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Chapter 10

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AN: We're gonna finally see Harry's flying abilities this chapter, a few more moments of hell for Snape, and more attempted manipulation from Dumbles, and a little surprise for Draco Malfoy to, as well as the start of Harry's war against Dumbledore, but it will be minor

Chapter 10

Harry had just entered the area that the flying lesson would take place and saw that most of the other first years were already there, except the Slytherins, who were just started arriving. Harry ended up standing next to Hermione, and Harry felt guilty that he hadn't spoken to her since the train. "Hello Hermione, sorry I haven't spoken to you since the train, it's been a busy first week." said Harry.

"That's okay, I've been busy in the library reading ahead myself…. So, Harry Potter, I hope we can be friends, and don't worry, I'm not doing this to get to Emily, me and her became friends after first period on day one." said Hermione. Harry smiled, at least she didn't seem like a girl-who-lived fanatic.

"That's good, she'll need a tight circle of friends with her, especially with someone like Weasley and the blonde ferret around." said Harry. Unfortunately, said ferret ended up standing next to Harry on the other side. "So, you're Harry Potter, I'm Draco Malfoy, a true pureblood and heir to the Malfoy family…. Now that's taken care of, I demand you undo whatever you did to Professor Snape, and as a half-blood, you will obey me." said Malfoy.

Harry had no intention of listening, but he was trying to figure out where he heard the name Malfoy before. "Malfoy, did you have family in france?" asked Harry. Malfoy looked very smug at this. "Of course, they ran a group that gave veela 'decent jobs'." said Malfoy, though you could hear the double meaning in his voice. Harry racked his brain for a moment before remembering the gang he helped take down in france.

"Oh, right, 'The Veela's Bane', made up of the french Malfoy line…. Yeah, they're all dead, wiped out last summer." Harry said casually. Malfoy looked at Harry in shock. Draco remembered his father getting a letter late in the summer of 2010, and being enraged about it. Draco's father had even gone to the minister to have someone named Steve Feros extradited to England to be executed, but was this guy was protected by the I.C.W.

It also explained why the Malfoy fortune had lost almost half its value. All the properties, businesses and money the french branch of the Malfoy's had, was given to the victims, or their next of kin in compensation. Lucius tried to prevent that, but once again, it was an I.C.W. order, and he couldn't do a thing about it. Draco, however, was fuming, and curious how Potter knew the fate of the french Malfoy's.

"How do you know the fate of the french Malfoy's?" demanded Draco. Harry smirked, he knew everyone was now listening, and since the flying instructor hadn't arrived yet, he would once again, leave people guessing. "Oh, I was there, with my guardian, to be honest, they were complete idiots, I mean, who makes their base of operations a giant fortress, seriously?" Harry asked rhetorically, leaving all the gathered students, even Hermione, shocked. Hermione was also wondering what kind of guardian would bring a child to a raid on a gang. Malfoy was about ready to punch Harry, both for the truth of his family, and what happened in potions that morning, but the flight instructor had arrived at that moment.

"Good afternoon class, welcome to your first flying lesson, well, what are you waiting for, stick your right hand over the broom…. And say up." said the instructor, Madame Hooch. The class did as instructed, with Harry's broom shooting right into his hand. Ron Weasley's broom ended up hitting him in the face, while Emily's also shot into her hand right away. Hermione was having a bit of trouble, before Harry pointed out you had to COMMAND the broom to obey the command. Hermione's broom flew into her hand soon after, earning her and Harry each 10 points, Hermione for showing true confidence in the face of doubt and Harry for once again helping a fellow student. Everyone was soon laughing as Malfoy's broom hit him in the front and back of the head repeatedly, before somehow flying behind him and hitting him in the back of the head like a baseball bat, sending him to the ground. He was finally forced to pick it up himself.

Nobody noticed Harry discreetly sheath his wand back in his holster. "Now that you have your broom, and Mr. Malfoy is done embarrassing himself, I want you to mount the broom and grip it tight, we don't want you sliding off the end." said Madame Hooch. Once everyone had done as instructed, Hooch continued the lesson by instructed the students to kick off the ground hard and hover for a bit before touching back down. However, when she blew her whistle, Hermione's broom became erratic and took off at an increasing speed.

Harry was now in his 'saving people' mentality and looked towards Emily. "Emily, you're with me, the rest of you, stay here in case she falls." said Harry as he took off. Emily nodded and took off after him. Harry and Emily had soon caught up to Hermione, who was screaming in terror. Hermione suddenly fell off the broom and began falling at about a 20 ft height while the broom was making a beeline for the window to McGonagall's office, where Flitwick and her were having a meeting. "Emily, catch Hermione, I'll get the broom." said Harry as he shot off. "I'm on it." said Emily as she went after Hermione.

Emily pushed the broom to its limit to pass Hermione and was able to catch her just inches from the ground. Harry, meanwhile, had started standing on his broom in order to be able to get the rouge broom faster. McGonagall and Flitwick had finally noticed the broom heading their war and Flitwick was about to cast a shield charm, before a blue shot passed and grabbed the broom. Looking out the window, Flitwick and Mcgonagall saw Emily catch Hermione inches from the ground, and Harry with the rouge broom in his hand.

Malfoy was pissed, he wanted the mudblood to be injured to show the superiority of purebloods, but the Potter twins just had to save her. Malfoy wasn't thinking straight when he used a banishing charm his father taught him to send a rock at Harry, who was still in the air. Harry, however, was trained by some of the best at the dragon reserve to not rely on eyesight and caught the rock without looking, even though it was the size of a golf ball.

"Mr. Malfoy, that will be 50 points from Slytherin and a weeks detention for attempted harm on a student while they were on a broom." yelled McGonagall, who had just arrived with Flitwick. "Mr. Potter, follow me, if Ms. Potter could follow professor McGonagall, also, 50 points each to Gryffindor and Ravenclaw for preventing harm to a student." said Flitwick.

Harry and Emily left with their respective heads on house, not knowing what was going to happen, but from the professors reaction, it wouldn't be bad.

Time skip

It turns out that Harry was right, Flitwick took him to the Ravenclaw quidditch captain and he was given the rundown of the sport, even though he knew it already, and was made the Ravenclaw seeker. When Harry ran into Emily again afterwards, she told his that she was made a chaser for Gryffindor, they decided to keep it a secret for now, at least until their first matches.

After drafting quick letters to Shimmer and Steve, Harry headed down to dinner and decided to sit next to Hermione at the Gryffindor table. "Hey Hermione, you feeling okay after what happened today?" asked Harry. "I'm okay, Madame Pomfrey gave me a calming draught to help me cope with what happened, but now I'm even more afraid of heights." said Hermione.

Harry placed a calming hand on her shoulder, and discreetly used his powers again to further calm her down. "Don't worry, flying isn't for everyone…. Just keep practicing and you'll get the hang of it." said Harry. Hermione smiled just as Emily walked in and sat next to Hermione as well. Before Emily could say anything however, Snape stormed over to them. "Potter, what are you doing at the Gryffindor table, return to the Ravenclaw table or that will be a detention with me." said Snape.

"I don't think so dancing boy, because students are allowed to sit at other tables when it isn't a celebration feast, plus, you didn't complain when Emily sat with the Hufflepuff's, so why don't you head up to the staff table…." said Harry, before he smirked and had a mischievous look in his eye. "Don't you DARE Potter." said Snape. Harry just kept up his smirk, not caring if they knew the prank was his anymore.

"Oh, shut up and don't be such a Nutcracker." said Harry. The nutcracker suite started randomly playing and Snapes clothes turned into a pure white tutu and he started dancing to the staff table. The entire great hall started laughing uproariously while Snape yelled out, "CURSE YOU POTTER!".

In the middle of dinner owls flew in with the evening edition of the daily prophet. Harry noticed Dumbledore looked rather pleased that it had arrived, and decided to write to Steve again, depending on what the prophet said.

Future Dark Lord Attending Hogwarts, is the Girl-Who-Lived Safe?


Rita Skeeter

In a shocking development, this reporter had discovered, through an inside source, that a future dark lord is now walking the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Many are worried for the safety of the Girl-Who-Lived, but her parents should protect her, right?

WRONG, dear readers, this suspected new dark lord is none other than Harry Potter, long lost brother to Emily Potter. After the decision of Albus Dumbledore, greatest wizard of our age, to leave the young Potter with his loving muggle relatives for protection, Harry Potter disappeared 5 years later.

It is unknown where he has lived, but it is his current guardian that makes us believe that he is a dark lord in training. His current guardian is a man named Steve Feros, a muggleborn Canadian wizard, wanted by the minister for magic for the murder of countless pureblood lines, both in Britain and around the world.

Is this the kind of person that should be raising young Harry Potter? Is young Harry truly willing to be a dark lord? What are his parents reaction to their dark lord son?

This reporter will work tirelessly to find the answers for you, and will not stop until the truth is found.

Harry was now furious. He knew Dumbledore was behind the article and knew that Steve had the resources to prove it. After dinner, Harry went to the common room and began writing another letter to Steve. Many students had avoided him on the way up due to the article. 'Damn sheep.' thought Harry. Harry smiled however, because he knew how fast Steve worked, and by tomorrow morning, everyone would hear the abridged truth of how Harry was raised, and Dumbledore would need all the favors he gain to get out of this.

Time Skip, Next Morning

Dumbledore was confused, Harry wasn't full of anger like he expected. He wanted the boy to lose his temper in order to make the prophet more believable. However, Harry was just looking at Dumbledore, with that same smirk. This was getting out of hand, Dumbledore already had to use all of his manipulative abilities to convince the Potter's that the 'inside source' wasn't him, even though it was. Dumbledore had dodged a bullet with them, but was about to be hit by the second, unseen bullet.

Owls suddenly flew in carrying the paper. Quiet murmurs were heard from the student, and when Dumbledore unfurled his copy, he knew why as his eyes widened.

Daily Prophet Disbanded, World Wizarding News Born


Will Valorum

You heard right readers, the daily prophet has been discontinued permanently due to discoveries of misuse of media, ministry buyouts of certain articles and libel articles. In its place, the I.C.W. regulated news group, World Wizarding News, which had been continuously banned in britain by the minister of magic, Cornelius Fudge, has now been voted in by the international confederation and will be reporting the truth from here on out.

Rita Skeeter Fired and Arrested

Rita Skeeter, 'top' reporter for the daily prophet, has been fired and charged on various crimes, including not registering as an animagus and banking fraud. After a thorough investigation via verituserum, Rita exposed all that she did to get her 'stories', using her form as a beetle to eavesdrop.

Skeeter was also found in possession of a vault key for Gringotts, when asked about it, she said it was for the trust fund of one Harry Potter, who was falsely accused of being a dark lord. When asked how she got the key to a vault that wasn't hers, she revealed that Albus Dumbledore had given it to her, Dumbledore had been entrusted with the key by the Potter family and it was to be given to Harry when he turned 18, due to previous thoughts of him being a squib.

When asked why she was given the key, she replied, "Dumbledore said that if I wrote about the Potter boy being a dark lord, the vault would be mine, he also said that Harry wouldn't need it because he wouldn't be a problem for long…. His guardian is a mudblood anyway, and a foreigner at that, I would've done it for free.", after such damning evidence, Rita was arrested and sent to the Himalayas to serve her sentence of 80 years.

As a result of this questioning, Dumbledore has been suspended from his post as Supreme Mugwump, pending an investigation.

AN: I know, I'm evil for leaving it here, but the best is yet to come, next chapter will have Dumbldore's reaction to the article and then a major time skip to the troll incident, so please look forward to it

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