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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

It was three days later when Harry finally regained consciousness, waking up in the Hogwarts hospital wing. 'Damn, that troll club hurt, at least when I faced other rouge creatures they tried to kill me quickly, but that troll seemed to really hate me, wonder why?.' thought Harry as he slowly sat up. Harry looked to his right and saw the professor's, Emily, Hermione, James and Lily standing there talking. Harry decided to stay quiet to hear what was said.


"I honestly don't know, Lily, I will have to look into it." said Dumbledore. In truth, Dumbledore knew that Quirrell let the troll in and wanted to use it as a test for Emily, but of course, Harry had to get in the way. Dumbledore was really starting to hate that boy.

"Do you really think we trust your word at this point, we lost Harry once and we damned near lost him again…. Speaking of which, Poppy, do you know how he survived getting hit by the troll club, he shouldn't have been alive, let alone able to walk?" asked James, while they may only be on civil terms with Harry at present, the Potter's still didn't want to lose him so soon after finding him again.

"I can honestly say I have no idea, my best guess is a strong case of accidental magic created a defensive shield around him that absorbed most of the impact." said Poppy. Poppy Pomfrey was the school mediwitch. She may be kind hearted, but if you asked anyone who knew her, she could be a real hardass when it came to the students health.

Harry smirked at hearing this. 'Well, looks like my idea of withholding most of my abilities till at least next year is still in play.' thought Harry. Harry could see that Dumbledore was trying to weasel his way out of explaining the details of how he would investigate the troll incident, but Harry didn't really care about that, what he was worried about was if he'd still be able to play quidditch later that weekend, Ravenclaws were scheduled to play Hufflepuff the day after the Gryffindor/Slytherin match.

"Hey, could I get a drink and something to eat, I'm starving." said Harry, revealing he was in fact awake. It wasn't a lie either, he was absolutely famished, taking down a rogue mountain troll is never easy, even if it was a simple blasting hex over the edge.

"Mr. Potter, you're awake already? Wow, we didn't think you would recover that fast." said Poppy as she summoned a house elf to get Harry something to eat.

"I heal fast, but please tell me that I'm not gonna miss quidditch this weekend, I don't want to let the team down." said Harry with a bit of smart-assery, though he was serious about not wanting to miss quidditch. A tray of food appeared on the table next to Harry and he started to eagerly devour it's contents.

"Fortunately, Mr. Potter, you will be able to leave tonight and will not miss the quidditch match, I'll never understand how the Potter's can end up in the hospital wing with injuries like yours, and still only care about missing a quidditch game." said Pomfrey. About 30 seconds later, a house elf popped into the room next to Flitwick.

"Professor, Mr. Feros is here as requested, shall I bring him up?" asked the elf.

"Yes, please bring him here, I'm sure he is worried about Mr. Potter's well being, the letter I sent might have made his injuries sound more severe than they were." said Filius. Dumbledore had tried to persuade (overrule) Flitwick before he wrote the letter, he didn't want Harry's injuries to be well known outside of the school, if they did, people might soon ask questions about his competency, it didn't help that Dumbledore had got rid of certain courses that would make students more self-reliant and worship him less over his tenure as headmaster. The elf popped away to bring Steve up, but Harry had a look that said this was going to be a long day.

"Professor, please tell me you didn't write to Steve about the whole troll incident?" asked Harry.

"Unfortunately Mr. Potter, as Mr. Feros is your legal guardian, I had to inform him of your injuries, I don't see why you would be concerned though, as it seemed to me that you two had a sort of brotherly bond between each other." said Filius.

"It's not him I'm worried about, it's the dragons when I get home this summer that I'm worried about, Steve reads all letters concerning me to them, I'm so dead when I get home." said Harry, slamming his head on the now empty tray.

This reaction confused everyone in the hospital wing and each one had the same thought. 'Why does he sound like he's going home to an extremely worried and pissed girlfriend?'

Suddenly, the doors to the hospital wing burst open, as Steve entered the room. "I just can't leave you alone, can I?" asked Steve as he walked up to Harry's bed. While Steve sounded serious, you could tell by his smirk that he wasn't at all pissed. In fact, Steve was actually impressed that Harry took down a rogue troll. The main difference between a troll in a clan and a rogue, was that rogue trolls fought dirty and had absolutely no honor. Harry already knew the difference, having to duel a troll in a local clan in wales in march before he got his hogwarts letter.

"By the way Mr. Potter, I noticed the symbol of a troll chief family on your right shoulder blade, it looks like it was branded, but it wasn't, would you mind explaining how you came to have it?" asked Poppy. Everyone in the room, except Steve, was also curious, Dumbledore more so.

"Oh that, me and Steve were in Wales earlier in the year and we helped out a troll clan, I gained the mark as I was welcomed as a honorary clan member." said Harry, using his occlumency shields to prevent a blush, as his story was only half true, but brought up a decent memory.

However, the trip to Wales also resulted in the first 'official' new addition to his 'little group' as Dathin put it, and Harry cursed the fact that Steve went and blabbed to the entire reserve, which was a deciding factor in his farewell prank.


March 15th, 2011

Gwydir Forest

Harry and Steve had just arrived in Wales to visit a local troll clan, their chief, Lakjin, wished to speak with Steve on an important matter involving rumors of a violent banshee in the area. Steve had mentioned to Harry before their arrival that while banshee's are local to Ireland, and were known for a frightening cry associated with a person dying, they were mostly peaceful creatures, and their cry was more of a symbol of remembrance for those that passed. It was the no-maj population and their fear of the unknown that started the stories of a banshee's cry being fatal.

"So, the way you described how Banshee's are mostly peaceful creatures, I'm guessing it'll be some kind of anti-creature group trying to destroy their rep, and they'll either surrender, or end up dead…. Am I close?" asked Harry.

"Pretty much, I just hope they're more of a challenge than those idiot Malfoy's last year, damn, there was 13 of them vs one of me, and they still lost, fucking inbred purebloods, and they say first gen's are weak." said Steve.

When they were a few minutes out from the border to the trolls territory, Harry decided to ask something that had been on his mind since last year. "Hey Steve, how did you get the name 'Devastator', I mean, I got a clue about it at the fortress, but, what's the real story?" asked Harry.

Steve started chuckling at the memory, even though he hadn't thought about it in years. "It was a month after I had joined the I.W.C.O., we were tracking a wannabe dark lord and eventually cornered him and his followers in Greece, he was hiding in the labyrinth of the minotaur, I was voluntold to track the wannabe while the others took out his followers. I found him after a 20 minute search, he had found where the minotaur colony in the labyrinth was, and was about to rape a young female, no older than you are now, he'd used a strong incarcerous jinx to bind the rest of the colony, and was going to have the kids parents watch." said Steve, it was his first mission, and it was true what they say, the first time you kill in the heat of battle will always remain with you, you just have to find balance in order to deal with the weight of it all.

Steve had said the same thing to Harry after what happened in France, telling him that even though Harry had killed those wizards, he did it to protect both him, and the victims in the room.

"When I witnessed this, all I saw was red, ironic considering where I was. I hit the bastard in the back with a reducto, sending him into the opposite wall. I brought the young one back to her parents and freed the minotaurs, then told her parents to cover her eyes. I turned back to the wannabe as he was getting back up. I saw the light of a killing curse on his wand, and I wasn't about to give him the chance to cast it and hit him with an overpowered blasting curse. When the rest of the team found me, I was covered in the guys blood, and most of him was splattered on the wall, that's how I got the name, by leaving very little of that bastard left." said Steve.

"Oh, cool... Hey, looks like we've arrived." said Harry. Steve and Harry had arrived at a clearing in the forest filled with different and well built homes made of stone and leaves for the roofs. Some of the homes looked like they were built for a single occupant, while others appeared built for families.

Harry immediately noticed a major difference between the male and female trolls. The males looked to be rather bulky with large feet and grey skin with slightly extended ears (for better reference, see film version of the troll). The females, however, made Harry's jaw drop. Female trolls appeared as 9'-10' tall, grey skinned, muscular women, each with long, flowing green hair.

One female troll was walking towards Harry and Steve, drawing the eyes of many of the males nearby, Harry realized very quickly that this female was possibly the most desirable of this village, with d-cup breasts and, in Harry's opinion, amazing hips that no doubt led to a perfect ass, she was wearing white fur bra-like covering over her chest and the classic loin-cloth that all trolls, male and female wear. 'Wait, what the hell am I thinking… fucking wizard puberty.' thought Harry, cursing the fact that the magic of wizards and witches cause them to hit puberty around the year when they start their magical education. Harry shook all the impure thoughts from his head, with great difficulty.

"Vriska, my, you've grown into a very beautiful woman since I was last here…. How's your father doing?" asked Steve. Unlike rouge trolls, or any rouge creatures for that matter, trolls in clans were more intelligent and could both speak and understand human English.

"He is well Mr. Feros, I must say it is great to see you again, though I wish your visit was under better circumstances." said Vriska.

"I know what ya mean, anyway, we're here to deal with the problem." said Steve. Vriska looked a little confused as she looked at Harry, seeing as it was his first time in this village.

"Are you sure it was wise to bring the young one with you, banshee or not, this mission will be dangerous." said Vriska. Steve and Harry looked to each other before they burst out laughing.

"Remind me to tell you and your father about the time I scared the shit out of a dementor." said Harry. Vriska raised an eyebrow in shock, but nodded and gestured to Steve and Harry to follow her to her father's hut. While walking, Harry found it very difficult not to watch Vriska's hips swaying almost hypnotically. 'Damn it, stop looking, why do the females of each species have to be so attractive.' thought Harry.

Upon entering the hut, Steve and Harry saw Lakjin and his wife/mate, Veera, sitting on throne-like chairs, showing their status as the tribal leaders. "Ah, Devastator, it's good to see you again, but, as I'm sure Vriska has said, I wish it was under better circumstances." said Lakjin.

"Agreed, Chief Lakjin, however, between me and Harry here, we'll have this solved by nightfall." said Steve, gesturing to Harry.

"Are you sure it is wise to bring a youngling on a mission like this Mr. Feros, it is possible that this task will be extremely hazardous." said Veera.

"With all do respect my lady, I've been through a lot with Steve, I scared the dementor's of Azkaban, I killed for the first time last year to protect the innocent, and 2 years ago, by pure luck, we found a way to permanently help werewolves around the world, except here, but, you know how these ministry idiots are in britain." said Harry in perfect (as usual) trollish, shocking Lakjin and his wife and daughter, just as another, male troll walked in and stood next to Vriska. However, when Harry looked towards the new arrival, he scowled. His inherent creature abilities and instincts were screaming 'Don't trust this guy'.

Steve chuckled at Lakjin and his family's reaction. "Yeah, he has that effect on people, by the way, your daughter's betrothed is here now." said Steve, snapping everyone out of their shock.

"My apologies, the fact that your young ward could speak our language was a shock… Tarvos, what news?" asked Lakjin.

"I haven't found any evidence of the Banshee since I approached local wizards to hunt down and eliminate it." said Tarvos. However, Tarvos sounded a little to smug in Harry's opinion, which only increased his suspicions. Unknown to Harry, Steve also grew suspicious.

"I see, well, it appears I have called you here for nothing Devastator, I once again apologize, but it is a shame that an innocent Banshee had to be slain for something that was most likely not its fault, you may both leave now, and I thank you for your time." said Lakjin. Steve and Harry bowed at the waist to Lakjin and his wife and left the hut.

After Steve and Harry had crossed the border of the trolls territory, Harry stopped suddenly for 2 reasons, one was the feeling he got from Tarvos, and the second was a small faint light not far from him and Steve.

Steve noticed Harry stop and turned to him. "What's up, Harry?" asked Steve.

"You may think I'm crazy, but I got a really bad feeling from that Tarvos guy, and from what I saw on the way here, this forest is restricted and only those of the I.C.W. can enter, except me, cause you're my guardian and I'm the 'Designated Translator', so, if I'm right, there shouldn't be a stationary light over there." said Harry, pointing towards said light.

Steve walked over and placed a hand on Harry's shoulder. "You're not crazy Harry, your instincts have always been spot on, and I agree with you about Tarvos, I knew him when he was younger and he always hated wizards, suddenly interacting with them, and saying he dealt with the banshee problem not long after WE arrived, something is definitely up, that light could be a clue, let's go." said Steve as he and Harry started making their way towards the light (No pun intended).

Arriving in the area with the light, Steve and Harry saw a group of about 30 wizards around a small fire. These wizards were wearing long dark robes, with the Goyle family crest on them.

One of the wizards was fiddling with a rock in his hand, before throwing it, full force into the fire. "Damn it, when the fuck are we gonna make our move, the longer we wait, the more likely the I.C.W. is gonna know we faked the banshee wail to distract them." said the wizard.

"Shut it, Tony, we're all pissed, we had the largest half-breed and filthy beast extermination business for centuries, creating spells and testing them on different beasts, we were the best supplier for the department for regulation and control of magical creatures, until the I.C.W. discovered we kidnapped and killed the young of those abominations to create the spells 15 years ago." said another of the wizards.

The more Harry and Steve listened to these bastards, the more furious they became. Steve began discreetly placing anti-prtkey and anti-apparition wards so these assholes couldn't escape, while Harry's eyes became dragonic, and filled with an unrivaled fury only seen in a father dragon protecting his family. However, it was what the next wizard said that would start the shitstorm and leave only one of these wizards alive.

"Hey, don't sweat it guys, once we're back on top, and my son is safe at Hogwarts, I'll go to the I.C.W. business office, and imperious the head honcho there, once that's done, he will 'willingly' sign a document of extermination for all protected areas, bar this troll tribe of course, per our deal with the future chief, and I've already decided on the first place we'll hit, the romainian dragon reserve where that canadian mudblood works, he has stopped to many operations of 'legitimate and law abiding' purebloods, something Fudge has always agreed with." said the wizard, now identified as the leader. The leader, Goyle sr., had heard about what happened to 'The Veela's Bane' last year, and remembered that the entire group was an espionage group for the dark lord during the war, which dropped their number to thirteen.

Now Harry was pissed after hearing this, not only were these guys committing genocide in the form of a 'legitimate' buisness, they were planning to kill those that he cared about, both Steve and the dragons. A ball of dragonfire appeared in Harry's hand and he threw it at the nearest wizard (Tony). 'I'll have to thank Fleur for teaching me how to do that this year.' thought Harry.

Tony let out an agonizing scream, getting the attention of the remaining members, who were shocked to see the man engulfed in flames, and even a simple Aguamenti didn't help.

After a few more seconds of agony, Tony fell lifelessly to the floor. "What the fuck just happened, who's out there?" asked the leader.

Steve and Harry slowly walked out of the forest, and the shadows over the front of their bodies caused by the small fire made them look badass. "Somebody call us?" asked Steve as he fired a blasting curse into five of the wizards that were grouped together, killing them.

Harry ran at another, dodging to the right of a cutting curse sent his way, but managed to knick his left arm slightly, causing a bit of blood to flow down his arm. Harry reached the guy and delivered a punch to his head with every bit of the troll strength he could use without exhausting himself, which was still quite strong, audibly snapping the guy's neck, killing him.

Harry was still a little apprehensive about killing his enemy, but after his talk with Steve after the France incident, he remembered a motto that Steve lived by, 'The bastard you kill today, can never hurt the innocent tomorrow.', it was the motto of the I.W.C.O., who were the closest thing to a military the magical world had.

Harry just managed to duck under an organ liquifying curse sent at him by another guy and ran towards him, this time adding a little dragonfire to his fist, punching the thug in the chest while setting him alight.

Five more thugs started running towards Harry as he geared up for a mass fight. While this was going on, Steve was launching cutting curses, blasting curses and any other curse he could think of at the guys he was fighting, he wasn't afraid to use the killing curse, as he was authorized to use it, but he mostly only used it if his opponent used it first (Unless they pissed him off or backed him into a corner).

Harry had managed to break the legs of two of his opponents before launching fire at them, killing them, before he was hit by a piercing hex in the back of his right shoulder and fell to the ground. One assailant was walking towards Harry with the killing curse on the tip of his wand, however, Harry's eyes had suddenly changed color to sickly yellow and serpent like.

Harry turned towards his opponent with anger written on his face, and the guy tensed up before collapsing dead almost instantly, followed closely by the final 2 of his opponents after they looked him in the eye.

'Oops, not exactly the eyes I wanted to use, I wanted to go dementor, mind you, I haven't really practiced controlling the more deadly beast powers, something I'll work on in my spare time during the summer.' thought Harry as he got up and 'powered down' so to speak.

Harry then looked to his shoulder and left arm, inspecting his injuries, while Steve was farther away, but with less multicolored lights flying around, he knew Steve was winning. 'Damn, I was more focused on the fire of my dragon abilities than the magic resistant skin, can't worry about that now, gotta get back to Steve.' thought Harry as he headed in the direction of the rest of the fight.

Steve, meanwhile, was now down to his last four opponents, the combatants surrounded by corpses with slit throats, holes in their chests, and the occasional missing head. Steve himself had a few cuts and burns over his body, but nothing a medic would kill him for… yet. Steve tried to stop one of the fighters who started running for his life, but his four current opponents prevented that and the escapee managed to get past the boundary of the wards and portkey out.

Steve finally had enough of his four opponents and conjured a fire whip and first sent it towards the guy on the far left, piercing him through the heart and right out his back. Steve then pulled the whip out of the first guy, and used the momentum to sever the head from the guy on the far right, continuing through the cut the third from the head down. Steve then turned to the last guy and pointed his wand at him, deciding to use a spell he created by mixing the arithmancy formula of two spells he learned in italy.

"SAGITTA TEMPESTAS (arrow storm)" yelled Steve, causing a large amount of arrows to shoot from his wand covered in lightning, which struck his final opponent, ending his life.

Harry soon came into Steve's view and he chuckled. "Damn Harry, I know this was your first real fight, but you look like shit, kid." said Steve.

Harry chuckled sarcastically at Steve, he knew he looked a little disheveled with a few cuts, but he looked better than Steve.

"Well, at least I don't look like I went and pissed off a chimera… again." snarked Harry.

Steve chuckled and began walking with Harry back to the troll tribe, but having silently agreed before the fight that they had to tell Lakjin about the traitor.

"You just had to bring that up, didn't ya, it wasn't MY fault that the damn thing ended up in the path of a stinging hex, I was aiming at you for swiping my wand again and turning my clothes into a chicken suit with a sign that said 'FREE MEAL', and we were in the middle of hydra territory ya little shit." said Steve.

Both Harry and Steve knew the situation was serious, but their brotherly banter was their way of coping with the situation before things got rough, and with the fact that after Goyle sr. (the one that escaped) said 'future chief', they knew that this would not be easy.

It took roughly 10 minutes to arrive back at the village, they would've been there sooner, but both were a little tuckered out from the fight. Steve quickly cast the few healing charms that he knew on both him and Harry, before they began walking to the chief's hut.

Two guard trolls noticed them, but were confused as to the state they were in as they were just in the village not 1 hour ago. Steve looked to the two guards, then to Harry. "Kid, you take this one, I'm exhausted, and I don't trust myself not to kill the bastard when I see him." whispered Steve.

Harry nodded then turned to the guards. "I request an immediate audience with chief Lakjin, it is a matter of the utmost importance and will prevent the eradication of this village." said Harry.

The guards were shocked, not having heard Harry speak troll before. The one on the left nodded and gestured for Harry to follow him.

Upon entering the tent, Lakjin, Veera, Vriska and Tarvos looked towards him, with Tarvos also giving Harry a not-so-subtle glare.

"Chief Lakjin, chieftess Veera, I've returned bringing grave news, you have a traitor in this village." said Harry. Lakjin, Veera and Vriska's eyes widened, while Tarvos looked slightly worried.

"That is a serious accusation young one, we will need hard, concrete proof of this claim." said Veera.

"Me and Steve have spent quite some time fighting a group of 30 wizards camped not far from here, I managed to rip a crest off of one of their robes before I burnt the bastard." said Harry, taking the crest out of his pocket and handing it to Lakjin.

Lakjin looked at the crest and began feeling unrivaled rage burn in him. "I recognize this crest, I lost a brother when we were younglings to these bastards, they attempted a raid 15 years ago on my village, many fell by my club before they fled." growled Lakjin, the rage and sadness he felt visible in his eyes as his wife comforted him.

"You're not seriously going to listen to this boy are you, the Goyles are true examples of trustworthy wizards." said Tarvos, proving to Harry that another unspoken theory of his was correct.

'This guy's a fucking idiot, I didn't even give them the family name of these wizards yet, and something tells me no one here ever knew it.' thought Harry.

"Tarvos, if Devastator trusts this boy, then I will trust him as well... However…" said Lakjin as he stood up and turned to face Tarvos with a critical look. "I would like to know HOW you knew the familial name of these wizards, when even I didn't know." said Lakjin.

Tarvos, realizing that he was now exposed, drew his club from the holster on his back and instead of aiming for Lakjin, he aimed for Vriska. Harry, upon seeing this, ran towards Vriska, used a small amount of his increased strength to push her out of the way, and intercepted the club. However, between the exhaustion from the previous fight, and not being used to fighting a troll, the strike made Harry drop to one knee.

After about five seconds of struggling, paired with Tarvos' shock that Harry stopped his strike, Harry gained enough strength back in his legs to be able to throw the club, attached to Tarvos, out of the entrance to the chief's hut.

Seeing Tarvos bounce along the ground for about three seconds caused all nearby trolls to stop what they were doing and look towards him as Harry came out of the hut.

With Harry's body and mind mostly exhausted, the troll magic and instincts in him were basically putting his body on autopilot. "Tarvos, you have committed the worst crime against your tribe, TREASON, and as the one who discovered your treachery, I claim the right to a duel of honor on behalf of the chief and his family." said Harry.

As soon as Harry said this, the nearby trolls gained shocked looks, and a strange, invisible barrier surrounded him and Tarvos. Tarvos, blinded with rage that this human ruined his plan, charged at Harry full force. Harry dodged left, narrowly avoiding Tarvos' strike and sending a punch to his side, causing a broken rib and, what would later be a nasty bruise.

Tarvos swung his club again, getting a lucky shot on Harry, luckily, Harry was unconsciously using his 'dragon hide' ability when he was hit, so at worst, he would only have a very nasty bruise and slightly cracked rib.

The two fought for roughly 5 minutes, Harry looking like he just went through a fight with Donnie Yen, and Tarvos looked much worse, looking like he got his ass kicked by Terminator, Predator and Heracles combined.

Harry had some bruises and a couple small cuts, thanks to his abilities, but Tarvos had a broken left arm, broken right leg and three broken ribs. Harry's troll instincts, which were now in overdrive as he was getting tired, and magically exhausting himself, were telling him that humiliation was more fitting than death for Tarvos.

Harry started charging at Tarvos, but instead of aiming for his head, like Tarvos expected, Harry slid low to the ground, and using all the strength he had left, delivered a 'life altering' punch right between Tarvos' legs.

Tarvos yelled out in unmeasurable agony as he fell to his knees, clutching his now non-existent nuts. "Damn, that's gotta hurt, glad I'm not fighting that kid." whispered one of the bystanding trolls.

Lakjin, realizing the fight was won, looked to the gathered trolls. "The honor duel is concluded, the victor is the youngling…" said Lakjin before looking at Harry. Harry, after regaining some of his awareness, knew what Lakjin was asking with his look.

"Harry Potter." said Harry.

"Harry Potter, and as the victory was through humiliation and ending Tarvos' bloodline… quite obviously, instead of death, Tarvos is hereby banished and stripped of all rights and properties… take him to a secluded part of the forest as far from here as possible." said Lakjin. The gathered trolls cheered as two guards grabbed Tarvos and dragged him off. As they did, the clan markings on Tarvos' body began slowly fading away, showing he was no longer a claned troll.

Harry stood in front of Lakjin and his family, before bowing at the waist. Steve, however, was trying (and failing) to hold in his laughter, because, while he may not have understood the troll's language, he understood that Harry just fought in an honor duel and won. 'Oh man Harry, you have no idea what you've gained kid, oh Merlin, I can't wait to tell the guys at the reserve.' thought Steve.

"Chief Lakjin, I apologize for calling a honor duel on your family's behalf, I was tired and my internal troll instincts just acted, I am willing to accept any punishment you deem fit." said Harry. Lakjin looked at Harry for a moment, before he started chuckling, before it turned into full blown laughter, joined by the light laughter of his wife and daughter.

"There is no need to apologize, young Harry, Lakjin has been tired of fighting for years and wants to start approaching wizards for more rights, the last thing he would want to do is fight and possibly kill someone he once trusted, no matter how vile the treachery." said Veera as she looked towards Lakjin. However, when Veera looked towards her daughter, both smirked.

"It's true, Harry, there has been a divide between creatures and the wizarding world for too long, but with what happened today, I'd say we're closer to closing the divide than ever." said Lakjin as he to smirked at the situation, which seemed to be going over Harry's head.

"What do you mean, chief Lakjin?" asked Harry, who was confused when Lakjin began laughing again.

"Please Harry, call me Lakjin, after all, with you being the victor of the honor duel, you get everything Tarvos once owned or was promised, and I do mean EVERYTHING." said Lakjin.

Harry gave Lakjin a look saying he was more confused, before he felt a slight burning on his right shoulder blade. Reaching down the back of his shirt, he felt a slightly raised pattern on his shoulder blade in the shape of the same symbol on Lakjin's vest, which was a golden oak tree. Steve, at this point, was red in the face from continuing his futile effort to hold his laughter.

After feeling the mark, Harry looked to Lakjin in shock, before Lakjin just rolled his eyes and looked towards Vriska. "Sweety, I think it would be best if YOU explain it to him." Lakjin said in english.

Vriska smirked deviously, before walking towards Harry and lifting him up to her face. Vriska then kissed Harry full on the lips, shocking him. Steve couldn't hold it in any longer and was now rolling on the floor laughing.

When Vriska ended the kiss, she set Harry back down. Harry's eyes were still wide with shock at what happened. "I must say, you will definitely be a better choice than Tarvos, and since father's family magic saw fit to give you the family mark, our betrothal is permanent, and I will admit…" said Vriska as she leaned down and kissed Harry's cheek. "...I look forward to the day we can 'seal the deal', as you humans say." said Vriska as she walked away, adding more of a sway to her hips than necessary

Before Harry could even register what he was saying, as he was focused on Vriska's ass, he said six words that would help remember this moment, one of the greatest memories in his life and definitely help power a patronus.

"I think I'm gonna enjoy this." said Harry. Inside Harry's mind however, Harry's mindscape self was banging his head off a stone wall, saying the one thing his physical body would suffer back in Romania. "I'll never hear the end of this from Steve."

Flashback End (Damn that was a long one)

When Harry finished remembering that day, his eyes suddenly narrowed. "I thought I recognized that overstuffed, pea brained, eggshell-headed asshole." said Harry, causing all the professors, Emily and Hermione to look at him in shock for cursing.

"Language, Mr. Potter." said McGonagall, who looked appalled that an 11 year old could curse like that so casually.

"English." said Harry, not able to help himself, causing Steve to laugh. "Steve, that troll that got in, I recognized him now… it was Tarvos." said Harry with narrowed eyes.

"Tarvos? How's that possible, from what I've heard, he was dumped in a forest of the coast of Wales… before I came in, I checked the cavern below the viaduct, he was definitely dead, big rock stalagmite through his chest from the fall so I banished the body, but, how the hell did he get here?" Steve asked rhetorically.

"I don't know, walked?" asked Harry, smirking as Steve rolled his eyes.

"Smartass, still, guess I'll have to tell Lakjin that the traitor is dead now, killed by you Harry, that might score ya some extra points with a certain someone this summer." laughed Steve.

Harry glared at Steve before smirking mischievously and discreetly reached for his wand on the table while Steve was laughing.

Steve eventually got control of himself and turned to Flitwick. "Thanks for telling me about the incident Professor, glad to see Harry's alright, anywho, take care of yourself Harry, and be prepared for a real mouthful from the dragons when you get back." said Steve. Harry narrowed his eyes at Steve.

Harry was debating on a prank or not, but knowing that Steve would tell Dathin, Airlentor, Fredha and Sissilth, all guilt went out the window. Harry lightly waved his wand as Steve was about to leave the hospital wing, casting a 'drop portal' spell that a monk in tibet taught him. Harry only used the spell every so-often, because it was really draining until you mastered it, Harry however, mastered it enough to prank Steve and send him back to Romania the 'quick' way. Harry had another reserve worker help him tweak the spell for pranking, so Harry's version only activated when you looked down. And Harry had set the destination right into the water on the women's side of the natural hot spring the workers used at the end of their shift.

"Hey Steve…" called Harry, causing Steve to turn and look at him. "Thanks for 'dropping' by." said Harry.

"Dropping?" asked Steve.

"Bye." said Harry as he pointed down. Steve looked down and instantly recognized the location through the portal then glared at Harry as he fell through. Two things happened right before the spell ended, everyone heard a splash followed by the shocked screams of multiple women, followed by cursing.

The second thing they heard caused Harry to almost pass out from laughing.

"WHEN YOU GET BACK HERE I'M GONNA GET YOU FOR THIS YOU LITTLE SH-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH." Yelled Steve before he started screaming like a girl, everyone knowing that he was likely getting hexed.

Everyone looked back to Harry, James barely holding his laughter, while Emily and Hermione were supporting each other as they were laughing so hard. The other professors, bar Snape and Dumbledore also found it quite humorous. Snape was looking at Harry with unbridled hatred in his eyes. Dumbledore, however, was giving Harry a critical look.

'This isn't possible, I made sure no student could learn spells like that, I personally destroyed all those books full of disgusting foreign spells because of how dark they were, if word of that spell gets out, it would be disastrous for my image as the most powerful wizard and second coming of Merlin, I'll have to put more of the Hogwarts tomes in the restricted section to prevent anymore 'dark' magic from corrupting our students and make sure none of those spell books escaped me.' thought Dumbledore, who was glaring hatefully at Harry, though only Snape noticed as everyone was laughing.

Time skip

It was the day of the Gryffindor/Slytherin quidditch match and Emily was sitting next to Hermione, happily talking about how excited Emily was. Emily was also eagerly awaiting a package that would arrive that morning, her parents said that it was a gift for her game.

Owls started flying into the great hall carrying the mail, newspapers, letters and one group of owls carrying a long package. The owls dropped it in front of Emily, who looked to her parents and smiled. Ron Weasley was a few seats down from Emily, but no one paid him any mind, as he had lost his house 50 points for nearly causing Hermione's death when Emily informed McGonagall afterwards.

"Hey, Hermione, help me open this." said Emily as she and Hermione bagan opening the gift. Once they saw what was inside, Emily was overjoyed, Hermione was shocked, and Ron, after taking a quick glance, ended up spitting out his pumpkin juice on an unfortunate student sitting in front of him.

"What the fuck, how did you get a nimbus 2000?!" exclaimed Ron, causing everyone in the great hall to glare at him.

"This is amazing, Emily, you'll be a force to be reckoned with today now." said Hermione with a smile. Emily smiled at her friend, then looked to the Ravenclaw table and frowned, Harry wasn't in the great hall. James and Lily noticed this as well, they had got Harry something as well, thinking he didn't like quidditch so they got him a rare centaur-themed wizard chess set. They got it for him to try and show him they were truly sorry about what happened when they left him to Dumbledore.

Hermione noticed that Emily was upset that her brother wasn't in the great hall, so just placed her hand on Emily's shoulder in silent comfort before picking up the paper. Hermione looked amazed and let out a gasp, which got Emily's attention, causing her to look at the paper as well.

On the front page was a picture of a broom, but this broom looked more badass. It had a dragonhide grip, cushioning charms for rider comfort, foot pedestals so you don't get the drag from hanging feet, two thick attachments to each side that looked like wings, and there were pictures of four different head designs that affected the wing attachments. The four broom heads were a dragon, gryphon, pegasus and thestral.

New Broom Makes Waves Among Professional Quidditch!


Will Valorum

In an amazing move, Canadian broom company 'Boundless', has released, what they call, a revolutionary marvel in their newest 'Sky' series. The company has already been approached by many national teams for a chance to be the spokes team.

'Boundless' previous two broom series, the 'Quake' series and the 'Tsunami' series, had never got the chance to be worldwide releases, only being popular among the Canadian wizards. However, the new 'Sky' series has already had orders across the globe. The broom, named the 'Skystriker', is the first broom to be given a cushioning charm to allow comfort for the user, while not sacrificing speed and maneuverability, which many companies have previously attempted.

The 'Skystriker' itself has four different models and two different modes. We are not able to tell you the modes due to the company wanting people to discover for themselves, but we can tell you the types.

Dragon: the dragon model 'Skystriker' is built mainly for durability and power, made to stay steady no matter what you do. 'Boundless' has designated this model as 'A Keepers Perfect Broom'. Irish keeper, Darren O'Hare, one of the first outside Canada to receive this model, had this to say. 'Damn, if I had known that brooms from other countries could be this amazing, I would've burned my old broom and ordered an overseas one years ago.'

Thestral: the thestral model was made for speed and making risky maneuvers with less risk of injury. Designed mainly for the seeker position of quidditch, this model has already been sought after by many teams, both pro and amature. Viktor Krum, newest seeker for the Bulgarian national team, received this model as a signing bonus and had this to say. 'If I am honest, I never thought I would ever use any other broom other than a Bulgarian made one, but upon using the 'Skystriker' during practice, I cannot describe the feeling.'

Gryphon: designed to allow more use of the arms while in flight and made for the beater position. As of now, all gryphon brooms are currently being shipped and will be available starting January of next year.

Pegasus: designed to be maneuverable, balanced and to maintain the perfect speed for a chaser. Currently, the only team with these brooms are the chasers for the Holyhead Harpies. Public release of this broom will be late january-early february next year.

We hope that 'Boundless' will continue to produce these amazing brooms and will continue to bring news regarding this development.

(Outside the great hall, same time as Emily was getting her broom)

Two identical red-heads were wandering the hall just one floor up from the great hall, planning their next prank, while unknowingly being followed by a certain green eyed individual. Harry had discreetly placed a listening charm on them when he first got out of the hospital wing. He heard stories of these two in his dorm, and through his listening charm, discovered that these two wanted to open a joke shop and get away from their strict, by-the-book, overbearing and loud mother.

Harry smirked, with the wealth Harry currently had through investments around the world and work on the reserve, he could see a true benefit if he partnered with these two, especially since, like them, he wanted to run Zonko's out of business.

Harry had many prank product ideas himself, which were still in the embryonic stages, the only product he had finished so far, was the 'hair rainbow' potion he tested on Jean-Claude Delacour, however, he was close to finishing his 'Prank Brush', an idea he got from watching an old cartoon, it paints any kind of tunnel you want on a wall, and allows you to pass through, but your intended victim cannot.

Harry was missing a crucial component, however, which was a rune cluster that would coat the affected area in a cushioning charm to make the prank harmless to the victim (Harry had skills, but even HE couldn't do runes without learning first). The reason Harry hadn't been able to finish it yet, was because no one on the reserve, or who he had met so far, had knowledge of runes, thus couldn't help him study them. The unfinished product, however, was already picked up by about 3 countries (Canada (By Steve's recommendation), Russia and Greece) for their aurors and used for quick getaways for undercover agents.

Harry smirked as he started making his way to the twins and decided to introduce himself in a way that these two would understand. Casting a quick color changing charm at the two as he walked over, he smirked at his work.

"Uh, Gred, why is your hair blonde?" asked the twin on the left.

The twin on the right looked to his brother and raised an eyebrow. "Probably the same reason yours became plaid." said the twin.

Both twins looked at each other for about five seconds, before running to a nearby suit of armor and looking at their hair in shock. "Brother, me thinks someone is messing with us." said the Twin that Harry knew to be Fred. You see, try as you might, identical twins always have a very faint tell to determine who is who, and one of Harry's lessons on the reserve came from a former auror who worked there, who left the aurors for a quieter life (weird choice, right?). Fred was unnoticeably taller than George, you'd never tell with a quick glance.

"I agree brother, the question is, who would take such a big risk?" asked George. Harry was laughing quietly as he watched the Weasley twins as they racked their brains trying to figure it out. Harry decided to cut them some slack and walked out before leaning on the wall.

"Hello fellas, seems to me you've had a slight mishap with your hair products this morning." said Harry with a smirk. Both twins looked towards Harry in shock, seeing a first year leaning on the wall with a smug look confused them at first, before they realized that this firstie was likely the one who changed their hair color.

"Well, well, lookie here brother mine, it seems a ickle firstie has decided to challenge the best pranksters at Hogwarts since the marauders, and it's the brother of Emily Potter no less." said Fred.

"Indeed my less handsome twin, maybe we should teach him the error of his judgment." said George as both drew their wands and started making their way towards Harry.

Harry just smirked before he decided to head them off before a prank war destroyed the school.

"Aw, that's no way to treat a guy who has a business proposition for you two fine gentlemen." said Harry, eyes full of mischief. This caused the Weasley twins to stop their advance and glance at each other, before looking back at Harry in both shock, and suspicion.

"What proposition?" asked the twins in unison.

"Why, an investment partnership in any future business that you two had in mind, of course, I'm a bit of a prankster myself, as you've no doubt see my handiwork on a certain greased-up, low browed, stick-up-his-ass emo, otherwise known as Severus Snape?" asked Harry, who started smiling at the twins' look of shock.

"THAT WAS YOU!?" exclaimed George.

"Damn, we've been trying to prank him that bad for years, we thought it was James Potter who did that, to think that a green firstie could do that." said Fred. Fred and George huddle together to discuss Harry's offer.

After about 3 minutes, Fred and George turned back to Harry with grins on their faces. "What would be the terms of this 'partnership', Mr. Potter?" asked Fred.

"Nothing too much on your part, however, I would like to be a shareholding partner in any business you create, and credit for any products I create for you to sell, and, above all, the pranks must be available worldwide, not just Britain, is that acceptable?" asked Harry. Fred and George went back into their huddle to consider the terms of this deal.

Fred and George originally wanted their future business to be a Britain exclusive, however, as they thought about it, including a mail order for their products around the world would not only set them up for life, but would possibly make them a worldwide phenomena in prank products.

Once again turning back to Harry, both had wide smiles on their faces. "Mr. Potter, you've got yourself a deal." they said in unison. Harry smiled and shook both of their hands.

"Gentlemen, I believe this is the start of a beautiful friendship, now, let's head to the great hall, I'm starving." said Harry as he made his way to the great hall, the twins not far behind.

Great Hall (Shortly before Harry's arrival)

Many of the professors at the head table felt a cold chill down their spines and shuddered, none more so than Snape, whose shudder was more visible.

"Severus, my boy, whatever's the matter?" asked Albus. Albus had also felt the chill down his spine, but chalked it up to a draft.

"I don't know, but I have a strange sense of foreboding, and am predicting a lot of future headaches." said Snape. All the professors felt the same thing, but didn't know why. That feeling was confirmed when the great hall doors opened and Harry walked in with the Weasley twins.

The three spoke briefly, before shaking hands and going to their separate tables.

Every professor present only had one thought going through their minds when they saw this.

'Oh shit'

Harry got to the Ravenclaw table, and saw Emily admiring her Nimbus 2000, before a package was dropped in front of him. Seeing it was from the Potters, he decided to open it, and saw the centaur chess set that they got him. Harry looked to the Potter's and gave them a brief nod. While Harry wasn't willing to see them as family yet, he could tell they were sincere in trying to make amends. This was made obvious by the concern he heard in their voices when he woke up after kicking Tarvos' ass again, while getting his OWN ass handed to him.

Harry winced, remembering the pain when he got hit in the back. 'I may have healed, but shit, I'm gonna feel that for a while.' thought Harry.

After everyone, including Harry, had finished eating, the plates cleared and Dumbledore took his place at the podium.

"Alright everyone, if all who wish to watch the first quidditch match of the season will please begin making their way to the stadium, as for the teams, please make your way to your changing rooms, the match will begin in one hour." said Dumbledore as he and the professors started making their way out.

As the students made their way out, Harry walked over to Emily and Hermione. "Hey Emily, good luck today, and keep a close eye on the Slytherin team, I hear they play so dirty that they make cheaters and steroid users look law abiding." said Harry.

Emily nodded and smiled at her brother, Harry may not want to see her as a sister yet, but he seemed to be beginning to see her as a friend at least. Emily started making her way to the team locker room while Harry stopped Hermione for a moment. Harry looked at Hermione with a suave smile.

"Hermione, I'll be keeping an eye on the match, but I'm trusting you to keep a close eye on Emily, I have a gut feeling that something might go down, and as egotistical as it sounds, I'm rarely wrong, so just… keep your eyes peeled." said Harry.

Hermione nodded to Harry, being able to tell he was serious about this. "I will, Harry, and don't worry, nothing's gonna happen to her on my watch." said Hermione. Harry smiled in thanks before he and Hermione started making their way to the quidditch field, making a small detour to put his new chess set in his dorm.

1 hour later, Hogwarts quidditch field

Harry was sitting with the other Ravenclaws, waiting for the game to start. They didn't have to wait long, however, as a Gryffindor student named Lee Jordan, went to the announcers box. Harry looked around the field and saw Hermione in the Gryffindor section, but he felt sorry for her, as she was sitting next to the idiot Ron, who seemed to be trying (and failing miserably) to flirt with her.

'Three guesses that idiot is trying to get with her so he can make her do HIS homework, too bad his ego almost got her killed by a troll.' thought Harry.

Harry then noticed Hermione scratching her arm. He had seen her do that quite often in the classes he shared with her. When Harry asked, she said it was allergies, but with the haste she gave the answer, he could tell it wasn't true.

'She's definitely hiding something, I'll have to find out later.' thought Harry.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first quidditch game of the season, Gryffindor vs. Slytherin, the rivalry between these two houses is legendary, so this should be an interesting game." said Lee.

Harry saw Madame Hooch walk out to the field after the teams took to the air. Harry saw Emily among the other chasers and began looking around the field at the positions of the other players, just to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

Harry was brought out of his observations when he heard Lee. "The quaffle is released… and the game begins!" called Lee. The players were soon scrambling to get possession of the quaffle, while the two seekers were high above the game, searching for the snitch.

Emily was playing rather well, scoring 60 points in the span of three and a half minutes. The game started taking a turn however, when 2 things happened. Emily's broom started thrashing violently, and Marcus Flint, the Slytherin captain, stole a beater's bat and sent the bludger right at Oliver Wood, the captain and keeper of Gryffindor, striking him in the head and sending him to the ground.

Flint then decided to send another bludger at Emily, which narrowly missed her by an inch when her broom jerked to the right.

'Alright, that fucker's dead when this game is over.' thought Harry.

Harry suddenly heard a commotion coming from the teachers stand. Peering over, Harry saw Snape's cloak on fire, as well as Quirrell taking a full elbow to the face from Snape, knocking him out.

Harry couldn't help but laugh at the spectacle, and noticed Hermione wasn't in her seat. 'So, Hermione pulled that one, nice going.' thought Harry.

Harry went back to watching the game, with Emily having scored seven more goals. Harry noticed Flint yelling at one of his beater's, and using a technique that Steve taught him 5 years ago, Harry started focusing on that single conversation and began blocking out everything else, and what he heard, would bring an end to Flint line, and their place in the sacred 28 (Harry studied about all old british families).


The beater nodded and hit an incoming bludger towards Emily, who once again had the quaffle, however, the bludger hit the Slytherin seeker as he flew past chasing the snitch instead.

"Ouch, that's gotta hurt." said a Ravenclaw student named Cho, who was sitting next to Harry.

Harry chuckled. "Well, you know what the no-maj's say, karma's a bitch." said Harry, while in his head, he finished with, 'so is revenge'.

The Gryffindor seeker had caught the snitch soon afterwards, winning the game for Gryffindor.

"And Gryffindor Wins the Game 470-210… through sheer skill, and Slytherin Stupidity!" exclaimed Lee, only for a loud "JORDAN" to be heard from McGonagall almost immediately. While the crowd, except most of Slytherin, were cheering and the teams headed for their locker rooms, Harry got up and started heading for the Slytherin locker room himself.

"Hey Harry, where are you going?" asked a sixth year.

"I need to have a chat with someone about how to treat a woman…" said Harry before looking towards the Gryffindor's and seeing Ron being a little more sleazy in his flirting, trying to caress Hermione's arm, even after she pushed his arm away. "...it may be 2 people."

(10 minutes later, Slytherin Locker Room)

When Harry arrived, he saw the entire team, minus Flint, leaving, a few sporting bruises. 'So, not only is he a bastard, he beats his own team when they lose, well, at least now I feel like this will be more of a mercy for them.' thought Harry as he walked into the locker room.

When he entered, it looked like a warzone and Flint looked pissed.

"Fucking Useless, ALL OF THEM! If that damn seeker didn't get in the way that potter whore would be in the hospital, or better yet, dead, and we would still be undefeated." Flint said to himself.

Harry was feeling unbridled rage at this point, and decided to activate his dementor abilities making it extremely cold in the room, causing Flint to pause and look around in fear. Flint turned to the entrance, seeing a figure silhouetted by the sun.

"Who the fuck are you?" demanded Flint.

"Your Judgement!" said Harry. It came out in english, but sounded distant and echoey, and filled Flint with a fear he'd never experienced before.

"Y-you can't do anything, Dumbledore wouldn't allow it, and Snape will have your head firstie." said Flint, trying to sound confident by pointing out the figure was a first year.

Harry chuckled, but his dementor voice made it sound truly sinister. "You act like they will think a wizard harmed you, I know how Dumbledore works, and how Snape bails out all Slytherin's, but I'm not gonna use a wand on you, no, what I have in mind is worse." said Harry, walking towards Flint.

Harry roughly grabbed Flint by the front of his jersey, and Flint began feeling the effects as if he were facing a real dementor, and unknown to him, being in close proximity to Harry when these powers were activated in anger, had already sterilized him.

"You tried to hurt and/or kill Emily Potter, and my guess is Snape would try to undermine it as an accident, whereas if she only had minor injuries, Dumbledore would take points and assign you a detention, all the while preaching about second chances, I'm less merciful, and my abilities have already done their job, so…" said Harry before headbutting Flint so hard he was worried he gave the guy a concussion… almost.

"Good night." said Harry after reverting to normal and walking back to the castle.

(Later that night)

Dinner had just finished in the great hall, and the students were starting to make their way to their dorms. Harry was walking to his dorm with the other Ravens, when a loud, obnoxious, and frankly, in Harry's opinion, potter obsessed teacher stopped them.

"POTTER, what did you do to Flint!?" yelled Snape.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about inferno butt, the story going around Hogwarts right now is that he's in the hospital wing suffering the effects of dementor exposure, now, if you're claiming I can somehow mimic the effects of a dementor, you must really think us Potter's can do the impossible." said a smirking Harry.

Snape was fuming, the Potter brat had turned this interrogation around, not only would he have to admit he was wrong, which he hated, if he didn't, he would be saying he believed the Potter brat was powerful, but he was not going to let that inferno butt comment slide.

"100 points from Ravenclaw for that insult and 6 months detention with me, Potter!" yelled Snape.

"I think not, Severus." said a newly arrived Filius Flitwick. Flitwick had heard Snape yelling and went to investigate, he even sent a patronus message to McGonagall and Sprout, who were just arriving.

"Severus, are you harassing Mr. Potter again?" asked Minerva.

"I was just punishing him for what he did to Marcus Flint." said Severus, though he was now sweating at this point.

"Well, from what Poppy has said, he is suffering from dementor exposure, and unfortunately, it seems the Flint line will perish with him as a result, and I'm curious as to why you claim Mr. Potter is the only one who could commit this assault." said Professor Sprout.

"I did see the entire Slytherin quidditch team with bruises that they couldn't have got during the game, many looked like the result of strong stinging and bludgeoning hexes, I would check Flint's wand, maybe there was motive among the team." said Harry, who smirked, knowing that if this worked, Flint would be 'Up shit's creek without a paddle', as Steve loved to say.

"I will be doing just that, and Severus, consider yourself on probation, you will no longer be able to give points or detention until it is shown you will no longer be biased, and no longer single out Mr. Potter for crimes you believe happened, and should Mr. Flint's wand show any form of spells used to assault fellow students, then he will be removed from the quidditch team, and lose 50 points per student." said McGonagall as she, Sprout and Flitwick started making their way to the hospital wing.

"Well, if that's all Professor, we really must be heading back to the common room." said Harry as he and the Ravenclaws walked past Snape. Harry decided to really humiliate Snape, and boy would this one be truly funny and bring laughter throughout the school, as there were still students in the Hall.

"Y.M.C.A." whispered Harry as he walked past. Once again, music to said song started playing as Snape's clothing changed into tight pants with leather chaps, a motorcycle cop helmet, no shirt with a leather vest, and topping it off, a 'Porn Star' handlebar mustache.

As Snape started singing the ever popular song, face full of Rage, the entire staircase (Who saw him anyway), started laughing. As the Ravenclaw's started speed walking to their common room, to prevent themselves from feeling Snape's wrath as they were the closest, someone had already answered the riddle, so the entrance was open, Harry sat on the sofa by the fire and began thinking about the next day.

'If that memory doesn't prepare me for tomorrow's match, nothing will.' thought Harry.

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