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Chocolate and Cream

Harry stood at the door, her stomach in knots. Lifting her hand, she knocked. She heard a soft 'come in' and, suddenly, she wasn't prepared. She hadn't expected that. Taking a breath, she grasped the door handle.

He was seated behind his desk in the corner, cigarette in hand, seeming to pain over a handful of scrolls. Draco glanced up, sighing a bit when he saw that it was her before looking back down at his work.

“Hi...,” she started, her voice sounding small. “Um, can I talk to you for a minute?” Without looking up, he stuck his cigarette in his mouth before grasping his wand, summoning a chair from the other side of the room to sit directly in front of his desk. Harry shut the door behind her and crossed the room. As she sat down, she studied him for a moment...while she attempted to calm her nerves.

He seemed tired...and he hadn't eaten much. “Did you come here to stare or did you have something to say?” he asked, interrupting her thoughts.

“S-sorry.” Harry seemed to wither under his steel gaze. “I'm sorry, Dra-Malfoy,” she corrected herself. “I've royally fucked usual. I know I don't deserve your forgiveness so I won't bother asking for it.” She could feel her eyes prick with emotion as she blinked it away, focusing on her hands in her lap.

“It would take too long to explain all the reasons, but the bottom line is that I was selfish. I didn't think about how what I was doing would affect you...or anyone, really. It started with just a curiosity...something you said in fifth year. After a while, I realized that I hadn't known you at all. I wanted to, but I knew you'd want nothing to do with me so...I just kept it up.” She paused, looking up to see he still seemed to be listening.

“I meant what I said before. I only lied about who I was, stretched truths about certain things to keep it secret, but everything else was true. I never lied I felt or anything like that. I always meant it. I still do.” She watched the smoke rise from the cigarette between his fingers, the smell taking her mind back.

Shaking her head, she cringed as she continued, “L- Your father made a rather fair point. I've been doing nothing but taking in this and not giving anything. I've allowed you to trust me with things that you wouldn't have if you knew who I was and I never offered the same trust to you. I' to rectify that. I know you'll probably never want anything to do with me after all this. I know what you think of've made that clear. If you want me to just go away and never speak to you again,” Harry closed her eyes, swallowing the lump that rose into her throat, “I'll respect that...even if I don't want to.”

“I'm going to be pulling some memories for Severus to take a look at. He thinks it'll help figure out what's going on with my magic. I wanted you to...would like for you to be part of that, too. If you don't care, that's fine, but even if you don't, you'd have as much on me as I do you...even the scales.” She rose from the chair, starting towards the door.

“What did I say?” he asked. She turned to see him staring out the window. “That made you curious. Why me?” He looked at her again.

Harry blushed. “Um,” she cleared her throat, “when you shoved me to the wall that day when I pushed you away from Hermione. You said I might be the Gryffindor slut.” She noticed the tiniest of smirks and she felt a bit braver. “And...what do you mean why you...why not?” she laughed. “Even at eleven I thought you bloody attractive.” Harry rubbed her palms on her jeans. “How different things would've been, huh...had I shook your hand that day? I think about that a lot... There were so many things that hinged on that...on you. I didn't shake your hand because you insulted Ron and he was the first person to be nice to me. Then, after you were sorted, Ron said Slytherin was basically where people went bad, which made me think about my parents and that's why I asked to not put me there. If I hadn't asked... Do you think we would've been friends? Would I have been able to help you? Save you from getting that mark on your arm...from everything sixth year. Sometimes I wish I had,” she said, tearing up, “chosen you...chosen Slytherin. Maybe if I had-”

“You would've died. He would've won.” Draco didn't watch as Harry wiped the tear from her cheek. “You can't change the past.”

He went back to his scrolls and she took it as a hint she should go. Stuffing her hands in her pockets, she turned to leave, but her fingers found the bit of plastic hidden there. Stopping short, she pulled it out, turning it in her hand, the black plastic button she carried around. There was an elegant 'M' engraved in the center.

She'd stick it in a pocket and forget about it, but find it later when she wore that item of clothing again. It had come off his jacket the night they'd first...well, she'd found it on the floor as she was getting dressed again...he'd taken his jacket off rather too fast that night. Harry smiled at the memory.

She walked back towards his desk, setting it on the scroll in front of him, drawing his attention. “It's yours. I've been carrying it around,” she rambled. “I know you've likely gotten that jacket fixed or just replaced it all together, was yours and I kept it without you knowing...” Harry quickly made her escape, before he had a chance to respond.

When he heard the door click shut, his shoulders dropped and he fell back in his chair, staring at the button. Why did she keep a bloody plastic button? 'What do you mean why you...why not?' her voice echoed in his head. 'I wish I had...chosen you...' He grabbed the button and angrily threw it across the room. “Damn you, Potter...”

Harry stood in her closet, attempting to figure out what to wear to dinner. Her conversation with Draco had exhausted her emotionally. Her nerves were shot and she needed a distraction.

“I didn't hear any screaming,” his somber tone startled her, causing her to jump. “It went well, I hope.”

“I didn't hear any screaming,” his somber tone startled her, causing her to jump. “It went well, I hope.”

“Dammit, why do you do that? You can turn off the sneaky spy stuff now, you know,” Harry said, letting out the deep breath she'd held. She did note the slight turn of his mouth. “It's not funny,” she laughed. “I really am surprised you only ever caught me the one time out of bed after hours.”

“You think I only caught you once?” he asked, his eyes alight with something Harry hadn't seen before. “I caught you plenty of times, Miss Potter.” The switch to his professor-tone stirred something in her she wasn't sure if she was ready to acknowledge. He took a step towards her. “I saw your poor attempt to sneak into the restricted section your first year and, after that, your eavesdropping on my conversation. That cloak of yours only disguises your form, not your breathing, your footsteps, or, as you got older, your feet peeking through the bottom.” Severus took another step, then another, enjoying the affect he was having on her. “I noticed both you and Mr. Weasley skipping off into the forbidden forest from the window in your second year and, of course, I saw you in your third year, running beneath the Whomping Willow after Black, which is why I followed.”

Harry cringed at the memory, attacking him in the Shrieking Shack. “Sorry about that, by the way.”

“I saw you slip into the prefects' bathroom. And let us not forget your sixth year. Did you think I wouldn't notice you toting around my book? Constantly pouring over pages filled with my handwriting? Or the drastic change in your potions ability? I know Horace was a bit slack in his grading, but not that slack.”

Severus was inches from her after he'd backed her against the full-length mirror. Harry didn't realize that she'd been holding her breath until he pulled away suddenly, turning to leave. “The green and black lace,” he said as he left the room as quietly as he'd entered. The breath left her lungs in a rush, leaving her feeling lightheaded.

Harry slid down the mirror to the floor, putting her hand on her stomach in an attempt to calm the butterflies. “Fuck,” she hissed. “What the bloody hell was that...” She sat and pondered for a moment the feelings he'd awakened. Groaning, she let her head fall back to hit the mirror, closing her eyes. “Dammit, why was that so hot...”

After a moment, she looked up from her spot on the floor, seeing the deep emerald silk with black lace overlay peaking out between a navy dress and a more emerald green one. He saw that all while seductively cornering me? she thought. Getting up, she regained her balance on weak knees and pulled the hanger from it's place.

A stranger whimper came from her and she felt as if she'd entered some strange alternate universe. Severus Snape, her old potions professor...wanted her to wear this? Harry, come on, he's already seen you naked and spanked you and given you one of the biggest orgasms of your life; why is it suddenly so bizarre? She groaned again. “Fuck it,” she said, hanging it next to the mirror and heading to the bathroom to wash up. A giggled escaped her at the thought of her old fantasy. “No shame, Harry...come shame.”

She stared at her reflection. Harry was startled at how different she felt than she had before. She supposed it was her night with Lucius, her talk with Draco, and that moment earlier. She felt like some weight had been lifted from her.

Her dark hair fell across her shoulders in soft waves. She'd foregone her glasses for contacts. The dark emerald and black contrasted with her fair skin. The plunging neckline and thin straps that crossed in the open back and the two slits up both legs, revealing the skin beneath. She felt sexy. She decided to forgo much else and picked a pair of simple black diamond earrings and simple black heels.

Her dark hair fell across her shoulders in soft waves. She'd foregone her glasses for contacts. The dark emerald and black contrasted with her fair skin. The plunging neckline and thin straps that crossed in the open back and the two slits up both legs, revealing the skin beneath. She felt sexy. She decided to forgo much else and picked a pair of simple black diamond earrings and simple black heels.

As she left her room, she saw Draco shutting his own door. He stopped as he noticed her, eyes passing her over. His jaw tensed and he continued towards the stairs.

“My, look practically sinful,” came Lucius's familiar tone from behind her. He was walking towards her, slowly taking her in. “Very Slytherin, Sweetheart...are you trying to get us all staring this evening?”

Harry felt her face heat up. “Um...Severus picked it.”

“Did he, now? Remind me not to tease him for at least a week.” Harry laughed. “Tell me, Harry, are you interested in Severus?” Lucius asked, holding out his arm. He chuckled at the red in her cheeks. “I will take that as a yes.” She hooked her arm through his and let him guide her down the hall. “What do you say we have a bit of fun?”

Harry saw the devious little smile on his face. “What did you have in mind?”

“I need to switch up dessert, remember when I got you those French chocolates?” She stopped dead just at the top stair. He shot his smirk her way. “Do that. You'll have to be a bit creative during the main course, but...Princess, do'll thank me later. Might even give Draco a bit of a hard time.”

“Lucius, I...I can't do that at the dinner table!” she hissed at him under her breath.

“Come on,'s just us.” He gave her a kiss on the forehead. “So, did you have a good talk with Draco?”

“I think so...I hope so, anyway. He didn't say anything, but he listened”

“That's a good start.”

“Lucius,” she pulled his arm back before they turned towards the dinning room. “How do I do it and keep a straight face?”

“Think about the outcome.” He tipped her chin up. “You did a rather fine job of it last time. Tippy?”

The elf appeared next to them. “Yes, Master Malfoy.”

“Change of plans for dessert...caramel cream pie, I think.” Lucius smiled as Harry's eyes widened.

“Of course, Master Malfoy,” Tippy replied before disappearing.

“If this goes bad, I'll be a brat to you for a month,” she said lowly.

“Hm...on second thought,” he teased. Harry hit his arm. Lucius laughed. “Fair warning...don't be a brat to Severus unless you're wanting a very, very long night.”

“You know not to tell me to not do something,” she growled. He just smiled. “You...”

“Will you two stop dawdling in the hall?” came Severus's voice from the dining room.

Harry forced back her initial reply and remained quiet as she turned to head into the room. She went to her seat from before, Lucius behind her. He pulled out her chair before sitting down himself. She glanced up to see Severus's black eyes focused intently on her.

As Lucius drew Draco into conversation, dinner appeared on their plates. Harry bit the inside of her lip. Of course the pork loin had a sauce...and asparagus spears. Then, she remembered dessert. Merlin...

She took a rather large drink of her wine and attempted to listen to the ongoing conversation whilst working up her nerve to begin...eating. Grasping her fork and knife, she began with a piece of pork, taking her time to make the piece a bit bigger than she would at a formal dinner, but not so big to be obscene or obvious. Harry made sure to coat the piece in sauce, enough that it dripped back onto the plate.

As she opened her mouth, she was sure to catch just a bit of sauce on her lip before she started to chew. Harry let out the tiniest of moans, hardly noticeable unless one was listening for it. She remained focuses on her meal, not daring to look up lest she lose her control. Running her tongue along her lips to catch the sauce, she felt what could only be Lucius's foot nudge her own under the table.

“What is it you've been working on?” she turned to ask Draco after she'd swallowed. “I noticed you had a number of scrolls and you seemed rather stressed about them.” She refused to look in Severus's direction as she took another bite. Harry, instead, focused on Draco talking about the new project he'd taken on at the Ministry.

She picked up an asparagus spear with her fork, keeping it whole, and wrapped her lips around it. She took as much into her mouth as she could without making it completely obvious as to what she was doing before she took a bite. Lucius's foot pressed into her own. Harry looked at him as she took the rest of the asparagus spear into her mouth. His eyes darkened.

The meal continued in that manner until her plate was cleared. She still had dessert, but Harry still couldn't make herself look across from her. The slice of pie appeared on a clean plate, caramel drizzled over top. There was whipped cream along the crust, too. This better be worth it, she thought.

Harry took the first bite, making sure to get just a bit of cream on her lip as she did. This time, she let out a louder moan. The clatter of metal hitting a plate startled her to look up. Draco had dropped his fork. He cleared his throat and seemed to be unaffected, but the smirk on Lucius's face told her otherwise.

She left the biggest bite for last. It was pretty much all whipped topping. Harry brought the fork to her mouth and, as lucky as she was, a bit of cream dropped from the fork, landing just to the side of her breast. Without missing a beat, she finished her bite, took her finger and wiped up the drop that just missed her dress.

She sucked the cream from her finger, sure to linger just a bit too long. Feeling brave, she glanced up, seeing Severus's black eyes on her. Harry decided to hold his gaze as she suckled and pulled back with a 'pop.' For good measure, she ran the tip of her tongue along her lips, of course to make sure she hadn't missed any of the delicious dessert.

Harry blushed as she finished her wine. Huffing a slight laugh, she said, “I, um...I think I'm going to head to bed...too much wine, I think.” She began to push away from the table when Severus stood, rounding the table to get her chair for her.

“I'll walk you upstairs,” he said lowly, “we wouldn't want you to trip. Wine does seem to go straight to your head.”

“Thank you,” she laughed, standing up. “Goodnight,” she said to the two blond men remaining in their seats. They bid their 'goodnight' as well and Harry started down the hall, towards the stairs. All the while, Severus had his hand resting lightly on her lower back.

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