Sides of Pain @eveamlizya
Painful Consequences

“Lucius, I think I underestimated her motivations,” he said, nursing a headache and two fingers of whiskey. He'd left her in a steaming herbal bath, a healing salve, and the promise that she'd floo to the manor after she got ready.

“What do you mean?”

“She's suffered trauma after trauma and it's inhibited her ability to feel connections in her relationships properly.”

Lucius eyed his friend carefully. “Hitting a little too close to home, Severus?” he asked, knowingly.

“Of course you knew...”

“She'll be alright, Severus. We can make sure of that,” he said, taking a drink. “I already deal with a side of it I doubt you've seen yet.”

“What about Draco?”

Lucius sighed. “I think he'll take a while to adjust, but he'll come around.”

“Is this really turning into what it feels like it is?” he asked, glaring into his glass.

“And what does it feel like?” Lucius smirked, earning a glare from ink black eyes. “We shall see, I suppose. Maybe. Maybe not.”

“Feels more likely than not.”

The fireplace blazed green and Harry walked out, spelling the ash away. She blushed as she noticed both men eying her.

“Feeling better today, Sweetheart?” Lucius asked, pleased as he saw her look down shyly as he spoke to her. He stood and closed the distance between them. Reaching up to tuck her hair behind her ear, he caught her eye.

“Um...yes, I think so.”

“Good,” he said, kissing her forehead.

“Is Draco...”

Lucius grimaced slightly. “Still sulking angrily in his room? Yes. Such dramatics... He must inherit it from the Black side of the family.”

Harry looked to them both as if asking permission. Though she received no reply, she started towards the double doors leading out of the study, but stopped and turned. She pulled her wand from her pocket and placed it on a side table before heading out of the room. Steeling herself, she changed mindsets, like a light switching in her mind.

Severus and Lucius looked to each other, wondering whether to follow or not. Deciding to be on the safe side, they started towards the stairs, already hearing the yelling.

“Malfoy? Malfoy! I said I was sorry. What more do you want from me?!” Harry yelled as she burst into his room.

“I don't need your fucking apologies, Potter! Now, get out!”

“No! I'm not leaving...not until you get out whatever it is that's keeping you locked in here alone,” Harry sounded slightly concerned. Severus and Lucius stood at a distance, watching through the open door.

“Oh, don't even act like you know a damn thing. You're nothing but a filthy whore! You disguise yourself in order to bed not just me but eight other guys including my FATHER! Who do you think you are?! You know nothing about me, Potter.”

“I know your favorite color is emerald.”

“Oh, please,” he laughed mockingly.

“I know you love black licorice and green apples...and you're afraid of losing the people you love.”

“Stop, Potter,” he warned, clenching his fists.

“I know that you smoke muggle cigarettes. I know the war traumatized you just as much as it did me... I know you have nightmares about him just as much as I still do. I know you wish you hadn't taken the mark...that sometimes you wake up clawing at it until you bleed.”

'Slap!' Harry cupped her cheek, the blood dripping down her cheek from his ring.

“Draco!” Lucius yelled, horrified that he'd just backhanded her.

“No! It's ok. He needs to...” she held out a hand to both men to keep them from interfering. “I know that you want more than anything to live up to your name, but constantly feel like you never will. You can't stand losing control, but you love it when you do. It's what scares you about yourself...that you'll let go and ruin what you touch.”

Draco slammed her against the wall, hand clenching her throat. “You think you know everything...” he sneered. “You're right. Is that what you want to hear? Well, guess what? I. Will. Ruin. You.” He held out a hand in the direction of the door, wandlessly slamming the door and locking it. Severus tried the handle before reaching for his wand.

“I'm fine! Go!” Harry yelled so they'd be left alone. “Go ahead, Draco...whatever you need...”

“Don't. Say. My. Name!” he spat, pulling her from the wall before pushing her towards the bed.

Roughly shoving her onto her stomach, he tore her clothes in the process of getting them off before removing his belt. He wrapped it around her neck, looping it through the buckle to pull it tight. She gasped at the pinch of the leather and metal.

Draco pulled his hard cock free and slammed into her. Harry's scream died with a pull of the belt and she choked. He grasped a handful of her hair in one and the belt in the other, using them as leverage to pound into her harder than he ever had, hitting her cervix with every stroke.

As she started to get used to the pace, he pulled out, yanking the belt to bring her to the floor beside him. Pulling her up to her knees, he shoved his cock between her lips and across her tongue to gag her. Harry relaxed her throat as much as she could as he roughly started fucking her mouth. Her eyes watered as she gagged and gasped for air. He'd shove himself down her throat and tighten the belt, holding her there, nose buried into the fine blond hair above the base of his cock.

Just when she thought she'd pass out, he shoved her off. Harry hit her head on the floor as she fell back. Draco grabbed her ankles and pulled her back towards him before flipping her over on her stomach. Pressing her face into the floor, he pierced her again with a bruising force.

“Filthy whore... This is what you wanted, isn't it? Huh? This is all you're good for.” Harry groaned at his words. “That's what I thought. I'm going to ruin every hole you have. Then, when you go try to fuck someone else, you just won't be the same...won't even be worth fucking anymore.”

He got up to push her over with his foot. “Get up and crawl, whore. Crawl!” Harry slowly started towards him on all fours. Grabbing the belt again, using it as a lead, he pulled her to stand before positioning her onto the bed, on her back, head hanging off the edge in front of him.

Slipping his cock into her mouth again, he groaned as he watched her throat move as he slid down her throat as she gagged around him. He slapped her and choked her as he fucked her throat, loving the sounds of her gagging and choking and gasping for air.

Harry tried to push him back once to wipe the spit from her eyes, but he slapped her hands away. “Don't even think of touching me, whore!” Draco continued his onslaught until he felt close.

He spun her around and shoved three fingers inside her, not for the purpose of pleasuring her, but for the purpose of stretching her wide. Another finger followed as she groaned with the feeling. He curled his thumb in and began pushing and twisting his fist as much as he could.

Harry moaned when she felt the stretch from his fist, even with the discomfort of it. They'd done this before, but never got this close. She nearly came as his knuckles finally breached her and her body began to pull him deeper, clenching around his wrist. Draco pinched her clit and twisted. She screamed. “Don't even think about it. You don't get to cum.”

He began thrusting his fist inside her as she writhed with a mixture of discomfort and pleasure. His knuckles pushed and pulled against her before she felt suddenly empty. Climbing on top of the bed, he picked her up, shoving her upwards onto the bed. He took his still wet hand and grabbed her jaw, forcing her to look at him.

“Did you really fuck my father?” he sneered at her. Harry hesitated answering because she didn't know what point the answer would really serve. “Answer me!”


“And Severus, too?”


“Bet you want to, though. Huh, whore?!” The look in his eyes startled her.


“Disgusting...” he muttered, pulling one of her ankles up onto his shoulder and slamming into her again. The angle caused her to scream. As he pounded into her, she grimaced at the pain, tears stinging her eyes.

Pulling out, he maneuvered over her chest, fisting his cock, aiming it at her face. He grasped her hair and held her in place. “Open,” he hissed and she complied. He growled as he shot into her mouth, the saltiness hitting the back of her throat. Some shot across her face, into her eyes and hair, but he wiped it up and pushed his fingers into her mouth. “Swallow it all.”

When he was sure she'd done as he said, he pushed off her and walked around to the other side of the bed. He grabbed a cigarette of the table and lit it with a snap, sucking deep on it, savoring the nicotine high.

Neither said anything to the other. Harry would cough at the soreness of her throat, but each cough caused pain to radiate through her core. Draco would just take a drag from his cigarette and exhale before flicking ash into the air. Even after he finished, he just sat there on the edge of the bed.

Harry hadn't moved; she really didn't think she could so soon. Draco eventually stood and went to the hutch on the other side of the room, sifting through a drawer and a shelf, glass bottles clanging together. He walked to the bathroom and shut the door.

She shut her eyes, fearing he was totally shutting her out. A tear slowly fell from the corner of her eye. She struggled to lean up, pushing herself up onto her elbows first. Gasping at the movement in her muscles, she sat up on her hands, but couldn't put pressure on her pelvis.

The bathroom door opened, Draco silently walking to her. He grasped one wrist, lifting her arm over his shoulder. Not caring much for her pain as he did so, he hooked an arm under her legs and another around her back to carry her toward the bathroom where she heard water running.

He pushed the door shut with his foot, keeping the steam and heat inside. He stepped up and into an inset tub big enough for the both of them. Keeping her in his arms, he lowered them both into the hot water, ignoring her gasps at the sting of it against her raw skin.

Draco made himself comfortable in one corner of the tub, moving her to lay her back against his chest. There were herbs and dried petals floating in the tinted water and she felt the gradual easing of her pain being washed away.

Harry began to relax against him, sighing at the relief she felt. He remained silent as he grabbed a rag, wetting a portion of it before twisting to see her face. He wiped at her face, not looking into her eyes or showing much of any emotion. He washed away the blood, sweat, tears, spit, and cum from her skin.

Draco's eyes fell to her throat, the stripe of red and purple causing him to clench his jaw before wetting the rag again. Wringing it out over her hair, he gently wiped at the cum that had dried in her hair. When he finished, he grabbed the three small potion vials that were on the edge of the tub, uncorking them and holding them to her mouth one at a time before tipping them in, careful to not choke her.

She felt the additional pain relief instantly. Lying against him, she just let him do whatever he needed. He needed an outlet. He needed to punish her for what she did and she knew she could take it. So did he. She felt her eyes prick at the thought...the last time it'd been this bad was when Mrs. Malfoy has passed away.

“You didn't say your safe word,” he finally said, voice low and slightly hoarse from screaming.

“No, I didn't,” she whispered, her voice sounding worse, utterly wrecked from the abuse on her throat.

“Why?” He knew he'd pushed far beyond her limits.

“You needed it...”

Once the water had begun to cool, he moved, picking her up with him as he stood. Draco stepped from the tub, settling her on the edge. She stifled the groan from the pressure of sitting. He grabbed his wand to dry them both before pulling on a pair of black boxer briefs.

Picking up the small jar on the counter, he walked back to her as he dipped his fingers into the salve. He started with her neck, rubbing in gentle circles all around, moving to the cut on her cheek before looking for the rest of any bruising on her body. He took another dip onto the salve before setting the jar on the floor. She felt his arm wrap around her as he reached between her legs. Harry gasped and held back a whimper as he pushed into her entrance, rubbing the salve gently along the inside before spreading it around outside as well.

Draco picked her up again, carrying her back into the bedroom towards the bed. He was careful as he settled her onto the bed before he pulled back the blankets, tossing some extra pillows into the floor. After maneuvering her under the covers, he walked back to the bathroom, reaching down to grab her glasses from the corner where they'd landed after he'd first slapped her.

Aiming his wand to the curtains, they drew shut as he walked back. Draco set her glasses on the table next to her before rounding the bed and getting under the covers just as the room went dark. After a minute or so, she felt his arm hit the pillow above her head. She smiled and did her best to move across the bed towards him. Harry laid her cheek against his chest and found herself drifting off quickly at the steady rise and fall of his chest.

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