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Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Harry woke up the next morning in high spirits, ready for his first quidditch match. It helped a lot that they kept hearing other students laughing at Snape as they entered the common room last night. Harry also decided to send a letter to his accountant in the Canadian Rockies, Shimmer, last night so he could prepare for his match. His dorm mates still had the shit scared out of them when Hedwig flamed in to deliver the letter.

Going through his regular morning routine, Harry was soon on his way down to the great hall, passing by the many students who were awake at the time. Either Ravenclaw's heading to the library, Hufflepuff's heading to breakfast, Slytherin's (Malfoy and his cronies) sneering at anyone not in green and Gryffindor's being rowdy and energetic.

As Harry rounded a corner to the great hall, he saw Hermione walking past him.

"Hey Hermione, where ya headed?" asked Harry.

"Oh, hey Harry, just going to madame Pomfrey, I think the anxiety of being away from home so long is making my allergies act up." said Hermione, she was trying to subtly scratch her arm, hoping Harry wouldn't notice, which he did, but didn't comment.

'The allergy excuse again, what's really going on with her?' thought Harry.

"Ok then, I hope you get well soon, and I hope you can make it to the game today." said Harry, smiling at Hermione. Hermione smiled back at Harry and walked off. Once Hermione rounded the corner, Harry turned thoughtful.

'I hope she's alright, it seems she's slow to completely trust others, so I doubt she'll tell me what's really going on, though you'd figure me taking a troll club to the spine would prove I'm a friend, well, breaking someone out of their shell completely takes time… we'll get there.' thought Harry as he entered the great hall.

Harry sat at the Ravenclaw table, and was dishing himself some breakfast, when Hedwig flamed in with a package, startling the students near him.

"Ok, seriously, she's been doing this for months, how long does it take to get used to it? Sheesh." said Harry, before turning to Hedwig.

"Hey Hedwig, what have ya got for me?" asked Harry.

"The usual letters from the banks, and a package from Shimmer, for your game, and a message from Dathin and the others, they said that you are in major trouble for that 'stupidity' with the troll." said Hedwig.

"So, Steve told them? I thought it would've been sooner." said Harry.

"Yup, it took so long because he was recovering from a lot of stinging hexes, something about falling into the women's hot spring?." chuckled Hedwig, doing the phoenix equivalent of a raised eyebrow.

"Ha, yeah, that one was me, thanks for bringing the package Hedwig, and tell the girls that I'm sorry for worrying them, and that I promise that I'll spend the first 2 weeks of summer at home, just relaxing, just to alleviate their worries." said Harry, while he did seem carefree most of the time, he truly hated worrying those he cared about. Especially if said worried individuals could turn someone to ash when they were pissed off. Harry should know, he's seen them completely incinerate poachers going after their parents egss. Harry was thankful that he was basically immune to fire due to his abilities, didn't mean the impact wouldn't hurt though.

"I will, just don't do anything OVERLY stupid, everyone worries about you, even me." said Hedwig.

Harry gently hugged Hedwig, understanding her worry. "Hey, listen, I would never do anything stupid intentionaly, you guys know that trouble always finds me regardless, but I will do my absolute damndest to not get killed… I can't leave my daughter alone, can I?" asked Harry.

That's right, Hedwig saw Harry as her father and vise-versa, what do ya expect? He raised her since she hatched, it may have been for only a few months, but they truly had a father/daughter bond.

"I know, just… be safe, okay?" said Hedwig.

Harry gently stroked Hedwig on the side of the head. "I'll do my best, I promise." said Harry. Hedwig affectionately nipped Harry's ear and flamed away.

Harry was about to dig into his breakfast, when he noticed his bacon was missing, and remember that was where Hedwig was standing when she flamed away.

"Oh, that sneaky little pigeon." mumbled Harry with a smirk, causing a few students near him to snicker at him.

After dishing himself some more bacon, and finishing his breakfast, Harry began opening the letter that Shimmer sent with the package.

Traveler Potter

'Boundless' had sent this to me, to send to you, they said that it was completed to your specifications and with a full set of gear with it, I have sent their letter addressed to you along with this so they could 'personally' thank you for the opportunity. We at the 'Mountain Caverns' bank would also like to wish you luck in your first quidditch match.

P.S. as your account manager I look forward to any future endeavors you think of, and as your friend, try not to embarrass the opposing team to much, magic knows that Mr. Feros taught you to show off enough

Your account manager (and friend)


Harry smiled. Even when Shimmer was being professional, she always found a way to add a small personal message to him. Harry, however, knew it was a bad idea to do anything to piss her off for two reasons. Reason 1, as with every race that runs the wizard banks, they can make your life a living hell. Reason 2, he was friends with her daughter Sapphire, and if Sapphire herself was a badass, while being Harry's age, after being raised by her mother, then that was an even bigger reason not to piss off Shimmer.

Harry then picked up and opened the letter from 'Boundless', and smiled at its contents.

Mr. Potter

We at 'Boundless' greatly appreciate your investment in our endeavors. Your investment accelerated our research into our 'Sky' series and we look forward to any future projects with you. We also hope you enjoy our gift to you, the item has been designed to the letter on your specifications. We hope you will continue to be a prominent investor in any future projects.


Jason Shrike (Boundless CEO)

Harry once again smiled, glad that his investment had worked out. Harry then began opening the package, revealing a sleek black broom with a dragon head on it, along with the wing like appendages.

The dragon head was designed after a relatively unknown dragon that was so rare, even magicals thought it was a myth. The dragon was known as the Pacific Storm Wraith, a dragon known for making the worst of storms that raged on the pacific ocean. Many great ships were said to have been sunk by the storms of this dragon, however, many dragon handlers believe that the dragon is only defending its nest, but since no one has actually gotten close to this dragon breed, they don't know for sure.

Harry smiled as he studied his new broom, while many students and staff (Including his parents) in the great hall were amazed that Harry had just gotten a Skystriker.

Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy were the most shocked at Harry's new broom. After reading the article in the paper yesterday, Draco wrote to his father demanding he buyout 'Boundless' and market all brooms under the Malfoy name, so they, and they alone could gain all profits from sales. Draco knew his father was expecting a reply from Gringotts about the acquisition today, as well as a letter from the CEO of 'Boundless'.

Ron, on the other hand, was more vocal about Harry getting a new broom.


"MR. WEASLEY! That will be 30 points and a week's detention for those remarks." said Flitwick from the staff table. Lily and James were appalled at Ron's behaviour. They remembered how Dumbledore had tried to make Emily befriend Ron for years, while also telling them to embrace the fame Emily gained after that night.

However, the Potter's were also shocked that Harry received an amazing broom, as they themselves thought that Harry wasn't into quidditch. In reality, Harry loved quidditch, he played against a few of the workers at the reserve, it was first just tossing a quaffle through the hoops, as he was only six at the time, and it took him some time to fully open up when he was brought there. When he was eight, they started using the snitch in their games, and even to this day, Steve still thinks that Harry's abilities count as cheating, as Harry's eyesight and reflexes are amazing.

"Well Weasley, I happen to know a few people, that's how I got the broom." said Harry. Harry then cast a quick 'tempest' charm, and almost choked on his food.

"Son of an Hydra, I gotta get to the pitch!" exclaimed Harry. He grabbed his new broom and started running out of the great hall like a certain Weasley being chased by a spider, he couldn't help but snicker at the memory of Ron running from a little garden spider that was hanging in front of his face the other day.

As he was exiting through the doors, he decided on one last hit to ease the rest of the hall, since he probably gave many students nightmares when Snape looked like a porn star biker last night.

"Oh, and Snape, if your ass happens to catch fire again today, I hear that preparation H is a good cure." laughed Harry as he ran even faster.

As Harry exited the hall, he heard the student start bursting out laughing, though he guessed it was only mundane-borns and half-bloods who got the joke. The laughing was soon drowned out by the potions professor's scream of unfiltered rage.


Malfoy Manor (Same Time)

Lucious Malfoy was sitting at his desk in his study, waiting for the expected letter to confirm his soul ownership of 'Boundless'. Malfoy was of the belief that he could get anything he wanted due to his status as a pureblood, and his wealth, a mentality that he passed to his son.

The Malfoy family owl soon flew into the study causing Lucious to smirk, knowing it was the confirmation of acquisition. Boy would he be in for a rough reality check.

Lucious opened the letter with a smug smile on his face, but that smile quickly turned into a look of pure rage at reading what was in the letter.

Mr. Malfoy

While we understand that in your British Ministry, you would be able to purchase anything and have a confirmation almost immediately, we at 'Boundless', and many other companies outside Britain have a different policy. Due to an extensive background check, we at 'Boundless' are proud to say, we will NOT be doing business with you.

Our background check has shown a long history of bribery and discrimination against First-gen's and No-maj's, and a family history of serving 'Dark Lords', and your imperious defence holds no sway outside of Britain, as well as your familial connection to the now extinct Malfoy family of France, known for trafficing in Veela.

As a result, we have petitioned the I.C.W. and this letter is to inform you that your family is permanently barred from attempting to invest in or buy any business in Canada, as we heavily employ Mundane-born and other magicals, creatures included, and your demand to fire all of them and only employ purebloods as a condition of purchase is, in few words, 'Absolutely Disgraceful', it has NOT been a pleasure hearing from you.

Please don't contact us again.


Jason Shrike, 'Boundless' C.E.O. and proud First-gen

P.S. The one who investigated you, one Steve Feros, says 'Hi'

Lucious was furious, when he wrote the letter to 'Boundless' with his offer, he was in full belief that they would bow to his demands as a pureblood of highest society. Unfortunately for him, and many other purebloods, they were going to get some serious reality checks in the coming years, the disbanding of the Daily Prophet was just the start.

'I don't care what it takes, I will make that fucking mudblood pay for this insult.' thought Malfoy.

Hogwart Quidditch Pitch

Harry was waiting patiently with the rest of the team for the game to start, when he first got to the pitch, he saw Hermione already there, figuring that whatever she saw Pomfrey for was already taken care of.

Pretty soon, the sounds of a growing crowd reached the locker room, soon followed by the announcer ready to begin the game. Harry was, to put it bluntly, nervous as hell, he knew he was a good flyer, but hadn't played quidditch in front of so many people, dragons yes, but not people.

'Ok, don't think about the crowd, just imagine it's like a game at the reserve, don't let the anxiety get to ya.' thought Harry. There were many things that Harry was good at, speaking the language and using magic of different creatures, learning magic, getting a permanent betrothal to the most desirable female in a troll clan that happened to also be the chief's daughter and surviving a nest of extremely pissed off Gargoyles (Don't ask), but immune to nerves, he ain't.

Mounting his broom, Harry flew out to the pitch with the rest of his team. Harry was drowning everything out, attempting to focus more on the game than his nerves. Taking a brief glimpse at the crowd, he found Emily sitting with her friends Susan and Hannah, he saw Hermione sitting nearby, with Ron once again trying to flirt with her.

'Damn sleazy weasel.' thought Harry. Harry knew sooner or later he would have to step in, he knew Hermione could undoubtedly handle herself, but if there was one thing Harry truly hated, it was someone who used another for personal gain, and it was clear that Weasley was one of them.

Harry was so focused on ways to deal with Weasley when the time came, that he didn't realize the game started until a bludger flew right at him.

"SHIT!" yelled Harry as he ducked under the bludger.

"That would've given me the record of the world's shortest career as a seeker." Harry said to himself.

Harry decided to play a sort of interfering seeker role and began flying fake-out maneuvers to distract the Hufflepuff chasers, the fact that the Hufflepuff seeker kept falling for it as well was just a bonus.

In about 10 minutes, the score was tied 100-100, it would've been more to the Hufflepuff team if Harry hadn't thrown off the chasers. However, it was at this point that one of the Hufflepuff beaters decided to hit a bludger hoping to knock Harry off course as Harry was flying in to distract the chasers again. Harry was slightly worried, he had a move that could help in this situation, but he'd only tried it in an official game once, and that ended with him nearly breaking a leg when he miscalculated the trajectory of the bludger, and that was just last year.

'Well, here goes nothing.' thought Harry.

Harry then leapt up and started riding his broom while standing before taking a sharp step right to the front, as the broom started its forward spin, Harry used his right hand to catch himself. As the broom spun, the bludger impacted it with enough force to send it back at the Hufflepuff beater, catching him by surprise and hitting him in the chest, knocking the wind out of him.

After a full 360 spin and Harry managing to remount the broom at the same time, he let out a breath of relief he had been holding.

'Phew, glad that worked, wouldn't want to deal with Hogwarts' dragon medic again so soon, I'm glad they followed the designs to reinforce these brooms to, or I would've lost it after that move.' thought Harry.

The entire crowd was awed by Harry's move, even the professors.

"Amazing, I had no idea Mr. Potter was so adept at using a broom, to perform such a maneuver at a young age is an incredible feat." said Flitwick.

"I must agree with you Filius, it is truly spectacular, he may not have been raised by them, but he definitely has James' skills on a broom." said Minerva.

Back on the field, Harry had finally started looking for the snitch. He was tempted to use his enhanced sight from one of his creature magics, but Harry was a honest individual, at least when it involved sports. It was about 5 minutes later when Harry finally saw the snitch and took off like a shot after it. The Hufflepuff seeker saw this, but was a little skeptical, considering how many fake-outs he fell for in this game alone.

Harry was just about to get the snitch, when both bldgers changed direction from the different chasers and started heading towards him.

"You've got to be kidding." mumbled Harry. Harry immediately shot off in the other direction, trying his hardest to stay ahead of the rouge bludgers.

James and Lily were starting to get concerned, as were most of the other professors when they saw that the bludgers were actually targeting Harry.

"Albus, what's going on, I thought after what happened with Emily during yesterday's game that you said there would be more safety precautions in place." said Lily, voice full of concern, as regardless of the strained relationship with Harry, both her and James were still worried, but not AS worried as when he took a troll club to the spine.

"I assure you Lily, all necessary precautions were taken before the match, I do not know what is happening, this may very well be an unfortunate accident." said Dumbledore. Oddly enough, Dumbledore was being completely honest when he said that, however, that didn't mean he didn't want the Potter boy to be killed, or at least maimed.

As Harry was doing his damnedest to avoid the rouge bludgers, he noticed two things as he flew by the professor's seats. The first thing he noticed was Snape muttering under his breath. The second thing he noticed was that Quirrel seemed to be scowling and sweating in concentration.

'Okay, so it's either Ding-batman, or Mr. Stuttersworth, guess I'll just have to deal with both…. And FAST!' thought Harry as he dodge the bludgers again.

As Harry was dodging the bludgers and trying to think of a way to stop whatever jinx his two suspects were using, a certain teacher possessed by the noseless wonder was in his own thoughts.

'My master was beyond pissed when his troll plan failed, I must end that boy before he causes a worse cock-up for my master.' thought Quirrell.

After evading the bludgers and taking a sharp turn, Harry flew over to the staff seats and stopped right in front of them, he needed enough of a distraction to make this look like it wasn't planned, and his timing had to be spot on for this to work. Damn, he could use the advice of a centaur right about now. Harry knew he had about 15 seconds before the bludgers caught up with him, so he had to work fast.

"Hey, what the hell is going on? Did Snape finally crack and decide to kill me because he thinks that recurring prank was mine?" asked Harry.

Snape sneered at Harry but kept quiet, as he didn't want something embarrassing to happen to him….again.

"I assure you Mr. Potter, all safety precautions were increased after what happened yesterday." said Albus. However, Albus was trying to cast a subtle confundus charm on Harry to make him believe that, not that it would work.

"Well, you'll forgive me if I think that is a bunch of hippogriff shit, considering the fact that I was in the hospital for three days after a troll got in to the school, the wards should've prevented that, so either you are negligent, or you WANTED it to get in." said Harry.

It was Harry's plan to get Snape to react to see if it was him jinxing the bludgers, pointing out the 'great' Albus Dumbledore's flaws was just a bonus, as he saw that at least 3 out of 4 heads of house didn't worship dumbledore unconditionally.

Luckily, getting a reaction out of Snape was easier than he thought, and he could hear part 2 of his plan coming up fast.

"Potter, I am getting tired of this arrogance, you will stop this now or there will be…. Consequences." smirked Snape getting to his feet. While he couldn't give detentions or deduct points anymore, Dumbledore had said that he would turn a blind eye should the Potter boy suffer an 'unfortunate accident'.

Harry smirked, this was just too easy.

"Yeah, good luck with that…. Oh, before I hit the road I gotta tell ya something." said Harry as he heard the bludgers almost directly behind him.

"DUCK!" yelled Harry as he shot straight down, causing both bludgers to miss him, one hitting Quirrell right between the eyes, and the other hitting Snape right where it hurt.

As Harry flew back out to the center of the pitch to look for the snitch as he heard a very high pitched squeal coming from the teacher seats.

'Ah, a day where I can humiliate Snape is a day well wasted, it's not like he was using those anyway.' thought Harry with a smirk.

It was another five minutes before Harry saw the snitch again and he took off after it, however, this time he was tailing the Hufflepuff seeker. Harry caught up rather quickly however, due to the fact that the bludgers were no longer chasing him, and since Snape was glaring at him and Quirrell was still unconscious, that gave Harry his answer of who was jinxing them.

Both Harry and the other seeker were neck-and-neck, going at their top speed to beat the other to the snitch. The Hufflepuff seeker suddenly cut in front of Harry, throwing him off-course.

'So that's how ya wanna play huh? Alright then, game on!' thought Harry as he shot forward, streaming past his opponent, shocking said seeker.

It was about five seconds more before Harry managed to catch up to the snitch, while flying really close to the ground at this point. As Harry reached out to finally catch the snitch, he noticed a slight shifting in its movement and was mentally preparing for anything, and it was a good thing he did. The snitch suddenly shot straight up, causing Harry to halt his broom for the briefest of moments, before he shot up as well.

The snitch quickly changed direction again, heading for the hoops, with Harry hot on it's trail. At this point however, most of the spectators, including many professors were on the edge of their seats, even madame hooch and the other players were slightly distracted, because, unknown to Harry, he was matching the snitch move-for-move at almost the exact same speed.

As the snitch reached the center hoop at left field, it circled around and was about to head the other way. Harry, however, grabbed a hold of the goalpost, allowing him to make a sharp turn, and with his right arm extended, managed to catch the snitch during his runaround.

Harry landed on the field after his catch with many of the spectators, barring a few Slytherins, cheering his catch and the Ravenclaw victory, which was a close victory at 250-240.

However, once Harry dismounted his broom, he noticed one crucial thing. With the speed he was going when he caught the snitch while spinning around the goal post, it was only when he landed that he noticed how dizzy he was as he stumbled a bit before falling to the ground.

When his team arrived, they had concerned looks on their faces, but Harry waved them off and closed his eyes for about 10 seconds to try and regain his barings. Madame Hooch soon joined the ravenclaw team as Harry was getting back to his feet.

"Are you alright, Mr. Potter?" asked Madame Hooch.

"Yeah, I'm good, though, if I'm honest, this was the first time I did half that stuff in a match without getting injured." laughed Harry. His entire team was confused that he was laughing at the mention of injuries in quidditch, though, considering that the whole school heard about him taking a club to the back from that troll, they guessed that a quidditch injury was nothing compared to that.

Harry saw the Hufflepuff team making their way towards them. One of the beaters had a determined look on his face, and Harry had a pretty good feeling what it was about.

"Hey Harry, that was a great game, that final move you did to catch the snitch was awesome, even I've never thought to do that before." said the seeker, who was named Cedric Diggory (Not sure if he was on the team in Harry's first year, bt it works for this fic.).

"Thanks, ya know, the last time I pulled a maneuver like that, I ended up hitting a tree…. Steve wouldn't stop humming 'George of the Jungle' for a week." said Harry.

"Hey kid, that move you used to hurl that bludger back at me, what do ya call that?" asked one of the beaters.

"Oh that, I call that move 'Return to sender', getting it right was a pain, considering I got most of the theory of that move down, but only put it into practice once, nearly broke my leg, that was about 3 years ago." said Harry.

"Damn, so you've only used that move twice…. If I wasn't trying to go pro in quidditch, I'd quit right now after hearing that." said the beater.

This caused all that were gathered to laugh. Harry was just glad he wasn't playing against Slytherin, or at least he would be, if Flint was still on the team.

Time Skip

Hogwarts, Great Hall, December 23rd 2011

The last few weeks at Hogwarts had been pretty routine. Harry was doing well in his classes, helping other students from different houses occasionally. Hermione was still going to Pomfrey about twice a week for her 'allergies', which was making Harry even more concerned for his friend, but also more suspicious. Harry remembered seeing something similar before, but was drawing a blank as to where.

Harry was currently having breakfast in the great hall, most of the hall was empty, as many students had gone home for the holiday. Harry decided to stay for the holiday to allow more familiarity to the castle, considering he nearly got lost a couple , Harry did wish that the Weasley's designated garbage disposal had left as well, but he overheard him say that his parents were visiting his brother in Romania.

Harry had also pulled a few pranks with the Weasley twins against those who were deserving, like Snape, Malfoy's gang, and the pureblood supremacists in other houses. Many professor's saw it as a blessing that the Weasley twins weren't mass pranking the entire school, but were wondering how Harry pulled it off.

'Heh, it wasn't hard to convince them, just had to show them my notes on my prank ideas.' thought Harry.

Harry also remembered what happened on September 12th, when Malfoy tried to antagonize Emily, which caused Ron to accept a duel on her behalf. Harry managed to tag along, judging by Malfoy's character, he figured the ferret wouldn't show up, and he was right.

The weasel ended up running off, leaving Emily to deal with any fallout alone, so Harry, who was still only civil with Emily at the time, helped her escape when the janitor, a guy who seemed to indicate he was married to his cat, named Filch.

It took them almost half-an-hour to get to the Gryffindor common room, on account of taking a wrong turn on the third floor, due to the staircases, which caused a run in with a very pissed off looking cerberus, but after a nice chat and an explanation, the cerberus let them leave.

Emily wanted to get back at Malfoy right away, but Harry convinced her to hold off, as he had a plan, but told her it would take a while. However, that didn't mean that Weasley would get off scot free. Weasley ended up having the word coward on his forehead, but it was invisible to him, even in the mirror, it wore off after a few days though.

After over 2 months, Harry was finally ready to get back at Malfoy, and today was perfect, as somehow, Malfoy was able to get permission to pick up his son directly today. The reason it took so long for this plan was because it involved many lawyers and a bit of digging. Harry knew Steve had to call in a lot of favors, but in the end, even Steve believed that this was an awesome idea. Lucious won't know what hit him.

'Speak of the devil, here he comes now.' thought Harry.

Lucious Malfoy walked right through the great hall doors as if he owned the place, and considering the fact that he believed that purebloods owned everything, it wasn't hard.

Harry got up from the table, grabbing the file next to him and headed towards the Slytherin table, just as Malfoy Sr. reached it.

"Mr. Malfoy, if I could have a quick word with you." said Harry.

Lucious looked towards Harry and scowled at him, realizing that this was the Potter boy.

"What do you want, I have more important things to do than deal with a half-blood." said Lucious.

"Oh, this won't take long." said Harry, handing Malfoy Sr. the folder.

As Lucious looked through the folder, he became enraged at what was in it before glaring at Harry.

"What is the meaning of this, you have the gall to demand half of the Malfoy fortune for breach of contract?! You have no right!" exclaimed Malfoy.

Harry smirked, for a guy who was so passionate about keeping 'Pureblood traditions', this guy was an idiot.

"Actually, you'll find that I do, if you had read the whole file, you would've realized that on september 12th, 2011, around 12 noon, your son challenged one Emily Potter to a wizard's duel in the trophy room at midnight, a duel to which I was a witness, and your son was a no-show. As such, you have two legal options, you can comply with the demands in that file, or we go higher up and leave you with nothing by claiming all businesses, properties, titles and monetary value of your family, it's your choice sir." said Harry with a smirk.

Malfoy was going red with rage, he opened the file again to try and find a way to get the minister to overturn it, until he saw the I.C.W. stamp on the final page, causing his rage to skyrocket.

'I have no choice, I lost my connections in the I.C.W. when our family's french branch was wiped out." thought Lucious.

"Very well Potter, you will have your demands by the end of the holiday." growled Lucious as he stormed out, followed by a furious Draco.

"I'll get you for this, Potter, this isn't over." sneered Draco, causing Lucious to smirk, as it showed Draco would never allow a disgusting half-blood to think he could talk down to a pureblood.

As Draco was about to exit the great hall, Harry hit him with a parting shot that made both him and Lucious freeze.

"I'm sure the french branch of your family and the Goyle's said the same thing to their victims, and look what happened to them." said Harry, who added a bit of a dark tone to his voice.

It worked perfectly as both Malfoy's quickened their pace to get the hell out of there.

Harry just laughed, this day was turning out to be a good one. Harry went back to his table and sat down to continue eating. It was a couple minutes later when a snowy owl flew down towards him and dropped a letter in front of him. Not seeing anything wrong, he opened the letter and paused. In all honesty, he was expecting something from them, he was just surprised it took this long.


We would just like you to know that we are inviting you to spend Christmas with us as a way to get to know you, we would understand if you refused, Merlin knows we would deserve it. Harry, I know that we're mostly on civil terms right now, but we would really like to get to know you, please, our family quarters for the school year is near the Gryffindor tower if you're interested.

Your sister (I hope)

Emily Potter

Harry sighed after reading the letter. Despite being around Emily when he hung out with Hermione, he was still cautious about letting his birth family in.

'Oh what the hell, in for a knut, in for a galleon.' thought Harry.

Potter Quarters, December 25th, 2011

James, Lily and Emily were up and about, getting ready to enjoy the holiday when they heard a knock on the door. Going to the door and opening it, they saw Harry on the other side, which brought a relief to the three Potter's, as they didn't get a reply and were worried he would outright refuse their invitation.

"Hey Harry, we're glad you came." said Emily.

"Well, I'm still sceptical, but, this will beat spending the yule holidays alone." said Harry with the slightest of smiles.

After everyone took a seat in the main area in front of the fire, there was a tense silence for a few minutes, before it was broken by Emily.

"So Harry, I don't think I ever really thanked you for that troll fiasco, I don't even want to think about what would've happened if you didn't show up." said Emily.

"Don't worry about it Emily, though, I'm kinda pissed at myself, if I knew that Tarvos would've managed to get into the school, and I get the funny feeling that whoever let him in knew he would be gunning for me, I would've killed him in our duel months ago." said Harry.

Hearing this caused James and Lily's eyes to widen, they found it odd that Harry knew the troll by name when he was in the hospital wing, but this explained a lot.

"WHAT?!" yelled Lily, causing Harry to flinch.

"Uh, I said too much, didn't I?" asked Harry.

Emily nodded nervously, she knew of her mothers legendary temper, and even she knew that when Harry mentioned a duel with a troll, it might not end well.

"Let me get this straight, you knew that troll by name, because you had dueled him months ago, HOW THEN FUCK DID YOU SURVIVE THAT?!" shouted James.

"Uh, sheer dumb luck?" questioned Harry.

The look that Lily was giving him told him that she wasn't buying it.

"Guys, look, I know you're trying, but going through what I did at the Dursley's and not hearing from my own parents for 10 years, it doesn't go away that fast, there are things about me that you don't know, and that I'm not ready to share with you yet." said Harry.

"You mean like being able to talk to dragons, phoenix's and cerberus?" asked Emily.

James and Lily looked towards Emily in shock and concern, they knew about Harry being able to talk to dragons and phoenixes, due to paying attention to those facts in the great hall, but they were wondering where the cerberus came in.

"Emily, sweetheart, where did you see a cerberus?" asked James.

"Um…. me and Harry might have ended up on the third floor in early september after Malfoy ended up being a wimp and chickening out of a duel he called." said Emily.

While James and Lily were concerned about this fact, they were prevented from commenting by Harry.

"Don't worry, thanks to some friends and lawyers that Steve has, the Malfoy's will be down by half their wealth due to a breach of contract, Draco called the duel, and never showed, that has cost him big time." said Harry with a smirk.

James had the same smirk while Lily was trying and failing to hide her own smile. While it would be a while before Harry thought about returning to the Potter's permanently, seeing the looks on James and Lily's faces made him realize that he was more like them than he thought, from the mischievous look on James, to the 'Payback is a bitch' look on Lily.

"Well Harry, I realize that there will be things you're not ready to tell us, but, what can you tell us about your time before Hogwarts?" asked Lily.

Harry gave a light smile and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his legs and folding his hands.

"How long have ya got?" smiled Harry.

"As long as you're willing to give." said James.

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