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October 31st 2001

Lily and James Potter were sitting calmly in their living room at Godric's Hollow. At least, they appeared to be sitting calmly. The reason for the faux appearance of calmness was due to one cruel truth, a prophecy that stated one of their two children, twins Harry and Emily Potter, would be the downfall of the worst Dark Lord that the wizarding world had ever seen, Lord Voldemort.

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, had suggested that the Potter's go into hiding to protect the children. The Longbottom's, Frank and Alice, had been attack not long ago by Death Eaters, Voldemort's army of pureblood supremacists. Fortunately, the Longbottom's and their young son, Neville, escaped unharmed to Longbottom Manor before the Death Eaters could reach them.

"James, are you sure it was a good idea to hide in Godric's Hollow, I know we are under the Fidelius Charm, but…" inquired Lily.

"You're worried about Emily and Harry, I know, I am too, but you and I both know the Dark Wanker won't stop until he gets what he wants, and that's our kids, I just hope Flitwick's extra wards work and trick Moldyshorts like they're supposed to." said James, remembering how hard it was to get both Dumbledore and Flitwick to agree to the extra wards to call in Auror's if the Fidelius failed.

Lily also remembered how hard it was to get the extra wards in place. But in her mind, the worst memory, was when Dumbledore told them the prophecy, a prophecy that, unknown to them, would change the lives of both Harry and Emily, forever.

'The One With The Power To Vanquish The Dark Lord Approaches…. Born To Those Who Have Thrice Defied Him…. Born As The Seventh Month Dies…. But They Will Have Power That The Dark Lord Knows Not…. And Either Must Die At The Hands Of The Other For Neither Can Live While The Other Survives…. The One With The Power To Vanquish The Dark Lord Will Be Born As The Seventh Month Dies.'

Those words rang in the ears of both James and Lily, bringing fear and dread to their hearts. Suddenly, the house shook with such force, that it knocked James and Lily to the floor with its power. "Pettigrew, that FUCKING TRAITOR… Lily, it's him, run, protect the kids, I'll hold them off." Said James, standing defiantly. James knew he wouldn't have time to get his wand from the kitchen, but he would fight like a muggle if it meant keeping his family safe.

"James, please, you don't have to do this alone, I have my wand, I can do more good here than you right now." said Lily as the house shook again, one more hit like that, and they knew the wards were history.

"No Lily, go protect the kids, I'll be fine." said James. The house suddenly shook again, and James felt the wards fell. "GO NOW!" exclaimed James. Lily, knowing there was no longer time to argue, ran upstairs to the twins room, barricading the door behind her.

The front door to the house was suddenly blown off its hinges and when the smoke cleared, it revealed Voldemort, standing in the doorway with his red eyes focused on James, his black robe flowing in the October breeze. "James Potter, you have been a thorn in my side for too long, now stand aside, I will not be kept from my goal." said Voldemort. Voldemort's voice was slightly hissed, like the snake his noseless face began to resemble.

James however, remained where he was, his eyes filled with a fire that sent Death Eaters running. Voldemort however, remained unfazed. "You have spirit, Potter, not many of my enemies can say that they've earned my respect… However…." stated Voldemort as he raised his wand at James. "STUPEFY!" shouted Voldemort, sending James to the ground, unconscious. Voldemort continued towards the stairs, going up once he reached them. 'It would've been a shame to spill the blood of such a powerful pureblood family, when he could be useful after my final victory.' thought Voldemort as he reached the twins door.

Voldemort raised his wand and shot a Bombardment hex at the door, blasting it off its hinges. Walking through the door, Voldemort saw Lily with her wand pointed at him, standing in front of Harry and Emily's crib with the same fire in her eyes as James. "I won't let you come any closer to my children, I will kill you first." said Lily. 'Such courage, and from a mudblood no less, I promised Severus I would spare her, but I never said the mudblood wouldn't be harmed.' thought Voldemort. "CONFRINGO!" shouted Voldemort. The blasting curse hit the floor in front of Lily, sending her crashing into the opposite wall, unconscious, with cuts all over her body from the splintered wood.

Voldemort stared at Lily's out cold form for a moment, before moving towards the crib. Peering inside, he saw two children. A girl with red hair and brown eyes, and a boy with raven hair and vivid green eyes. "These are the cause of my possible downfall, I was expecting more." said Voldemort, raising his wand at the two children. "Avada Kedavra!" exclaimed Voldemort as a sickly green light shot from his wand.

Time seemed to slow however, as killing curse shot towards the twins. Voldemort stood in shock as the boy, Harry's, eyes became slitted, almost dragonic. Harry stepped in front of his sister, Emily and took the curse head on. His infant mind didn't know why, but it was like a kind of instinct telling him this man that hurt his mom was bad, and the light would take his sister from him. The curse struck Harry in the chest, but instead of killing him, it rebounded at Voldemort, striking the Dark lord and destroying his body.

Harry's eyes returned to normal as he passed out from exhaustion. Sharp cracks were heard around the house as the Auror's finally arrived, along with three others. One was a rough looking man with black hair and a trimmed black beard known as Sirius Black. The second was a portly, rat faced individual known as Peter Pettigrew. The last was an old man in really extravagant robes with a long white beard and a pair of half moon glasses known as Albus Dumbledore.

Sirius, seeing the carnage, ran into the house calling James' name over and over again. Hearing a faint groan, Sirius ran to the source of the sound, finding James out cold on the ground. Sirius cast 'enervate' on James, reviving him. "James, what the bloody hell happened?" asked Sirius.

James, slowly coming to, looked towards Sirius. "He knew, Voldemort knew the location, he found us, I don't know why he spared me, Lily was up with the kids and…." groaned James until, finally regaining his senses, jumped up calling for Lily and running upstairs. Sirius, however, was fuming with rage at the only person who could've given Voldemort the location of his best friends and godchildren.

Standing up quickly, Sirius sent a piercing hex at Peter, hitting him in the shoulder and sending him to the ground. "YOU FUCKING, RAT FACED TRAITOR!" yelled Sirius as he walked over and grabbed Pettigrew by the front of the shirt, with the green light of the killing curse on the tip of his wand. "Sirius, control yourself!" commanded Dumbledore. "Why, why shouldn't I kill this piece of shit after he sold out James and Lily?" asked Sirius.

"Because everyone, even Mr. Pettigrew, deserves a chance to be redeemed." said Dumbledoore, giving the same spiel about second chances and forgiveness that he failed to realize, nearly cost them the war. Sirius loosened his grip on Pettigrew and lowered his wand, but looked right into Pettigrew's eyes and said, in a low, threatening voice. "You get your life this time, don't think I will let you keep it next time.". Pettigrew nodded as he was taken away by a few Auror's. "Now Sirius, you can't go around threatening anyone, Death Eater, Traitor or otherwise, you must learn forgiveness, my boy, and I hope I never see the light of a killing curse on your wand again, Sirius." said Dumbledore.

"Yes sir." said Sirius as he and Dumbledore went upstairs to find James while the Auror's secured the area. Arriving upstairs, the pair found James holding up a disoriented Lily while checking on the kids. Walking up to the crib, Dumbledore found a crying Emily with a scar in the shape of a star on her right cheek. Looking at an unconscious Harry, who had a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead, Albus waved his wand over both children. Both children gave a brief glow, though Harry's was less bright than Emily's. During the scan, a small black aura emanated from Harry's scar. Had Albus kept an eye on Harry, he would've noticed the dark aura slowly fading, as Harry's magic, aided by whatever instinct reflected the killing cure, was slowly destroying it, which was why Harry's aura was so faint.

"Headmaster, what news, how are our kids?" asked Lily, finally having enough energy to speak. Albus looked solemn for a moment before looking to the group in the room. "Both the children are perfectly healthy, but, unfortunately, Harry's magical core has been depleted, I'm afraid he is no more than a squib now." said Albus. Lily and James both looked horrified at this revelation, as did Sirius. "What should we do, Dumbledore?" asked Sirius, looking between his two godchildren.

"Emily will need to be trained, for I fear the Dark Lord will return, with no magic, Harry will be nothing more than a distraction, for The Greater Good, you must send Harry to the muggle world, even Sirius can not take him, when he reaches the age of 18, we will explain everything, but he must remain in the muggle world, permanently." said Albus. James, Lily and Sirius looked at each other and came to a silent agreement, they knew there was only one place they could send Harry. Hopefully, the fact that Harry was a squib would make her raise him like her own.

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