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Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Dumbledore was panicking as he saw the articles in the paper, from what the article said, he was set to lose a third of his power base. Dumbledore winced as he looked down the table at James and Lily, James looked angry, but Lily 'the Dragon' Potter, looked downright pissed. The rest of the staff and students were shocked as well, they didn't know that this paper was stonewalled/banned by the minister previously. 'This isn't good, how could this have happened, my plan was perfect, it should've worked, but now I'm suspended as supreme mugwump, how will I salvage this?' thought Dumbledore.

Things weren't much better for certain people in the ministry either. Cornelius Fudge was incensed, he had paid a large sum of money to maintain control of what the prophet wrote, and had stonewalled attempts to bring the I.C.W. paper to britain, as it was a media he couldn't control. His undersecretary Delores Umbridge wasn't happy either. She had used the prophet many times to get rid of Cornelius' competition for minister, and convict innocent muggleborn for crimes committed by 'Upstanding Purebloods', if they ever found that out, she would be screwed.

Lucious Malfoy was beyond furious, he, like many other purebloods and 'former/imperioused death eater's' relied on Fudge and the prophet to get out of trouble. Sure they used money to bribe, but now one of their avenues of keeping a regal image was gone. 'I don't care what I have to do, the one who caused this WILL pay.' thought Lucious.

Harry smirked at Dumbledore's reaction, wishing he had a camera to record the hilarity. Suddenly, the great hall doors were thrust open and a man and four dragons entered. Harry smiled once again, even though the dragons had grown a bit, they still weren't full grown, and wouldn't be until at least his 3rd year. Snape stood, about to fire a spell at the man, before his clothes changed into a tight leotard and was frozen in a pirouette pose with pure rage in his eyes.

Dumbledore then stood before the students could laugh at Snape once again as the man resheathed his wand. "I am Albus Dumbledore, while we do accept visitors, I must ask who you are, and why you brought these dangerous creatures into the school?" asked Dumbledore. Before an answer could be given, Harry leapt from his seat and ran to the dragons, embracing them while they nuzzled him, shocking everyone once again.

"I am Harry's guardian, Steve Feros." said Steve. The students gasped and the professors looked on edge. Susan Bones activated a charm on a necklace she wore to contact her aunt in emergencies, while Susan didn't buy into the whole 'dangerous person' deal that the prophet spouted, it was better safe than sorry. "As for the four dragons, well, in a way, they are Harry's familiars." said Steve. 'Well, familiars in more than one way.' thought Steve.

Dumbledore was internally fuming, if Harry had dragon familiars, then they were free to come and go as they pleased, and he could do nothing about it. 'I have to find a way to get rid of those beasts, but it will take time, and patients.' thought Dumbledore. The great hall doors were once again thrust open, revealing Amelia Bones, Cornelius Fudge and a horrible pink toad called Dolores Umbridge.

"Aha, you finally show yourself, murderer, Ms. Bones, arrest him at once." said Fudge with a smug tone. Before anything could happen however, Steve spoke up. "Are you sure minister, you would want to arrest a member of the I.W.C.O., because, if i recall, the last minister of your country that tried that, ended up costing britain quite the number of galleons, I'm here to clear up the slander your daily prophet has sprouted." said Steve. Fudge paled remembering that, it had taken almost 30 years to recover from that.

"He hem, I'm afraid that we will need proof of such claims…. And you being a muggleborn, it will take a while for your background to be verified and you must be remanded into custody until it is." smiled Umbridge, wanting to show that even mudbloods from other countries would bow to their ministry. "I thought as much, so I took the liberty of having my credentials as well as a completed missions list brought with me." said Steve as he handed the papers to Amelia Bones.

Amelia looked through the documents and nodded. "These seem to be in order, and I would personally like to thank you for eliminating that gang the Veela's Bane, and if I may add, I never thought I would meet the legendary 'Devastator' of the I.W.C.O." said Amelia. Many students once again gasped, hearing stories about this guy. One voice however, was full of pure anger.

"YOU'RE THE ONE WHO KILLED THE ENTIRE MALFOY LINE IN FRANCE YOU FILTHY MUDBLOOD!" yelled Malfoy. "Mr. Malfoy, that will be 50 points from Slytherin for such a derogatory term." said McGonagall. "While that is true Mr. Malfoy, it was an I.C.W. mission, to eliminate Veela traffickers, I believe that was the reason your father fled to britain, to avoid being caught for it." said Steve. As Malfoy paled, Steve turned to Harry.

"Well Harry, just thought I'd come and clear the air about what that bitch Skeeter wrote, oh, there's this to." said Steve, handing Harry two cards. One was Harry I.C.W. potioneer licence, the other was a shock. "Just a precaution, in case you run into any psycho's, human or otherwise." said Steve. "Thanks Steve, and thanks for bringing the girls, I've missed them." said Harry.

"I know kid, anway, I gotta go, try to write more, everyone is curious about what you've been up to, oh, and Umbridge, the I.C.W. is now looking into all the first-gen witches and wizards in Azkaban, we'll be in touch." said Steve as he began walking out the door, with a pale Umbridge staring at him. "You better keep in touch, or we're gonna roast you when you get home." said Dathin as she and the other three nuzzled Harry one last time before following Steve out the door. "I'm resistant to fire ya know, IT WON'T WORK!" called Harry as he turned back to Fudge, Umbridge and Bones. "Sorry you got dragged here for a misunderstanding Madame Bones, as for you Fudge, watch your back, one wrong move and my guardian could bury you and Umbridge before you can say 'Oops'." said Harry.

Fudge and Umbridge left very quickly, but Amelia Bones remained for a moment. "My apologies for the intrusion, I shall take my leave." said Amelia as she left. The great hall went back to relative normalcy, but many students and staff were more confused than ever. However, a few, which included Emily and Harry's parents, were looking at Harry, they had heard him speak dragon, they knew they didn't imagine it, but they would wait to bring it up with him at christmas…. Hopefully.

Time Skip

October 31st, 2011, Halloween Feast

Harry was sitting at the Ravenclaw table for the feast, but his mind was elsewhere. Before the feast, Emily approached him, saying that the red headed dick known as Ron Weasley insulted Hermione for helping him during charms that day. Emily had informed James and Lily before the feast, and went to comfort Hermione, who was currently crying in the girls bathroom, if you believed the gossiper Lavender Brown.

It was about an hour into the feast when Quirrel ran in. "TROLL, IN THE DUNGEON…. Thought you outta know." said Quirrell before he feinted. 'Wait, who feints forward?' thought Harry. The great hall erupted into panicked screams before Dumbledore got everyone to stop screaming. "Everyone please, don't panic, prefects, escort your houses to their dorms, teachers will follow me to the dungeons." said Dumbledore.

"Wait, the Slytherin's and Hufflepuff's are in or around the dungeons, you might lead them right to the troll." said Harry. "He's right Albus, all students will remain here." said McGonagall. Harry remembered that Emily and Hermione were likely still in the girls bathroom and abruptly stood. "Fuck, Hermione and Emily are out there still." said Harry before he ran out of the great hall, ignoring the worriewd calls of James, Lily and the rest of the staff.

As Harry rounded the corner towards the bathroom, he suddenly caught the foul stench of the troll. "Oh, Melin's soiled robes, that wreaks, that troll is definitely down here now." said Harry before he heard the screams of two girls. 'Of course.' thought Harry as he reached the bathroom and saw the troll standing over Hermione and Emily. 'Ok, mountain troll, full grown, no clan markings, obviously a rouge, which means I may end up in a hospital after this.' thought Harry.

Harry was slightly worried, because even though trolls aren't that smart, mountain trolls were known to coat their clubs in blood of stone giants. Giant blood was the only known substance that could weaken a dragons hide enough to cause an injury as long as it was coated on a weapon and not a wand, but it was a closely guarded secret among the reserves and TRUSTED ministries around the world. "Hey, big, stupid and ugly…. Over here!" called Harry. "Harry, what are you doing, get out of here, we'll be fine." said Hermione.

"Sorry, not gonna happen." said Harry, when he noticed the troll raise it's club and aim it for him. "Shit." said Harry as he was hit full force with the club, sending him into the wall outside the bathroom. Dumbledore, the Potter's, Snape, McGonagall and Quirrell came around the corner just as Harry slid to the floor from the wall. "HARRY!" called the Potter's. They may not be at full familial connection with Harry yet, but they still worried about him. Harry got up slowly, and felt something dripping from his head. Harry knew it was blood, he had the durable hide of a dragon, unfortunately, they meant that he had the same weakness to giant blood.

"I'm okay…. Mostly." said Harry. "Hey, what are you, a wuss, a drunk leprechaun can hit harder than you." yelled Harry. The troll turned back to Harry with rage in its eyes, Harry giving it the classic bring it on hand gesture. The troll started after Harry as he started leading it away from the others. "Get Emily and Hermione out of here, I'll take care of ugly." said Harry as he continued running. James and Lily ran into the bathroom to check on the girls, while the other professors took off after Harry.

Harry had managed to lead the troll outside the main doors and towards the viaduct before the troll got up to him and struck him, full force in the back, sending him to the ground again. Harry really struggled to get up now, the first hit stung, but a full force hit to the spine truly hurt. The troll was now in front of Harry, but was also right where Harry wanted him. "BOMBARDA MAXIMA!" shouted Harry. The overpowered blasting curse struck the troll in the chest, and while it wouldn't penetrate a troll's hide, it caused enough kickback to send the troll over the edge of the bridge and into the chasm below.

Harry started slowly limping back to the school, trying to power through the pain, the journey back to the castle was slow going, but after about 10-15 minutes, he finally made it through the doors. Harry only made it a few more steps before he collapsed, the last thing he saw before he blacked out was the professors, Emily and Hermione running towards him.

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