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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Harry woke up early the next morning, a habit he picked up living on the dragon reserve. Deciding to continue the training regiment that Steve had him on at the reserve, Harry changed into his workout gear from his trunk and headed out to the edge of the black lake. Once Harry reached the lake, he did a few stretches then began running around the lake. As he was running, he heard something in the lake, thinking it was the giant squid, Harry kept up his running. Harry suddenly noticed that the sound was following him, so he paused and looked to the lake, and saw a girl about his age watching him.

'Wow, there are merpeople in the black lake, I thought they only lived out in the oceans and seas.' thought Harry. Harry decided to at least introduce himself, and walked closer to the lake. "Hey there, name's Harry, and I was just wondering why you were following me?" asked Harry in mermish.

The young mermaid was slightly shocked. From what her parents told her, wizards would never speak with any magical race as wizards saw all other races as beneath them. Yet here was a wizard her age, speaking fluent mermish. "Sorry, it's just, I've never met a human wizard before, and I wanted to see if they were as cruel and untrustworthy as my parents have said, and my name's Marina." said Marina.

"By the way, how is it you can speak mermish, there has never been a wizard who could according to historical records." said Marina. "For as long as I can remember, I've been able to speak to every magical race in their native language, the first time I spoke another language, it was Parseltounge, the language of snakes, I discovered I could speak Dracospeech soon after, then more languages followed, among other abilities." said Harry.

Marina was even more curious, never in the historical archives of the merfolk, has there ever been a wizard who could speak all languages of the magical races. However, before she could ask another question, two figures breached the surface of the lake near Marina. "Daughter, what are you doing at the surface, I thought your mother and I made it clear we are not to interact with wizards unless necessary." said the merman. Both the merman and the older mermaid wore colorful clothing of royal design, showing that they led the merpeople in the black lake. "Your father and I were worried sick, when we went to wake you up, you were gone, and interacting with a wizard, completely unheard of." said the older mermaid.

"Please forgive her your majesty, she explained that she was just curious, and it was me who started the conversation in the first place." said Harry, shocking both older merpeople. "You speak our language, and recognize our status among our people?" asked the merman. Harry, deciding to show more respect, bowed to the three of them.

"I do, I have helped merpeople in the past, and have learned to identify the different ranks and responsibilities of each individual…. Which led to me discovering I could speak mermish, as well as the ability to breathe underwater." said Harry. The two adult merfolk looked to each other, then back at Harry. "This is truly strange, we have never seen a human wizard with such abilities…. My name is Valar, my wife is named Kira, you've already met Marina, I tell you our names as you have seemed to start a sort of tentative friendship with my daughter, but I will hunt you down if you hurt her." said Valar.

"I understand sir, and if she will accept it, I offer my hand in friendship to your daughter, Marina." said Harry. "I happily accept Harry, and hope to see you again." said Marina. Harry smiled, adding another friend to his growing allies among the magical races. Harry then realized what the time was and sighed. "I'm afraid I have to go now, I need something to eat before my first class of the day, and I don't want to deal with a bad hybrid of Danny Zuko and Man-bat on an empty stomach." said Harry. Waving to the three merfolk, who waved back, Harry left back to the castle to have breakfast.

Slight Time Skip

After a pretty uneventful breakfast and getting a thank you letter from Gabrielle that morning, Harry was ready to head to double potions, and rubbing an accomplishment he had in Snape's face, he didn't bring the proof with him, but he was a recognized potionier by the I.C.W., though he decided to wait until at least the summer before fourth year to try for a mastery, he made similar decisions about charms, transfiguration and defence against the dark arts. Harry may not have had a wand as he practiced, other than 'borrowing' Steve's, he felt he could pull it off with practice and patience.

Harry soon arrived at the dungeons where the class was to take place, and he was appalled, why would they be doing potions in an unventilated, enclosed space. Before Harry could contemplate it more, the rest of the Ravenclaw and Slytherin first years arrived, and the door was thrust open by Snape. Snape glared at the students, who took that as the sign to enter and take their seats. The Ravenclaw first years ended up sitting to the right of the class, while the Sytherin students took the left.

"There will be no foolish wand waving, or silly incantations in this class, as such, many of you may not believe this is magic, but I can teach you to bottle fame, brew glory and even stopper death." said Snape as he went and did attendance. When he got to Harry's name, he paused. "Ah, Mr. Potter, the brother of our new…. Celebrity, tell me what would I get if I added powdered root of Asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?" asked Snape.

"Nothing but an odor that could give you a run for your money, but added with sloth brain and sopophorous bean juice, it makes the draught of living death, a sleeping potion so powerful it mimics death, though from what I've heard from your former students, this class has a similar effect." said Harry, shocking both the Slytherin's and Ravenclaw's. No one had ever been known to have the guts to insult Snape directly, even Emily Potter was cautious of Snape.

Snape was fuming, he wanted to assign Potter a detention for his remaining time at Hogwarts, but he knew that if the punishment was unfair, Filius, Pomona and Minerva would be on him like a fly on shit. "20 points from Ravenclaw for your cheek, Potter, where would you find a bezoar?" asked Snape. Harry smirked at this, he had two different answers. Now, you might think that one of them was 'the potions cupboard', but it wasn't.

"You would find a bezoar in the stomach of a goat, and can save you from most poisons, however, if you want to not only cure the poison, but grant a permanent immunity to it, the bezoar from the stomach of the greek chimera that passed through the goat head is the best choice, as it will cure you of the poison, and grant an immunity to said poison, as the bezoar is from a magical creature." said Harry with a smug look. All Harry needed now was the right question to inform Snape of an improvement to a certain grease bats potion, and Snape was about to give it to him.

Snape snarled, he would not be embarrassed or surpassed by a first year, but soon, Snape would be wishing that this was all just a bad dream. "What is the difference, Potter, between monkswood and wolfsbane?" asked Snape. Harry smirked, now he could do this. While Harry didn't want to reveal EVERYTHING yet, a few tantalizing snippets here and there to make them want more was ok with him.

"Nothing, they're the same plant that also goes by aconite, a main ingredient it the wolfsbane potion you created, and I perfected." said Harry. Snape's eyes widened, but he refused to believe that Potter perfected HIS potion. "Don't Lie, Potter, None Have Ever Perfected One Of My Potions!" shouted Snape. Harry knew this would be Snape's reaction, he would have to send a letter to Steve asking him to send his I.C.W. potionier licence as proof.

"Unfortunately for you Snape, it's true, remember how I mentioned how a bezoar from the stomach of a greek chimera was more powerful than a regular one, well, after a…. Mishap in greece with my guardian, I acquired one, and decided to mix it with the wolfsbane potion to see it's effect, and tested it on a werewolf we knew, he changed for about a minute, in daylight I might add, but kept his mind, and then changed back." said Harry.

Deciding to salt Snape's possible wound, Harry continued. "The I.C.W. sent more chimera bezoar when we told them the results, and we brewed more, and sent it to Russia, where the werewolves were more of a problem, you've probably heard the results of that, I'll be writing my guardian to send me proof of my claims." said Harry.

Snape was so stunned he didn't know what to say. He, like Dumbledore and many in the ministry had received word that a solution to werewolves had been found, but the ministry, especially minister Fudge, refused to believe it and thus refused to order this 'miracle cure', such was the ministry's idiocy. Snape was so caught off guard, that he couldn't even sneer or insult Harry, he just turned to the board and wrote the instructions for their first potion.

"Get started." said Snape, still mostly speechless. As the class started prepping their ingredients, Harry discreetly carved shielding runes around his cauldron, having heard of most Slytherin's sabotaging efforts. It was a good thing he did to, as not long after, Malfoy tried to through something into Harry's cauldron, but it rebounded and fell into Malfoy's potion, causing it to blow up.

"Potter, what did you do to Malfoy?" demanded Snape. Harry decided to shift the blame back to Malfoy and try to discredit Snape, like they deserved, Snape for trying to single him out, and Malfoy for attempted sabotage that could have been fatal.

"I'm not sure sir, maybe Malfoy decided to try and alter his potion in some way, since this potion is supposed to cure boils, I'd say Malfoy foolishly added a fire rose petal, which reacted as a sort of igniting agent, causing the explosion, something you should've noticed as a potion master." said Harry. Snape sneered on the outside, but inside, he was fuming, he didn't have evidence that said Harry caused the explosion, and he couldn't dock points or give a detention, as that 'unjust' punishment would find its way to Flitwick in less than a heartbeat.

"Crabbe, take Malfoy to the hospital wing…. Class dismissed, hand in your potion results as you leave." said Snape before turning back to Harry. "I don't know how you did it Potter, but I know it was you that caused what happened to Malfoy, and I will find out how." whispered Snape threateningly. Harry smirked as he bottled some of his potion, setting it on the desk.

"Be that as it may, Snape, remember, it takes two to Tango." said Harry as tango music started out of nowhere, causing an illusion copy of Snape to appear that the original danced with. Harry ran out of the classroom before anything else happened.

About 10 seconds later the whole castle shook with Snape's rage. "POTTER!" screamed Snape.

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