Sides of Pain @eveamlizya
Unveiling Ecstasy

Lucius led her down the hall and held his door open for her. “Do you want to relax in the bath or by the fire for a while?” he asked as he took off his jacket, sending it floating into his closet.

“Um...can we just sit for a bit?” She toed off her shoes and made her way to the plush sofa by the fire.

He sat down, leaning back against the side and moving his leg so she could sit back against him. “Talk to me, princess...what's going on in that head of yours.” He wrapped an arm around her and used the other to pull her hair behind her shoulders. “I know it's Draco. Don't worry about that. Severus and I will be taking care of it.”

“I don't want him to be in trouble...” she said softly.

“Do you think you're the reason he's in trouble?” She nodded a bit and he sighed. “Princ- is not your fault at all. You have done nothing wrong. The things he's said, especially today, are not from him being hurt by you. They have everything to do with him refusing to understand and be open to your needs. Severus will put him right...he's pretty good at that. Draco, most of the time, won't listen to me because it's coming from me, but Severus...he'll listen. Try to put it out of your head for now. You've had a rough day, well, couple of days really. You deserve a night without worrying about stuff like that.”

Harry nodded and settled back against him more, relaxing at the feel of him petting her hair. “How is it you don't mind that it's me...?” she asked quietly. She had wondered throughout the day how it seemed to be so easy for him to understand and accept her, even with their past.

He hummed and took a deep breath, thinking. “I think, perhaps, you don't fully realize that I get just as much from this as you do.” Sensing her confusion, he continued, “I wasn't a good man, Harry. I wasn't a good father or a good husband. It took me a long time to realize that and, when I did, I almost lost everything. You've given me a chance to prove that I can be for someone other than myself. It sounds strange, but it gives me a chance to be somewhat parental as well as something akin to being a husband. It may be completely mixed together and, what's that word you use...'kinky,' but it works. I feel more relaxed with you, maybe because I don't have to explain what went on here. I said I knew it before and I did. I've had longer to become alright with that.”

He let her remain there, slouched against him, for some time. Lucius could tell her mind still hadn't stopped turning so he thought it best to take her mind off the present concerns. “Come on, darling...up. Come here.” He helped her sit up and turn before pulling her into his lap, her knees on either side of his hips, as he adjusted his own position. “Oh, no, frowns... Where's my princess, hm?” He teased, tickling his fingers up her thighs and up to her waist. When he reached her ribs, she smiled and huffed a tiny laugh. “Come on...does Daddy not get a good smile today?”

Harry blushed and looked down, shy. Lucius brought his fingers up higher, grazing the sides of her breasts. She let out a tiny gasp and her back shifted forward a bit. He groaned, knowing he would get her to smile yet, but he had better things in mind.

“So pretty...” he said, looking her up and down, fingering the silk and lace and tulle of her dress. “Such a picture for my dinner table tonight...fair skin accented by rose and ivory silk...Severus kept staring.” She looked up suddenly, a blush rising in her cheeks. “Mm, he did. Those plump breasts and peaked nipples poking through the fabric...he couldn't stop. Draco, too, though he looked away every time I looked at him.”

“And every time those lips wrapped around a bite on your fork. I can tell Severus wanted those lips wrapped around something far bigger and more delectable,” he said, thumb pressing against her bottom lip, drawing her mouth open.

“You know, probably one of the sexiest things I've seen...” he pulled her towards him, her neck nearing his mouth. Harry could feel the vibrations of his voice against her skin. “You...sitting in my office chair, legs crossed in the seat, eating that sweet scone...I wanted to lick those crumbs from your chin.” His hot tongue met her skin for the briefest of moments and made her gasp; his hot breath made goosebumps stand on end.

“Now, all I want is to be sitting in my office, overwhelmed with work...have you come and sit on my lap, something sweet and delicious in your hand, chocolate perhaps.” Lucius slowly let his thumbs reach out, barely touching stiff nipples though the elegant silk. Harry whimpered. “You'd tease me...tongue licking the melting bits from your fingers. A perfect distraction...” he whispered, licking the corner of her mouth before grazing his teeth over the skin there.

He felt her hips angle down into his groin, hardening him further. Grasping the tiny straps on her shoulders, he drew them down, freeing the gorgeous mounds of flesh from the silky confines. Lucius felt his mouth water and he swallowed. He cupped one in the U of his thumb and forefinger, helping to bring it to his mouth. Harry moaned as the sensitive bud met his tongue, hot and velvet. He suckled before pulling back, blowing lightly, making her back arch, pushing her chest towards him.

Glancing up, he saw her bottom lip trapped between her teeth. He gave the same attention to the other and Harry's moan became louder. “Daddy...” she gasped.

“Yes, princess?” he asked, thumbing her nipples again, watching her mouth open in silent pleasure. “Use your words, baby girl...” he said, voice low. She whimpered again and pushed her hips down, grinding her hot mound over his hardened cock still tucked away in his trousers.

“Daddy...” her voice came, breathy. She looked down, face flush.

“Look at me,” he said, demanding. “Tell me what you need.”

“You,” she choked out. “Daddy, please...make me feel good.”

“And how should I make my princess feel good, hm?” he asked, pushing the skirt of her dress up higher. “Does my baby girl want Daddy's mouth?” he asked a breath away from her lips. Lucius massaged her inner thighs. “Does my baby girl want Daddy's fingers?” he asked, brushing her panties with the tips of his thumbs. “Or does my baby girl want Daddy's cock?” he asked, grasping her hips and pushing her pelvis into him, enough to feel how hard he was for her.

Harry practically sobbed. “I-” she stopped to breathe and swallow, “I want it all, Daddy,” she cried softly. “I want to cum for you, Daddy.”

He growled. “Oh, baby are going to do that...” He stood abruptly, gasping her tight. Lucius carried her to his expansive bed. Bending down, he settled her onto cold silk bedding, the temperature on her bare skin made her gasp and arch into him for warmth.

His hair curtained their faces, only the light from the fireplace gave a soft warm glow across his cheek. Harry pressed her palms against his chest, pushing her hands up to his neck and around, pulling him down to her mouth. Lucius kissed like fire; sometimes he slotted his mouth against hers and it was deep, burning, but other times it was like flames flicking across her felt the heat, but they were soft and barely there for long...but the heat...made her body combustive.

She felt his fingers curl into the lacy hem of her panties, pulling them down. The absence of his body on hers left her lifting her head in confusion. He stood and practically tore the panties from her legs; all the while, his eyes bore into her own. Yanking the tails of his shirt from his pants, he magically released the buttons as he threw it from his shoulders, pulling his arms free. Harry's breath caught in her throat as she felt his weight and warmth back on her.

Lucius turned her head to the side and set his mouth to work, licking, sucking, kissing his way from her neck to her shoulder, biting the skin there. He felt her pulse under his tongue, thrumming in its excessive pace. Moving to her chest, he feasted on her breasts once more. Harry whimpered and cried as his mouth burned a scorching trail in its wake.

“D-daddy...please...” she breathed, “I need you.”

He growled against her sternum. “Baby girl...Daddy's only just started,” he said as he gazed up at her before moving down, bunching the skirt of her dress up at her waist. The heady scent of her lust hit him and he had to stop and get control of himself at the sight of her already dripping pussy. Spreading her open, his mouth watered before he even tasted her.

Latching onto her, the flavor hit his tongue like water to a man dying of thirst. Harry cried out as he tried to taste the depth of her before sucking on the sensitive bud that made her legs shake. Lucius attempted to hold her still as he drug out the first of her orgasms. It was miniscule compared to what he would bring her to later, but it was essential for what he wanted.

Before she had fully recovered, he moved closer, wrapping one leg around his waist while moving the other to open her up more. He grasped her hip with one hand and moving the other to her core, wetting his fingers in her arousal before inserting two and curving them up to press against her g-spot, swollen from foreplay and her orgasm.

She arched her back with the pleasure, moaning out explicatives. “Language, princess...” he teased. He leaned down to take a nipple in his mouth, rocking his hand to rub his fingers inside as well as move the palm of his hand against her even more sensitive clit. Harry felt the rush of liquid as she tried not to let instinct keep her from doing what he absolutely loved.

“Daddy! I need to cum!” she called out. He moved back down to see her soaking quim as he continued the assault with his fingers, moving his other thumb over her clit. He felt her bare down, her walls squeezing his fingers tight, her body tensed, and she came. It was silent at first, the euphoric burst that turned into the next level of her orgasms.

The white hot feeling inside of her poured out in the form of squirt...soaking her, soaking his fingers, her dress, his pants, everything. He moaned at the sight of her cum pouring over his hand as he continued to pump against the same spot inside. Lucius paid no mind to the stream of curse words that left her mouth as she screamed through it. He was all too delighted to hear those particular screams.

Lifting his slick covered fingers to his mouth, he sucked them clean of her sweetness. Gazing at her pleasure-drunk form, eyes heavy, he moved away just enough to pull the dress from her completely, dropping the half soaked garment to the floor.

He was straining against the fabric of his own clothes. Hissing as he released himself, he took her in again. Lucius knew he could leave her just like this and she would be satisfied, but he...oh, he knew she had more to give. Harry hadn't thought it possible when they'd first began their visits.

She lifted her head a little, watching his mind spin. “Ride me, princess?” he asked. Harry gulped at the sight of him and nodded. He helped her, knowing her legs were weak. Moving them into position, she braced herself with her hands on his chest as he held her hips, holding her up before slowing impaling her on his cock.

Lucius dropped his head back, clenching his jaw, straining the muscles in his neck as he fought the urge to cum right then. Harry choked back a moan at the sight, but let go as she became fully seated on him. He held her still for a moment before pulling her down to kiss her. “Fuck yourself on my cock, darling,” he growled against her mouth.

Harry began to move, shifting herself forward, feeling his length slide out just to the tip before she rocked herself back down. They both moaned at the feeling. Sitting up, she adjusted her hips, whimpering as she felt him rub against her cervix. She took a breath and set the pace, feeling his hands move up to cup her breasts, pinching the nipples.

“Ugh, that's my good girl...” he praised. “Yes...fuck.” Harry continued to ride him, the squelching sounds of his precum mixing with her own wetness as she did only spurred them both further.

It wasn't until her hips began to tire that he flipped them, holding her waist to hold her against him. He pressed slowly deeper as he dropped his forehead against hers. Lucius kissed her and continued praising her as he ground into her deep and slow, loving the soft cries and whimpering being drawn from her.

“Daddy, please make me cum,” Harry sobbed, “please...please, Daddy.”

Putting his hands behind her knees, he pushed her legs towards her chest, resting her ankles behind his shoulders. Lucius fucked her fast and bring her to climax in the same manner. Harry reached up, grasping his hand in hers, lacing fingers and gripping hard. Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes as the pleasure became almost too much before it toppled her over the edge.

“AH, Yes! Daddy, Yes! Oh, Fuck!” she screamed over and over until he joined her, spilling into her, hot, thick cum soaking her insides. Harry gasped for breath as he slowed the pace back down. Lucius slowly, while catching his own breath, lowered her legs back down to his waist. He remained inside her, forehead against her own, as they came down from their mutual state of ecstasy.

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