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Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Start of Term, Hogwarts Great Hall, 2012

It was early morning on the first day of the new term, the great hall was packed with groaning and tired students who didn't want their holiday to end, mostly 5th and 7th years. Harry's holiday went alright, all things considered. He'd spent time with the Potter's, telling them a few of his adventures before Hogwarts, leaving out his abilities that they didn't know about, and the more dangerous events such as the Goyle's and French Malfoy's.

Harry also left out the fact that he was betrothed to Vriska, and was living with four 'fire-breathing goddesses', a phrase that slipped out once, and one that Steve never let him live down. Harry had no idea how he'd explain that when the time came.

Harry also told them about some pranks he pulled, but wouldn't explain to James how he pulled off the ones he created, Harry didn't want all his ideas flying around, it was one of the reasons that he only gave Fred and George his COMMON ideas list. Harry was keeping his ADVANCED list on him, for insurance purposes of course.

All in all, it was a decent holiday, they laughed, Lily and Emily shed a few tears, James was clocked over the head when he asked Harry about any special ladies in his life and winked. The funniest point of the day, however, was when James told Harry about the infamous Marauder Graduation Panty Raid he pulled off in his seventh year.

What was hilarious about that though, was when James mentioned about him and two of his friends possibly teaching Harry how to pull off something similar in the future, which resulted in Lily chasing him around the room firing an onslaught of hexes at him screaming about mounting a certain stag's head on the wall if he did. There was also mention of a werewolf skin rug and a shock collar, whatever the hell that ment.

Harry wasn't ashamed to admit that he laughed, while Emily face-palmed, apparently this happened more often than he thought. Looking around the great hall, Harry saw the students in 5th and 7th year studying for their exams at the end of the year.

Glancing at the Slytherin table, he saw Malfoy trying to glare a hole through his head, causing Harry to smirk. It was on december 31st that he received a letter from Griphook about the transfer from the Malfoy's, along with said goblin mentioning that Malfoy Sr. had gone a very interesting shade of purple when the whispers started in the bank when other patrons heard the reason. Life for the Malfoy's and any future businesses were going to be very difficult.

Harry soon realized that he only had about 10 minutes before transfiguration, so he quickly finished up his breakfast and headed to the classroom. Once he entered the room, he noticed Hermione already there, as was normal for her.

"Hey Hermione, how was your holiday?" asked Harry as he took a seat next to her.

"Oh, it was wonderful, me and my mother spent some time in Diagon, spent a quiet christmas indoors, by the way, thanks for the book you sent me, it was one of the best gifts I've ever gotten." said Hermione with a smile that showed how grateful she was.

Harry smiled back, he knew Hermione was an avid reader, so he used a duplication spell on a book he received 2 years ago from Azkaban, oddly enough, called 'Famous Wizard Fortresses and Communities' by Elizabeth Fae, after he saved a guard from a dementor who was getting 'too big for its britches', by actually killing said dementor, which also proved that his threat from years ago wasn't just empty words.

'Who knew that you could kill a dementor with something as simple as phoenix fire, why hasn't Dumbass figured that out yet?' thought Harry. After that thought, Harry realized something important.

"Wait, just you and your mother, what about your dad?" asked Harry. Hermione suddenly got a saddened look on her face, and Harry realized he probably brought up a bad memory.

"My dad, he left us when I was 2 years old. He and my mother had a…. Difference of opinion on certain matters." said Hermione with a few tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know, I shouldn't have asked, though from the way you explained it, he sounds like an asshole." said Harry as he wrapped an arm around Hermione's shoulder to comfort her.

"Pft, he proved that, when I was six we were forced to move from our home, turns out my dad was tired of paying child support, so he sold all his assets, including the house which was in his name, we got him back though. He violated the court order when he sold almost everything he owned and stopped paying, then tried to flee the country. We ended up getting anything he still had, like his mercedes and his bank account overseas, where he hid most of his money…. Good riddance." said Hermione, scowling through most of her tale, but smirking at the end.

"Well, good on you both, though, for what it's worth, sorry you both had to go through that." said Harry, glad that his friend actually came out on top of that crisis. Hermione smiled at him, she actually liked having true friends in both Harry and Emily, who would be there when she needed them.

Soon after, the rest of the class filed in, and once again, Weasley was late, which cost Gryffindor 20 points. The class for the day was mainly just a review of last semester, to make sure they didn't lag on their studies over the holidays. Harry was still working on altering certain spells by focusing on two things at once, like making lumos take a different shape, other than an orb, seeing as Steve won't teach him the patronus yet.

The class soon ended with everyone heading to their next class. The rest of the day was basically the same as transfiguration, with simple review and some practicing spells they did last semester. There were a few instances where Malfoy tried to provoke Harry, but one quick reminder about the Malfoy's not surviving another lawsuit, due to missing half of their wealth as a result of his arrogance and cowardice, shut him up rather quickly.

Harry was now in his dorm room, resting on his bed after a long day of review, however, he had a strange feeling that something was about to happen, he didn't know when, or how, but he just knew that something was about to happen. What was worse, is Harry also had a feeling that he would be caught in the crosshairs.

'I swear, if this strange feeling ends up being true, I am going to have Steve get me a divination teacher over the summer…. And maybe a therapist.' thought Harry.

Harry was soon drifting off to sleep, all the while he was worried about the gut feeling. The last time he had a gut feeling this strong was a few days before he left for Diagon Alley, he told Charlie not to shoot a stunner at that pixie, it took a full hour and a half to deal with the full swarm afterwards, if he ever saw another pixie again, he would go crazy.

'Ah, what am I worried about, probably just being paranoid, like anything worse than a troll is gonna happen.' though Harry as he finally went to sleep.

Path to Hagrid's hut

March, 2012, 10:00pm

'I am going to learn to keep my big yap shut.' thought Harry. Why was he thinking this you may ask? It's very simple.

Harry was currently putting every stealth skill he had into practice as he followed Emily, Hermione and a Gryffindor boy by the name of Neville to Hagrid's hut, apparently they received a letter to meet with him. Another reason he was following the three, was because a certain blonde ferret and red-headed weasel had snuck out to follow them and knowing those two, it would not end well.

After a few more minutes, he reached an area near the hut. Harry noticed that Malfoy and Weasley were arguing and in a bit of a fist fight. Luckily, they weren't close enough to the window of the hut to be noticed.

'Alright, that does it.' thought Harry as he pulled out his wand. Firing two overpowered stunners at Malfoy and Weasley, the spell ended up not only knocking the two out, but also launched them enough to cause Malfoy to land on his back, and Weasley to land on top of him.

As Harry walked by the two unconscious idiots, his face was red from trying to contain his laughter at how the two looked. The two actually looked like they fell asleep after a make-out session.

'Oh Merlin, of all times to not have a camera.' thought Harry.

It took a few minutes for Harry to finally get control of himself. After walking to the front door, Harry decided to have a little fun with this, Merlin knows that messing with idiots gets old after a while, except Snape. Harry knocked on the door and waited for a few moments.

"Who's there?" asked a male voice. Harry figured it was Neville.

"Haywood Jaletme." said Harry.

"Haywood Jaletme who?" asked Hermione. Harry could hear a slight snicker from her and Emily, but not Neville.

'Oh right, pureblood, probably never heard of a knock knock joke before.' thought Harry.

"Haywood Jaletme in, don't wanna get caught out here." said Harry.

The door was soon opened by the Hogwarts groundskeeper, he was a rather tall fellow, cementing Harry's thoughts about him being at least a half-giant.

"Hello there, Harry, what are ya doing out here so late?" asked Hagrid.

"Besides seeing what Hermione, Emily and that Neville kid are doing out here so late. Stopping a couple idiots from getting them in trouble, for now." said Harry.

"Well, why don't ya come in for a few minutes, first time ya been down here and all." said Hagrid with a friendly smile.

"Sure, why not?" said Harry as Hagrid let him in, and What Harry saw made him pause.

"Uh, Hagrid, why is there a dragon egg on your table, added to that fact, WHY do you have a dragon egg in a WOODEN hut?" asked Harry in curiosity. Even Harry knew you keep newborn dragons away from anything made of wood, especially a house. Harry figured that out when a new guy at the reserve brought an abandoned dragon egg he found off the reserve to the steam hut for incubation instead of giving it to an appropriate nesting mother dragon. This resulted in the steam hut burning to the ground almost instantly when it hatched a minute later, and the rookie was running around with his ass on fire, with a giggling, newly hatched Alaskan Glacier Wing nearby. One of the rare dragons that start as fire breathers before they adapt to breath ice as they grow.

"Oh that, I won it from a stranger I met down at the pub, seemed pretty glad to be rid of it as a matter of fact." said Hagrid in confusion. Harry suddenly heard a cracking sound and looked towards the egg.

It wasn't even 3 seconds before the egg fully hatched, revealing a young Norwegian Ridgeback.

"Oh wow, look at that adorable little thing, I can't believe something so cute can grow to be so deadly." said Emily.

"I've seen so much since I arrived in the magical world, but I never thought I would ever see an actual Dragon." said Hermione.

"Yeah, but be careful, even as newborns, dragons are some of the most dangerous creatures that exist." said Neville in slight concern.

"Oh, what load of rubbish is that, dragons are fierce, yes, but they are just misunderstood creatures…. Hello Norbert." said Hagrid as he walked up and pet the small dragon.

"Norbert?" asked Harry with a raised eyebrow, clearly Hagrid didn't know the differences of genders in dragons.

"Well, he's gotta have a name doesn't he?" asked Hagrid, not understanding Harry's confusion.

"That's not what I'm confused about, I'm just wondering why you think it's a he?" asked Harry.

This caused Hagrid, Emily, Hermione and Neville to pause in admiring the young dragon. Hagrid prided himself on his creature knowledge, but even he knew that some differences were so subtle that they were easy to miss.

"What do you mean Harry?" asked Neville.

"Well, if you look at its legs, they're more muscular, even as a hatchling, there's also a slightly lighter coloration to its scales, the biggest tell is is the two claws on its wings, they're more pointed, showing it's female, as the females are the main protectors of the nest itself when they lay their eggs, male claws are wider and more durable to protect their mates." said Harry. It was true, he remembered when he first met Dathin and the others. A wild dragon entered the reserve and tried to 'claim' Dathin's mother, and was nearly torn to shreds by Dathin's father, a main component in his vow to NEVER hurt her.

"Well, make my home at the top of a beanstalk, yer right, guess even I miss subtle differences." said Hagrid.

"Don't worry about it Hagrid, unless you've been around dragons personally for years, you tend to miss stuff like….wait a minute." said Harry, noticing something odd about this specific Ridgeback.

Getting a closer look at Norberta (Harry decided to give Hagrid the benefit of the doubt), Harry started making the most quiet of growls, hoping not to scare the newborn and showing he wasn't a threat.

"Hey there little one, my name is Harry." said Harry.

"Har-ry, you're the dragon friend, I remember the feel of your magic before I hatched, but, where am I…. where's mommy and daddy?" asked Norberta, while the others heard soft growls, Harry heard the voice of an innocent and scared child.

"It's okay little one, I'll get you home….I promise." said Harry as he gently pet the young dragon.

Harry suddenly gave off a high pitched whistle, which startled the others in the hut. It wasn't even a minute later when Hedwig appeared in a flash of white flames as the only time Harry whistled for her was when it was truly important and they had no time to waste.

"Hedwig, I need you to get Steve here now, it doesn't matter what he's doing, it's important." said Harry. Hedwig nodded and flamed away.

Almost instantly, everyone in the hut heard a scream of surprise, followed by a thud outside the hut.

"How many times do I have to tell you to give me a warning before ya do that ya flaming turkey!" yelled Steve. This was soon followed by yelps of pain with Steve constantly apologizing to a clearly irate Hedwig.

"You pissing off women again, Steve?" asked Harry with a smirk as he leaned on the doorframe.

Hedwig finally stopped attacking Steve and flew over to Harry, landing on his shoulder. Harry was having a hard time not laughing as Steve hesitantly moved his arms away from his head, making sure Hedwig wasn't lulling him into a false sense of security. Steve looked towards Harry and saw him smirking.

"Figures…. What did ya do to make shit hit the fan this time kid?" asked Steve as he got to his feet.

"HEY, I resent that remark, it is NOT always my fault….besides, I brought you here because I found that missing Ridgeback egg." said Harry. Steve's eyes widened at that, the egg was stolen about a month before Harry started Hogwarts and sold on the black market.

"Damn, well, I was hoping we'd find the little one sooner or later, might as well get the tyke home." said Steve as he followed Harry back to the hut.

Upon re-entering (Or entering for the first time in Steve's case), they saw Hagrid, Emily, Hermione and Neville circling the adorable newborn dragon, who was now rolling on the table, causing the two girls to giggle at it.

"Ya know, I'll never understand how something so adorable can grow into something so damn dangerous." said Steve as he walked towards the hatchling.

"Oh, hey there, if ya don't mind my asking, who are ya and why are ya here?" asked Hagrid.

"Name's Steve, I work at the Romainian Dragon Reserve, I'm sorry to say this, but that young dragon there was reported missing as an egg from our reserve several months before Harry started school, I'm afraid I'll have to return her to her parents." said Steve.

He could tell that Hagrid really cared for magical creatures, judging from the way he interacted with Norberta, but a newly hatched dragon NEEDED to be with its parents for the first few years. It was a crucial time in a hatchling's life so it could learn how to hunt and fly for basic survival.

"Aw, do ye have to take her? I really wanted to raise her myself." said Hagrid, looking downcast at the thought of having to give up Norberta.

"Unfortunately, that won't be possible, dragon instincts will not let them be domesticated, they are meant to be wild and free, even when they find a mate it is impossible to completely tame each other, especially females. Even when the females mate they're very independent, and fiercely protect what they claim as theirs, be they hatchlings or mates." said Steve as he slowly approached Norberta.

'Tell me about it.' thought Harry. Harry remembered one time after he twisted his ankle when he slid off a broom, the mothers of Dathin, Airlentor, Sissilth and Fedha acted like his injury was more severe, going into 'overprotective mother' mode, seeing him as their own son, the dragoness' in question didn't help with their own overreactions either.

"Harry, I can feel that this man is a kind and gentle soul, I will try to talk to mommy and daddy and see if he can visit, he seems friendly enough." said Norberta with an adorable smile.

"(sigh), The innocence of a child, still, it could work." Harry thought out loud.

"Hey Steve, if Norberta can get permission from her parents, and I get the O.K. from the Alpha's, do ya think Hagrid can come and visit during the summer holidays?" asked Harry.

Steve had just finished wrapping a warm blanket he had conjured around Norberta when he heard Harry's question and adopted a thinking pose.

"Hmm, I don't see why not, I'll have to talk to Hank about getting him an unlimited visitors pass to make it official though." said Steve.

"Ya would really do that for me?" asked Hagrid.

"Wasn't actually my idea, Norberta was the one that requested it, seems she likes you, and that's very hard to get a newborn to like a stranger before their first 4 months." said Harry with a smirk.

"Don't worry big guy, I'll send a letter sometime in the summer one way or another to let you know if you can visit whenever….Harry, thanks for calling me, but please don't send Hedwig unannounced again, I have a hard enough time with the women at the reserve due to your pranks, I don't need to have a female phoenix added to that list." said Steve as he walked outside with the dragon in his arms, ready for Hedwig to take him back to Romania.

"Hey Steve, make sure Hedwig gets plenty of rest when you get back, she's been flame travelling a lot lately." said Harry.

"You got it kid, alright Hedwig, let's am-scray." said Steve. Hedwig nodded before landing on Steve's shoulder, before flashing away.

Harry turned back to where he left the unconscious Weasley and Malfoy and saw them stir a bit.

"Oh shit." said Harry as he ran back inside the hut.

"Uh, you three might wanna skedaddle, dumbass and dumbshit followed you, I knocked them out but they're waking up, and I don't plan on being caught….ADIOS!" said Harry as he ran off.

The others weren't far behind him, with Hagrid waving from the door of his hut. As they passed where Harry left Malfoy and Weasley, Harry noticed that they were gone. Looking ahead, he saw the both of them already at the covered bridge back to the castle.

'Shit, those two are fast when they wanna be, well, I can probably get myself a lesser punishment, it's the other three that I'm more worried about.' thought Harry.

Once they got back to the castle, Harry and the others saw McGonagall standing there with a smug looking weasel and ferret. McGonagall gestured with her head towards her office, no words needed as the six students had no choice but to follow her. However, Harry walked closer to the two snitches to give them a fair warning of his inevitable tit-for-tat as it were.

"I'd start watching your backs from now on. Weasel, I hear that certain foods can 'turn on you' if you're not careful, and ferret, you'd better hope I feel merciful when I next see you, or what me and Steve did to your French branch will seem tame. If you don't believe me, ask your bodyguard Goyle what happened to his uncle, I hear it's a 'hot' story." whispered Harry, his voice having slipped into a slight dragonic growl to add some edge to it.

The way Ron froze mid-step and Malfoy went more pale than he already was, Harry knew that he'd got his point across. After a few more minutes of walking, the group reached McGonagall's office and she let them inside, taking a seat at her desk.

"I am extremely disappointed in all of you, nothing gives a student the right to be out of bed after curfew." lectured McGonagall.

"Professor, I'm sorry to interrupt but, in my defence, if I didn't follow these guys, Hagrid's home would've burnt down and he would've been arrested for receiving stolen property. He had a dragon egg that was stolen from Romania before I started Hogwarts." said Harry. He would've tried to help Emily, Hermione and Neville, but he was already pushing it with the 'stolen egg' excuse.

Minerva gained a thoughtful look, before turning to the remaining five students.

"Is what Mr. Potter says true?" asked Minerva.

Malfoy and Weasley saw this as an opportunity to try and get Harry in trouble, but were beaten to the punch by Emily.

"It's true professor, when me, Hermione and Neville arrived at Hagrid's, he was in the final stages of hatching a dragon egg. It hatched into a Norwegian Ridgeback not long after Harry arrived." said Emily.

Minerva once again gained a thoughtful look, before looking towards Harry.

"While that was a noble deed you did Mr. Potter, I'm afraid that you were still outside your dorm after dark, and we can not show favoritism to students. However, since Mr. and Ms. Potter, as well as you Ms. Granger and Mr. Longbottom were honest as to your reasons, I will not deduct points, but all six of you must still serve one night's detention, tomorrow after dinner." said McGonagall, but in a less stern voice. In all honesty, she wouldn't have assigned detention if it was possible, as she knew Hagrid was a good man and she believed they did the right thing helping him with the dragon.

Malfoy and Ron looked smug at first, until the detention was assigned.

"Excuse me, but I think I heard you wrong, I thought I heard the SIX of us?" asked Malfoy.

"No, you heard me correct Mr. Malfoy. It may have escaped your notice, but you and Mr. Weasley were also out of bed after hours. I will inform you of who you will serve detention with at dinner tomorrow." said Minerva.

While Emily, Hermione and Neville looked ashamed, and Malfoy and Weasley looked beyond furious, Harry took it in stride.

"We understand Professor, and I would like to apologize for us being the reason you are up so late." said Harry.

"Apology accepted Mr. Potter. Now, all of you return to your dormitories, and I hope that this won't happen again….also Mr.'s Malfoy and Weasley, you will both lose 50 points for fighting." said Minerva.

"WHAT?!, I DIDN'T TOUCH THE FUCKING SNAKE/WEASEL!" yelled Malfoy and Weasley.

"The bruises on your faces say otherwise, and that's another 20 points for your language." said Minerva.

For once, Malfoy and Weasley did the smart thing and just shut up. The six students left the office, Weasley and Malfoy heading to their dorms, while Harry, Emily, Hermione and Neville walked to the staircase together.

"Well, that could've gone worse." said Neville.

"I'll say, I'm just glad that the four of us walked away without point loss. I doubt we'll be that lucky again though." said Hermione.

"No doubt, and Harry, thanks for trying to help us and Hagrid." said Emily.

"No problem, one of my personal goals has always been to protect the innocent, even people that the Minister of Assho….I mean, Magic, would deem beneath them. Anyway, I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow." said Harry as he broke off from the group when he reached the floor with the Ravenclaw dorms.

The other three bid him farewell and headed up to the seventh floor where the Gryffindor dorms were located.

After entering his dorm and heading for his bed, Harry couldn't help but feel another sense of foreboding and was once again cursing his luck.

'With me having the worst good luck in history, as well as a manipulative old goat as the headmaster, we'll probably end up somewhere like the forbidden forest for detention.' thought Harry. He suddenly shuddered and was once again cursing whatever higher power existed.

The Next Night

Road to Hagrid's Hut

The six students were now following Filch to Hagrid's hut, while Harry was cursing himself again.

'When will I learn to stop tempting Murphy's Law.' thought Harry.

"Used to be you'd serve detention in the dungeons. They'd hang ya by yer thumbs on chains to the wall….god how I miss the screaming." said Filch. Harry could tell that this guy hated working with the students.

"You'll be serving detention with Hagrid tonight, he has a job to do, in the dark forest." smirked Filch.

"And who was it that authorized first years to spend detention in the dark forest?" asked Harry. He already had a suspicion on who it was, as it was Filch that collected them from dinner, not McGonagall.

"The headmaster authorized this, said that you need to learn discipline and respect, boy." smirked Filch while turning and leaning closer to Harry as to intimidate him.

"Hey, back off Filch, you have no right to get in a student's face!" yelled Emily. She was tempted to hex Filch, but she refrained from doing so. The last thing she needed was more trouble right now.

Hermione was conflicted between her respect for authority, and the fact that the headmaster seemed to be singling out Harry for excuses for this detention assignment. It was on this day, that a small sliver of defiance against authority was planted in Hermione's mind, and it would only grow in the days to come.

Neville was glaring at Filch. He knew that this guy was a squib and it seemed unfair to make this guy clean a school of magical children when there were spells and house elves for that. However, that didn't give this asshole the right to take his frustration out on the students. The way Filch was going, it wouldn't be long before he pissed off the wrong student, and by the looks of it, he was pretty damn close.

Dumb and Dumber, on the other hand, looked smug. Malfoy saw this as his subtle form of revenge on Harry for humiliating him and his father, while Weasley was going over his part of Dumbledore's plan in his mind. Whatever they encountered, Weasley was to make sure Harry was either out of commission or dead, then get close to Emily to 'comfort' her. Dumbledore even promised Weasley the mudblood as a 'stress relief' tool as well.

Harry, however, was unfazed by Filch's tone and closeness.

"I stared down a greek chimera, Filch, and that was much scarier. The only thing scary about you, is your breath." said Harry.

Before Filch could retort, Harry led the Gryffindor 'Golden Trio' and the dumbshit duo towards where Hagrid was standing, readying a crossbow, leaving a stunned Filch to figure out what the hell just happened.

"Hey Hagrid, so, what're we doing in the forest tonight?" asked Hermione.

"We'll be helping the creatures that live there tonight, however, I'm hoping it won't require me to use my crossbow." said Hagrid.

"Well, that could be worse, I guess." said Neville.

Hagrid nodded and gestured for the six students to follow him into the forest. They had been walking for about 30 minutes before they came upon a small pool of a silver colored substance. Hagrid ran his finger through the substance, before taking a closer look at it.

"Hagrid, what is that?" asked Hermione.

"What we're here for….see that, that's unicorn blood that is. I found one dead, a few weeks ago, but now….this one's been hurt bad by something, and it's our job to go out and find the poor beast." said Hagrid.

Harry walked over and knelt down by the blood, and while no one could see, Emily, Hermione and Neville could tell he was in deep thought.

"I don't care what species did this, doing this to a unicorn is one of the worst crimes you can commit in the I.C.W., whoever or whatever did this, they better hope I don't find them." snarled Harry, causing the others to get worried looks, especially Malfoy and Weasley. The others realized at this point that a pissed off Harry was someone you wanted to avoid, as his magic was spiraling at the moment.

"What's so horrible about spilling blood of some filthy beast?" snarked Malfoy. Before anyone could blink, Harry had his hand around Malfoy's neck, making Malfoy pale, and a wet spot appearing on his robe.

"What's so horrible about it, asshole, is that not only does it harm one of the more majestic magical beings in existence, but unless unicorn blood or anything else is freely given, it could be potentially fatal. Unicorn blood for instance, freely given and used in potions could help restore a lost limb or organ, but forcefully taken, especially when drunk, it will keep you alive even an inch from death, but you'll only have half your life left, and be forever cursed." snarled Harry, causing Malfoy to almost lose whatever color he had left in his face, before Harry let him go.

"Alright, with that bit of unpleasantness over, our best option is to split up to double our chances, Emily, you Harry, Ron and Malfoy will take the south side, Me, Hermione and Neville will take north." said Hagird.

"What, are you insane, we can't go out there alone!?" exclaimed Weasley.

"For once, I agree with Weasel, it's dangerous out there, there could be….werewolves." said Malfoy.

"And here I thought that 'Purebloods' weren't afraid of anything." remarked Harry.

Malfoy turned to glare at Harry, but kept his mouth shut, before deciding on a course of action.

"Fine, but we get Fang." said Malfoy with a tone of finality in his voice.

"Fair enough, just so you know, he's a bloody coward." smirked Hagrid as he and his group left the area.

Harry and his group soon started heading south. While the others were showing that they were outwardly scared, Harry kept his nerves in check, though inside, he was really worried. Anything that would willingly attack a unicorn was a truly evil being, with no regard for the life of another.

"I can't believe I'm reduced to this, this is servant stuff." complained Malfoy.

"What's wrong, snake, you scared?" snarked Wealsey.

"Pft, scared Weasley, can't believe I'm reduced to spending detention with a blood-traitor, a couple half-bloods and a disgusting mud-" said Malfoy, before finding a wand in his face.

"I would refrain from finishing that word, Malfoy, or your line ends with you, rather painfully." said Emily, while lowering her wand to point it at 'little Draco'.

"Don't bother, Emily, even I can't hit a target that small." laughed Harry.

Harry suddenly stopped laughing when he heard something a short distance away that sounded like someone sleeping at a smoothie. Harry went and hid by a nearby bush, soon followed by the others, except Weasley and Malfoy, who were still standing, making it easy to spot them.

What they all saw was truly horrifying. A figure in a dark cloak was leaning over an injured unicorn foal, drinking the blood from its wound. The sight caused Malfoy and Weasley to scream at the top of their lungs, drawing the figure's attention, before they ran the other way.

The figure stopped drinking the blood and began walking towards Harry and Emily, emitting an unnatural growl as it did so. Harry quickly drew his wand and aimed right at the figures head.

"ESPÍRITUS DESTRUCTO!" yelled Harry. A strange white, mist like spell shot from his wand, but instead of having an effect of the figure in front of him, it passed right through him.

"Well, bang goes that theory." said Harry. A sickly green light suddenly shot from the figures sleeve, causing Harry to grab Emily's shoulder and duck, fast. As the figure advanced, Harry decided.

"Well, now's as good a time as any to see if I've finally got that theory down….LUMOS!" yelled Harry, causing a bright light to shoot from his wand, instead of being stationary. However, instead of a regular ball of light, the spell took the shape of a welsh green roughly the size of the cloaked figure, causing said figure to halt in his advance.

"Harry, how the hell did you do that, and what was that first spell you used?" whispered Emily, who was shocked to see what Harry did to a simple light charm.

"In this order, 1: I used the same theory that caused the eye of my needle to take the shape of a dragon head in our first transfiguration class, took me a while to get right, 2: I'll tell ya later, right now, you need to go find Hagrid. Tell him we found what was attacking the unicorns, I can probably buy you about 10 minutes." said Harry before the light from his spell started fading.

"Maybe 5….GO!" yelled Harry. Emily could tell by his tone that there was no time to argue and started running. Emily managed to get out of sight just as the figure realized that the dragon in front of him was a simple light spell (due to it fading in front of him) and finished it off, continuing towards where Harry was.

'I swear, if I get in more trouble at home because of this….I'M GONNA KILL THAT OLD GOAT FUCKER!' thought Harry as he came out of hiding while shooting a stunner.

The figure blocked the spell and soon that area of the forest was filled with multi-colored lights being fired between Harry and the figure. In the next 2 minutes, Harry had a few cuts, bruises and burns on him, while the cloak on the figure had scorch marks on it.

Harry was now of the mind that whoever this guy was, he relied on magic alone, which gave Harry an idea. Running towards his opponent, Harry began firing spells to keep the guy on the defensive. When Harry was close enough, he channeled whatever creature strength he could, due to being unable to focus on a specific one in the situation, and delivered a side kick right to the guys chest, sending him through five trees before he stopped.

The figure started to get up, slowly due to his injuries, when the sound of hooves filled the area. A centaur suddenly burst into the clearing with a bow already loaded, causing the figure to finally decide to cut his losses, fleeing into the night.

"Thanks for the help, not sure how much longer I would've lasted there." said Harry.

"I find that hard to believe Harry Potter, considering the stories we heard from our kin around the world." said the centaur.

Harry smirked, before he paled, remembering the injured unicorn foal, running towards it. Kneeling next to it, he started using his unicorn specific magic to heal what he could. Harry was lucky they found the foal when they did, or it would've been too late. It was lucky that whoever was drinking it's blood didn't get enough to kill the creature.

"It's okay, you're safe now, just relax and don't do anything stressful and you'll be back to full health in a month." said Harry as the wound on the unicorn's shoulder finally closed up.

"Thank you." the unicorn said quietly, before closing its eyes to rest and regain its strength.

"How is he?" asked the centaur as he slowly approached.

"He'll be fine, the wound was deep, but we stopped whatever that thing was in time, luckily. Any later and that thing would've taken a fatal amount of blood, I think that was it's plan, wound him just enough to gain access to his blood, then make this poor creature suffer before death." snarled Harry, while silently vowing to end that beast if he saw it again.

Harry noticed a small patch of black liquid nearby and went to investigate it. It was at this moment that Emily returned with Hagrid and the others.

"Hello Firenze, see ya met young Harry here, looks like ya got everything handled." said Hagrid.

"Of course, though I don't think Mr. Potter needed my help, the wraith fled once I arrived." said Firenze. The others breathed a sigh of relief, until Harry spoke.

"It wasn't a wraith, Emily saw the first spell I used against it, Steve taught me that spell when we were in New Zealand one year, it's a wraith killing curse, so if it really WAS a wraith, it would've worked." said Harry.

"Why would someone create a spell to kill a misunderstood creature, Harry?" asked Hagrid.

"Because wraiths aren't really magical creatures, they're the result of a failed ritual of the darkest kind, so many evil wizards out there have attempted that ritual, and few have ever succeeded, where do you think Tolkein got the Idea for ringwraiths, the one ring and the 9 rings of the nazgul in lord of the rings?" asked Harry.

The students and Hagrid were confused, but Firenze paled as he'd heard of this ritual once and it was forbidden to even speak about among his kind.

"Right, well, it seems our work here is done, I best be getting you all back to the castle, come along now." said Hagrid.

As the group was following him, Harry stopped for a moment and turned to Firenze.

"Hey, I would appreciate it if you stayed with the foal until it's herd gets here." said Harry.

"You don't have to worry, the herd actually sent me to find him, the stallion of the herd will be grateful that you saved his son." smiled Firenze.

"All I did was protect the innocent, to me, it doesn't matter the species. In my opinion, all species are equal." said Harry with a smile, before he left, following the others back to the castle.

After a few minutes, a small group of centaurs arrived with the unicorn herd and the leader of the group approached Firenze.

"So, was the herd in Sherwood correct about him?" asked the centaur.

"Yes, they were, Bane. That boy will change the wizarding world for the betterment of all magicals, wizards, witches and creatures alike." said Firenze, before he held his hand out to Bane with a victorious smirk on his face.

Bane scowled slightly before he grabbed a bag from his side and handed it to Firenze. The problem for Bane, was he had bet on a prophecy the stars had told them. The stars told them that a warrior of equality would rise, with a bride of noble or royal blood from many species and knowledge of many magical communities, would unite all in a common cause.

Bane realized that his daughter might be one of said brides and made a bet with Firenze that the warrior would be a centaur or any other part human species, not a wizard. Firenze bet the opposite.

"He'd better hope he treats my daughter right when the time comes, or chosen warrior or not, I'll kill him." said Bane as he walked off.

'You will change the world Harry Potter, may good fortune smile on you.' thought Firenze as he joined the other centaurs and the unicorn herd to keep an eye on the recovering foal.

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