Sides of Pain @eveamlizya
Assuring Reality

Harry began to stir, feeling fingers threading through her hair. A soft kiss at her temple made her smile. “Good afternoon, darling,” Lucius's voice rumbled next to her ear. “I brought you something.”

She rolled a little to open her eyes, seeing his steely gray ones eying her throat with a frown. Moving his hand from her hair, he grazed his fingers across the still slightly bruised skin. Harry reached up to grasp his hand in hers. “I'm okay,” she whispered.

His eyes shifted to her uncovered breasts before taking the covers up just enough to hide her nakedness from his view. “You're sure?” When she nodded, he changed the subject. “I brought you breakfast...or lunch, technically.”

Harry looked around before spotting the tray on the bed. “Crepes?” she asked, biting her lip as she grinned.

He chuckled. “I have a meeting at the ministry, but I should be back well before dinner.”

“Where's Draco?”

“He left early this morning for work.” Lucius grasped her hip, rubbing circles with his thumb. “I set some clothes out for you whenever you decide to get up. Severus is downstairs if you need him. Tippy can help you if you need to find anything.” He eyed her neck once more. “You need some bruise salve.”

“Draco put some on last night.” Lucius glanced up at her, slightly startled at the thought that it was still showing. “I'll put some more on.” He still didn't look satisfied. “I'm okay. I promise.”

He nodded before leaning in to her. “I'll see you when I get home.” Placing a tender kiss on her lips, he whispered low, “be a good girl for me, okay?”

Harry blushed and giggled. “Yes, daddy...” She giggled again when she heard his deep growl as he stood and started towards the door.

Wiping the sleep from her eyes, she started to work on sitting herself up. She tested the soreness in her muscles by stretching slowly one part at a time. Her stomach growled at the sight of food. Pulling the tray into her lap, she put on her glasses. She saw the vial of blue liquid. It was either a pain potion or contraceptive; she couldn't be sure. Draco had given her three potions last night, but she couldn't remember at the time what they might've been. She set it aside to ask Severus about later. Better safe than have to deal with a scolding later...

Crepes were her favorite. Lucius had one prepared with raspberries and chocolate and another with whipped cream and honey. Harry gladly ate both and drank all of her tea, savoring the sweetness of the crepes with the warmth of fresh tea. It didn't go unnoticed how kind it was...bringing her breakfast in bed, her favorite, waking her up so sweetly without the expectation of sex, and her clothes.

She glanced around the room. The light pink dress hung on the bathroom door. Harry blushed, feeling her body heat up. Daddy picked this for me... Her mind seemed to regress a bit and she shook her head, feeling her emotions stirring to the surface. She closed her eyes, just as he'd told her to before, taking deep breaths, feeling her feet, legs, stomach, hands, arms, breasts, and face. Mentally, she reminded herself of who she was, where she was, and why. You are Harriet Potter. It is 2003. You are 23 years old. You are in Malfoy Manor.

“How do you feel? Better? Good girl. I'm proud of you.” She heard his voice echo in her mind and she smiled.

Harry moved to get herself out of bed, ignoring the residual soreness. She grabbed her wand that she assumed Lucius had set next to the bed and walked towards the bathroom. On a chair in the corner lay a pair of white lacy panties, knee high stockings, and white t-strap kitten heels. She also saw a pair of pearl earrings and matching hair clips.

She'd never worn these outfits around anyone else. Harry began to feel nervous. Severus was still in the manor. Draco would be home later, too. Was it okay? Surely he wouldn't do it in order to humiliate her in front of them. No, he wouldn't.

The lace was soft, likely handmade in France, knowing Lucius. Everything he'd ever brought her felt like it was made just for her. He never seemed to spare any expense. It made her feel special. It made her feel wanted...treasured.

Harry went to the tub, remembering the night Draco had held her, washed her, soothing away her pain. There was a basket on the counter, filled with shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. She turned the water on and stepped in, grabbing the shower head and began scrubbing and washing.

When she finished, she dried herself using her wand and did her best to dry her hair into soft waves instead of frizz. Harry dressed completely before looking at herself in the mirror. The chiffon sleeves draped off her shoulders, ending in a small ruffle at her wrists. The silk bodice was overlaid in lace, showing the skin of her clavicle and what little cleavage she had without a bra.

Harry felt her cheeks heat up, a shiver running up her spine. She gasped, seeing her nipples through the thin silk. Biting her lip, she wondered how he would react at the sight. Feeling a heat form between her legs, she took a breath and tried not to think on it.

Before she lost her nerve, she grabbed the potion vial and left the room in search of a certain potions master. Harry went down the stairs, checking the study first, but found it empty. Crossing the marble floor, she peeked into the sitting room. It startled her just how different it looked than what she remembered.

“Tippy?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, miss?” came an equally quiet voice of the elf who had appeared beside her.

“Can you tell me where Professor Snape is?”

“Master Snape is in the potions lab, miss,” she pointed. “Go all the way to the end of this hall and you'll find a black wooden door leading to a staircase down to the basement. You can follow the smell from there, miss.”

“Thank you, Tippy.” Harry watched the elf bow and vanish before she started down the hall. It was exactly as she was told. When she took the last step, there was a familiar smell of potions brewing that she followed to a cracked door.

As she was about to knock, his voice sounded from within. “Come in, Harry.”

Harry pushed the door open a little, peaking around it to see him stirring a cauldron of something murky and green. “H-hi, Professor,” she said, her nerves stirring up a little.

“I haven't been a teacher in a while now, Harry. 'Severus' is fine...or 'sir,' if you prefer.” He finished his stirring as she stepped in and he looked up, taking her in completely. “Lucius's choice, I assume?” Harry's face reddened and she looked down, shy. “He always had very exceptional tastes, I should say. I'm not judging, Harry,” he assured her. “What can I do for you?”

“Um...he put this on my tray, but didn't say what it was for,” she held out the vial to him. “Draco gave me three last night, but I don't know what they were for either. I thought I best ask first.”

He sighed. “I'll be sure to talk with them both. It wouldn't have hurt you, but it's best you know what you're taking. It's for pain. Are you in any pain?”

“Nothing I can't handle,” she said.

Severus stepped towards her, tilting her chin up to look her in the eye. “I didn't ask if you could handle it.”

Her breath caught and she swallowed. “It's just some mild soreness.”

He dropped her chin and walked to the shelf in the corner, grabbing a different vial. “Take half now and the other half before dinner,” he said, holding it out to her. He watched as she tilted half the contents into her mouth. “Now, sit. Tell me what happened yesterday.” Severus pulled a stool up to the table and went back to his cauldron.

“Um...which part?” she asked, embarrassed. She was afraid he might ask her for specifics.

“You confronted Draco. You knew what he'd do.”

“H-he needed it. He has a tendency to bottle things up until he explodes.” Severus hummed in agreement. “If I push him to explode...control the when, where, and who...he doesn't have to regret what happens. I can take it...”

He looked at her, trying to decipher what she was telling him. “Neither of us has seen him so angry...we were afraid he'd hurt you. Judging from the sounds, he did, didn't he?”

“The last time...” she started, wondering if she should tell him. “The last time he was this bad...was when his mum died.” Harry felt her lip quiver. “I really hurt him, didn't I?” she asked him, looking up as the tears threatened to fall. “What if he can't forgive me?”

Severus thought, remembering what she'd said earlier. “What did he do...after?”

She took a breath, pushing back tears. “H-he carried me to the bath...washed my face.” He waited for her to continue. “He gave me potions and applied bruise salve all over. He carried me to bed.”

“Do you think he'd do all that if he couldn't forgive you, Harry?” Severus checked his hour glass and went back to stirring, leaving her to think on what he'd said. “I am going to ask you something. I want you to be truthful with me.” He gave her a serious look. “Do you enjoy what Draco gives you?”

She knew what he meant. He wanted to know if she fully consented. “'s not always like that... There are times when it's quite...normal?” She hoped he understood what she meant. “ the...well...” Harry sighed, not really knowing how to explain what she felt. “It's like...when we're's like my body is so exhausted. I'm not wound so fucking tight. I can relax and just feel...even if it's soreness, aches, pains, and whatever else. I feel I'm in control again.” Severus seemed to be taking everything in. “Even when it is...more like last night... I feel...useful? Merlin, it sounds bad when I say it that way.”

“I understand, Harry. As I said, I am not here to judge you. It's important that I grasp what exactly you receive from each situation. It will only help me better evaluate how I can help you.”

“Sir?” she asked meekly. He hummed in response. “ don't really know...what this is.”

“I think it's safe to say, Harry...this is new to all of us. It'll take some time to sort out a dynamic, but I want you to let us worry about that. You just need to focus on getting what you need. Lucius and I have started researching the situation with your magic.”

“Hermione already researched everything she could think of...”

He huffed in amusement. “Miss Granger doesn't have access to the Malfoy library, firstly. Also, she has the tendency to not think about the mundane explanations before going off into the least likely of causes. Let me guess...her first idea was that it had to do with something left behind from the Dark Lord?” Harry nodded, looking down. “While isn't not completely out of the realm of possibility, it's highly unlikely. He's gone, Harry...I'm sure I'd know if any piece of him remained.”

Harry mulled over what he'd said. It was difficult for her to let go and allow them to control the situation. Severus dumped in a number of ingredients, causing her to look up and watch it turn a bright green. “What are you brewing?”

“If you managed to pay attention in my class, you'd know a Pepper Up potion when you saw it.”

“Well, sorry, I was sort of busy fighting a dark lord and trying to stay alive,” she laughed. “Plus, I was never really good at potions. I don't have the patience.”

“On that point, I will agree.”

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