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Pleasurable Consequences

The door seemed like a sleeping dragon that would wake if she knocked. Truth be told, it was truly a dragon behind that door she was afraid of. Still, she brought herself to knock. No answer, but she heard something thrown within.

“Draco, please...” she pleaded softly before opening the door a little. “Draco?” There was a mass of things broken and torn apart. She hadn't expected this. The doors that led to a balcony were open, curtains barely hanging on the rods.

“You lied to me...” he sneered, hands grasping at the stone ledge. “What, were you planning to blackmail me? Use it all to smear across the bloody prophet? Maybe you just took it back to your little friends for something to gossip about.” It was as if venom dripped from his mouth. When he turned to finally look at her, his eyes were blazing with fury.

“No! I never intended... I'm so sorry, Draco-”

“Don't call me that! You have no right.”

“You're right. I don't.” her voice cracked a little.

“Did you ever plan on telling me the truth?” She didn't answer. “Not only did you deceive me from the very beginning, I find out you've also been fucking my father for Merlin's sake...” Harry could only let tears fall again. She hadn't realized just how selfish she had been. “Was any of it fucking real?” he asked with finality, his voice suddenly sounding more hurt than anything. “No, of course not...”

“Miss Potter,” came low voice from behind her, “perhaps I should escort you home.”

“Are you fucking my godfather, too, Potter?” Draco turned his back to her, shaking his head at her silence. “Leave. Now. I have nothing else to say.”

Severus put a guiding hand on her back as she trembled with the guilt and shame. “I kept my identity from you. I lied to you about that...I stretched some truths of my past to keep that from you, but...everything else was real. I used you for my own selfish gain and I am sorry...truly.”

“Severus get her out of here.”

He guided her from the room and shut the door behind them. Lucius waited just down the hall. He turned to face her, finding her in his arms for comfort again. “I'm so sorry,” she sobbed into the lapel of his jacket. “I didn't mean for anyone to get hurt.”

“I know you didn't. You needn't worry about me. I'll talk to Draco, but it'll take some time. I trust in the mean time you will reflect on your actions and how this has affected those you've involved?” She nodded. “Use your words,” he said in a more commanding tone.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, girl. Now, go home. Severus will take things from here.” She knitted her brows, slightly confused at the latter, but just turned and let her old professor guide her from the manor and back down the path.

He sighed, watching the girl leave from his home. This was a right mess and not how he'd expected this to go down. He certainly hadn't expected his own son being involved, though, he'd had his assumptions of some female since Draco had seemed less tense the past couple of years. He just hadn't thought it was the same female he'd become taken with.

Severus, of course, explained the circumstances, but he didn't know everything. He knew there would be more to explain later on, but he wasn't one to let go so easily. He just had to convince Draco to do the same. Lucius had a plan, a rather complicated one, but it was one. He hoped Severus would be part of it, too, but if not, he needed his son's help. Seeing his son's reaction, by the looks of it, he needed to be part of it. He needed Harry. The elder Malfoy chuckled at the thought...who ever would've thought.

“I don't want to talk, Father.” Draco said roughly as Lucius walked on to the balcony.

“You don't have to, but you will listen.” he said. “I understand your anger. You have every right to be angry, hurt, or anything else. She lied and betrayed your trust.”

“Is this supposed to make me feel better?” he scoffed.

“However, she didn't think she was hurting anyone except herself in this. I will relay what Severus told me. You won't like it, but maybe after thinking on it you will understand her side, too.”

“Go upstairs. Take a hot bath. I'll be up in a minute.” Severus's tone changed as they crossed the threshold of Grimmauld Place. It struck Harry off guard, but something in Severus's demeanor told her not to question him. She was too tired to argue, anyways.

Once she was out of sight, he let out a breath, cursing his friend. It was a horrible idea, he first thought. It had merit, but as soon as Lucius wanted him involved he second-guessed it. He was involved enough as it was, but on the other hand, he couldn't just let Harry fall into potion abuse again or let her magic overpower her. He'd never live it down. Severus would also be lying to himself if he said he wasn't tempted in the slightest.

He unbuttoned his overcoat, hanging it at the entryway. Adjusting his cravat, he began ascending the stairs. When he came to the bathroom door inside Harry's room, he paused, waiting for the water to stop running and giving Harry just enough time to calm down.

He entered the bathroom, causing Harry to jump, pulling her knees to her chest. The steam filled the room and made everything seem hazy. Severus eyed her in the tub, cheeks reddened from the water, but also at his sudden intrusion.

“Relax, we're just talking for now.” Severus sat on the edge of the tub.

“For now?”

“It came to my attention today, truly, just how extreme this is, Harry. I think you're starting to realize that, too.” She lowered her eyes to the bubbly water. “This was a selfish endeavor that has inevitably caused emotional harm to people, people that are the closest that I have to family. Not only that, but you have resorted to potion abuse and deceit to further your own gain. You've put yourself and others in physical danger, had a reformed Death Eater arrested, possibly tarnishing what little positive reputation he had before then, and did you at all realize what would happen to Lucius and Draco's relationship after they found out that you had relations with them both?

“You should be extremely grateful that it was I who found out. You would surely be in Azkaban had the Ministry caught wind of this.” He watched her eyes well with tears again. “Harry this is by far the dumbest and most selfish thing you have ever done. However, the dumbest part of this whole thing is that, of all the people you know and who care for you, you trusted no one with the truth.

“Now that both Lucius and I know, we cannot allow this to go further. We also cannot allow you to find other harmful ways to find relief. If this is what works, we will help you with that for now while we find a way for you to harness your magic back in control.”

“You will?” she asked quietly. He nodded. “What about Draco?”

“Let Lucius handle that. Right now, I need your consent.”

“M-my consent? For...”

“For your punishment. You've seen your wrongdoing, but you must meet the consequences. It won't cover them all; you will still have to face Draco and Lucius later, also, but it's what needs to be done.”

She stared at him for a moment, wondering what all he intended. She finally nodded. “Words, Harry.”

“Y-yes, I give my consent.”

“I will do my best to only take it as far as I believe you can handle, but should things become too difficult for you and you need me to stop or you feel your magic going out of control, say 'gillyweed.' Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Up.” He stood and held a hand out to her.

She reached up, laying her hand into his. He grasped it and pulled her to stand from the water. She blushed, instinctively reaching to cover her breasts. Severus wandlessly dried the water from her before leading her into the bedroom. He'd transfigured a chair into a leather bondage horse. Harry froze at the sight of it.

“Harry...” he said slowly, drawing her attention back.

She let out a breath she'd been holding before grasping the edge with a quivering hand. Harry could already feel the stinging of tears about to fill her eyes at the thought of her punishment. You deserve this. You deserve to be punished.

She shook the thought from her head and settled her knee onto the outer ledge. Maneuvering herself into position, straddling the horse with her elbows and knees resting on either side, she allowed herself to settle against the leather, feeling its cool smooth surface against the side of her face as well as her breasts and stomach.

“Further up, Harry.”

Harry bit her lip, knowing what he wanted. She adjusted her body a bit more onto the horse, allowing her naked pussy to settle onto the leather, her clit pressing against the firm edge. She whimpered at the feeling, knowing she wasn't supposed to be enjoying this.

Severus ignored the sound and shifting of her form. He steeled himself. The look of her body braced on the horse ready to receive whatever punishment he had in store for was enough to distract him for a moment. Clenching his jaw tight, he tried to calm himself.

“This is a punishment, Harry; you do understand that?”

“Y-yes, sir.”

“You will not cum.” He decided to start with a standard paddle, transfiguring his belt.

“Yes, sir. I-I understand.”

It wasn't a foreign concept to him. It had been many years since he'd held the leather wrapped tool in his hand and he gripped it hard, hearing the leather rub against the pressure of his hand. He swallowed as the familiar shiver of power ran up his spine. Forcing back the groan of pleasure at the feeling, he separated his mind from it, calming his inner voice telling him to dominate the lithe feminine submissive before him.

She isn't a submissive. She's a girl. Harry Potter. The daughter of your best friend. The girl who lived.

But she wasn't a girl anymore...she was a woman. 'Crack!' The first swing met flesh, the sound reverberating in his ears along with her choked down whimper. 'Crack!' Another after another met her supple flesh. He'd begun to see it begin to turn red, but he could tell she wasn't suffering much under the paddle.

Transfiguring it back into a belt, he asked her, “What have you learned from this, Harry?”

She gasped and breathed to steady herself. “W-what I did was wrong.” 'Pop!' “Mm! It was dangerous.” 'Pop!' “I could've hurt myself permanently.” 'Pop!' “Ah!...I was selfish,” she cried out. 'Pop!' “I hurt them, too,” a tear fell and her voice began to shake. 'Pop!' She gasped as she let the tears begin to fall.

Pleased with the streaks of red across her skin, he transfigured the belt into a flogger, letting the strips of leather run across his hand. “Why did you do it, Harry?”

“I...I don't know.” 'Slap!' She hissed through the sting. “M-my magic...I had to do something.” 'Slap!' “I needed it.” 'Slap!' Harry cried out, gripping the ledge as tight as she could. Another tear fell.

“There's more, Harry.”

“I...” she breathed and held back the urge to cry. “I wanted it.” 'Slap!' “Ah!” Harry held her breath until the sting subsided. Taking a breath, she continued, “I wanted to feel...” 'Slap!' “Mmmm...!” She hummed through the pain.

“What did you need to feel, Harry?”

“Something...” 'Slap!' “Anything...” she cried. 'Slap!' She finally let the tears flow freely. Harry could tell he was waiting for her to explain what she meant. “All I've ever felt is pain...whether it was loneliness, sadness, or physical pain from the Dursleys...or feeling like I have no one...even my friends treated me differently. I'm not like them. I'm different. I'm the third wheel. I'm a freak. I was a fucking horcrux! I don't think I realized just how much it hurt until I wasn't so focused on just surviving. I've had to fight my whole life. I don't want to fight anymore...I want to feel accepted for me...I want to feel loved...I want to let go of it all and start someone else!”

Severus paused, clenching his fists tight. He understood. “Harry...” He could sympathize. He gave her a moment to collect herself. “Breathe...” He thought for a moment before deciding to continue. He needed to give her this...what no one could give him. “I want you to listen carefully, Harry. After this...we will help you get what you need. I can promise you that. However, it'll be let go. I'll need you to try, Harry. Can you trust me in this?” She turned her head, enough to catch his eye. She nodded slightly. “Use your words, Harry.”

“Y-yes, sir.”

“Good girl.” He transfigured the flogger into a cane. “This is the last of your punishment. One for each man you've been lying to in this ordeal. Nine. I want you to say each name.”

“Marcus Selwyn.” 'Whhhip!' “Ahh!” Harry tensed her legs. “Nicolas Quipp.” 'Whhhip!' She squealed and curled her toes as the burn seared into her. “Theodore Nott, Jr.” 'Whhhip!' “Uhhhng!...hmmm...” Harry continued to push through. “Rufus Ivan.” 'Whhhip!' She cried out, nearing a sob, but the burn traveled through her and she rocked a little, trying to push it away. “Tom Davis.” 'Whhhip!' Harry had braced herself, holding her breath, growling through the pain that threatened to turn into pleasure. She took a couple breaths. “Will Wright.” 'Whhhip!' She cried out again...feeling it more deeply. A sweat had broken out over her body and her breathing picked up pace. “Carter VonDuran.” 'Whhhip!' “Uhh!” Harry squeezed her eyes shut, feeling the burn quickly turn to burning pleasure within her. She felt her legs shaking. “Draco Malfoy,” she whispered. 'Whhhip!' Her cry turned into a moan as she tried to focus on getting through the last one. “Lucius Malfoy,” she breathed. 'Whhhip!' She gasped, her breath shaking and catching, and she let out a delayed groan.

“Good girl.” He transfigured the cane back into his belt and dropped it to the floor. She whimpered at the acknowledgment. Severus could tell her body was wound as tight as his resolve...and it was about to break if he didn't get it under control. She quivered and he reached out, feeling the fiery red of her skin burn his fingertips. Harry moaned at the gentle touch.

“Gillyweed,” she gasped and he pulled away. “My magic...”

Severus felt the crackle in the air, like static before a lightning strike. Reaching out again, he palmed her reddened cheeks, groaning deep. “Let go, Harry.” His hand moved down, knowing it wouldn't take much. He braced her down with one arm, pressing her against the leather edge. “Come.”

Inserting two fingers into her quim, he quickly pressed against the plump fleshy spot inside and helped her rock her clit against the bench. Harry screamed through the orgasm like she'd been hit by a tsunami. Severus felt hot liquid gush through his fingers, running down his arm and puddling the floor as her pulsing walls gripped his fingers. He moaned at the feeling, imagining his cock instead.

As she started coming down from her high, she whimpered as he removed his fingers. Harry tried to catch her breath, but a wave of emotion came crashing over her. The tears flowed and she choked through the sobs.

Severus wandlessly dried the wetness from her legs and the floor along with his arm as he rounded the bench to grasp her shoulders. Pulling herself up, she immediately wrapped herself around him. Ignoring his own discomfort, he held her and walked over to her bed. Sitting against the headboard, he held her straddled in his lap as she let go of it all, the physical and emotional trauma she'd held inside for so long.

When her cries had reduced to sniffles, she whispered, “I'm sorry.”

“What for?” he asked, his deep voice rumbling in his chest.

“For all of this...and...for...well, you didn't-”

“This isn't about me, Harry. This is about you. Don't worry about that.”

“Thank you...”

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