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Second Chances @bex818
Chapter 3

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After I get over the shock of basically being plowed down, I look up and see a man standing over me, his shirt doused completely in coffee, probably from the empty cup that is still clutched in his hand.

It actually looks like he's gripping it pretty hard.

He must be angry.

Shit. There you go again. Always causing problems and making people angry with your useless existence.

Ignoring my inner voice, having gotten used to it after so long, I start to apologize, "I am so, so sorry, sir! I will get something right now to clean that up." I struggle to stand up because of the coffee all over the floor. It takes me a second to register the hand that is reaching down, presumably to help me up.

And then, the most calming yet alluring voice I have ever heard, speaks, "Let me help you up."

I pause for a second and then reach up to grab the hand, pulling myself up, not realizing that he was pulling at the same time, and probably using more force than me.

And then I am falling in the opposite direction, except, this time, I fall into the hard, coffee covered chest of whoever knocked me over in the first place. I look up and freeze.

Green. All I can see is a set of green eyes. I want to say that they were clear and perfect, but I know the look clouded in his eyes.

He is angry.

"Uhm, Bella?"

I jolt at the sound of Rose's voice and pull away from his surprisingly gentle arms, clearing my throat and pushing my hair out of my face. "I'll go get something to clean that up, sir." I walk as calmly as possible to the back, ignoring Emmett's questioning looks, before going into the walk in freezer, shutting the door behind me. I let out a loud sigh, and then slide down the wall, until I am sitting on the cold, metallic ground with my knees up to my chest, my arms wrapped around my legs and forehead on my knees.

It seems that even after three years I still have a way of causing problems.

Stupid, stupid Isabella. Why can you never do anything right?

Done with my five seconds of self-hatred, I squeeze my eyes shut, let out a loud breathe, stand up and calmly walk out into the kitchen. "You alright, Bella?"

I look over at Emmett, still holding a spatula, with a concerned look on his face. I put on an obviously fake smile, and say, with false enthusiasm, "Yup. Everything is great." Knowing I couldn't hold a smile much longer, I quickly grab a rag from the shelf and bolt out of the kitchen.

When I get back to the scene of the crime, the only one there is Rose, still sitting in our booth, my mystery man MIA.

"Where did he go?" I ask quizzically.

Rose looks downright giddy, "He was late for a meeting, but wanted me to give you this." She holds out a card, about the right size for a business card. I take it from her, shooting her a puzzled look, before looking down to read it, it says:

Edward Cullen

Cullen Enterprises


"His business card?"

"Look on the back."

I flip it over and handwritten is a separate phone number. An office number maybe? "Why would he give me his business card?"

Rose looks disappointed, "It's his cell phone number, silly!" When I continue to stare at her she scoffs, "He's interested in you!"

I laugh.

She just stares at me.

I stop laughing.

"Wait, you're serious?"

No, this is all wrong. He was mad. Furious, even. And there's no way a guy like him, the CEO of a huge company like that, would want to get to know me. Plain 'ole, messed up, Bella Swan. I'm not even pretty!

"No. He probably just wants me to dry clean his shirt or something, I bet it was expensive. I'll just send him some money and it'll all be even."

Rose looks at me, all sad like, "You don't see yourself clearly, do you, sweetheart? Damn your father. Damn him to hell." It wasn't an angry explanation. More like exasperated.

Why? He never did anything wrong. I got all that I deserved.

But I don't say that out loud, I learned that the hard way. They get all defensive when I blame myself for what happened, even though it was my fault.

Instead, I turn around and start cleaning up the mess of the floor, "I'll just send him the money."

There's no way he would want to date me.


Seeing my little girl after a hard day at work is just what I needed. The whole way home she talked about the picture she drew, that she proudly displayed to me as soon as I showed up, and all of the other kids. Her best friend this week is a little girl named Katy. Last week it was Joyce, the week before it was Josh, you get the idea. When we got home I hung her picture up on the fridge and then we had some spaghetti for dinner. Getting Amora ready for bed is always the most challenging part of our day, it seems like she just hates sleep. However, with the right story and a lullaby, she's out like a light.

But now, it's one AM and I can't sleep. All I can see is my mystery man, and his eyes. I'm sure when they aren't filled with anger, they're beautiful.

To be honest, that was all I saw of him. I was too stunned to look at anything else.

Rose's idea that he was interested in me? Ha, it's laughable. He just wanted me to clean his shirt, is all.


Of course it is! Why would he want you for anything else?

When I came to Chicago, I left everything behind, all I packed was a few nights worth of clothes and some toiletries. But I guess my inner voice didn't get the memo.

Reaching over to my nightstand I pick up the card I had put there earlier. I trace the raised print of his name.

Edward Cullen.

With a sigh I decide that on my break tomorrow I will go to the library and google him.

That's not creepy. Not at all.

I put the card back on my bedside table and fluff my pillow before rolling onto my side. I fall into a restless sleep filled with violence and, strangely, a pair of haunting, green eyes, mixed with an alluring voice that I can't get out of my head.


I wake up the next morning and check my phone, right away I see a missed call from the daycare, but then I notice that I have woken up a half an hour late. Making a mental note to call them back, I scramble out of bed, nearly falling, and rush into the bathroom to take a rushed shower. After I start the coffee pot I make a mad dash into Amora's room. She does not appreciate having to get out of bed, as I sit on the edge of the bed shaking, what I believe to be, her leg.

"C'mon, Amora! You need to get up for mommy or we're going to be late!"

Slowly, coming out from underneath the mountain of pillows and blankets on her bed, is a little mass of frizzy, tangled curls. "Okay mommy, I'll be up in a-" her sentence is cut off by a huge yawn overcoming her face.

Still feeling rushed, I go over to her closet to pick out her clothes for the day as she slowly gets out of bed, "Hurry, Amora, we can't be late." Usually, I'd let her choose her own clothes, but we just don't have the time this morning. I lay out a pair of jeans with some flowers on the back pockets, and a plain pink t-shirt.

Donned in my work uniform, I practically drag Amora behind me on the two block walk to her daycare.

When I get there, I nearly scream in frustration. There is a sign on the door saying that they daycare will be closed for the day, due to a pipe that burst the night before.

That must've been why they called me this morning, I thought to myself.

I make a couple of calls to see if anyone is available to watch her, but Angela has a substitute teaching job that she can't get out of, Rose has work, Ben is out of state at a conference, and Jasper is still in school.

I kneel down in front of Amora and put my hands on her shoulders, "How would you like to come with mommy to her work, sweetpea?"

"Really, mommy?" The biggest smile I have ever seen, takes over her face, and when I nod my head she claps her hands and starts jumping up and down, "Yes, mommy! I wants to stay wif you, always!" I laugh, because she is just too cute. I stand up, take her hand and start the walk to work.

When we are about a half a block away, Amora breaks away from me and starts running towards the diner, "Amora! Don't run ahead of me!" I start to half walk/half jog towards the diner, as I see her walking through the doors. When I get inside I see her climbing up onto one of the barstools, her favorite spot to sit. Not noticing that she decided to pick a stool next to a man with peculiar colored hair, almost like a penny, I walk up next to her and turn her away from the bar, so she is facing me.

"You can't run away from mommy like that again, Amora! You nearly scared me to death!" I look up at the man behind her when I hear the beautiful voice that had haunted my dreams the night before.

"So you have a daughter."


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