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love language

Dion woke up at the same hour he always did to start his day, he took a shower, feed Sumi, watered the plants and opened the curtains to let the sun in to brighten the inside of the house, he did the same he did every saturday except today was different, Nix was there unlike other weekends.

So he went to the kitchen and started making pancakes, Nix's favorite breakfast meal, Dion tought he needed something like that, something nice, maybe it would make him feel better.

He didn't know what had happened at Elun's house, Elun sounded weird on the phone when he called but didn't said anything and Nix had been uncharacteristically quiet but he didn't wanted to pressure him or make him feel even worse so he didn't say anything.

While he was finishing the pancakes he heard steps coming in the kitchen, he turned around and smiled, seeing Nix in his dinosaurs pijamas and wild bed hair.

"Good morning! I was about to go wake you up, i made pancakes~"

"Good morning…" Nix only yawned before sitting on the kitchen counter.

Dion only frowned, it hurt to see his baby like that.

"Here, i put a happy face on them" Dion passed the plate to Nix who looked at the pancakes and gave a small smile when he saw the faces on the pancakes.

"Thank you"

"You are welcome" Dion grabbed his own plate and sat down infront of Nix now they both sat in silent eating pancakes.

After a while Nix put his fork down looked at his hands on his lap.

"Do i have to go back to dad's?…"

"Not if you don't want to"

"I-i don't, i mean i wanna stay home, for this weekend?" Nix looked at him with sad eyes.

"That's alright, i'll text him, don't worry"

"Okay…" Nix didn't look at him, just grabbed his fork and started eating again.

"Speaking of dad, i called him yesterday"

Nix tensed up immediately, had Elun told Dion about his outburst?

"He is not gonna be in town for some time, because of work"

"O-oh, for how long?"

"He isn't sure, so i guess he'll call when he comes back"


Dion finished eating and got up to wash his plate, with his back to Nix he dared to ask.

"Do you want to talk about what happened yesterday?"

He heard Nix drop his fork and then heard him get up.

"I am finish! Thanks for the pancakes! I am gonna go and-"

"Nix" Dion turned around, hands on his hips, Nix sighed.

"I just… i got really mad okay? So mad i forgot about the breathing exercises…" Nix looked up at Dion, pouting mouth and slumped shoulders.

"Oh Nix, come here" Dion opened his arms, Nix immediately walked to him and let himself be embraced by Dion.

"I am sorry" Nix whispered into Dions sweater.

"Shh, there's nothing to be sorry about, alright?, so you got mad… is that why there was junk on the yard"


"What was it?"

"Game console He got for me"

"You didn't liked it?"

Nix raised his head and frowned at Dion.

"He didn't even wrote my name on the card! He left it empty and just put the box there for me to see!"

"Okay okay, breathe, in and out remember?"

Nix did as he was told, inhale and exhale at the same time Dion did it.

"Okay, so that's why you destroyed it?"

"I am just really tired of him doing that, he just gives me stuff and won't even look at me… i wish he at least pretended he cared…"

"Oh Nix, he does cares for you"

"No he doesn't! He doesn't love me!"

"Nix, listen, Elun… your dad he does care for you, he loves you, i know it's hard to belive in the way he behaves but i promise he does love you"

"It doesn't seem like it…"

"Your dad… he cares, it's just really hard for him to show it, believe me i know, i know him since we were kids!"

"Was he like that always?"

"Yes! With everyone, with me he would never say he loved me, but i knew he did because i know his love language"

"What is love language?"

"Love language is the way people show they care and love, everyone is different right?"


"Then everyone's love language is different, like how you used to bite me when you were happy!"

"And how you put faces on my pancakes?"

"Yes!, i do that because i love you so much!"

"Then… dad's love language is giving me gifts?"


Nix looked up at the ceiling, thoughtful look on his face.

Dion smiled.

"You know how i know your dad loves you?"


"When you were born, i was really tired, so the nurse put you right next to me so i could sleep a little, i was trying to sleep when your dad came in the room to see you, he thought i was asleep so he grabbed you and held you in his arms and he looked at you Nix and i swear i have never seen that look on his face, so full of love and warm and affection"

"Really? He thought you were asleep?"

"Yes, so he held you in his arms and smiled for some minutes until i pretended to wake up, i am not saying you need to fully accept the way your dad is but he does love you and i think you should know that"

Nix looked up at the ceiling again, Dion chuckled, they were still hugging it reminded him of when Nix was a baby and he would cling on him like a koala.

"Hey dad, i love you"

"I love you too baby"

"Can we call Nova to play mario kart?"

"Sure, i am gonna beat you guys this time!"

"No, me and Nova are the best team!" Nix let go from Dion and ran to his room screaming about the game.

Dion sighed, he was glad he could talk to Nix like this always but it reminded him of the fact that things were gonna get harder and difficult the more Nix grew, he inhaled and exhaled, there was no point in worrying about it now, it was time to play video games with his son and his… friend.

And time to hope Elun was alright.

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