddle. Ron attempted to get closer without being noticed by the quartette, but only managed to hear a few snippets, like 'midnight', 'Bones' and 'shit hits the fan'.

"Ok, you all know the plan, but first, to make it seem legit, we go to McGonagall first, I'm not sure if her trust in the headmaster is completely shot, so it'll be a gamble, but hopefully it'll work, if not, Emily, get Hannah and Susan, especially Susan. If what you told me about her is true, we'll need her aunt for the aftermath." said Harry.

"Got it Harry, what should we do first?" asked Emily.

"I think we should go to Mcgonagall now, failing that, we ask Hagrid if he has any info on what else is guarding the stone." said Hermione.

"While I don't want to trick Hagrid, it's our best bet….let's do it." said Neville.

"Alright, let's go." said Harry as he and the others ran off to McGonagall's office. Ron was scowling at the group, once again Harry Potter had to get in the way of him getting close to Emily. What's worse, it seemed the mudblood was staying close to the useless Potter as well. It didn't make sense, the headmaster said that he would make sure the troll stayed in the dungeons, both to get rid of a lot of the slimy snakes and help him cement a 'friendship' with Emily Potter, and make the mudblood worship him as a hero, after the headmaster imperioused her to go to the dungeons of course.

But that plan failed when Emily didn't show to the halloween feast, and the other Potter prevented the headmaster from sending the other students to their dorms. What's worse was, if the rumors were to be believed, Harry killed that troll, and had even beaten it in a fight before.

'That's ridiculous, he's the useless squib of the Potter's, Dumbledore said so, and he's NEVER wrong….I'm tagging along with them, I WILL get what I was promised, both Emily's hand, and the mudblood for….other purposes.' thought Ron with a smirk as he headed to the common room.

10 minutes later

Harry, Emily, Hermione and Neville soon arrived at McGonagall's office and knocked. McGonagall answered the door about 10 seconds later.

"Professor, we have a huge problem, something that the headmaster might want to look into." said Harry.

"Well, unfortunately, professor Dumbledore is not here, he left via broom to the ministry and won't be back until later tonight, or tomorrow morning." said McGonagall.

"But professor, this is important, this is about the philosopher's stone." said Neville. This caused McGonagall to pale. How did these kids find out about the stone, it was a mystery to her, but one she couldn't check at this time.

"I don't know how you four found out about the stone, but I assure you it is perfectly protected. Now if you please return to your dormitories….quietly." whispered McGonagall before closing her office door.

"Well, that was a waste of time." said Harry.

"Your right, let's get to Hagrid's and find out what he knows." said Emily.

The other three agreed and began heading out towards Hagrid's hut, knowing they only had about an hour 'til curfew, which would be around when they went after the stone.

Hagrid's Hut

The four students reached the hut in record time, seeing Hagrid outside. When they finally reached Hagrid, the three Gryffindor's were out of breath, however, Harry wasn't. The benefit of helping around the world and the reserve.

"Hagrid, who gave you the dragon egg?" asked Harry.

"I don't know. I never saw his face, he kept his hood up." said Hagrid.

"This stranger though, he must have talked." said Emily after she caught her breath.

"Well, he wanted to know what sorta creatures I looked after….I told him, I said 'after Fluffy, a dragon's gonna be no problem'. He ended up asking how to handle some creatures. I told him 'the trick to any beast, is to know how to calm him', take Fluffy for example, just play him a bit of music and he goes right to sleep." smiled Hagrid. This caused the Gryffindor's to pale, but caused Harry to facepalm.

'Of course, cerberus are soothed by music, damn it!' thought Harry.

"I shouldn't have told ya that." added Hagrid as an afterthought. The four students started running back to the castle, which confused the groundskeeper.

"Where are ya going?" called Hagrid.

Back at Hogwarts

After re-entering the castle, the four students took the time to catch their breath. Harry had decided to get started with the plan.

"Alright guys, you know the drill. Emily, go get Susan and Hannah and make sure Susan contacts her aunt. Hermione and Neville go to the Gryff's common room and establish the alibi. I'll meet you all at the third floor corridor in 20, go." said Harry as he ran off and the others went to do their part.

Exactly 20 minutes later, everyone was gathered in front of the room on the third floor. Unfortunately, that also included a certain Weasley, who was currently bound in ropes.

"Ok, someone wanna tell me why the human waste bin is here?" asked Harry.

"Caught the idiot following us. He was gonna curse me in the back before Hermione hit him with the body-bind curse, I tied him up and we were forced to bring him." said Neville. Harry sighed, he knew Weasley was an idiot, but this was on a whole other level.

Harry walked closer to Weasley and looked him in the eyes. While he didn't know legilimency, Harry could tell someone's intentions just by looking them in the eyes due to the unicorn magic in him, plus a few others, but who keeps track. While Harry couldn't tell who, due to obvious manipulation of mind magic, Harry could see pride in Weasley, obviously he was told the traps recently, maybe a week or so ago. Harry could also see that Weasley planned to off everyone bar Emily and Hermione and claim the glory of saving the stone. Not on his watch.

"Well then, if he's so eager to be involved…." said Harry with an evil smirk. This caused Ron to pale.

'Maybe I shouldn't have agreed with Dumbledore on this one. If the traps don't kill me, this guy will.' thought Ron as he looked into Harry's eyes.

"Keep an eye on him for a minute, I'm gonna check on Fluffy and see if he's asleep, or in a good mood. If not, well….at least we have a voluntary decoy." said Harry while smirking at Ron. The boy was now so pale that Harry thought that he would shit his pants at some point.

Harry walked up to the door, trying the handle first to see if he needed the unlocking charm again. Luckily, or unluckily depending how you look at it, the door was unlocked. Harry just shrugged and walked in without a care in the world. Once the door closed, Susan and Hannah looked at Emily in confusion.

"Uh, Emily, did Harry just walk into a room with a possibly pissed off cerberus and act like he didn't give a shit?" asked Hannah in confused shock.

"If you think that's crazy, you should've seen how nonchalant he was about his injuries from the troll on Halloween." said Emily with a small smile. Harry may have been a Ravenclaw, but that day he showed both Gryffindor courage, and 'Potter Stupidity' as her mother always called it.

"I still don't know why the D.M.L.E. wasn't called after that. I tried to write to my aunt about it, but she never responded. When I asked her over the holiday, she said she never received any letters about it. Somebody must've been rerouting all mail related to the troll. That's why my aunt gave me this charmed necklace to call her during emergencies." said Susan while showing said necklace, which was a badger shape.

Harry soon opened the door again and poked his head out.

"Ok guys, we're in the clear to come in. Fluffy was pissed, but more at the guy in the shadows who charmed the harp that was in here." said Harry.

Everyone followed Harry into the room, noticing a growling cerberus glaring at the open trap door. A large golden harp sat in a dark corner of the room, obviously to prevent the cerberus from seeing him. Now, while seeing in the dark isn't really a problem for a cerberus, he couldn't see the perp, so there was probably a disillusion charm involved as well. Everyone eventually gathered around the trap door.

"So, it's very dark down there, and we don't know what's waiting for us, so there's only one question….who goes first?" asked Hermione. While everyone was trying to find out who should go down first, Harry got a truly devious idea. Walking over to Ron, Harry used a weak cutting spell to untie the ropes around him, grabbing him by the back of his shirt and dragging him to the trap door.

"Well, since our stereotypical Gryffindor here wanted to join in and claim his glory, I say HE should go first, take one for the team good buddy." said Harry sarcastically. Ron looked at the others, hoping for some support, but saw everyone nodding at Harry, causing him to pale once again. Before Harry threw Ron in however, he had a word of warning for him.

"Can't shoot us in the back if you're in the front, can ya?" Harry whispered in Ron's ear. Harry then lightly pushed Ron, causing him to fall through the trap door, screaming.

"That bloody wanker screams like a girl." said Neville. Harry walked over and hit Neville in the back of the head, receiving a disgruntled shout from the boy.

"Ow, what the hell was that for, Harry?" asked an annoyed Neville.

"For saying Weasley screams like a girl." said Harry with a glare. However, Harry wasn't serious with his glare, he was just a really convincing actor.

"You're defending Weasley?" asked Neville in shock. Harry dropped the mask and started laughing.

"Of course not, I just don't want you insulting all the fine ladies that are accompanying us tonight." laughed Harry. It took a moment, but eventually Neville and the others, including Fluffy started laughing to….well, Fluffy sounded more like a quiet barking. Their laughing was soon interrupted by another scream from Ron. Harry walked over and peered down.

"What's wrong?" asked Harry.

"I landed in something soft and green, but now it's trying to kill me!" yelled Ron. Everybody looked at each other with a 'really' look.

"Sounds like Devil's Snare, but what kind of defense is that for a priceless artifact, we learn that and the lighting charm in first year, what kind of idiot uses something a first year can beat for an important defence?" question Hermione.

"Someone who's so old, he'd make Yoda look like a spring chicken." said Harry.

"Harry, before you go, I may not have been able to see who it was that brought the harp, but I could still smell him, and he smelt like garlic." said Fluffy. Harry shuddered lightly, finding it creepy that all three heads spoke at the same time.

"Thanks for the info bud….Now to save an idiot." said Harry, switching from what Harry called 'Alpha', due to the fact that all canine like beasts speak in barks and growls, to English. Harry then conjured a ball of phoenix fire in his hand, and jumped down the trap door, which soon lit up in an orange light, followed by a scream of a surprise, a light clack of shoes hitting stone, and what sounded like a ton of bricks hitting the ground.

"Come on down guys, it's safe!" called Harry.

"Ok, before we go galavanting into who knows what….was I the only one who noticed Harry conjured a ball of fire, wandless?" asked Susan.

"Oh, you saw that too, good. For a moment there I thought I was going insane." said Neville. Neville soon jumped down to join Harry and the live bait (Ron).

"Emily, why didn't you tell us Harry knew wandless magic?" asked Hannah as Hermione had jumped down after Neville.

"I didn't know. There's still many things he hasn't told me….I may be his friend right now but I'm not gonna destroy the progress I made with him by rushing him." said Emily.

"That's understandable, no-one reveals everything from the get go. Now, whatta ya say we get down there before they hog all the fun?" asked Susan as she jumped down the trap door, Hannah and Emily following soon after.

After landing on the floor at the bottom, the group began heading down the hall, with Neville keeping Ron in the front at wand point.

"Hey Harry, I never asked this yet, but, why did you ask Emily to bring me and Hannah into this?" asked Susan. Harry lit up his wand to give more light and signaled Hermione and Emily to do the same.

"Two reasons, the first being that you're Emily's friends, so she trusts you. Secondly, you both bring certain traits to this 'adventure'. Susan, you have a connection to the D.M.L.E. through your aunt, she probably also taught you how to analyse any kind of situation, which makes your mind incredibly sharp. With you, Hermione and me with this group, we can outwit anything. Hannah is what I'd call a Gryffinpuff, while she is fiercely loyal to her friends, you can see a fire of courage in her eyes. So Hannah is the moral support of the group, and after a few years here, she'll be one hell of a heavy hitter." smiled Harry.

This brought shocked looks from the group. Throughout the year, while they each had friends in other houses, bar Slytherin do to caution of some 'unsavory' characters, most of the school believed in the stereotypes of the houses. So the fact that someone was saying that someone had a combination of traits was a bit of a shock.

Before anyone could say anything else, the group came to a door. Neville pushed Ron through the door to see if it was safe, and when no screams came through, the group entered to see strange birds flying around. Hermione walked up to the door and tried to open it, but found it locked, causing her to point her wand at it.

"Alohamora." said Hermione. Unfortunately, the door handle only rattled, but refused to unlock.

"Damn, looks like the unlocking charm is no use here, how will we get through?" asked Emily. Harry turned his attention back to the birds, before noticing something odd about them. It took Harry a few more seconds, but he smirked.

'This has Flitwick written all over it.' thought Harry.

"Hey, Susan, you and Hermione come here for a minute." called Harry. The two girls were confused, but went to join Harry regardless.

"Tell me, what is really odd about those birds?" asked Harry, smirking still. Susan and Hermione squinted, trying to get a clearer image of the birds, before Susan noticed what was odd.

"That IS odd. Why would light be reflecting off of the birds, unless they were made of….metal." said Susan as her eyes widened.

"And since the unlocking charm doesn't work, we'd need a key, which means those aren't birds. The real question is, which one do we need?" asked Hermione.

"Ok, the lock looked kind of rusted, so it would no don't be an old fashioned kind….there, the one with the broken wing!" said Harry, pointing to said key. Harry then noticed 2 brooms nearby and got a deadpanned look on his face.

"Seriously, that's just begging for it to be caught….oh well, might as well get this over with." said Harry as he walked over and grasped one of the brooms. Suddenly, the entire 'flock' of keys started speeding up and dive bombing towards Harry.

"Of course." sighed Harry as he got on the broom and took off. The group was entranced by Harry's flying. They had seen his skills from a distance on the pitch, but not up close like this.

Harry was shooting left and right, trying to get the key as fast as possible. Eventually, after a minute and a half, plus many cuts from the other keys, Harry caught the one he was after and did a quick 180, flying back to the group.

"Catch!" yelled Harry as he tossed the key to the one nearest to the door, which was unfortunately Weasley. Weasley caught the key and tried to bolt out the way they came in, only for Emily to hit him with a stunner, which she learned from her mother, causing Ron to drop like a ton of bricks.

Hannah ran over to where Ron dropped, grabbing the key and running back to the door. It took a few seconds, due to her being shaky with the other keys still attacking Harry, but she managed to get the door open and let everybody, except the unconscious Ron, through. Susan waited by the door for Harry so she could close it fast.

"INCOMING!" yelled Harry as he shot through the door. Susan quickly shut the door, leaving only the muffled clanks of the keys hitting the door. Soon after the clanks stopped, they heard a muffled groan, knowing the Weasel was coming to and would most likely run off to a professor to try and get them in trouble, again.

"That's gotta be, what, the third time I've almost died at this supposedly 'safest place in the wizarding world'? If I was in charge I'd fire the publicist." said Harry. The others laughed at the joke, which was a good thing, since they knew it would only get harder from here.

Suddenly, the torches in the room started lighting up, causing the group to look around the room they were now in. When all the torches were lit, the group was shocked to see what appeared to them as a giant chess board.

"Uh, does anyone know a fast way to win at chess?" asked Neville.

"Well, if white moves a certain way, you can win in 2 moves." said Harry. This caused the group to go slack jawed.

"How the hell do you know that, Harry?" asked Hannah.

"Ha! Steve and I were playing chess once and he moved two of his pieces a certain way, I had him in checkmate two moves later." laughed Harry. This caused the others to laugh as well, imagining the look on Steve's face afterwards.

"Ok, odds are we have to play and win to get past it, so, who goes where?" asked Susan. Harry started attempting to come up with a plan. He knew that they didn't have long to reach the end of these 'defences' to stop the thief. That's when Harry got an insane idea.

"Ok, everyone, huddle up!" said Harry as the others gathered around him.

"Alright, so, everyone knows how wizard chess sets are charmed to be sentient, correct?" asked Harry.

"Yeah, I made a bad move once and the knight started cursing me out." said Emily.

"Right, so since the white pieces move first, the ones here would've been charmed to be more sentient, we just need to turn them on each other to get through." said Harry.

"Oh sure, and just HOW do you suppose we pull that off?" asked Hermione sarcastically. This one question caused Harry to smirk, and anybody who knew him, knew that this smirk meant something very mischievous.

It was quiet for a few minutes, before the sounds of arguing was heard, causing the white pieces to look towards the intruders.

"Oh please, there is no way that the pawn is stronger than the knight!" yelled Neville.

"You're joking right, the pawn is basically the front line in chess, you have to be the strongest piece to pull that off." said Hannah. This brought smiles to the pawns faces, but scowls from the two knights.

"But pawns can only move once except on their first move, which they can move twice. Knights can move five spaces." smirked Neville. This brought smiles to the knights, but the pawns were shaking their fists at Neville.

"You're both wrong, the strongest piece is either the bishop or the castle." said Susan.

"Yeah, those pieces can move as far as they want." smiled Emily. This caused said pieces to smile and bow slightly to Susan and Emily, while the tension between all the pieces was rising as each piece scowled at the other.

"You're all completely delusional, the queen is the most powerful piece. The queen is able to move as many spaces as it wants, in any direction that it wants. So the queen is the most powerful piece, hands down." said Hermione with pride. This caused said piece to straighten out in pride while the other pieces turned to it in fury. The king, however, was more furious as no one seemed to take his side.

"Guys, hold it, I think we're forgetting the most IMPORTANT piece, the king." said Harry as he walked up to the others. The king finally smiled, believing someone had finally taken his side.

"Now, every piece has its purpose, but all share a goal, to protect the king. The king may be the most important piece, but we can all agree, as a playing piece it is….USELESS! Why else would it need an army to defend it?" asked Harry. This caused everyone to nod in agreement and start laughing.

The white king's eyes narrowed in rage before it saw the knight on his right silently laughing. Drawing its sword, the white king swiped at the knight, destroying it, causing the remaining pieces to pause.

"3, 2, 1." said Harry. As soon as he hit one, the entertainment began as a huge brawl between the white pieces was taking place, causing the group to laugh uproariously.

It was after the white queen had crushed the head of the white king that the pieces suddenly stopped, completely frozen. In total, five pawns, one knight, both castles and both bishops were reduced to rubble.

Now unimpeded, the group walked across the board to the other end of the room, laughing the whole way at how the plan worked. The black king and queen looked at one another, before shrugging. It was a rare sight when you could confuse a charmed inanimate object.

"By Merlin, I can't believe that actually worked!" laughed Hermione.

"You'd be surprised, if something is charmed to mimic life, it is possible for it to mimic stupidity." laughed Harry. At this, everyone definitely agreed, as they saw a wooden bird a seventh year had charmed run into a window in the great hall last month. Guess even charmed birds can't see glass.

Upon reaching the next door, everyone paused at the smell coming from it.

"DAMN, by Merlin, it smells like they got a whole group of trolls behind that door!" retched Susan. This brought worry to both Emily and Hermione, since their last troll encounter almost killed them if it wasn't for Harry.

"Well, I think it's obvious who should go first this time." smirked Emily. Harry groaned, he already saw where this was going.

"And who would that be?" asked Hannah.

"Why, the only one to go toe-to-toe with a troll and win, both with a wand AND hand-to-hand combat, our very own Harry Potter." smiled Hermione, her eyes however, held a mischievous glint to them.

Those not in the know, meaning 3 out of 5, looked to Harry, trying to see if this was a prank. However, they saw Harry facepalming with a slight blush, as he was once again remembering Vriska's reward for beating Tarvos.

"I never should have told you guys that when I woke up that day….FINE, I'll do it." said Harry as he went to the door. Before he went inside, however, he paused and looked towards Emily and Hermione.

"Just so you know, if I die in there, you two will be explaining what happened to Steve, Dathin, Fredha, Airlentor, and Sissilth, NOT me." said Harry as he opened the door and walked in.

After about a minute, Harry ran out of the room and towards a nearby corner before throwing up. This shocked the others as they had never seen Harry react like that before.

"Harry mate, you alright?" asked Neville. It took a few more seconds for Harry to compose himself before he turned to the others.

"Well, it was only one troll, but it was dead, the head and right half of it's torso was missing. However, that part of the troll was on the other end of the room, so you guys might wanna close your eyes and hold each other's hand while I lead you through. Trust me, you don't want to see that." said Harry. The others paled, if such a sight could rattle Harry, then they would take his advice without question.

Upon entering the door, Harry began leading everyone through. While it was only about a 30 second trek, the smell of a dead and decomposing troll made it feel longer than that. After exiting the other end of the room, Harry let out a breath, which he had been holding since re-entering the room to avoid the smell, the others weren't so lucky.

"Merlin's beard, I thought trolls smelled before." retched Emily. The others agreed, hoping never to smell something like that again.

"Actually, if a troll is part of a clan, they don't smell like that at all. A clanless troll, however, is another story. There's a running joke that the smell is the scent of shame….yeah right." laughed Harry.

The others soon joined in the laughter, until both sides of the room suddenly had walls of fire blocking both exits.

"Well, this actually seems like a decent defence." said Hannah. Walking over to a shelf close to the exit that they believed the stone was located, Harry saw a few potion bottles and a piece of parchment with a riddle on it. (Not gonna write it, it would take too long.)

"Well, that explains why this is a good defence. I may hate the bastard, but I'll give Snape credit, he's actually using a wizard's weakness for this one." smirked Harry.

"What weakness would that be, Harry?" asked Susan.

"Well, I doubt it would apply to you and your aunt, but the weakness of the majority of purebloods is logic. No offence Nev." said Harry.

"None taken, Harry. Even I know that pureblood wizard's can be, what's the word….windbrains?" asked Neville.

"Airheads Neville. The word you're looking for is airheads." said Hermione.

Harry took a closer look at the potion bottles, before figuring out which one would let them go forward. There was only one small problem.

"Ok guys, there's only enough potion for two of us to go through, so, who should it be?" asked Harry.

"That's a no brainer, it should be you and Emily. Emily is level headed and you took down a troll, I can go back to make sure my aunt got here, the rest can wait here in case something happens." said Susan. Harry and Emily nodded before Harry handed Susan the potion to go back.

After the three drank their specific potions, Emily walked through the fire first. Harry, however, hesitated for just a moment.

"Hey Susan, promise me something…." said Harry. This caused Susan to pause before walking through the fire to go back and turned to look at Harry.

"...make sure all my possessions get divided up equally, will ya?" asked Harry. This really stumped Susan, and she asked before she could stop herself.

"Harry, you killed a troll, made the quidditch team in your first year, outsmarted the 'dungeon bat' and, if the rumors are to be believed, fought off what was killing the unicorns. Why do you think you won't survive this?" asked Susan.

"Oh, I am gonna survive this, but when I get home….probably not so much….well, into the jaws of uncertainty I go, with nothing but a fire in my heart and a thought in my mind….what the hell am I THINKING!" exclaimed Harry as he ran through the flames after Emily.

Susan just shrugged to herself before heading through the flames on her side to get back and retrieve her aunt. This left the others to wait in boredom. Each had the same thought, but it was Hermione who finally voiced said thought after a minute.

"Well this sucks." said Hermione.

Inner chamber

Hogwarts, June 4th, 12:30am

Harry and Emily were now in a long hallway heading towards a dimly lit room at the other end of the hall. As they walked, they could hear a quiet muttering, which was slowly growing in volume as they got closer. It was right as they got inside the room that they saw someone they never would've suspected, though if he was honest, Harry thought he should've seen this coming. Standing in front of the mirror was Quirrel, who seemed to be trying to figure something out.

"Hey Stuttersworth, how's it going? Funny running into you down here." said Harry. Emily looked at Harry like he grew a second head, as she believed they were gonna try a stealthy approach.

"Ah, the Potter twins, I suspected you two would've made it through those defences, no surprise there." said Quirrel.

"Well, I wouldn't really call them defences, considering a bunch of first years got through them." said Emily.

"Yes, Dumbledore has certainly put little thought into these defences. The only one that was a slight challenge was the troll." snarled Quirrel.

"And I'm guessing that one was a replacement for the one you released on halloween. Not a very good plan, especially if you're trying to lay low." said Harry. Emily couldn't help it and burst out laughing at that.

"And to think, Weasley spent the last month-and-a-half trying to convince me that it was Snape trying to steal the stone." laughed Emily.

"Yes, he does seem like the type doesn't he. Next to him, who would suspect p-p-poor s-st-stuttering professor Quirrel." mocked Quirrel.

"Hey Emily, I think we found out who tried to kill you during the quidditch match." Harry stage whispered.

"Correct boy, and believe me, if Snape's cloak hadn't caught fire and broken my eye contact, I would have succeeded. It was worse when I charmed those bludgers to kill you and you caused them to strike me instead." snarled Quirrel.

"Yup, hitting Snape was just a bonus." smirked Harry.

"Indeed." said Quirrel, before turning to the mirror.

"Now, how do I get the stone, I see myself holding it, relishing in its power, presenting it to my master and being rewarded beyond measure, but how do I GET IT!?" yelled Quirrel.

"Use the half-bloods." a strange voice whispered from nowhere. The sudden voice startled Emily, but Harry narrowed his eyes in thought.

"Both of you come here….NOW!" demanded Quirrel. Emily was about to shout back, but Harry placed a hand on her shoulder and shook his head slightly. After sighing in defeat, both Emily and Harry walked to the mirror and stood in front of it.

As they looked in the mirror, Emily smiled as she saw the same thing she did months ago. Emily saw herself, her parents and Harry together, as the family they should have been before the headmaster almost completely destroyed that chance. Harry, however, saw something completely different from last time.

The last time Harry looked in the mirror, he saw an older version of himself, Steve, Vriska, the dragons and many silhouetted figures laughing together. This time however, there was an addition of a flag with the rune for unity on it standing behind Harry. The mirror Harry then reached into his pocket, pulling out a blood red stone. As the mirror Harry put it in his pocket, its mouth moved, saying 'Make sure it gets back to Nick', though it was silent.

Harry suddenly felt a weight in his pocket and knew the stone was in it. Now all he had to do was figure out how to get himself and Emily out of this mess. Quirrel noticed the looks on the two and began growing restless.

"What is it? What do you see?" demanded Quirrel.

"My family, as it should have been all along." smiled Emily.

"Voldemort being stripped butt-naked, his wand being shoved where the sun don't shine. Ha! Salazar just kicked him between the legs and tossed him off the white cliffs of Dover." laughed Harry, lying through his teeth.

"That little bastard lies!" yelled the raspy voice, however, the voice sounded more pissed off than it was. At least it sounded that way to Harry.

"TELL THE TRUTH!" demanded Quirrel.

"Let me speak to them."

"But master you are not strong enough" said Quirrel with actual concern in his voice.

"I have strength enough for this." hissed the voice. Quirrel turned to face the Potter's with his back facing the mirror as he began unraveling his turban. Once Quirrel's turban was completely removed, it revealed a hideous face protruding from the back of his head.

"Harry and Emily Potter, we meet again." said the face.

"V-Voldemort." stuttered Emily. Her fear caused the now identified Voldemort to smirk at her fear.

"Yes, you see what I've become. See what I must do to survive. Living off of another like a common parasite. Unicorn blood can sustain me, but it cannot give me a body of my own, but there is something that can….something that conveniently lies in your brother's pocket….STOP THEM!" yelled Voldemort as Harry grabbed Emily's shoulder and tried to book it. Quirrel snapped his fingers, causing a ring of fire to surround the room, effectively blocking the entrance, preventing Harry and Emily from escaping.

"A ring of fire blocking the only way in or out of the room. You watch a lot of no-maj crime movies do ya voldy, or is it Quirrel who watches those?" asked Harry as he and Emily turned back to face Quirrelmort.

"Such insolence from a disgusting half-blood, but seeing as these are your final moments, I think I'll humor you by allowing you both some final words." mocked Voldemort. Both Harry and Emily turned to each other, before they both smirked and turned back to Quirrelmort.

"Well, I doubt you were as powerful as you always claimed for multiple reasons. First is that you are a wizard who prefers power over strategy. Second, you got your ass kicked by a baby so….what's your proof of being the most powerful wizard since Salazar?" asked Emily sarcastically. From the image in the mirror, the twins could see Voldemort's face contort into an angered expression.

"Ya know Quirrel, that zit on the back of your head looks really bad. I know a place where you can get a potion to clear that right up for ya….oh and voldy, the whole red eyes thing, it's been done before, major villain cliche." said Harry with a devilish smirk.

At this point, Voldemort was beyond furious. How dare these useless half-bloods mock him, the most feared dark lord since Morgana herself.

"KILL THEM!" yelled an enraged Voldemort. Quirrel charged at the two, but Harry was prepared for such a situation. One of the advantages of being taught life lessons by a paranoid, semi-retired, canadian wizard spec-ops agent.

Harry pushed Emily out of the way before drawing back his right fist. When Quirrel reached the top step where Harry was, Harry brought his fist forward, striking Quirrelmort in the chest and sending him to the other end of the room, while also going right through the mirror, destroying it.

This caused Quirrelmort to lose his focus on the fire barrier he had cast, causing it to fade from existence.

"Emily, go….get back to the others and make sure director Bones is with them, then get back here ASAP. I'm not sure how long I can hold him off now that he's no doubt pissed at me." said Harry as he drew his wand for the showdown.

Emily was about to argue, before she saw Quirrel staggering to his feet with his wand in hand. However, it was the look of pure hatred in his eyes that convinced her and she took off out the door to regroup with the others. Before she left, she paused at the door before turning to Harry.

'I have to get stronger for next year, I refuse to keep leaving Harry to face these problems alone.' thought Emily before continuing out the door.

"Quite noble for a Ravenclaw, Potter. Though I can't tell if it's bravery or foolishness that's causing this. As I recall, you don't see them as family, so why not join me….why continue to fight for them?" asked Quirel, who Harry noticed was now completely overtaken by Voldemort due to the red eyes and lack of face on the back of his head.

"My guardian drilled it into me to never hold a grudge, or at least not to hold it for long. It'll cause health problems later in life. Besides, why would I join some overhyped parasite that couldn't even scare a nundu kit?" asked Harry before laughing. Voldemort was beyond furious now. Not only was the brat not accepting his 'generous offer', but had the gall to continue to mock him.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" yelled Voldemort. This caused the infamous sickly green light to shoot from his wand directly at Harry. Harry's eyes widened before he dodged at the last second, causing the spell to hit the pillar behind him.

"Wow, I pissed you off enough for your first spell to be the killing curse. Awesome, I broke my record, the last time it took the enemy five spells before shooting that curse at me." smiled Harry. Harry then fired a fiery red curse at Voldemort. The spell was a war spell of japanese origin that was the closest thing to harnessing solar fire as you could get. In short, it was like 'incendeo' on super steroids.

Voldemort was barely able to dodge in time, but he felt an intense heat from the spell as it flew past him. Voldemort didn't have time to ponder what that spell was as Harry immediately shot a stunner at him. Voldemort couldn't get out of the way completely this time, and took the spell right to the left shoulder, sending him to the ground.

Harry was panting slightly and guessed he had about 3 minutes worth of energy left in him. Harry could use many of the first-to-third year spells no problem, but stronger spells such as the 'solar fire' spell took a lot out of him due to lack of practice. The reason for this is he's only had a 'matched' wand since he started Hogwarts, so he'd have to work on increasing his magical core a lot during the summer.

'I only hope they get here fast, 'cause I'm getting tired of all the near death experiences here.' thought Harry as Voldemort was once again back on his feet. Harry almost found it hilarious with how purple Quirrelmorts face now was.

"Bring it, asshole!" yelled Harry as he and Quirrelmort continued to exchange spells, ranging from simple charms to near fatal. This was gonna be a long fight.

Potion Puzzle Room

Emily had finally reached the potions puzzle room and noticed that there was no wall of fire blocking the way anymore. Emily also saw her parents, Neville, Hannah, Hermione, Susan and Amelia Bones, who appeared to be arguing with Dumbledore.

"I assure Amelia my dear, there is absolutely no reason for the D.M.L.E. to be involved in this incident." said Dumbledore. The look on his face said volumes about how hard he was trying to remain in control of the situation.

"You'll forgive me if I call bullshit on that Albus. Susan told me over winter break about the troll, which was conveniently never mentioned to the parents of your students, and I think we both know why that is." snarled Amelia. She was the kind of director that hated when something important like the troll was kept under wraps, or when someone obstructed her doing her job.

"Albus, you may be a powerful wizard, but you are an idiot. What possessed you to hide class A magical artifact in a school full of children? I seriously question your decisions right now." said Lily with narrowed eyes.

While the adults were trying to find out what Dumbldore was trying to pull, Susan saw Emily running up to them.

"Emily!" called Susan. This caused all conversation to stop and the rest of the group to turn to Emily.

"Emily my dear, you're alright….where is your brother?" asked Dumbledore in false concern. In truth, Dumbledore was hoping Emily would say Harry was dead, as every plan Dumbledore concocted to try and off the boy, from trying to indirectly kill or maim the Slytherin's on halloween before shifting the blame to Harry (Dumbledore knew it was Quirrel, but as far as he's concerned, only he should have that info), to having the youngest Weasley boy follow the group tonight and killing all but Emily and the mudblood. Dumbledore even gave Weasley a strong cutting spell to pull it off and make it look like either the keys or chess board did it. He should have known better, as Ron Weasley was an idiot of the highest caliber.

"It-It was Quirrel, he's possessed by Voldemort. Harry is back there fighting him until we can get there. He sent me back to make sure madam Bones was here, I believe he thought someone would try and stop her." said Emily, casting a subtle glare at Dumbledore.

"Well, it seems his theory was correct, the headmaster here has tried to stop me from investigating this since I got here." said Amelia.

"WAIT! Emily, did you just say Harry was fighting Quirrel who was possessed by Voldemort?" asked a worried James. Lily was fighting tears at this point, while they were still on civil, borderline friendly terms with Harry after the winter holidays, it didn't mean she wasn't still worried about him after all that happened this year.

Amelia narrowed her eyes before running down the hall towards the inner chamber, followed closely by the others. All had worried expressions on their faces, except Dumbledore at the back of the group, who had a look of excitement at the possibility of actually 'seeing' Harry killed.

As the group got closer to the door to the inner chamber, they saw multi-colored lights flashing through the doorway, along with cursing and some trash-talk with occasional laughter coming from Harry.

"How can that crazy bastard be laughing at a time like this!?" exclaimed Hannah.

"Don't bother trying to figure it out Hannah, when you try and figure out what goes on in Harry's mind, you just end up with more questions and no answers." said Hermione. You could tell by the deadpanned look on her face that she'd already tried to figure Harry out, and failed big time.

Once the group reached the doorway, they saw Harry flung across the room, striking a pillar with his back before hitting the ground after Quirrelmort fired a blasting curse that hit the ground after he dodged.

"HARRY!" was called by several voices at the doorway, but this also brought the attention of Quirrelmort to them.

As Quirrelmort was stalking towards the group with the killing curse on the tip of his wand, the adults of the group drew their wands and pointed them at Quirrelmort, ready to conjure a blockade to protect the kids.

"HA! You think you'll be able to stop me, I have already beaten the male Potter twin and Dumbledore is next to useless, if you lay down your wands, the only ones to die will be the mudbloods….after they serve one final purpose to the great Lord Volde-" was as far as Quirrelmort got before his head separated from his shoulders and a mist-like spector floated from the neck, before it scowled and looked behind it if a furious rage. It flew off in defeat almost immediately after.

As the body dropped to the floor, the shocked group looked behind it and saw Harry standing there with his wand raised, covered in cuts with his shirt burnt off and a large burn to his right chest. A huge gash was on his left arm where Quirrelmort got him in an attempt to cleave Harry in half. There was also a small cut over his right eye on the eyebrow.

'Guess I should've stuck with dragon durability instead of troll for that fight, oh well, live and learn.' thought Harry before turning his full attention to the group.

"Sorry about that. The bastard was starting to monologue. I mean, damn, he has you guys in his sights with the killing curse ready, and he won't shut up. Do villains practice that shit in the mirror everyday or something." said Harry with a quiet laugh and a weak smile. Merlin, he was exhausted.

"Mr. Potter, we should get you to St. Mungos immediately, or at least the hospital wing." said Amelia, while Harry was being fussed over by Emily and Hermione. Neville was barfing in the corner after seeing Quirrelmort's head fly off. Susan and Hannah were looking at Harry with a new respect for holding off a possessed teacher for as long as he did. James was comforting a hysterical Lily, who was saddened that Harry actually had to kill so young, if only she knew.

Dumbledore may have looked calm, but inside, he was fuming. How could this brat actually hold his own against Voldemort, it shouldn't be possible. He would have to investigate this further. No-one should be stronger than him, the great Albus Dumbledore.

"Don't worry about me, it looks worse than it feels….however, madam Bones, I need you to make sure that this gets back to its rightful owner." said Harry as he brought the stone out of his pocket, handing it to Amelia. Amelia had already placed the stone in a protective pouch that she brought with her before Dumbledore could protest and try to keep the stone under the guise of returning it.

"I will definitely make sure it gets back to its owner Mr. Potter, but I must still insist that you at least go to the hospital wing." said Amelia.

"Alright, I'll go, but I'll need someone to carry me there." said Harry. Before anyone could ask what he meant, Harry had collapsed, unconscious due to both his injuries and magical exhaustion, bringing gasps from the women. Emily and Hermione managed to catch Harry before he hit the ground, thankfully.

'I'm surprised he was able to stay conscious for as long as he was. That is one tough kid.' thought Amelia with a calming smile as the group left the room, Emily and Hermione dragging Harry with his arms over their shoulders, Hannah, Susan, Neville James and Lily walking behind them just in case. Dumbledore was bring up the rear, so the group wouldn't see his calculating look with anger in his eyes, his plan to test the girl-who-lived this year had failed, now what.

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